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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: WJ4X
Operator(s): N4XL
Station: N4XL

Class: SO(A)AB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 35.7
Location: USA

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Total:1411Prefixes686Total Score2,143,064


Club: South East Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-28 17:21:15
Great time! Bands in much better shape than expected. Friday night 20 was surprisingly open all night long! Even had good openings to SE asia and South Pacific. Sunday AM and early afternoon poor though. Glad could work stateside for this one. Judging by the copied numbers there will be some very high scores this go round. Murphy stayed away for a change. And no family or health issues so able to get plenty of butt-in-chair time. Thanks to everyone for a great time. And a special thanks to Adam, WJ4X for letting me use his call sign to play while he was at work. Kevan N4XL TS590S Bencher Skyhawk at 50 ft 40/80 vertical 520 ft horizontal loop at 25 ft