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JIDX CW Contest   2011   Apr 9   Claimed Score

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Call: NX6T
Operator(s): N6EEG N6KI N6NC NN6X WB6NBU WQ6X
Station: W6HCD

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 21
Location: USA

Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:782174Total Score169,650


Club: San Diego Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2011-04-10 18:17:44
Last year for JIDX Cw, Ron WQ6X and I ( N6KI ) played around and did just over 79K points for 530 QSOS, 141 Band/PFXs for 18 hours and this year we decided we would make a real effort to work as many hour and as many JA stations as the Bands and Conditions would allow and added 4 more Ops. For JIDX CW 2011 we put in 21 hours,made 782 QSOS, 174 Band/PFXs and doubled our score to almost 170K points. 10 meters wasn't looking too good all morning and early afternoon Saturday and at around 2230Z 10 mtrs opened up to Japan and wwe had a great 2 hour run racking up 140 2 Pointers ! In 2010 we had a BIG Easter Egg (ZERO) QSOs on 10 ! We didn't do as well as last year on 160 as sigs from JA were down and we had a bit much ambient noise. I had planned to put up a 500 foot Beverage Wire for 80/160 mtrs but ran out of time. We only had 1 160 JA contact this year as opposed to 6 Qs on 160 in 2010. We pulled out 14 more Qs on 80 than 2010 and 10 and 15 mtrs were the money bands for points this year. Looking forward to better 10 and 15 mtr opening s as we get further into sunspot cycle over next 2 years ! Equip - K3, Ten-Tec Centurion 1.3 kW amp, 3 El 20/15/10 SteppIR @ 40 ft, 2 El 40 Yagi @ 70 ft, 80/160 Dipoles strung off 70 ft Tower Trailer. Thanks to N6OX for loan of 70 ft Tower Trailer and K6KAL for antenna/computer setup help on Friday, 73 de Dennis N6KI