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Michigan QSO Party   2011   Apr 16   Claimed Score

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Call: KL8DX
Operator(s): KL8DX
Station: KL8DX

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 9
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:594CW Mults45Ph Mults4Total Score5,490


Club: North Coast Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2011-04-17 23:15:53
Fun time chasing Michigan stations with some favorable propagation. Band was up and down but my hit and miss times of operating were all Search & Pounce. Mobiles did an outstanding job! K8MR was worked the most with 13 QSO's, assuming I scanned my log correctly. I worked Jim many times on UHF/VHF when I lived in Northern Ohio, so it's always a pleasure to follow him around on his mobile adventures. Other highlight was working K8RO, who was at the key of N8LC. Dale and I go way back as well, from the days when I had my Ohio callsign, KE8RO. My time operating was limited and I spotted a few mobiles so my category shows multioperator. Again, great job to the mobiles and they sounded good here in Alaska! 73, Phil KL8DX Denali National Park, Alaska