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RAC Winter Contest   2017   Dec 30   Claimed Score

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Call: VE4RAC
Operator(s): VE4EAR
Station: VE4RAC

Class: SO Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 18:15
Location: Canada
Radios: SO2R  

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BandCW QsPh QsCW MultsPh Mults
Total:18411083745Total Score574,984


Club: Radiosport Manitoba

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-31 15:32:15
Horrible conditions Friday night. At the start 20m was closed and 40m was already long. My normal 40m antenna was out of service so forced to use a ground mounted vertical in an electrical noisy suburban location. On 80/160 I was still plagued with a s9+10 noise level so low bands are always a challenge. QSB was ferocious with signals there then gone. Conditions improved Saturday when 20m opened. Had a good run of European stations just at sunrise for about 30 minutes. Surprised that 15 showed any signs of life but was able to work some of the western stations on back scatter. The Ontario stations worked sounded like sporadic E propagation. To those chasing the RAC stations for the RAC Canada 150 award, I hope you were able to complete the challenge during this event. Happy new year to all! Ed VE4EAR