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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 1   Claimed Score

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Call: VE3CV
Operator(s): VE3CV
Station: VE3CV

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Location: Canada

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Total:QSOs344Sections68Countries19Total Score64,819


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-03 15:45:09
All S&P effort for DXing. Stayed up for EU sunrise on Saturday with disappointing results, only EA7KW worked, but much better Sunday, but couldn't stay awake! Countries worked with 100W were EA(2), PJ2, ZF, C6, XE, F, SM, OK, YO, OE, UA2, LZ, OM, LA, GW, YL, ON, OH0, G. So so many EU spots on Friday, but most went to bed or conditions changed by sunrise so few to work....0300 to 0400Z to EU was best time from here on Sunday. Some pretty good ears out there.....some less so. My biggest problem was the damn wind generators surrounding me now would not stop turning for the whole contest, so lots of birdies, especially in the 1832 to 1838 range where so much EU was active. Also, it gets tiring waiting for the QRO pileup to finish so us LP stations can pick up the scraps....just sayin' for those who haven't tried it. And the constant tailenders! Kudos to any QRPers....been there done that....a 160m amp is in my future! Getting too old. Station worked well and I felt loud most of the time with one call, even to the ESP strength west coast. Amazing band as always. Nothing in the Pacific heard. Thanks for the Qs....conditions bode well for CQ160cw in January. Station: FT-1000MP (1995 vintage + INRAD filters) 100W into 80m doublet at 50ft as top-loaded vertical +14 radials. RX Antennas: 45, 90, 330 deg 600ft Beverages (winter temporary) 180 and 280deg BOGs + KD9SV preamp