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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2009   Oct 10   Claimed Score

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Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: SO/Single Xcvr HP
Operating Time (hrs): 13
Location: Canada

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Total:335Total Score1,798,316


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2009-10-11 13:17:55
2009 -- SFI= 69 | A=2 | K=1 Pretty mellow conditions 2008 -- SFI= 69 | A=2 | K=1 Good at start, bad later (with fast solar wind Saturday: SFI= 71 | A=25 | K=2 and 5 at one point) * Not as many JAs as I had hoped for. * 80M didn't have nearly as much action as I expected, given great conditions. * 40M didn't open to EU very well. * 20M was very rough to EU on Sunday morning, but at least a few got through. * 15M and 10M were totally dead here. As always, I looked forward to this one all week but when it got started I realized it was going to be a long weekend of trying hard with rather poor results. Pretty slow start on 20M Friday evening -- a few JAs and UA0s in the log, but not much and left 20M around 0125z. Operated about 3.5 hours of the final overnight period (0800-1600z). Got up for the last hour when I figured EU would be open, but tier-two signals never got much beyond the scratchy stage (OK, that doesn't quite describe it, but you know what I mean). That 20M opening on Sunday morning was building nicely but wasn't fully in place by the time the contest ended. Had much better success S&P but not too many workable stations making it over the pole. Called CQ in several places with limited results. Primarily the stations responding were too weak to copy, and in bunches too thick to pry apart. Definitely no golden log for me this time, as I had to make a best guess on a couple of the guys buried in QRM and line noise who just couldn't pull through. The high-power guys got through no problem, but most of them must have been running instead of poking around for CQers. Laziness cost me a personal best for Makrothen -- had I been on an hour earlier, I'm pretty sure I would have hit the 2.06 million point mark, which was my goal. Best DX was VK7AD for 20,000 points or so on 40M. Best hour was 2145z to 2245z on 20M with just 45 in the log, but many of them JAs at 8,000 points apiece. The amp sure loves the SteppIR 3-element + 40M dipole. And the rotator loves bidirectional mode. Wish Asia had more activity these days to make that mode more useful. Still, it's now possible to check the Asian path in 3 seconds vs. spinning the yagi all the way around to 300 from U.S. 105 degrees. Points per Q comparisons: Year Qs Points Hr 80M 40M 20M 15M All Pwr ---- --- --------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- --- 2009 335 1,798,316 13 4,690 4,748 5,741 0 5,368 HP 2008 250 1,156,332 10 5,251 4,732 4,071 0 4,625 HP 2007 374 2,051,462 13 4,534 5,026 5,745 0 5,485 HP 2006 220 876,480 11 3,015 3,860 4,174 3,820 3,984 LP 2005 184 809,920 10 3,139 4,168 4,703 0 4,402 LP 2004 272 1,522,626 19 3,361 4,540 6,033 5,506 5,598 LP Now off to a turkey dinner at the inlaws for CDN Thanksgiving. WX has been great up here in B.C. this week. After Makrothen ended I got out in the sunshine and mowed the lawns for the final time this year and bagged a carpet of chesnut leaves. Put the tractor away for the winter, prepped the snowblower and am ready for the snow any time now. Bring on CQWW SSB and the rest of the tests. 73 and thanks for the contacts everyone. -- Bud VA7ST