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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: ZY7C
Operator(s): PY8AZT
Station: PT7CB

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 46
Location: South America
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:3481127430Total Score5,710,364


Club: Araucaria DX Group

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-03 04:56:33
First time ever as SOAB from ZY7C @ CQWW CW! Wow boy, such a great contest and I'm really far away form the Big Boys (aka SOABers)! I did try a simple SO2R system. It showed worth on the long darktime hours. Second night was almost only for mult casing. In Northeastern Brazil 10m openings are marginal and quick, SO2R helped a lot to monitor 10m while on 15 and 20m. 15m is the best band from here. Day 1 was very productive, but the second day high bands weren't in good shape. So, 20m became my choice most of the day 2. 40m wasn't an easy band this time. A lot of QRN and lids turned each contact challenger. So, I need to slice the pileup switching between EU and USA yagis. Great opening to pacific and Asia, btw. 80m sounds great but I high SWR on the 3el wire yagi forced me use the 4-sq all the time. It's a little noisy and beverages wasn't a better option to listen on this band. 160m was so amazing on beverage, easy to listen for all over the globe, that I'd dare to run on 160m for couple minutes. I'd never imagine get a big pileup on top band. That you for patient if you ware on the pileup, I couldn't manage the mess, so I get back to S&P. I missed the last minutes! I spend last 2 hours casing mults on whatever band and last 30min sleeping with the hands on the VFO! Thank you for all QSO, sorry If sometimes I couldn't put every callers on the log. I did my best and hope work you next time. Let's wait for the sun! 73, Luc PY8AZT