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NA Sprint CW Contest   2018   February   Claimed Score

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Call: N5RZ
Operator(s): N5RZ
Station: N5RZ

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Radios: SO2R  

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BandQSOsOp Time
Total:267Mults45Total Score12,015


Club: [none]

Team: 5-Land Buddies

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-04 17:22:03
Always fun, even when 20M stinks! All I could hear on 20M was the Left Coast, and got trampled by the East Coast when calling them. Didn't help that I was running only 100W on 20M to a driven element & Director of a TA33jr (circa early 1960's!) at 47'. The reflector had fallen off earlier in the week. Felt louder on 40M & especially loud on 80M with the KW and HF2V. Made some 2nd radio Q's on 40M barefoot with the Carolina Windom. However the second radio was not too effective this time. I lucked out on some mults - Got N5XE #2 & N3CI #4 in OK, and W0DB #12 in NE, all on 80M, so I apparently missed some other ones, but worked all mults heard. Thanks to all for the QSO's! Radio #1: K3/P3 + SPE 1.3K-FA --> HF2V 40M & 80M Radio #2: K3/P3 - no amp --> Dir & DE of TA33jr @ 47'on 20M and Carolina Windom w/apex @ 43'on 40M N1MM+ Logging Software 73, Gator