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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: W4ZV
Operator(s): W4ZV
Station: W4ZV

Class: SOSB/160 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 26
Location: USA

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Total:3022179Total Score74,600


Club: Carolina DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-01 07:18:57
Very frustrating weekend here. I could never run except once briefly the last night around 06-07z, after most of Eastern EU was in daylight. Signal strengths were simply never what they should have been and I had great difficulty in many pileups. Stations farther north were in and out with impunity. I called SV9CVY forever and never did get him...while he answered K5RX 3 times before Jim realized it. I believe North was the place to be this weekend...the farther the better. The top 3 multi-multis (KC1XX, K3LR and W3LPL) were amazingly within a few QSOs of each other (385/381/397) and I'm normally much closer to them. I noticed the same effect from Europe. Normally countries bordering the Mediterranean are the strongest from EU. This time I missed CT, EA6, IT9, 9H and only worked 5B4AII and LZ9W from zone SV, YO (YR9P was another experience like SV9CVY above), 4X, etc. I must have spent an hour total calling 4L0A on all 3 evenings only to hear him answer VE3EJ's CQ Saturday night. I won't bore you with all the countries and zones I heard but didn't work. Stand by for an incredible score from N7UA...possibly even challenging the existing USA record. N7UA is at a latitude about the same as VE1 or VY2 and he was working *everything* over the pole. I even heard him calling some stations not long after my sunset on Sunday afternoon! When W6/7s see Bob's score, I hope all will pledge to never whine again. Under normal conditions when there's Aurora, South is the place to be. But when Aurora is calm, being farther North means you're actually closer to the DX beaming directly through the Au zone. Another example of this was OX5AA who was audible almost any time I tuned the band! Another example of Northern propagation in quiet conditions...VY2ZM worked ~90 JAs in one morning run about a week before the contest! Congratulations to Bob N7UA who I'm sure won for USA and possibly broke the record. I enjoyed using both N1MM and my K3 with diversity for the first time. Using Skimmer 1.3 in Blind Mode (legal for unassisted) was a big disappointment. I got so many false decoder dots I quit looking at them and just looked at the waterfall. Next time I'll probably use PowerSDR's waterfall which doesn't have the 24 kHz width limitation of Skimmer when used on the K3 output with LP-PAN. Thanks to everyone for your patience with my weak signal! 73, Bill W4ZV