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ARRL January VHF Contest   2018   Jan 20   Claimed Score

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Call: VA3ELE/R
Operator(s): VA3ELE
Station: VA3ELE

Class: Rover HP
Operating Time (hrs): 29

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Total:266114Total Score103,056


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-22 06:22:21
Issues issues... Preparation... Lack of! It was good fun and decent activity. Thanks all that took a moment to to try. Not having time to test anything before the contest except on the bench took its tol. The 2m band worked well on the way to FN24 with just a HALO in it regular daily driving position. I ce arrived at FN24 and all was connected, I soon realized I was missing my 992 feedline, stole it from 5760 as its the least common band up here. I swapped the cable when 5760 was needed, I bit of a PITA i must say, but, it worked. Once I began making contacts, I soon realized that the fuse box I had chosen was not capable of handling the current and started blowing fuses on the input. I guess 2x40A just not enough for running high power in a rover even with 2 extra 90aH batteries. Took a few more. Enya to think things through and got it sorted out, butchered some cables together and doubled up the input fuses... Bingo... Back in action, but, lost too much time in FN24 and had to catch up skeds with VE3OIL/R. I was able to work a few station while driving on bands upto 1296, amazing! Working VE3ZV on 144~1296 while driving on a 250km+ path is pretty cool in my books. Still behind schedule, we ran the bands with VE3OIL/R in the grid corners and started making g the way back to Toronto for one last sked of the night. Enroute, I was still able to catch a few more on the bands upto 2304 while driving. I had fi ally arrived home just past 3am, FOOOD, that's all I could think of. By the time. Hit the bed just around 330am, Shortly after falling asleep, the family 4legged creatures decided they needed to have a wrestling match over top of me on my bed. Having barely slept 3 hours, the clock rang. Time to hustle... 730 skeds come just to soon. Sunday, made it only 15minutes late for my sked with VE3SMA, not bad, quickly ran all our bands, all 12 of them, and headed to Hagersville corners to work FN03, FN02, EN92 and EN93. All continued well and things were as planned. I was planning to head further west in the afternoon for EN82 and EN81, but, the thick fog settled in and I could barely see 100ft in front. As it started getting dark, visibility got even worse, almost ditched the car not seeing where I was going while pulling a u-turn. At this point t, I was getting g extremely tired, I decoded to drive to a closer location to home and hit FN03bl. This turned out to be a good choice as I was able to snag a few more mults that I did not have from previous locations. During the 1.5hr at this location, it started raining, I thought nothing of it until I went outside and almost flew out of the car. It was freezing rain! Getting out of the parking lot was quite a chore and up the incline to the main road was even worse. Made it up and the rest of the way home was not quite as bad. All microwave bands seemed to work well, but, only having a little vertical on 222 and 6m had set me back with working some stations that should have been easy. There's always next time. Even with all the troubles in the start, I think things went rather well for a short notice build and for so many bands. Maybe I'll do it again in June. Activated FN24, FN14, FN13, FN04, FN03, FN02, EN93 and EN92. 24G includes: 8 qso x 7 mults on 24ghz : 8 qso x 8 mults on LIGHT 73 de Peter VA3ELE FN03DM