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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2010   Nov 27   Claimed Score

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Call: P4ØW
Operator(s): W2GD
Station: P4ØW

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 45
Location: South America

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Total:6627158500Total Score12,900,090


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2010-12-04 11:44:33
Location: Santa Cruz - just about in the geographical center of Aruba, 200M from P43A, 400M from P43W, 1.2 Km from P49Y/P40L, 6 Km from P49V/P40YL/P40C/P40P Station: IC756ProII, ACOM 2000A, Win-Test 3.24 Antennas: Two 60 25G towers: 160 Vertical Dipole (55' vert), 160/80 Inverted V @ 55 feet, Cushcraft 40M rotatable dipole @ 68', 2 ele 40 to NW (director element mounted in front of and below rotatable dipole), 4 ele. 40M wire beam NE (EU) @ 50 feet, 3 ele 80M wire beam NE (EU) @ 50 feet, Force 12 C4 @ 60', Force 12 C31XR @ 60' Beverages: 800' NE, 500' NW, N/S, E/W A Short Story: Was that ever fun! Great quite low band conditions (quiet is relative of course - under S-7 on 160 is a blessing), and some real spotlight EU prop on 10M for the first time in years. 80M was terrific, first time over 1000 qsos. This was my 20th or 21st CQWW CW operation from Aruba since 1986. I don't yet have the experience of "father time" N6TJ, but I'm trying to catch up (nice job from 9Y4W Jim, but that old N7NG 20M S.A. record has proven very hard to crack). The CQWW is really the biggest and the best, one of just a handful of contests that gets me excited these days. Love this event because it places such a premium on all of the contesting elements: operating skill and strategy, planning, station design and construction, propagation knowledge, and even physical endurance. Its exceptionally difficult for someone to win this one on their first try...there is no substitute for experience to understand the nuances of the CQWW, although the recent open log policy provides newbies (and oldies) plenty of data to ponder and formulate strategies. To many of us, this remains the "big one", the granddaddy of all internationl events, the unoffical 'world championship' if you will. No other event approaches it's level of participation and competition. Victories have to be earned. There is little or no margin for error. For serious operators, this is the place to compete. Work commitments allowed me to be on Aruba for both CQWW PH and CW this year. Before WW PH spent three days of very hard labor hacking away clearing paths through the thorny vegetation to install/repair antennas, particularly beverages. Have never seen Aruba so green. Its been raining nearly daily for seven weeks, the wetest fall ever recorded, and the explosion of the cactus like bushes/trees is exceptional. Between PH and CW, some of the paths once again disappeared! Unfortunately my CQWW PH effort was interrupted by a nasty stomach virus which prevented operation the second night....sigh. So I was anxious to return for CW. The beverage work really made SSB bearable. With most of the serious prep work completed back in October, I had the luxury of time to do some long delayed maintenance work (like 4 yrs) on the rotor which turns the C4 on tower #2. Finding oddball resistance readings on the control cable, went up the tower to investigate. Found a hole in the bottom of the rotator....the control cable dangling....corrosion on Aruba is neverending. Ended up replacing the rotor and adding an extra run of #14 wire to make the brake release. Another change was adding a director element in front and below the 40M rotatable dipole to create the equivalent of a 2 ele beam to USA/AS. By all indictations this worked great. Produced 15 to 18 db of front/side compared to the dipole alone. On Aruba, WW weeks are social events.....and this year was no exception. During PH week it was the P49Y team (AE6Y, K0DQ, N4OC, P43A), the guys from WTX (W5AJ, KE5OG). For CW, there was the P40L team (W6LD, KX7M, N7MH and W0YK) and the P40C clan (KU1CW, KU1YL + daughter). We all got together for several meals, and immediately after each contest for dinner and swapping of contest stories. Contesting is really about people, and friendships.....adds so much to the experience. Won't go into great detail about the contest this time. Tried to start on 20M again, but no EU or NA prop to speak of. S/Pd a few SA neighbors and headed to 40M. Had mini VU run in the first 30 mins on 40M. Later spent too much time the first night trying to make 160M work in lieu of 40 and 80(as it turned out 160 was better 2nd night when I concentrated on 80 - that cost me some 160 mults). Virtually ignored 20M the first morning to do 15, probably the right choice, but left me wondering all day if I'd make up the missing mults and Qs (I did eventually-almost). Kept checking 10M, missed a brief EU opening very early Sat. morning, but caught the Sunday EU run, signals were not loud but workable...which helped the 10M mult total nicely. Missed so many easy mults, never heard the Voodoo 9L guys all weekend on any band (and I spent more time than normal tuning), and easy ones like FY, 8P, V4, TO5, TO3, VP9, HK, etc. on many bands. Aggressively moved as many as I could (TNX guys)...with about 85% success. But congratuations to Yuri VE3DZ @ PZ5T for doing it just that much better this time. I miss those days of being the only active station on Aruba.....there is a price for popularity. Ended the contest by working the J28 on 40M with 15 seconds to go.....WOW, a real rush. Overall, felt pleased with the results, nothing broke, stayed in the chair for 48 hours (slept literally with my head on the desk), and the mult total was where I had hoped. The score is my best effort in a decade. I want to make a comment about signing calls. My preferred technique is to sign after each contact. HOWEVER, when the pileup is 10 deep, a simple TU for three or four contacts is more efficient before signing my call again. If you can't wait one minute, shame on you! Intentionally QRMing with CALL? is terribly disruptive for everyone and poor sportsmanship. Please....don't. Two other observations. The use of the two letter calling technique was substancially diminished this year.....a most welcome change, thank you! Savvy ops seem more and more to know to call slightly off frequency...higher or lower, to break the pileup. Very smart! As always thanks to my hosts for tolerating the blanketing their property with wires and cables for a month, P43P for amplifier support, and to all the operators worldwide who provided the contacts and the enjoyment. Hope to be back at P40W for WPX CW in 2010. 73, John W2GD/P40W