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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: K7BG
Operator(s): K7BG
Station: K7BG

Class: SOSB/160 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 16:47
Location: USA

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Total:2882361Total Score51,660


Club: Northern Rockies DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2008-11-30 20:51:15
This contest was a gift from above. Condx the first night were quite good and I was pleased to have EL2DX answer one of my few CQs during the first several hours. I mostly S&P’d through the night until I started hearing JAs coming through. I then called CQ and 92 made it into the log along with an HL and a BY and some UA0/9s. Great condx! The second night seemed noisier and condx not so great in comparison. Right after making it through the 5K0T mondo pileup, out of the blue I began to experience RF getting into the keying line. I isolated the problem, but still don’t have it fixed. That problem along with other responsibilites made me decide to go to bed. My circadian rhythms don’t like this all night stuff. I slept for 6 hours through the Asia opening. Not good operating procedure for a 160 single band effort if I do say so myself. I heard 3 zones that never made it into the log and about a half dozen countries. I heard lots of stations that couldn’t hear me and there are probably some who could hear me and I couldn’t hear them. I don’t have any receiving antennas, also not good operating procedure, but what the heck, it’s pretty quiet out here in the middle of this wheat field. I never heard or worked common mults such as G, PA, VK, ZL. Maybe I WILL put up some receiving antennas, by the end of the next sunspot cycle! Station: IC765, KWatt, 95 foot tower with ¼ wave sloper and loaded with various yagis (6), (used for xmt and rcv) Thanks for the good time, Matt—K7BG 160 -------------------------------- N America: 127 (44%) S America: 9 (3%) Europe: 44 (15%) Africa: 6 (2%) Asia: 98 (34%) Oceania: 4 (1%) -------------------------------- 288 (100%)