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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: IZ3NVR
Operator(s): IZ3NVR
Station: IZ3NVR

Class: SO(A)SB15 QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 32
Location: Southern Europe
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:238Prefixes200Total Score72,800


Club: Italian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-04 13:05:02
Half of it has been fun, the other half has been quite frustrating. I definitely wanted to take part to CQWPX CW with a serious entry and was ready for that. Since I need to build and dismantle most of my antenna “farm” every contest I wanted to make sure to optimize it at its best with respect to the chosen category (and avoid erecting something useless). Work has been exhausting lately hence the idea of setting in a full SOAB entry and be in the office on Monday morning was not exactly my pair of shoes even though I was really tempted to go All Bands till the very last minute. Even if 20m would have been the obvious choice to have fun “around the clock”, I tried my luck and went for 15m QRP to double the WPX SSB entry and try to improve the result. Setted up the station the week before the contest with the beam risen and a second set of antennas to add an “in band” second radio to the equation. On Friday evening, all antennas were setted up and the shack was rearranged to a more ergonomic SO2R layout with the FT-950/FT-450 pair. Did some quick testing especially to see how close I could get with the two radios avoiding interferences. All was fine thanks to the limited output power …obviously it is not safe to directly beam the other antennas (and wrote myself a huge sign with such a warning to be hanged in the shack, just in case). Antenna separation and polarization diversity (horizontal/vertical) did the rest. Started the contest Saturday early morning around 5 AM. Band struggled to open at first but then got to life with a nice stream of Europeans until 10z. A nice surprise with respect to what I experienced in the SSB leg. Saturday afternoon brought about a brief (and damn weak) US opening with 18 US stations worked. They were all big guns and well-known calls but they really sounded like whispers and the deep QSB made it difficult for both parties to acknowledge the serials. Ended at 20z with 175Qs. Sunday has mostly been frustrating. The CME impacted at the early hours and the K index jumped up to 6-7. Seemed like someone flipped the switch and shut down the bands, all bands. While frustratingly (and stubbornly) scanning a dead and empty 15m with one radio, I was scanning 20 with the other just to listen around. Conditions were down on that band as well. All Sunday went that way with only 1 QSO at 5AM and the second one at 11. I did some contacts on 20m in the meanwhile just to kill time and hope for improved conditions (that did not arrive). Even tried some alternating CQ on 20/40 to have a taste of what the big guns’ running two bands at once feel. Need to improve on that, it’s fun. After hours of alternating endless CQs and up/down sweeps on an empty band, my being stubborn (and if you run QRP it actually helps to be a stubborn person) finally paid off when, at 17z, K dropped and 15m came to life with some nice and unexpected sporadic-E short skip propagation. 56 out of 63 (88.8%) of Sunday’s QSOs were made during such an opening. The second radio saved me from boredom on Sunday and helped me with some of the mults/QSOs on Saturday as well. It was nice to be back to “serious” SO2R after a while. 15m Second Radio QSOs: 16 (11%) Not shown nor counted above are the QSOs on 20m (26Q) and 40m (7Q) while trying alternating CQs on the two bands with around 50W and a “rate” of 52 Q/h. At 21z I flipped the switch after 32 hours of 15m madness (!). It has been a nice contest and, given conditions, I am definitely pleased with the result. Stefano, IZ3NVR Station: RTX 1: FT-950 @5W + homemade panadapter RTX 2: FT-450 @5W Antennas: 3el Vertical Dipole