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222 MHz Fall Sprint   2017   Sep 26   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Rover LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsTot Dist(km)Op TimeScoreClub
KØBAK/R  5022041,100Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
WW7D/R  531504795PNWVHFS
VE3CRU/R  181863373.0324CCO
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)  19151804285
WA9TT  13502.560Badger Contestors
Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsTot Dist(km)Op TimeScoreClub
K1RZ  5530141,650MtAiry
K1TEO  572512.751,425NEWS
N2NT(N2NC)  5022126813:201,100FRC
WZ1V  482103.51,008NEWS
K8TQK  332614858
KA2LIM  251702.5850
K1GX  411902.5779
K3TUF  391902741Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
W1GHZ  322003.5640NEWS
W2SJ  381683043.25608MtAiry
N1JEZ  301903570NEWS
W2BVH  3090540Mt Airy
K1OR  252102525
K2OS  251903475RVHFG
K3MD  191210002456Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
VE3DS  221904418CCO
K1TR  241401336YCCC
K7ND  21802.25168PNWVHFS
KE7SW  21703147PNWVHFS
W9KXI  8601.596
K5LLL  651065230TDXS
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsTot Dist(km)Op TimeScoreClub
VE2HAY  433001999CG Que
VE3ZV  292103609CCO
N2SLN  321904.0608
WA2VNV  331604528NEWS
KB1JEY  2589842.42400MtAiry
WX3K  211403294MtAiry
AF1T  211001.2210NEWS
W2TAG  30704.0210MtAiry
N6ZE/6  23728982.2161ventura county amateur radio society
KB3MTW  15504150MtAiry
N7EPD  19702.5133PNWVHFS
K8DIO  11100110
KO9A  13817192.5104SMC
KV1J(@KV1J/1)  137091NEWS
K7YDL  13524001.565PNWVHFS
KJ4ZYB  9702.563
KG7P  114140344PNWVHFS
N9LB  752000135Badger Contesters
AA5AM  3311571.59North Texas Microwave Society
WDØBQM  32114336
K6NE  3100.33VCARC-Ventura County Amateur Radio Club
W7XU  1101
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsTot Dist(km)Op TimeScoreClub
WA6PX  6320018