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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2015   1300Z Nov 18   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K3WWx 133101d113,433FRC
K5OT(@K5TR)  134100113,400CTDXCC
N3RSx 13996113,344FRC
N4ZZ  1198419,996TCG
K6RBx 1118018,880
AD8J  1127818,736SECC
KC4D  99781.07,722PVRC
N3JT  93746,882
K5AX  947316,862
OK1DIG  967016,720
KJ9C  92736,716SMC
KMØO  946916,486MWA
F6HKA  83675,561
K4RUM  846615,544FCG
AA9A  856540 min5,525BzDXCC
K4IU  836515,395MWA
K1ESE  806715,360YCCC
NS9I  776549MIN5,005
K3WJV  716314,473FRC
UA6HZ  6759HOUR3,953
VE2FK  65590:50m3,835CG Que
9A7R  685313,604
SA6G(SM6CUK)  705113,570CDXC
N4FP  685113,468FCG
N4DW  625013,100TCG
K2LE  58520.63,016YCCC
N3CW  604412,640PVRC
DL8PG  56452,520
K2ZC  534312,279Bergen ARA
NC4S  504012,000PVRC
K1SM  4839.751,872
NØTA  40400.51,600Grand Mesa
KI7MT  44341.01,496
K3SEN  38361.01,368FCG
SE5L(SM5ALJ)  41321.01,312SK4DM
NN4K  31270.5837SECC
OH2BN  32241768
KE4S  28271756PVRC
KI7Y  2727.5729WVDXC
NS8O  222228MIN484Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
W6SX  2121.1441NCCC
W4ZYT  19190.3361
JF2IWL  10101/2100University of Tokyo Contest Club
I5EFO  8700:1556ICC
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K7SVx 1188419,912PVRC
N5AWx 105790:578,295CTDXCC
WJ9Bx 957517,125PVRC
W2LK  927116,532HVCDX
VP9/N3AD(@VP9GE)  887116,248FRC
KG5Ux 866715,762CTDXCC
K5FP  776414,928CTDXCC
N8BJQx 796114,819
NØAC  75644,800IaDXCC
W3KB  845614,704FRC
K9DX  73614,453SMC
N4KS  705713,990FCG
AD4EB  61590.63,599TCG
K1DW  625113,162Lou CC
VE3MGY  605113,060CCO
W2GNx 584812,784RDXA
N5PHT  604212,520
W4VQ  534712,491CFDXA
W4TTM  564312,408
KA7T  524412,288IDXA
NW2Kx 48450.332,160NCC
EA8OM(DJ1OJ)  493911,911BCC
N4CJ(G4BUE)  424240min1,764
KW7Q  4637:501,702
W5YDM  453611,620
HB9ARF  453511,575
W9CC  423411,428
K4JAZ  403311,320SECC
VE5SDH  373211,184
WA9LEY  383111,178Metro DX
SI5Y(SM5BKK)  402911,160
KB3ML  33331,089
NN6T  363011,080CWOPS
K4ITV  362911,044
UX1VT  3726:40962UCC
K1RO  3131:15961YCCC
SF3A(SM3CER)  32271864TOEC
PA3DBS  30251750
WQ3E  2524600
W6KY  25220.5550SCCC
NWØM  2323:15529KCCC
AA2ZW  212115MIN441NFR
NA8V  2220:22440MRRC
IT9VDQ  231846min414ARIPA DX
N1ZX  2318414
KF7Z  22181396
F6JOE  211800H30378
N5RR  191910min361
USØMF  201830min360
UR5MM  2315345UCC
ADØLI  17151255
WØXE  1713221
VE2BZO  1414.8196CG Que
AF5DM  1212144
AB7MP  1111.75121
VE9AA/M  10100.25100
WP4F  66.0936
F4GFT  2214
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  514312,193
KI4MZC  30251750
W1TEF(@W4DFG)  23231529SFCG
K5IX  2422528
K1GU/4  19181342TCG
UR5FJL  4400:2716