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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2014   1300Z Oct 22   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N4AF  1278210,414PVRC
NW2Kx 121760.99,196NCC
AA9A  1017917,979BzDXCC
K1GU  976816,596TCG
VE3KI  976616,402CCO
KC4D  95641.06,080PVRC
WØUCE  936215,766PVRC
K6RBx 945915,546
NS9I  825414,428BzDXCC
F5IN  765814,408
WØVX  765614,256DFWCG
F6HKA  815114,131
K4RUM x755414,050
W5ASP  715313,763
K2LE  63521.03,276YCCC
HG1G  674813,216
AC4A(AC4CA)  644012,560CTDXCC
K1SM  603512,100
4X6GP  454411,980
K5AX  444433 min1,936
RU9CZD(N5ZO)  453911,755Ural CG
SM5ALJ  372811,036SK4DM
N4DWx 33310:351,023TCG
W6SX  3328.3924NCCC
GWØETF  29290.5841
K1ESE  2823:23644YCCC
WQ3E  2323529
SM7ATL  22221484TOEC
OH2BN  26181468
W1RM  2018360
NØTA  16160.2256Grand Mesa
DL8PG  1413182
IKØIXI  13130.3169ARS
JF2IWL  773/449
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N5AWx 1077017,490CTDXCC
K7SVx 856315,355PVRC
W2LK  786014,680HVCDX
W3KB  785614,368FRC
K5KU  695513,795
WJ9Bx 714913,479PVRC
VE3MGY  674913,283CCO
N5RR  654913,185
K1DWx 634913,087Lou CC
W2GN  634813,024RDXA
NWØM  6048:502,880Kansas City Contest Club
NØAC  58482,784IaDXCC
N4KS  55491.02,695
KG5Ux 603912,340CTDXCC
NO5W  573812,166LACC
W4VQ  563712,072
SM6CUK  513911,989
W9ILY  47410.71,927Metro DX
WB5EIN  533511,855DpDxCC
PA3DBS  434111,763
UA6HZ  42361 HR1,512
AA2ZW  363640MIN1,296NFR
SI5Y(SM5BKK)  393011,170
UR5MM  38301,140UCC
SF3A(SM3CER)  382811,064TOEC
HB9ARF  32301960
K4JAZ  36261936SECC
DL3AZ  31281868
WØEJ  3224.75768
W9CC  29251725
K4ITV  28241672
SMØY  27221594BSCC
WA9LEY  2522550Metro DX
CR7AJL(@CS5NRA)  19191361
DJ1OJ  161630min256BCC
WX7SJ  16161256
VE2BZO  16151240
N4FP  1515.2225FCG
VE9AA/M  14120.333168MCC
NN6T  12121144CWOPS
W6KY  11100.25110SCCC
AB7MP  88.564
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  504112,050
JA1GZV  15230