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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2015   0300Z Sep 3   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W6SX  141100114,100NCCC
N5ZOx 14894113,912SUCC
K3WWx 13893112,834FRC
K6RBx 14090112,600
NW2Kx 14188112,408NCC
WJ9Bx 12792111,684PVRC
AD4EB  12583110,375TCG
N4ZZx 12086110,320TCG
K9JM  989819,604NCCC
K1GU  115831.09,545TCG
K4BAI  111831.09,213SECC
N8BJQ  1097918,611
N3ADx 1068118,586FRC
N3JT  111778,547
AD8J  1028118,262SECC
W6KC  1047718,008SCCC
VE3KI  1017217,272CCO
K9RS  987217,056FRC
NSØR  867416,364
N4DW  936716,231TCG
K4IU  896916,141MWA
N3QE  8369.65,727PVRC
WBØSND  726514,680Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
N4FP  775914,543FCG
K6AR  67670.64,489
OK1DIG  716014,260
NA6O  70601.04,200NCCC
W7WHYx 775414,158WVDXC
F6HKA  59590.353,481
KL7SB  555312,915
KJ9C  60442,640SMC
K6NV  5141.752,091NCCC
W9XS  44441,936
9A7R  414111,681CCS
KB3Z  46341.01,564FRC
K4HR  373111,147
W6NS  372911,073
AI6O  2624.50624SCCC
K2ZC  2323:30529Bergen ARA
K7MGR  1818324
UA6HZ  181840 MIN324
OK1RR  14140.4196RR DX
AG6V  1211132
JF2IWL  551/225
N6RO  440.0516NCCC
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N5AWx 13993112,927CTDXCC
K7SVx 1148119,234PVRC
K9OM  887916,952FCG
KG5Ux 967116,816CTDXCC
N4YDUx 976916,693PVRC
WDØT  79661.05,214
KW7Q  81581.04,698
K9DX  75624,650
NA8V  765314,028
N3HEE  705513,850PVRC
W6LD  6656.83,696NCCC
K4QPL  715113,621PVRC
W2GNx 744813,552RDXA
W9ILY  70491.03,430Metro DX
KA7T  605313,180IDXA
K1DWx 644913,136Lou CC
KBØJSH(@NØAC/Ø)  55462,530IaDXCC
N5WW  564512,520
K3WJV  524312,236FRC
WC7Q  494412,156WWDXC
VEE5SDH  454211,890
N5PHT  42411,722
W9CC  423611,512
N5RR  363630min1,296
AC2KJ  363411,224
WA9LEY  363211,152Metro DX
NN4K  33291957SECC
WB5EIN  3527:24945DpDxCC
KM4FO  3328924KCG
K3SEN  31281868FCG
W2AAB  29251725
KF7Z  26241624
N8BIZ  26221572
UR5MM  2120420UCC
K7KY  202045min400
AF5DM  2118378
ADØLI  18181324
W7DZD(DARRELL)  18181324
WØXE  1817306KCDXC
KD4EE  1616.5256
KM6Z  161620 min256SCCC
K5IX  1413:30182
KM6ZT  13131169
K5GQ  1111:30121
N3CW  1111.5121PVRC
WO1X  1010.25100
DM4CW  9981RR DX
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  534412,332
VA3SB  463711,702CCO
AA4GA  2420480SECC
WA8HSB  20200.6400ACG