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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2014   1300Z May 14   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
KØRFx 1108719,570Grand Mesa
N4AFx 106818,586PVRC
K6RBx 996416,336
W6SX  965915,664NCCC
N3JT  87655,655
K4BAI  85621.05,270SECC
W5ZR  865814,988LACC
N5ZOx 825814,756SCCC
KJ9C  71553,905SMC
W5ASP  6357.93,591TDXS
K4RUM x694713,243
WØUCE  614912,989PVRC
F5IN  614612,806
N4DWx 55401.02,200TCG
WØVX  573612,052
K1SM  513711,887
F6HKA  483911,872
GW4J(GWØETF)  40331,320
SM5ALJ  37341,258sk4dm
PA4N  34271:00918
K1ESE  3030900YCCC
DL8PG  3027810
OH2BN  30271810CWOPS
WQ3E  2626676
JF2IWL  22200.5440
F5MNK  19191361
NN6T  17151255CWOPS
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N5AWx 75644,800CTDXCC
NWØM  715714,047KCDXC
K3MD  71563,976
W3KB  745213,848FRC
K7SV  705213,640PVRC
N5RR  655213,380
KA7T  614412,684
KG5Ux 624112,542CTDXCC
KW7Q  59431.02,537
NØTA  51430.72,193Grand Mesa
AA2ZW  4644.452,024NFR
KU7Tx 494011,960BCC
VE3MGY  464211,932CCO
N4FP  453811,710FCG
W4VQ  463611,656
UR5MM  43371,591UCC
W2GN  423411,428RDXA
PA3DBS  333211,056
K6XT  31310.5961
W4TTM  35251875
K4JAZ  30271810
SF3A(SM3CER)  27261702TOEC
KØDTJ  27241648
N3MNT  28231644
FG8NY  272200H45594
N1ZX  24241576
SM6FKF  2622572Falkopings Radioclub
WX7SJ  22221484
7Z1HL  30161480
HB9ARF  21211441
PA7RA(RIEN)  181813:00324
NN4K  19151285SECC
W6KY  1615.25240SCCC
JA7QVI  10101100
LJ3RE  224
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  30251750
WA8HSB  13130.3169ACG