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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Mar 16   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
AA3Bx 176124121,824FRC
K3WWx 169122120,618FRC
N3RD  169117119,773FRC
K4ROx 162119119,278TCG
N5ZOx 163114118,582SCCC
N3RSx 155118118,290FRC
N5AWx 136115115,640CTDXCC
N3QE  140110115,400PVRC
W6SX  134109114,606NCCC
K6RB  142101114,342
WJ9Bx 139101114,039PVRC
K5CM  132106113,992OkDX
K9CTx 13994113,066SMC
K3WJVx 12996112,384FRC
WC7Q  12298111,956WWDXC
NSØR  11795111,115SMC
NQ6N  116920:5610,672SMC
K3UA  959519,025NCC
K8JQ  1028718,874
W9ILY  100861.08,600Metro DX
K5WK  9786:458,342599DX
CG3KI(VE3KI)  1018218,282CCO
VE3KP  867316,278CCO
KØMP  847115,964AOCC
K2SX  856315,355
K1GU  72720.55,184TCG
N7US  846015,040SMC
N4FP  806214,960FCG
NP2X(K9VV)  66560:403,696
N5PHT  69533,657
K9OM  6060:263,600FCG
N5IR  65471.03,055DFWCG
AD5A  5552:392,860CTDXCC
KU8E  53530:282,809GaCG
K3PP  574512,565FRC
K4HR  59431.02,537SECC
NA8V  4848:182,304MRRC
WU6X  464011,840NCCC
NN4K  463711,702SECC
KA5M  403111,240
W6KC  3432.51,088SCCC
N3TWM  33320:551,056FRC
9A7R  29259a7r725
N3JT  2525625
NA6O  2222.2484NCCC
KC9EE  2121.6441SMC
KG9N  2121.5441SMC
WA3AER  21201420PVRC
K8BZ  19190:13361
N6RO  990.281NCCC
NA2CC  8864
OK1RR  880.2464RR DX
SD1A(SM1TDE)  880,564
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N4ZZ  118106112,508ACG
N8BJQx 1078619,202
ZF2AG(AD8J)  848417,056SECC
K2XR  897316,497FRC
KG5U  907116,390CTDXCC
W7OM  86706,020WWDXC
N5EE  81721:005,832
KM5PS  84661hr5,544
W5TM  846515,460
NN5O  806815,440DpDxCC
W1QK  856315,355YCCC
NM5M  806515,200DFWCG
K9DX  72674,824
K1DW  736114,453Lou CC
N8DNA  58581.03,364
N8EA  635313,339MRRC
K4OAQ  585513,190
W4YE  59513,009PVRC
KE2D  614212,562FRC
NT2A  50502,500
WA9LEY  554512,475Metro DX
WT2Px 574312,451SMC
W3WHK  554412,420Holmesburg ARC
KM4FO  55432,365KCG
VE3MV  524212,184CCO
AJ8B  46462,116MRRC
K5IX  49381,862
W9CC  453911,755
WA6URY/8(@W1NN) x434011,720SCCC
KØTC  463511,610MWA
KM6Z  413511,435SCCC
AC2KJ  383111,178
NF8M  3531.71,085MRRC
W7SAG  323200:451,024
AB7MP  3627972
N5XE  3230960DFWCG
NØKQ  36261936NCCC
KJ9C  30280.4840Big Sky Contesters
F6JOE  302700H45810
AA2ZW  2828784NFR
W6KY  26260.25676SCCC
AE7US  2723621
UR5MM  2621546UCC
AF5DM  2422528
VE5SDH  2222.4484
K4IU  2121.5441MWA
K3DMG  2120420
WØXE  2120420KCDXC
ADØBL  1717.75289
K1YY  171745m289
NS3C  1616256
W4MJE  1616:30256
AA8TA  151530 min225DELARA Contest Team
UA6HZ  1411154
AF5Q  1111121OkDX
KA7T  1111121
VA3PM  1111121
KM6ZT  1010100
WB9QDL  880.2564
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UU  454011,800
VA3SB  433611,548CCO
KE4RG  34321.01,088
AC8LJ  3026.75780
W4ER  26251.0650ACG
N2JFD  23231529
N3HEE  1818:15324PVRC
N8XX  14140.75196MRRC
N2JNZ  11111121
N4DT  1010:45100