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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2008   Warmup   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Multi-Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
KH6LC  211142,687
Multi-Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
OH6K  3310
Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
K7RAT(N6TR)  298142,021Boring ARC
KL7RA  175121,634
K1LT  327131,196MRRC
K9NW(@K9UWA)  2527.51,000MRRC
PA5KT(@PI4Z)  10814977
W4ZV  1984882PVRC
WD5R(N5ECT)  2207788
VE7CC  1133653BCDX
W3BP  197626NNCC
N8EA  1565600
KØEJ  120542TCG
K8DD  1423483Thumb Area Contest Club
VE3TA  1354.5424CCO
N6RO  791.5331NCCC
N6NF  732328NCCC
K8UT  135317
AA3B  1031.5239FRC
K1GU  581.0211TCG
WI2E  561.0139
MDØCCE  140.5105
N5OT  3195
VE9AA  1141
ZL1AIH  81.51
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
W1UE  6962,385YCCC
W7WHY  1311,612WVDXC
KØPK  20710.31,380MWA
WB8JUI  2151,202MRRC
N2WN  190~101,070TCG
K8MM  19081,000Thumb Area Contesters
W1NN  1736.5846MRRC
N8MR  1696.5770Livonia Amateur Radio Club
AH8DX/W7  206713
KY5R  654.5707ACG
WA1FCN  1395588ACG
K9MMS  1094.5584SMC
K1IB  89520YCCC
VE3OSZ  1727507CCO
VE3CX  67414CCO
NØAC  693322Iowa DX and Contest Club
KØKX  451.5290MWA
NB4M  612.1268TCG
N6AJR  162132NCCC
K8GT  271.4112MRRC
K6CSL  1610.078NCCC
VY2SS  11.558MCC
W6NF  90.538NCCC
KD5J  815
AD8J  4021MRRC