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Ten-Meter RTTY Contest   2014   Dec 7   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Multi-Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsState/ProvCountriesOp TimeScoreClub
W1LQ  36242591036,562NCCC
KH6TU  13640526,120NCCC
Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsState/ProvCountriesOp TimeScoreClub
K1RO  30339494.526,664YCCC
W6SX(W^SX)  354452324,072NCCC
N2BJ  1793727311,456SMC
W6EU  17938123.38,950NCCC
W7PP  12260422,340AOCC
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsState/ProvCountriesOp TimeScoreClub
EA1DR  53748628,3059,070
K6LL  51954531155,533AOCC
WØLSD  49452511050,882Grand Mesa
KH6ZM  60756201046,132
N6RO  48453381044,044NCCC
VA2UP  41645591043,264CG Que
KR2AR(N6EE)  36945631239,852NCCC
AD5XD  39236551135,672DFWCG
VE2FU  379425110:2435,247CG Que
VA7AM  30546116.534,770Orca DXCC
EI3GC  3664550934,770
F5BEG  3464258934,600
VE2FK  39243449:2434,104CG Que
VE1OP  3374752633,363MCC
WN6K  39748291130,569SCCC
KE8M  3283954930,504
W1ZD  34250378:4729,754AOCC
K8AJS  328315912:1529,520
WØYK  33148379.528,135LomPrta CC
K7TQ  398472310.527,860SDXA
VE4VT  3304734926,730RadMan
N2NF  3213053926,643
KV4QS  31435476.525,748FCG
W7WW  34946268.5525,128AOCC
Z36W  2833447622,923Z37M Cobtest team
N6OJ  356471622,428REDXA
K4HMB  2572955821,588SECC
W7CT  288432720,160AOCC
N7NM  3254517520,088
NN6NN(W6XK)  270462405:1418,900
NX8G  25324509:4618,722Lou CC
KS2G  22732449:3017,252OBONY
8P2K(8P6SH)  274509616,166
N4GU  197305115,957PVRC
VA3PC  20026511215,400CCO
VE9AA  20632423:4515,244MCC
DL1ZBO  115191133:5715,180DRCG
WB2RHM/4  196284414,112SECC
ZL2B(ZL2BR)  2504791114,000
UY5ZZ  21516465.513,350UCC
WB5TUF  1902140311,970TDXS
R7MM  2091047511,913BSCC
YT9A  20794911,799
AK5Y  1861275910,974
W3FZI(PAT)  18425346.510,856FRC
K1GU  15616503.210,296TCG
VE2AXO  168283410,146
KD5J  15924397.4210,017
K5ND  164283289,840DFWCG
VA7ST  19337134.59,650Orca DXCC
KW7N  180391359,360
F4GDI(@F4EWP)  149342859,238Clipperton DX Club
VE3JI  156174249,204CCO
VE7SZ  18538104.58,880Orca DXCC
KØFX  15022364.58,642Grand Mesa
K1SM  156282648,424
W7EWG  1793898,413
KØQEI(@WØERP)  16024287.58,320
KH6GMP  172396247,740
CE4SFG  12839195.57,424
NF4A  13427283.87,370
VY2LI  127302627,112MCC
NV4B  128183747,040ACG
EA8OM  10026433:246,900DRCG
N2MUN  117193766,552OBONY
K4HAL  9335136,510ACG
NTØF  14426195:146,480
WT6P  12921253:535,934AOCC
GUØSUP  100322645,800DRCG
K6LRN  1123614~2:455,600MLDXCC
KT9L  130133045,590SMC
VE3XAT  8719405,133CCO
VE2NMB  105143403:515,040CG Que
NJ4F  10018328.55,000SFCG
W7RTX  101331554,848AOCC
AA8R  100462834,600SMC
VE7IO  1252862.754,250Orca DXCC
W3DQ  9119273.54,186
W5KB  8716313.34,089Great Southern DX Assoc
K5TRI  1003363,900
KX7L  9928113.53,861WWDXC
Z39A  7524243,600Z37M Contest team
K8GT  8013294.33,360MRRC
N6OIL  7533103,225
K2AL  8113263,159New Providence Amateur Radio Club
KK8MM  7114262,840
K4EDI  7210292,808TCG
N3QE  709281.52,590PVRC
K4IU  7111251.52,556MWA
N4UEZ  6283302:482,542PVRC
WB8BZK  6814141,904SMC
N8HM  567271,904PVRC
IK2AUK  6811171,904ICC
NI7R  60201121,860AOCC
WA9LEY  6111181,769Metro DX
LW3DC  5014181,51,696LUCG
N1JM  581681,392AOCC
AA5UK  5010162.251,200SMC
N3VN  439211,161PVRC
VE3RCN  4814101,152CCO
9A4W  31164620Croatian CC
W9IIX  32802480SMC
NS6T  251632475NCCC
AC2FA  2689442NFR
3D2KM(W6ZL)  32742352
K6JEB  24651:09264NCCC
M5Z(JK3GAD)  2024BCC
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsState/ProvCountriesOp TimeScoreClub
KB2HSH  471117121,316
WA8HSB  261311.5364ACG