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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2016   Summer   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Multi-Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
VE3FAS  331.569CCO
W1FM  311:3258YCCC
Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
CW5W(CX6VM)  535.2985
K1ZM  1054.0365YCCC
W1UE(@W1KM)  1095335YCCC
KF3B  1283:54330FRC
WD5R(N5ECT)  105325
N3QE  1182.6308PVRC
K1KI  1012.6272YCCC
W9RE  1001.5227SMC
KIØI  742:55220KCCC
N8EA  902:42208MRRC
KB1EFS  833.5206
N4RJ  673200
N1LN  852.0193PVRC
N4IQ  846193SFCG
N8UM  693.0166TCG
K8ND  913:45162MRRC
KH6ZM  126157
KØKX  431.2150MWA
K1PX  652.25140
K4WW  50101KCG
K1TR  490:5598YCCC
AAØFO  341.295KCCC
AA3B  5081FRC
K7OM  281:1864SFCG
NJ4F  27159SFCG
WA3AFS  262.448HVCDX
KS4X  13132TCG
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
KV4FZ  536549
VE3MGY  1226.0440CCO
NA8V  984315MRRC
K1LT  1195241MRRC
K9MMS  1013.0233SMC
W8WTS  702:41221NCC
VE3CV  582.8217CCO
VE3OSZ  694213CCO
AA2ZW  712.5HR210NFR
K8MR  752208MRRC
K3IE  622204TCG
WQ5L  462192
W4IX  602.5187SECC
N3ZV  41145PVRC
WB9HFK  46143SMC
N3HEE  512126PVRC
K4FTO  401.7108PVRC
K9CW  2688SMC
AB9YC  2679SMC
W9AV  250:5979SMC
NW2K  410.7570RDXA
WA2JQK  251.264HVCDX
NS9I  191:2055
AB8OU  233.2544Silvercreek ARA
KM4FO  1644KCG
K5OAI  5418
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
AB3WS  35~2168PVRC
K9JWV  1054
N7KN  61.527