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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2018   Spring   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Multi-Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
KØDI(@N2CEI) x2499.411,049
AB2E  912354FRC
Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
W2GR  5500.45375,750NFR
NP2J(K8RF)  2039:451,715
K1LTx 3159:151,026MRRC
K9NR  2507755SMC
K1KI  2004:45502YCCC
K7RL  954487WWDXC
N1LN  1733.5468PVRC
KL7SB(@KL7RA)  534450
K9OM  1174:51444FCG
N3HEE  1505411PVRC
NW3Y  1183:46389FRC
AA3B  1633:35369FRC
N3BB  882.75362CTDXCC
WA4JUK  1666.0346PVRC
K2AV  1393.7337PVRC
N9LQ  1313:19313SMC
NN7CW  1034:37309FCG
UX1UA  555299UCC
DM7PQ  685.5271
N4EEV  734.5262SECC
NE7D  513:46261WVDXC
VE3YT  1234250CCO
K1WHS  603250YCCC
W4RKC(W4NA)  1244.16240
KØEJ  1053.25232TCG
NX6T(WQ6X)x 508.5220SdgCC
WD5R(N5ECT)  491.5194
DL7CX  391.5193BCC
AA4DD  7603:49192TCG
KC9K  774187SMC
K6SRZ  452:01186REDXA
AA3S  1083.2182PVRC
KH7XS(K4XS)  16:55179FCG
WT2P  742.5158SMC
WA7AN(K9DR)  261156AOCC
W4GE  602:21155$199 CC
NØAX  581153
KØOO(@W3RFC)  635150PVRC
N2WK  711:31150
KE4S  712149PVRC
HG6O(HA6OA)  472142
K4BAI  511:53128SECC
N1RR  550.5125YCCC
K4WW  602:30118KCG
N9NA  241.1113AOCC
K7OM  4202:43112SFCG
N4UM  373111
AI6O  314105SCCC
AF6SA  30101NCCC
N4VV  501101TCG
OU2V(OZ1FJB)  324.5101DDXG
SM9A(DL1IAO) x31188BCC
K1JB  340:3884YCCC
WU6W  24478NCCC
W2RR(WA2AOG)  401.075NFR
NJ4F  311:1869SFCG
W6SX  2463NCCC
W2CDO  29154PVRC
K4AFE  261:2553DpDxCC
N6RO  70.1548NCCC
W4UT  20.539TCG
W7WHY  516
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
KV4FZ  1459.51,820
VE3MGYx 2349:101,012CCO
NP2X(K9VV)  616.21,000
NA8V  1884:45650MRRC
W9RE  135626SMC
KG9X  1605:15593SMC
KØPK  1185554MWA
K7QA  734507Big Sky Contesters
W1NN x1703.5504NCC
KE2D  1445:11500FRC
K3IE  1154369TCG
W8WTS  1322:45369NCC
KIØI  794:00364KCCC
TM6M(F1AKK)  56~ 5H358
N9TF  986326SMC
K8AJS  1295.5315MRRC
WJ9B  65310PVRC
WB8WKQ  1607287MRRC
N4NA(NB4M)  80269TCG
AA2ZW  64222NFR
WD8DSB  622:27219SMC
AB8OU  685190MRRC
WO9S(@WO9J) x542180SMC
K3KU  682176PVRC
3V8SS(KF5EYY)  393175RR DX
WF7T  532175
K1NZ  502.75157YCCC
K4FT  501:35156
N8AA  501.0149
AB9YC  452139SMC
NF8M  351.3128MRRC
W2TT  353109SJDXA
NY3B  501100FRC
NW2K  481100
W4PM  371:1899CenVirg CC
N3RC  1999NCCC
KQ4LA  50291PVRC
KG4USN  351.589PVRC
W6UB  3680TCG
K7DR  42277
WB8BZK  21171SMC
KX7L  16268WWDXC
AI9T  20159SMC
KA5M  231:4955
K7SJ/VE1  70.530
VE3RCN  22<229CCO
K8MR  50.521FCG
ND9G  70:1019SMC
K2ZR/4  301:0013NFR
N4CU  20.12ACG
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsOp TimeScoreClub
WB8JUI  1102,376NQW Contest Club
N3CO  1051,818
K1SX  2045m117CTRI