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GACW WWSA CW DX Contest   2007   Jun 9   Comment Summary

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LW4EU   M/S HP   358,8902007-06-10 07:59:22
Tnx everybody for the Qs and to Jorge LW4EU and Ana for their hospitality and

Rigs; IC 781 + ft 1000 mp back up.
Amps Alpha 76 + SB 220 back up.
AntennasÑ 6 el jvp tribander, inverted v for 40m, loop for 80 m
Logging soft: N1MM
F5UKL   SOAB LP   28,7562007-06-10 08:10:53
Really nice and cool contest. See you next year. Andre - f5ukl
LU8EOT   SOSB/15 LP   17,9402007-06-10 09:14:52
Station: RIG. Kenwood TS-180S
ANT. 2 El. Quad 21 Mhz. 10 Mts. up
SM6EQO   SOAB QRP   26,7202007-06-10 09:45:43
Rig: Elecraft K2 at 5 watts output maximum.
Ant: Butternut HF6V + End-fed Dipole for the 80 meter band.
Both antennas 22 meters over ground.
N4PN   SOSB/20 HP   79,7942007-06-10 10:49:15
More activity this year from Europeans. Not many SA stations around to work
or did I have the antenna pointed in the wrong direction? Only a few JA's
active. Some of the better "stuff" was 3B7SP, BX6AA, HS0AC, FO5RH, & TF3GC.
Missed VU2PAI on Saturday night - double mult.
Thanks to the sponsor - this contest seems to be getting better each year
as there's not much else on this weekend except for the RTTY guys/gals.
73, Paul, N4PN
HA2MN   SOSB/15 LP   7,5662007-06-10 11:39:54
The contest was a real fun on 15 m. Great and long lasting openings for SA and
hectic near condx featured the band. I missed out Sunday morning and had to
stop operating due to nearby thunderstorms before the end of the contest.

Thanks for Qs! See you next year!

Rig TS-530SP 100W into an end-fed wire, 20 m long above flat roof.
PG7V   SOAB LP   14,6612007-06-10 13:45:39
Not much time this weekend, so just a few hours.

CU in the next contest!

Rig: FT-2000, 100w
Ant: Cushcraft R5 vertical
G5RV dipole

Software: N1MM
LS1D(LW9EOC)   SOSB/15 HP   53,9522007-06-10 13:53:31
Great Contest! i had fun the weekend, i hope to hear them next year!
Congratulations to GACW for the great WWSA.

CU IARU 2007

73 Tim LW9EOC/LS1D
MDØCCE   SOAB HP   42,3362007-06-10 16:40:54
Only able to operate a few hours due to other commitments, but a fun contest.
Checked 10m several times and didn't hear any activity or get any answers to
CQ; maybe next year! Didn't hear many South American stations but good signals
from those who were participating. Thanks to the organizers for a good event.
73, Bob
YL5T(YL3DQ)   SOAB HP   129,9202007-06-11 04:25:58
QRN on 80 m up to +25dB :-((
Not too bad condx in Saturday evening.
N2WN   SOAB LP   15,6652007-06-11 04:41:34
Limited time to play due to Knoxville Hamfest and mowing :o) Had hoped for a
couple 10M QSOs, but the band was quiet when I checked. OK8RB was loud on all
bands, was nice to hear EU on 15. Cheers!

CX6VM   SOSB/80 HP   1,6802007-06-11 07:48:40
Nice contests!
Few hours to operate, and a big storm when arrived at the station!!...
See you next year!..


DL3YM   SOAB LP   28,8002007-06-11 08:08:07
Interesting contest with potential for more participation. Nice sigs on 15 from
South America.
YO9GZU(@YO9WF)   M/S HP   12,6632007-06-13 03:13:24
we was active just few hours saturday afternoon to test the new OB17-4. it was
great to meet good friends from WRTC 2006. see you in IARU from YR0HQ

73 Tibi YO9GZU
YO5PBF(@YO5KAD)   SOAB HP   53,7242007-06-13 11:30:42
I have a big problem saturday afternon.Computer failure>lost the first part of
contest @56qso.Started a new log wiyh another PC and this time running in
contest with no problem.
73`s to all and my sorry for this.
PQ4F(PY4FQ)   SOSB/20 LP   7,1642007-06-13 13:05:19
CREATED-BY: AATest v.1.0 beta
NAME: Mario Borges Junior
ADDRESS: Cx. Postal 387
ADDRESS: Juiz de Fora, MG
ADDRESS: 36001-970
OK8RB   M/S HP   359,9882007-06-14 12:24:42
It was a very fine contest with 2 great operators, also our killer flyes skills
have been increased :) .
LU3FID   SOAB LP   4,5602007-06-15 06:38:17
Santa Fe RC
LU6DQ   SOAB HP   15,2442007-06-15 06:39:16
LU8DPV   SOAB LP   1,5302007-06-15 06:40:23