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Mississippi QSO Party   2011   Feb 26   Comment Summary

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W4UCZ   Single Op LP   1,1522011-02-26 18:59:54
Thanks to W3DYA/M from Texas(14), W4SIG/M from Tennessee (8) and
K4ZGB/M from Alabama (7) and to 7 Magnolia State fixed ops for six
new ones leaving 24 yet to be crayoned-in.

From Georgia it is essentially a one band (40 meter) contest and for
"No Phone Extras" like me it's CW only. CW = SSB = 1 point ... hmmmm.

See you in 2012. Thanks to all the organizers and ops.

Mark, W4UCZ
N5NA   Single Op HP   1,6642011-02-26 20:11:57
Enjoyed following the mobiles around. 20m & 40m were difficult at times into
WTX. Worked the following mobiles: W3DYA (20), W4SIG (12), K4ZGB (7).
N6MU   Single Op LP   6,3442011-02-26 21:11:20
15 was open all day. Thanks for all the QSYs. Top mobile for me was W3DYA with
31 Qs followed by W4SIG with 23 and K4ZGB with 22. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 4BTV
AA8IA   Single Op LP   1302011-02-26 22:17:08
Sorry I couldn't participate more -- Had to prepare for NAQP. Thanks to all of
those who provided me with fun!
NI5F   Single Op LP   5,6402011-02-27 06:08:40
If multipliers count by band then my score is 7440 with 62 multipliers. Back to
Mississippi entertainment: food.
W5ESE   Single Op LP   3,5422011-02-27 07:25:04
Thanks to all the MS stations that came out to play and made it fun.

It would be helpful to have standard abbreviations for the counties.

A few combinations can be confusing; GRENADA/GREENE, MONTGOMERY/MONROE, etc.
(I don't use logging software).
VA7BEC   Single Op LP   902011-02-27 16:42:48
Having been involved in the organization/administration of the British Columbia
QSO Party a few weeks ago, I have a soft spot for stations calling CQ in a QP,
especially those calling (and calling and calling...) without any takers.
Picked up all the Mississippi stations I heard. Called CQ for a while, just in
case anyone in Mississippi was listening for the Pacific Northwest, but only
attracted one station from the state. Hope all participants had fun.
73, Rebecca VA7BEC
W3DYA   Mobile LP   41,2682011-02-28 12:35:41
MS counties activated: 19

As a mobile, this was a very good contest. Thanks to the gang who hung around
waiting for the next county.

Here are some statistics that seem to have become popular:

N6MU 31
AB7RW 25
K4YT 24
N5NA 20
W0GXQ 19
W5ESE 18
KN4Y 18
K0DEQ 18
NW6S 16
W4UCZ 15
K9EN 15

TX - 76
NC - 55
WA - 47
FL - 45
CA - 40
MS - 34
MI - 33
VA - 33
MO - 32
DL - 30 (Germany)
AZ - 28
MN - 25
GA - 20
NM - 20

Sunny, dry weather served up by the MS host was really appreciated. Guess they
were trying to make up for last year?

Commercial: Hope to see everyone back again from Oklahoma!

73, Norm, W3DYA

PS To DX stations: I will be mailing confirmation of our contacts for those
working towards USA-CA in a few days. Always appreciate the contacts. "NM"
WQ5L   Single Op HP   31,2842011-02-28 13:34:45
Only part time, but still my second best MSQP score. Propagation is definitely
on the way up. Had a nice long run on 20 meter phone around midday. Plenty of
CW ops too, as always. Thanks to all who participated! 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
VA3RKM   Single Op QRP   302011-02-28 13:45:15
K2, 5w, verticals. The rules were a little unclear. A mobile was claiming dupes
in different counties. Are counties counted only once per party? But fun
K4ZGB   Mobile LP   18,9122011-02-28 15:16:46
Thanks to all that followed me through 11 counties. I had a little difficulty
with software and a new laptop through the first three counties, thanks for
your patience during that time.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   12011-03-02 10:49:21
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Heard only W5UE very weak on 20 during this
year's contest. Time was limited. Hope everyone had a great time. Look for
the GA QSO Party (50th Year Celebration) on the second weekend in April. 73,
John, K4BAI.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   1,6962011-03-02 13:29:58
Operated CW and fixed stations were few, the few mobile stations drove fast and
made it interesting. Need more fixed CW stations. It was 2 band contest for me.
Now to get ready for the FQP.