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Ontario QSO Party   2015   Apr 18   Comment Summary

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VE3TW   SO SSB HP   23,2322015-04-19 11:14:35
Conditions were a bit challenging. Adding to the fun was trying to log the MiQP
manually on a separate computer while simultaneously doing the ONQP. We'll see
how that worked out!
VE9BK   Single Op LP   26,9252015-04-19 11:21:01
Thanks to all of the rover stations for being there with a constant flow of
multipliers. Had a great time.

VA3DF   Single Op LP   56,0232015-04-19 11:34:15
Conditions were less than spectacular!

Thanks for all the qsos.

As usual, it's a jungle out there ...


VA3GKO   SO SSB LP   1,7162015-04-19 12:29:29
Just no time this year to play in the contest.
Greg va3gko.
VE3CV   Single Op LP   10,4722015-04-19 13:46:11
Participation was really down this year. Too many NHL playoff games on TV.
Found I had to remove one space from my default Cabrillo file to get each entry
to fit on one line. Was this just me or is the data entry window to narrow or
default font too big? Lots of fun and thanks for the Qs to all who
Jeff VE3CV
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   5,0752015-04-19 14:41:55
This was my 2nd OQP! It was great to work a majority of the stations I worked
during the 2014 OQP plus some new ones. I've got to thanks several mobiles
VA3ATT, VA3CCO and W8UE for the multiple counties. I also would like to thank
the many VA/VE stations that were willing to QSY to other modes for contacts.
This was one key to the my success in this QP. Since I did well last year, I
decided that OQP was the top QP for me this weekend. I look forward to the next
OQP! 73's Dave WN4AFP.
VE3KZ   Single Op HP   240,5382015-04-19 14:57:47
Thanks to all for the QSO's. Conditions were far from ideal and Murphy was much
in evidence here.
All of us at CCO were shocked by the loss of Paul, VE3TA this weekend, the
trophy winner in this category last year. Our thoughts are with his family.

73 Bob VE3KZ
K2ZR/4   SO CW LP   3302015-04-19 19:09:40
Rig: K2 @ 75W Ant: 40M Windom Log: N1MM Classic

There was very little VE3/VA3 CW activity that I could hear. Conditions were
fair at best

Dick, K2ZR/4
VE3UTT   SO CW HP   30,4002015-04-20 05:32:25
K3 / 43' Vertical/ 160m "L"

Tried to stay on low bands but went to 20 for a few minutes Sunday.
VE3LVW   Single Op LP   22,8802015-04-20 18:40:08
Phone CW CCO/ODX/RAC Multipliers
Enter your QSOs 186 22 3 88
QSO Points 186 44 30
Total Points 260
Score 22880
K4BAI   SO CW HP   3382015-04-22 06:53:13
IC756Pro, Alpha 91b, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, tee vertical. Limited
time this year, but lots of fun. Thanks for all QSOs and fun to change bands
with VE3EJ. Look for me and KU8E as W4AN/M in the FL QSO Party this weekend.
73, John, K4BAI.
VA3KAI   Single Op LP   13,9102015-04-22 10:15:38
Poor conditions overall and not very many Ontario stations that I could hear on
upper bands. Missed many MULTs this year - tnx for Michigan QSO Party contacts
and some MM Contest contacts. Oh well, there is always next year!
Radio: Knwd TS2000 / Hamgadgets MKII AutoKeyer / OQP Logging software
Ant: 270' OCF dipole (N-S); 132' OCF dipole (E-W); 44' sloper dipole (N)
VE3CX   M/2 LP   83,9222015-04-22 21:01:50
For this one, we traveled to Perch Lake Resort in Rainy River district, using a
pair of K3's, with an R7 and R5 vertical. When we first hooked up the
antennas, and turned the radio on, Manu thought there was something wrong - his
S meter was not moving. At home - he has S7-S9 power line noise. At our site -
no noise.

As we were getting ready to go to 80 meters, the lights flickered for a few
minutes, then the power went out. Came back five hours later, so no low band

Had fun, and managed to work all continents, and broke the old record for Rainy
river. All in all, a good weekend to play radio!

Thanks for the Q's

Manu and Tom
VE3JI/R   Mobile Multi-Op LP   108,9902015-04-23 10:38:34
activated 8 counties
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   5,2202015-04-24 05:09:35
Not much activity this year. Not many takers to my CQs so went outside and
enjoyed some (finally) nice weather.
VA3OPP(VA3PC)   SO SSB LP   1712015-04-27 14:10:44
Had a blocked ear tube, so couldn't hear very well. Called it a day before the
headache got worse. Sorry couldn't play longer, always next year! 73 Paul
VE3MV   SO SSB LP   3602015-04-28 16:17:27
Checking out an installation on a new computer.
VA3CCO/R(VE3CRU)   Mobile Solo Op LP   38,0782015-05-07 11:34:36
The score is very low compared to past contests, but poor conditions and less
participants slowed it down. Also had a very high noise level in the
tri-county grids east of Toronto. On 80 the whips loaded fine but the noise
was too high, s9 continuous, heard 5 on the band too weak to work. On 40, s7
noise on 4 minutes and off for a minute, would not stop. Something strange as
I am in farm country. All other counties were good as always.

In descending order, worked 144, 50, 14 and 7 mhz.

Overall, the weather was great and many nice qso's made throughout the event.

Thanks to Contest Club Ontario for sponsoring the event and allowing me the use
of their 10 point call, and to all who participated. Looking forward to next
year, with new gear.


Bill VA3CCO/R now back to VE3CRU
WØBH   Single Op HP   1302015-05-09 10:09:09
Score includes extra QSO points for working VA3CCO.
Great to hear our northern neighbors on. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh