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Michigan QSO Party   2007   Apr 21   Comment Summary

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K5YAA   Single Op HP   69,4802007-04-21 21:27:46
Don't think I have the mults correct but that's the way the Summary calc'd
Some of my abbrev are not right in the .DOM file either so score may be quite
different when a real scorer takes a look!

Ran dual Mark Vs with the pwr knobs at 150 watts and saw where LP in this one
is < 100 so HP it is. Antenna same Force 2 el 40 4 on 20 never moved off MI or

I think I spelled MACKINAC something like MACKKKKKKKINAC as K8K was worked 63
times! That Jim can really switch modes in a flash. Thanks to other mobiles
WT9U, AF8A, N8A, N8N, W8MRM, K8IR, W8M, N9NE, WI9WI and maybe others - too worn
to look right now. Made the game along with many FB fixed signals.

Thanks to the Mad River Radio Club for a fine event.

VE6CNU   Single Op LP   1,8762007-04-21 21:28:46
Some really poor condx. Where was everybody? Seems like I worked the same 6 or
7 stations on the various bands/modes. I worked twice as many Japanese stations
last weekend in half the time. Can't wait for a few sunspots to liven things up
a bit! I know there was propagation somewhere as some of those W8 stations had
some pretty high numbers. It sure wasn't here.

I was running 100W to a TH6 DXX at 40' for 20m, an inverted vee for 40m and the
shunt-fed tower for 80m. Noise was S7 on 40m and S9 on 80m. Thanks to all
those who pulled me through.

73 and CU next year!

KU8E   Single Op HP   53,0402007-04-21 21:51:02
Marginal condx here in Georgia to Michigan. 20 meters was too long except for
some short openings. I was too far away during the day on 40 meters - most of
the signals were weak and the mobiles at ESP level on that band. It improved by
the late afternoon and early evening. Many of the mobiles dissappeared for hours
and then reappeared later as the bands opened to different parts of Michigan.
That sure hurt the multipler total.

Congrats to Jerry , K5YAA on his big score.

Jeff KU8E
VA7ST   Single Op LP   3,2402007-04-21 22:22:28
Lousy 20M conditions to Michigan, but managed to find a few stations. Listened
on and off through most of the morning and afternoon.

Special thanks to rovers/mobiles K8IR, WT9U, N8N, AF8A, and K8K (who gave me
OGEM then told me to stand by as he crossed into ROSC for back-to-back counties
in the same minute).

Caught 5 more Qs and 3 mults on an extremely QRN 40M in the early evening. Glad
to hear the very elevated noise wasn't only at this location. Raised a pair of
SE-NW and N-S half-squares for 40M in the afternoon and when I listened to 40M
and all the noise I thought they were both dogs. Now I'll just wait for the
noise to go away before passing judgment on the new antennas, hi.

-- Bud, VA7ST
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   15,9002007-04-21 22:56:02
Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W1UE   Single Op HP   46,6562007-04-22 03:48:00
Condx not as good as last week's GQP. 20M was gone by 2000Z; I could hear
others working the mobiles, but I couldn't hear anyone from Mi. It seems I
also have a local noise source right in the direction of MI that eliminates
anyone under S3. 40M sigs also dipped big time for several hours in the middle
of the day.

FWIW, I did work 72 counties, missing ANTR, CHIP, GRAT, IONI, KEWE, LAKE, LUCE,

Thanks for the fun afternoon! Congrats to KU8E and K5YAA for the big scores!

Hope to see everyone in the NEQP the first weekend in May! I'll be using the
big station at W1KM in BRIMA.

Dennis W1UE
K5OT   M/S LP   9,5042007-04-22 04:30:01
The MiQP is one of my favorite QSO parties of the year. Top-notch mobiles,
great home/club efforts, and plenty of pile-ups to negotiate. And the MiQP
website at sets the bar for state contest content and ease-of-use.
CA, FL, TX and others better watch out!

Larry K5OT
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   20,8802007-04-22 05:05:46
Got off to a nice start and then things went kaput on 40M. There were periods
when I heard nothing from Mich. on any band - I went and stacked firewood a few
times. With 80m having heavy QRN in the late stages and having no 20m
propagation across the lake, things were tough. Have yet to work Alpena co. in
this event.


TT O2 80m inv vee @ 60 ft 40m inv vee @ 55 ft TH1 DE @ 18 ft N1MM
WIØWA(NØAC)   Single Op LP   6,8642007-04-22 05:39:21
Thanks to the MI stations for getting on the air. There seemed to be good

I had S9 noise on 40m, which made for hard copying on a few stations. 80m
didn't produce like I thought it should. 20m is way too close but heard K8XXX
CQing Saturday evening but they couldn't hear me.

Sorry to the two mobile stations that wanted to QSY to SSB but I didn't have a

Bill, N0AC
K8MM   M/S HP   96,6002007-04-22 05:47:12
It was fun as usual. I wish 40M was better for the mobiles during the first 5
hours of the contest as I missed a lot of multipliers. See you again next
N2WN   Single Op QRP   13,2002007-04-22 06:31:01
Nice to be able to make some QSOs. Conditions were much better from Tn to Mi,
plenty of mobiles, plenty of fixed stations and relatively decent conditions on
3 bands. The weather was way too nice here, so worked outside on and off. Nice
to work mobiles on 80M. K8K was wailing on CW. There was a fair bit of QSB and
several of the mobiles lost me, but tried hard to make it happen. Thanks to all
for the fun test!

CU in the TnQP...
N8TC   Single Op LP   49,0422007-04-22 07:27:32
Better band condx than last year - although weird prop at times. Decided at
last minute to drive 70 miles to put CHAR on the map so that folks could get
the mult that is somewhat hard to get. Fun contest as usual and really enjoyed
the portable op WX at 72 degress next to Lake Charlevoix!
N1IW   Single Op HP   34,6892007-04-22 08:29:06
Another fun one! Congrats to the Mad River guys for organizing another great
event. Nice spin on including the Big Mac 50th in the mix. Could not get to my
cabin in MTMO this year so put in a full effort from the home QTH in NH. I need
to do some major antenna work out there over the summer. I did manage to work my
friend W8TOM on 40M SSB to get MTMO though. Thanks Tom!

Most productive band was 40M given the NH to MI path with the sunspot number
being a big goose egg! Did eek out 9 Qs on 20M early in the afternoon. Spot
checked 15M and 10M for any high angle or backscatter paths but no dice up
there. After about 0130Z both 40M and 80M started to go long and I was really
picking up major static crashes from the squall line running from the western
end of the UP all the way down to the Texas panhandle. Overall I was happy with
my effort.

Have a great summer and hope to catch you all from the cabin outside Atlanta
next year! Best 73... de Mike, N1IW
W7WHY   Single Op HP   1282007-04-22 09:27:55
Got home from work and was going to play in the MQP for a while. When I turned
the radio on, the QRN was a solid S-9 here with static crashes to 20 over.
Stuck it out for a while, but signals were just buried in the QRN so gave it up
as a lost cause. See 'ya all in the 7QP next month. 73
KD2MX   Single Op LP   8002007-04-22 10:07:20
Grabbed about an hour here and there during a beautiful spring day to work some
qrp on 20m and 40m. Had about 20 minutes at the end for 80M which was very
noisy. QRN was S9+ here and nobody was hearing me qrp so I turned up the power
to work a few more on 80m.
N8M(N8XX)   Single Op LP   49,1312007-04-22 10:29:51
This is my second year in Michigan, and MiQP. Personal Best! I bought a new
microphone for my Drake TR-5, and managed a few SSB Q's, for an added 36 Phone
multipliers! It was nice to work several stations from Kent County - last year
I heard nary a one. Propagation during MiQP on 40 and 20 was poor. 40 metres
was a bust for in State - only 8 counties worked on 40 CW, most in the upper
peninsula, none on 40 phone. Even though I looked for the Mobiles according a
"proposed schedule" I could hear only a few of them, except for those which
came through locally. 20 metres had a pipeline into the Czeck Republic. I did
manage a few west coast stations, but they were generally weak. Oh, well, the
experts tell us that we have actually hit the low for the current cycle, so
maybe next year!
NF4A   Single Op LP   7,1052007-04-22 10:45:37
Sorry I didn't have enough time to operate the whole contest. I was working on
my mobile set up for the FQP next weekend and ran into antenna problems which
took a couple of hours to fix. A big thanks to all the mobiles....and see you
next week in the FQP.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   10,2002007-04-22 12:06:33
Plenty of CW mobile and fixed stations to keep the party enjoyable.
N6MU   Single Op LP   22,6102007-04-22 15:21:09
Lots of activity from both mobile and fixed stations. 15 was dead so this was a
20 meter contest out here until the last few hours when 40 finally appeared. I
worked nine mobiles in at least two counties. Top was K8K with 21 Qs followed
by N8N with 16 and WT9U with 12. Another excellent MiQP! 73...

John, N6MU
K6MM   Single Op HP   8002007-04-22 19:59:41
Jumped in for a little while. Good activity from Michigan. Thanks for the Qs
and 73. John, K6MM
KV1J   Single Op HP   2,7362007-04-22 21:06:58
73, Eric
W8RU   M/M LP   4,4202007-04-22 21:08:30
KC8VGG (Bill) and I did a Field Day style operation
from northeastern Jackson County. It didn't get
finalized until Friday at noon, so we had to scramble
to get equipment together. We were on 40m and 20m for
about 3.5 hours.

We operated from a small pullout in the Waterloo
Recreation area, just throwing dipoles up about 20ft
in the trees. They worked very well for the small
amount of effort they took to get up.

We only worked K8C and WA1UJU in state.

The weather was super and we both had a blast.


Ron (W8RU).
AD8J   Single Op LP   121,3682007-04-23 07:31:33
This was a solo operation. I drove up to LEEL from Pittsburgh, PA. The trip
takes about 8 1/2 hours each way. I stayed in a friends vacation home right
next to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I put up inverted Vee
antennas for 75, 80, 40 and 20 meters. Radios were a 746PRO and an old
TS-830S. I should have run a beverage antenna as it was really noisy on 75 and
80 meters. Lots of advance planning and doing a dress rehearsal setup, before I
left home, resulted in no missing gear and no visits from Murphy. This is the
third time I have operated from this location.
KØHC   M/S HP   3,8542007-04-23 09:22:00
Since the same comments apply to both the MIQP and ONQP, the following is posted
to both events:

I was asked to demo ham radio at a Hesston College Aviation event at the Newton
City-County Airport in Newton KS. A station was set up inside the Hesston
College hanger and students had fun working Michigan (and Ontario for the
ONQP). It was so windy that I didn't want to try getting on the roof to put up
antennas, so used the Hustler verticals on the van parked outside on the ramp.
When I arrived at the airport, power had just gone out and didn't return for
the next 3 hours, so everyone got a good emergency ops demo, too!

Operating conditions were great during the late morning and early afternoon
with signals booming through the external speaker. Couldn't ask for better.
After the event, went back to the home QTH and one of my students continued
operating both events from there with me "helping" on the CW.

Thanks to all the rovers and fixed stations for making this an enjoyable
weekend, and thanks to the contest sponsors and coordinators for putting it all
together. I think we might have gotten several new recruits to ham radio!

73, Bob, w0bh
K8K   Mobile Multi-Op LP   142,3832007-04-23 10:39:13
K8K 2007 Michigan QSO Party K8MR, W8DRZ operators:

80 69 17
40 392 63
20 253 23

Tot 714 103

S/P 44 23
Cty 19 7

Score: 142,383

By county, in order first activated:

SAGI 8 0
TUSC 43 3
HURO 40 3
BAY 42 6
MIDL 34 5
ISAB 36 2
CLAR 22 10
GLAD 39 7
AREN 42 3
IOSC 57 4
OGEM 38 3
ROSC 27 3
CRAW 26 4
KALK 32 1
MISS 21 5
WEXF 23 5
OSCE 36 2
MECO 13 6
LAKE 14 11
NEWA 12 1
MCLM 29 11
KENT 27 2
GRAT 11 2
CLIN 9 2
SHIA 19 1
INGH 5 1
LIVI 9 0

This was not the usual well practiced K8MR/M operation.

I have everything well tweaked on the 1996 Ford Windstar, all loaded and at 2
pm on Friday headed off to pick up W8DRZ. I had to make one stop at the local
bank. When I came out from that, the van never seemed to get running right.
Half a mile down the road it was clear that it was having major trouble, and in
another half mile if died in the middle of the road, a quarter mile from home.
Bad news, but thank God it was not in the middle of Kalkaska county that it
decided to die.

I called AAA and an hour later a tow truck showed up. I had him haul it to my
usual garage, and followed him there in my other car, a 1998 Ford Escort. Not
surprisingly, they could not get it in that afternoon, so I proceeded to unload
the van into the Escort and headed home.

At that point, the inspiration of Ethan, K8GU took over. Knowing that he had
run a couple of mobile QSO parties in WI and/or MN with his Escort, I decided
it was worth a try.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening turning the Escort into a mobile
radio station. I installed the mag mounts on the roof and trunk, connected some
ground wiring between the antennas and the car frame, connected the trunk lid to
the frame, hooked the power cable removed from the van to the Escort battery,
running that through the driver door opening. Got the Ham Sticks tuned OK.
Then to make an operating position. I found a piece of plywood used in an
earlier van operating table, nailed a 2x4 to make a single leg, and balanced
that between that one leg, the corner of the folded down back seat, the back of
the front seat, and the door. It wasn't great, but it held the laptop and K9LU
paddle. It was the best I could do on short notice.

After some not very good sleep, I got up at 5 am Saturday and left home about 6
am. Got to Jim/DRZ's QTH about 7 am. Loaded his stuff, set up his GPS, and were
ready to set off again. The Escort would not start. Dead battery. Headed off to
find the local auto pasts store. Not open until 7:30. Went back to DRZ land,
took out the dead battery, went back to the store, got battery, back to DRZ,
put in battery, left about 8 am. Again, the good news was that this did not
happen parked in the middle of nowhere in Michigan.

It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive to our planned starting point in Huron county.
We could see that we were not going to quite make that, so we modified our
route, heading east from Saginaw to start in SAGI, then through TUSC to our
original planned starting point in HURO.

In SAGI the bands sounded pretty flat. Nothing in close on 40, not much on 20.
We spent only a few minutes before heading off. In TUSC we started working
people reasonably well, and in HURO had some small pileups. For much of the day
40 was mediocre, but 20 produced very nicely, with a combination of DX, western
USA and FL stations.

We got into a good routine with K5YAA, KU8E, N6MU, and WA3HAE of switching to
SSB. Most of those were pretty polite about waiting until the pileups subsided,
though HAE just asked for SSB whenever he worked us. It turned out to be not so
bad, because several times we dragged some extra guys up to SSB who I doubt we
would have found otherwise. I never got much going as far as running on SSB,
but did get a number of people to QSY from CW for SSB mults. Thanks to guys
like VE1WT, VE9DX, N1IW, WA3GNW, K4AMC, N8NA, and W0JPL for helping out. I
missed a few other potential SSB mults with guys who were only CW or otherwise
could not QSY. Later in the evening I had some luck on 40 SSB, including W1WIU
in RI calling in on SSB, from where we moved to CW.

The rates during much of the day were such that I was thinking it was possible
to break our 2004 record of 1052 qsos, although I knew the mults were going to
be bad. However, that year I averaged over 100/hr for the last 4 hours. This
year the bands just died too early, so no such luck.

So the MiQP adventure in the Escort turned out fine. It wasn't as comfortable,
but I think the noise level may have been better than in the van. The $600 to
replace the alternator, battery, and belt tensioner in the van did not make me
happy. I did not mind the Escort battery, since that one was original equipment
and due for a new one. We did save a little gas with the Escort.

Thanks to all who followed us around Michigan. See you in the Ohio QSO Party
on Saturday, August 25.

73 - Jim & Jim K8MR & W8DRZ
K8R   M/M LP   168,6182007-04-23 12:41:01
Operation from a park up in the UP, much like a FD setup except we had a camper
trailer. Plenty of Murphy appearances but was a good test of our skills in
making do with what we had. Great wx, off/on band condx.
K8IR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   99,8402007-04-23 15:38:33
This has to go down as the best weather on a MIQP weekend since I started
mobiling 6 years ago. It was a beautiful day in Mackinaw City and the U-P.
We did see some remnants of winter in the woods in Alger and Marquette
Counties, and KG9GH, my driver, took the opportunity to throw some snowballs
at one roadside stop along Highway 41. Temperatures were in the 60's and
70's, and we had to flip on the AC in the car for a while.

The contest got off to a much better start than last year
up here. I decided to run with 3 antennas this year, so we had 80 CW from the
start, and it helped. We also stopped frequently to put the 75 meter antenna
on for a few minutes. By 2000, I decided that I wanted to put the 75 antenna
up for good, as 20 was starting to slow, and to get as much done as possible on
75 before the QRN came up. I listened Friday night, and suspected the QRN was
going to be awful in the evening, and I was right. We were heading towards the
western U. P., and would be fairly close to the storm line coming up into
Minnesota. Between the static, and some of the world's worst power lines in
GOGE and ONTO, it got very slow. Sorry for all the repeats, but it was really
tough catching numbers between the static crashes and buzz. By the time we got
up to KEWE, 40 was mostly gone, and 80 and 75 were very noisy. It also seemed
like a lot of people went to bed early.

Our only mishap was in ALGE where we put the 75 meter Hustler on my brand
new MFJ triple-mag mount, unguyed. I should have known better, and we hadn't
gone 5 miles before the mount peeled off the hood and the antenna was being
dragged along the road at 55 MPH (or so). Luckily, it was dragging on the
shoulder side, and there was no traffic behind us. We were quite amazed that
other than some road burn, the antenna survived, and after retrieving one
magnet that had broken free of the mount, that was more or less intact, too.
We then guyed the antenna four ways, and it worked fine the rest of the way.

My thanks to Eric, KG9GH for driving and navigating. We got into the final
county at 0310, right on schedule. A Boy Scout leader, Eric's knot tying
abilities were also much appreciated as we repaired our errant antenna.

Thank's to all who called in, and apologies to those we couldn't quite dig
out at times.

We got some nice pictures of the mobile at the Mackinac Bridge before the
contest, and will do a colorful QSL card for anyone interested.

Jim, K8IR and Eric KG9GH
K8MQP(@KN8S)   Mobile Multi-Op HP   529,9582007-04-23 17:31:20
This was our third trip up north to KN8S's QTH in Cheboygan County for MiQP.
While we tried to take maximum use of the radio equipment John has on site, it
took a three fully loaded vehicles and two portable towers mounted on surplus
boat trailers to pull off this operation.


40 CW: Drake C-Line, MLA-2500, 40M dipole at 50'
40 PH: Ten-Tec Corsair, AL-1200, 40M dipole at 50'
20 CW/PH: FT-1000MP, Titan, 3L yagi at 60'
80/15/10 CW/PH: IC-756Pro3, AL-1200, 80M dipole @ 60', 3L 15 @ 50', 3L 10 @

For pictures of the portable towers, check out:

Some band-by-band comments:

80M: Started there on SSB as early as 1800Z with decent activity and rates.
With 40M stinko again this year, this band provided most of our in-state

40M: Our "back to the future" band. We wanted to have rigs on CW and SSB
simultaneously, and every modern rig we tried produced phase noise across the
band any time it was in transmit, so it was back to "trailing edge" technology
rigs. The C-Line was used in a similar role in 2006, but the Corsair was
retrieved from WD8S's standby closet only a week before MiQP. We learned at
lot about cleaning dirty control pots and bandswitch contacts during the week
before MiQP.

20M: A surprising bottomless pit of QSOs, at least on SSB. Many, many 2x3
callsigns without phonetics were seemingly a clue. Like last year, we made at
least one QSO on 20M SSB every hour of the contest. Activity was much lower on
CW, but we still only missed two hours with CW QSOs.

15M/10M: Unfortunately, a waste of time despite publicizing the recommended
activity times. And pretty much a waste of the 2nd portable tower :-(

For the most part, the operating team was a crew of friends from the Mad River
Radio Club. But we also had the addition of two relatively new hams - Jerry,
KD8EGH and his son Scott, KD8EGJ. Both were very helpful in setting up the
station, and Jerry jumped right into the operating chair after watching W8MJ go
at it for a while.

Funniest moment of the weekend occurred after we got the 60' tower with the 3L
20 up in the air and found out it was too close to a nearby tree, and couldn't
be rotated. What to do? As any foolhardy ham would do, we pulled up the
stabilizing outriggers and backed the trailer away from the tree five feet.
It's not often that you get to watch a 60' tall mobile antenna in motion :-)

QSO rates:

80 80 40 40 20 20 15 15 10 10
16Z 2 2 70 29 1 116 0 0 0 1 221 221
17Z 0 27 44 36 46 38 1 1 1 1 195 416
18Z 18 7 26 13 37 1 0 0 0 0 102 518
19Z 5 18 17 23 0 85 0 0 0 0 148 666
20Z 17 19 29 43 14 34 0 0 0 0 156 822
21Z 12 25 24 37 18 60 0 0 0 0 176 998
22Z 9 29 26 25 0 76 0 0 0 0 165 1163
23Z 23 15 31 26 5 38 0 0 0 0 138 1301
00Z 26 13 23 13 4 27 0 0 0 0 106 1407
01Z 42 0 22 24 1 35 0 0 0 0 124 1531
02Z 21 3 22 43 1 23 0 0 0 0 113 1644
03Z 27 1 15 5 2 22 0 0 0 0 72 1716
tot 202 159 349 317 129 555 1 1 1 2 ---- 1716

The team would like to thank KN8S and wife Linda for their outstanding
hospitality for the weekend. Our thanks also go to the wives of KE8OC and
KD8EGH who contributed mightily to the cuisine we consumed this weekend.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs. We thought activity this weekend was


N8C(K8GT)   Single Op LP   28,8322007-04-23 21:48:34
The Good: A great location with a little elevation near Houghton Lake,
a nice clean place with tall oaks far enough apart on a good sized lot,
and great weather. TNX to Bob Rea for letting me use the place.
A nice 1x1 Special Event callsign comemorating the 50th anniversary of
the Mackinac Bridge (pronounced "Mackinaw") and operating in a moderately

rare county and all the rest of the world looking for Michigan stations
and counties. Backup rig, IC735 Power Supply PS55 is plug compatible
with TS850 DC input socket, (see "The Bad" below). WB8E unexpectedly in

ROSC gave me my mult, (and I, his).

The Bad: Slingshot broke before all antennas were up. Only raised two
antennas out of four, and not as high as planned. Forgot to bring the
Astron SS30M power supply for the TS850. (see above)(due to below)

The Ugly: Last minute car failure meant that instead of leaving home
Fri. at noon and arriving at 3pm, I left at 6 and arrived at 9:30pm.
Lost almost 3 hours of the contest trying to put up antennas on Sat.
K8A(NU8Z)   Single Op HP   101,1002007-04-24 05:49:19
Had some issues that limited my time in the chair, but still had a great time.
There seemed to be a lot of activity. Forty was too long to snag a lot of in
state mobiles during the day. The mobiles in the UP came in well. 80 meters is
where I got most all my county mults. I think that the overall activity level
was up and there seemed to be more fixed station activity this year.
Started off Low Power, but switched to Hi power. Ran about 300 to 400 watts. It
really seemed to help the rate on 20 and 80 meters.
Thanks to all for getting on the air and adding to the action.
Mark NU8Z
WI9WI/M   Mobile Solo Op LP   22,6922007-04-27 14:03:45
From 5 counties in the UP BARA, IRON, HOUG, ONTO, and GOGE. About 5 hours of
actual operating time, although my total day was about 14 hours, including 343
miles of driving from my cabin near Winter, WI to the UP and back. Good condx
on 40 during the day, but later it got very noisy. Eighty seemed good during
the day for in state QSOs but activity seemed light on that band.

Gear; IC-7000, screwdriver for 40/20, Bugcatcher for 80 (can't get my
screwdriver to load on 80.

Thanks for all the Qs.


W8MRM   Mobile Multi-Op LP   42,4132007-04-28 15:09:42
Not a serious effort, just a combination of sightseeing and contesting. Spent
more than half our operating time on Phone, which resulted in a score far
below our potential. But the drive was great, weather was great, the
propagation was...well...better than last year. The bands seemed to drop in and
out throughout the contest. Glad to have handed out 46 QSOs in KEWE.

Already cooking up ideas for next year.

Mike, N8MR
W8M(W1NN)   Mobile Solo Op LP   91,6432007-05-18 19:53:06
This ended up being a last-minute effort due to family matters the previous week
and additional obligations on the Sunday following the contest. So I had to
concentrate my route in the southeastern Michigan counties and make sure I
ended up near the Ohio border so I could get home as early as possible.

My plan was to try to operate for around two hours from each of six different
counties. The idea was to operate 20 and 40 (phone and CW) from each county
during the daylight hours and then double back through each county and operate
75/80 after dark. Theoretically this would give me approximately 20 minutes on
each mode band per county. This is not a plan that maximizes QSOs but with a
large allocation of time to phone, it should result in a pretty decent
multiplier to make up for fewer CW contacts.

However, the plan depended heavily on 40 meters being productive during the
daytime and 80 being productive throughout the evening, but it simply did not
work out that way this year. 40 meters was very poor during certain portions
of the day, and 80 meters turned out to be very long and unproductive for the
last three hours of the contest. I managed only 19 Q’s from WASH and 9
Q’s from MONR during the 0200 hour (10 PM local) on 80 CW. I decided to skip
going back through LENA and I left the state an hour early.

In the past I have usually been able to get some good runs going on phone, but
this year it just didn’t happen. 20 seemed fine on CW but I just couldn’t
get any decent runs going on phone. 40 phone was the same and I don’t think
I had a single station answer my many CQs on 75 meters. I found a nice, high
location in a high school parking lot in Wayne county and spent a lot of time
right around sunset trying to get a run going on 75, but it just did not

Rates ranged from a low of 30 during the 1900 hour when I lost 10 minutes to
driving and spent the rest of the time on an unproductive 40 meter band, to a
high of 65 during the 2000 hour when I spent most of my time on 20 CW.

I’m beginning to wonder about my IC-706. It’s fairly new to me and I was
initially impressed, but it seems to be filled with noise, spurs, birdies and
other junk, especially on phone. Maybe I need a better rig for mobiling.

Despite the problems, it was still fun and hopefully I have gained some more
experience that I can put to use in next year’s event.

Thanks to the MIQP sponsors for one of the best mobile contesting events of the

73, Hal W1NN