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RSGB International Sprint Contest, CW   2016   Apr 9   Comment Summary

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DJ1YFK   Single Op QRP   182016-04-09 13:09:57
K2, 5W, Vertical (10m long, feedpoint at 12m)

Good to see that the "EU Sprint" is not completely dead yet, now
resurrected as the "RSGB International Sprint".

Painful start on 20m (band was too long to work Gs, and there was not much
except SM and K to work). 40m was better, but still rather low activity. Gs
became audible on 20m later, but noone could hear my 5W signal. Only spent a
few minutes on 80m; my poor antenna and QRP obviously do not mix well.

In order to get back to the activity levels of the old day, a lot of PR will be
needed. I didn't hear a single DL. I will make sure to send out a quick alert to
the DL contest email reflectors before the next event.

Fabian, DJ1YFK