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Florida QSO Party   2009   Apr 25   Comment Summary

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VE3XD   SOABMixed LP   35,4782009-04-26 10:30:01
Writelog offers no breakdown between CW and phone mults.
WE4S   SOABCW QRP   9,0002009-04-26 13:36:33
Lots of fun working stations QRP 5W! Not much coming through on 20M. Thanks to
all fixed and mobile stations. See you guys next year in the GQP!
WB8JUI   SOABCW LP   89,5122009-04-26 14:18:32
Operating time was split between the FQP, yard work, and vehicle maintenance.
Unfortunately, the yard work didn't include getting my tower and yagi back up.

I found W5WMU/OKA at 1935Z for #67 (Thanks Pat!). I decided that was a good
time to pack it in as the Cavs game was just about to start.

As usual, the FQP provides a lot of great mobile and rover activity - NN4TO
(34), N4KK (30), K4OJ (30), K4KG (29), N4PN (22), N4EEB (21), W4AN (16), NO5W
(16), W5WMU (13), KN4Y (11), NF4A (9), N4AO (6), AD4Z (6), K9ES (4). A job
well done by all!

Thanks to all for the QSOs. Special thanks to the mobiles and rovers for the
non-stop activity.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K1TN   SOABCW LP   25,3002009-04-26 14:21:03
42-foot end-fed wire, 15 feet above ground.

A great job by some of the Florida mobiles in pulling me out. Didn't seem like
much activity from Florida fixed stations, at least not on CW, that I could

The FQP is a fitting legacy for the late Jim White, K4OJ/K1ZX/WA1NNC. R.I.P.,

Jim Cain, K1TN
Atlantic City, NJ
WA4PXP(@W4MQ)   SOABMixed LP   1,8042009-04-26 14:46:58
Operated using the Internet remote station of W4MQ Thanks Stan. Well Virginia
to Flordia is very iffy on 20 except to south Fla and on 40 during the day its
a bit of a stretch for a low dipole and 75 watts. Chased rovers around from
band to band. Great activity and operators
WA4PXP(@W7DXX)   SOABCW HP   162009-04-26 14:54:24
Operated for about 30 minutes using the Internet remote station of W7DXX way out
in New Mexico. Chased N4PN from 20 to 40 etc. Worked him in Leo and Wake
countys at 2:00 pm local time on 40. Weak but worked with Paul pulling me out
of the noise. I always like to try and work rovers on 40 during the middle of
the day when no one figures its possible from NM to FL. I think if one of the
big stations in CA using a beam was on they could make the grade. Great
activity and great operators driving all over Florida.
WC2Z   SOABSSB HP   2732009-04-26 15:02:23
thx fer a good contest. 73
KS8O   SOABMixed LP   86,6762009-04-26 15:04:59
Wow, The mobile op's. You all did a fantastic job. The FLQP is now one of my
fav's. I would like to have seen more phone ops, and more 10 and 15 meter
activity, but there is always next year.

Thanks Florida, great fun

Jim, KS8O
K5NZ   SOABCW LP   48,0002009-04-26 15:09:13
Had some time to play on Sunday. Lots of good mobile action, good work boys!
W4UCZ   SOABCW LP   25,7042009-04-26 15:18:09
K3 - 100 Wts - Random Wire. What an outstanding mobile turnout!
Had fun tracking N4KK & NN4TO and Cracker interlopers W4AN & N4PN.
VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   63,0962009-04-26 15:21:08
Not my worst score but close and, like a bad crib game, stuck in the skunk-hole
with 66 counties. Very, very hard operating conditions with 20M being very
noisy and plagued by QSB. However, as usual, the mobiles make this one a lot
of fun and I really respect their operator skills while on the road. Quite

Equipment: K3 #095; LP-PAN; 160M delta loop, 80M dipole and BigIR; N1MM 9.3.1
NJ1F   M/SMixed HP   6,3642009-04-26 15:21:19
Had fun!!
The weather in New York was sunny and hot temps in the mid 80's which took away
the desire to sit inside on the radio.
K5KA   SOABCW LP   16,2402009-04-26 15:21:53
Great job by all the mobiles!!
Ken K5KA
KO7X   SOABMixed HP   62,3042009-04-26 15:24:54
Got the sweep on CW at 1444Z thanks to the OJ Mobile in DeSoto County. Great job
by all the mobiles running around keeping us hopping. I managed to work just
about everything I heard. 15 meters was barely open here and nothing was heard
on 10 meters.
K9NW   SOABMixed LP   33,0202009-04-26 15:27:48
20: dipole @ 12'
40: dipole @ 20'

Nice weather this weekend meant lots of stuff to do around the house/yard but I
stopped by to tune the bands for a few minutes here and there.

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WJ9B   SOABCW QRP   131,0282009-04-26 15:33:27
...QRP, for a change; 4.5 Watts measured on a Bird wattmeter!
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
W4PM   SOABCW LP   14,7902009-04-26 15:34:27
Rig: Ten Tec Omni VII
Antenna: 176' center fed at 60'
I could not operate Saturday so I spent a bit under 7 hours on Sunday. The 145
Q's were with 69 different stations. Propagation was fair. Some of the mobiles
were very strong but others were down to ESP levels. I never heard anyone on
15 meters although I listened 5 or 6 times. Thanks to the following stations
who made my log at least 5 times:
N4KK - 10
K4OJ - 8
N4EEB- 8
NN4TO- 6
KN4Y - 6
K4KG - 5
AD4Z - 5
N4PN - 5
This is one of the better QSO Parties with great participation generating big
pile-ups on /M stations as they changed counties! I hope to have more time to
play next year.

Puck W4PM
N9FC   SOABMixed LP   47,4722009-04-26 15:35:04
KS4X   SOABSSB QRP   8,3162009-04-26 15:41:35
Thanks to all who heard my qrp signals . fun contest
K7QQ   SOABCW HP   24,7202009-04-26 16:13:32
Could use a bit of prop on 15 an 10
K2ZR/4   SOABCW QRP   36,0002009-04-26 16:18:42
Rig: K2 with 40 meter Windom
See ya'll in 2010
Dick, K2ZR/4
Key West, "The End Of The Road" IOTA NA-062
K8IR   SOABCW LP   102,3762009-04-26 16:35:53
Never a dull moment! Great activity from start to finish.

Not quite a fulltime effort. Work kept me off for the first 1 1/2 hours and 45
minutes of the last hour went to a soccer meeting. Weather here was perfect for
contesting, cold and rain, so no guilt about not working in the yard.

I went to bed with 200 QSO'S and 8 counties to go, mostly in the panhandle, but
as it came down to the final few, I at least had some pretty good propagation to
that part of the state. Got the sweep at 1926 from W5WMU in OKA.

Conditions were just OK, with really strong mobile signals only at a few times.
QSB was a real problem Sunday. 20 did stay open pretty much to the end Saturday
night, with some really strong signals. It was a pleasure to escapte 40 for a
few minutes.

It's always a pleasure working with some of the best mobile ops. The unofficial
count: NN4TO 35, N4KK 34, K4KG 26, K4OJ 25, W5WMU 22, N4EEB, 21, W4AN 21, NO5W
19, N4PN 19, KN4Y 14, NF4A 11, N4AO 9, AD4Z 7, K9ES 6, K4LQ 5, W4ZW 4, KC4HW 3.
Trying to keep up with that field, plus working all the fixed stations keeps
you on your toes.

And special thanks to WD4AHZ who I found on 15 for the lone contact there.

It indeed was a fun weekend!
WIØWA(NØAC)   SOABCW LP   12,4802009-04-26 16:43:42
Nice showing by the Fl stations and great mobile operations.

Bill, N0AC
W4EE   M/SMixed LP   288,1762009-04-26 16:43:46
C3S es G5RV
Tnx for the Qs
73, Jim es Mike
K1IB   SOABCW HP   29,1202009-04-26 16:52:41
Missed working only Levy and Washington counties.
NN3W   SOABMixed LP   42,3282009-04-26 17:09:26
Good time in this one. Some W4s were incredibly loud...
KØPC   SOABCW HP   37,5202009-04-26 17:09:42
Outstanding job by the mobile ops! It was mostly a 20M contest from here and
they certainly kept it interesting. I had 65 counties when I quit on Saturday
afternoon and picked up #66 early Sunday morning. Then I had to wait for NO5W
to hit GUL in mid afternoon for the sweep. I wasn't alone, there was quite a
pile up when they crossed the county line.

My top mobile producers:
NN4TO 29
K4KG 23
NO5W 23
K4OJ 21
N4EEB 21
N4KK 21
W4AN 18
KN4Y 12
N4PN 11
K9ES 10
W5WMU 10

Thanks for the QSOs.

73, Pat K0PC
K4XU   SOABMixed HP   28,3482009-04-26 17:10:40
Dedicated management, good roads, nice weather, large retired ham population,
and large county count combine to make FQP a roaring success. It is without a
doubt the best possible warm-up for the 7QP on the following weekend. We wish
we had the same advantage you do - 250 people per square mile rather than just

Thanks guys for running an outstanding party!

Dick K4XU
K8MM   M/SMixed HP   63,4682009-04-26 17:24:46
Lot's of fun chasing the mobiles from county to county. Needed three for the
sweep...GUL, MON and OKA. See you next year.

K1ZZI   SOABMixed HP   50,6522009-04-26 17:30:01
I really had a lot of fun in this one chasing the mobiles around on 40m. Not
much happening here on 20m as it was just ground wave. 169 mobile Q's mostly
on 40m.

N4KK (58 with 57 on 40m!), N4PN (27), NN4TO (11), AD4Z (9), K4OJ (9), N4EEB
(8), KN4Y (7), NO5W (7), W4AN (6), K4KG (6), N4AO (5), NF4A (5), K1KNQ (4),
K9ES (3), W4MPC (2), W8FNU (2) Great job by all the mobile teams and fixed
Florida stations. Thanks!

Ralph K1ZZI
WD4IXD   M/SSSB HP   141,2642009-04-26 17:31:33
Great Contest!!
VE4EAR   SOABMixed LP   63,6602009-04-26 17:39:43
Amazing job by all the mobiles! The CW skills for these guys is just

The signal strength from these mobiles also rivaled many FL home stations.

Beat my last years score after 4 hours. I believe the beam actually works. 20m
was quite reasonable from this end. Low noise and stable conditions both days.
15m was a wasteland. 40m was dissapointing on Saturday evening. Noise was very
high and there was plenty QRN. Unfortunately there was a pipeline between MB
and FL after 000Z but most station had gone to 40m.

Had to QRT Sunday afternoon while the neighbor is showing his home. I certainly
do not want to do anything that would prevent him and his RFI isuues from moving

Missed 4 counties BRA, GAD, HAR, and WAL, probably my poor timing.

Thanks Florida!

K7IA   SOABMixed LP   40,3502009-04-26 17:43:18
Special thanks to roving CW ops who added "/<county abbreviation>" to their
callsigns as they call CQ! First QSO Party/Contest using the 8.9 inch Acer
laptop. Nice drill to train fat fingers to use small keyboard! Small
footprint and long battery life should be perfect for Field Day.

Many thanks to Florida ops for an enjoyable five hours! See you next year!

73, dan k7ia
W4MJA   M/SMixed HP   3,0002009-04-26 17:49:34
Nice contest! I didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to it, but still got
in just a little under 3 hours. Condx on 40 were just right, I never had to give
a second call. HP? The new wires? I think a mixture of both. A lot of time was
spent listening to 20 and 15, which were useless. Thanks to all the mobiles.
VA3DF   SOABMixed QRP   193,6982009-04-26 17:59:29
Missed the sweep by 1 county when I couldn't get on until over an hour after the
contest started - by then Okaloosa was gone - at least I assume so, as I didn't
hear anything from there for the entire contest! Beat last year's score by a
cool 40% with help from the very talented FL mobiles.

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


WAØMHJ   SOABMixed HP   18,0752009-04-26 18:13:12
Not a whole lot of time to participate. I kept busy while at the rig.
VA3DX   SOABMixed LP   284,4162009-04-26 18:29:32
SO1R 4 ele Steppir 72' and Hygain 4O2BA 85'

674 Good qsos and another 13 dupes....

Lost one hour Saturday evening when the winds were howling here , and the rain
pelted down. Power went out twice and I stopped to allow the lighting move a
bit further east of here.

Finished with 65 mults the first night , missing HARDEE and GULF
Both were worked reasonably quickly on Sunday , each were worked at least 5
times ! Thanks to N4EEB/HAR and K9ES/GUL for the last two.

Had my sick pooch spend the weekend at my sisters , so I could concentrate on
the contest. Need to get a portable fridge and hot plate for the shack, and a
pot-o'-potty as well.

Had " Captain Kirk of the StarShip Enterprise " call in on 20 SSB.... bothered
a few nets that were vitually invisible on the band.. they must have been there
, as someone said they were. ( 20 SSB of course )

Need to thank N4KG for all the qsys to SSB , as well as N4KK , W5WMU and NO5W.
I asked some fellas for qsy to the remaing 6 I needed on SSB , but all I got
was " later , no mic, or silence. ", although most were apoligetic .

312 qsos at the first break , another 375 on Sunday
20 cw just kept generating mobile qsos all day Sunday , while 15 meters was
dead the few times I checked.

Had the hockey and baseball games on the shack TV all weekend... fun !!

Had a geat time , as usual...... cu next year ...
W6GBG   SOABSSB LP   1,3602009-04-26 18:33:43
Great Fun
VE3DZ   SOABCW LP   100,5002009-04-26 18:35:41
Planned semi-serious effort, but storm and power outage (8 hours in our area)
changed my plans. Went to play soccer on Sunday morning...
So, few hours here and there.
My hat off to FL rovers, great job guys! I wish I could operate more.
K8MR   SOABMixed LP   9,6722009-04-26 18:35:45
I would have liked to operate more, but rather I spent most of both days taking
down antennas and towers at the QTH of SK W8KIC. The house is on the market,
and the realtors don't seem to think towers are a beautiful addition to a
property. At least the weather this year was much like that in Florida, unlike
4 or 5 years ago when we had 20" of snow during the FQP.

See you all in Dayton in three weeks!

73 - Jim K8MR
W4NZ   SOABMixed HP   38,3592009-04-26 18:42:52
Terrific job by the mobiles and some great ops. Lots of fun chasing them around
the state.

Mobile QSO's: N4KK(39!) N4PN(22) W4AN(14) NN4TO(13) N4EEB(12) K4KG(10) AD4Z(8)
NO5W(7) NF4A(5) K4OJ(5) KN4Y(3) N4PJ(2) W5WMU(2)

North Florida is a tough shot from TN on 20M but had a good short skip opening
Sunday afternoon.

Caught 62 of the 67 counties.

73, Ted W4NZ
VE3KZ   SOABMixed LP   200,0962009-04-26 18:43:31
Missed two hours when a severe thunderstorm came in at 21:00. Previously 40 was
unusable from the QRN. The electrical power was off for two hours starting
about 5 minutes after I closed down the station. The winds peaked 100km/hr with
the 204BA bent like a quad longbow and the rotor losing its grip entirely. I
found on Sunday I was being trumped by just about every other VE3 in the
pileups. Part of that was not being able to keep the antenna positioned on
Florida. I'll look for some other excuses later! At least 40 quieted down when
the storm passed.
It took until 17:00 Saturday to finish the sweep this year. Only needed CW but
doing mixed added some points but it was a real grind in the phone band. No
sweep there! The last hour was a race to reach a claimed score of 200,000, a
real panic. It took a QSO with K4KG at 21:59 to make it happen.
Great turnout from the CCO crew as usual and the incredible Florida mobiles.
Thanks for all those QSO's!

73 Bob VE3KZ
N6MU   SOABCW LP   52,2602009-04-26 19:01:35
Last one for sweep was OKE. Thanks AD4Z! Thought I'd missed it when I couldn't
break the N4EEB pile when he was there. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 4BTV
XM3CX(VE3CX)   SOABMixed LP   47,2122009-04-26 19:11:30
Thanks to the mobile ops for activating many counties!

Thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX
K4KG/M(@K5KG)   SO Mobile+DriverMixe LP   1,147,8262009-04-26 19:21:09
The activity and conditions made for a terrific weekend and allowed us to break
1 Meg for the second time in the FQP. Once again it was great to exchange
reports with so many friends who like us, look forward to the springtime for
this operating event.

We had originally planned on using a Sigman 5 mounted on a trailer for 20M and
a 40M ham stick on the roof of the SUV. However,the weekend got off to a
difficult start with the new 40M ham stick and mag mount getting blown off the
roof of the car on the way to our planned starting county Collier. With 30
minutes to start, we were still back in the K5KG driveway piecing together a
workable 40M transmit antenna. Sorry for not following the county plan
announced on the web site but our travel plans were ad hoc from the beginning.

Thanks to all the fine op's that make the contest enjoyable. Outstanding
participation from the Ontario Contest Club. The top rankings in the K4KG/m
log (rough numbers) were as follows:

VA3DX - 65
W8MJ - 59
K3TW - 40
K5WAF - 40
VE3KZ - 37
VE3UTT - 34
K0RC - 34
N8NA - 31

DL3DXX - 31
G4BUE - 26
CT1ILT - 23
CU2JT - 18
LY1CX - 6

Thanks for all the Q's.

73, George K5KG and Jim VE7ZO
NF4A/M   SO MobileMixed LP   128,2402009-04-26 19:24:18
No breakdown on mults. Fun giving out last county for a sweep to G4BUE and N2BJ
on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for all who called. 364 days until the next FQP!

VE3RZ   SOABMixed HP   8,3522009-04-26 19:29:12
No time for this one - Sat evening wiped out with thunderstorms. Thanks to the
mobiles for their work in making this enjoyable.
N6WM   SOABMixed HP   6002009-04-26 19:30:59
just a bit of operating this contest while doing other weekend tasks.. great to
hear the activity out there and appreciate all the fixed and rover stations
working hard to make this another great state qso party..

Thanks and 73
KØRC   SOABMixed LP   196,4002009-04-26 19:42:21
This was one of the few full-time efforts I have done in quite a while. I set
three goals; a sweep, 500 Q's, and 200,000 points. I made the first two but
came in shy of the 200K mark.

The MN to FL path is always excellent, especially on 20m. This weekend there
were signals maxing out my s-meter at +60 dB over S9, even with the 18 dB
attenuator turned on. That's not to say some signals didn't get lost in the
noise at times, there was precipitation static that disabled operating for a
short period of time on Sunday morning. I converted that *opportunity* into
"lunch time".

The dominant mode was CW again this year. It provided 85% of all my contacts.
In addition, I concentrated on working mobile stations. They are 63% of all
contacts. The top number of mobile qso's went like this:

36 - NN4TO
34 - K4KG
32 - N4KK
31 - N4EEB
30 - NO5W
27 - K4OJ
25 - W4AN
24 - K9ES
24 - N4PN
24 - W5WMU

My log shows all 67 counties worked exclusively with the mobile operators,
meaning I obtained a county sweep by concentrating on their itineraries. A
clean sweep would not be possible without their participation because they
filled 22 county vacancies where I never worked a fixed station.

The two most rare counties for me were Gulf and Walton in the northwest section
of the state. I have 3 contacts in both counties, all six of them provided by
mobile stations. I was surprised by this statistic because it *felt like* there
was very thorough coverage in this part of the state. It must have been a mental
aberration because my final county hold-out was way down south. I worked all but
three counties during the first 10 hours. I still needed Gulf, Franklin, and
Hardee when I started out Sunday morning with 272 contacts in the log.

My second contact put Franklin in the log and in less than 30 minutes later
Gulf was checked off as well. That left Hardee county as the hold out for a
sweep. I checked mobile itineraries and saw this county listed numerous times
although it would not be be visited until later in the day. It was *fun* seeing
a mobile heading in the right direction, only to make a *wrong* turn, away from
Hardee before they got there!

I went to 20m phone and tried running for a while but quickly gave up that
effort as my rate meter was approaching 200 per hour with few Florida stations
calling. I can attest that there's plenty of stations out there that want to
jump in and participate in the FLQP contest! I was smiling all along the way. I
did not realize Florida had annexed a lot of real estate from NY to NM recently,
even a couple of slices of Canada too! "QRZd the Florida station in New Jersey?"

I'm happy with my results running Single Op and low power. I used two antennas,
the HyGain TH-11DX at 70 feet and a 40m vertical wire dipole off the side of the
same tower. The transceiver is a Kenwood TS-950SDX and SM-230 bandscope driven
by a WinKey USB and N1MM Logger on a laptop computer.

Congratulations to all the fine mobile operators who pulled my signal out of
the piles of callers. I think the sound of the callers is a phenomenon unique
to QSO Parties, where a wall of *noise* erupts as a new county is entered.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
W9RE   SOABCW LP   66,4642009-04-26 19:49:53
Wow-didn't plan on operating that much but I just got pulled in and couldn't get
out. In the first 2 hours I had 2/3 of the mults so thought it would be a shoe
in to get a sweep. I ended up having a little trouble-last 6 were GUL, CLR,
HAR, NAS, WAL,and JAC. Last one was HAR, which i got after church and lunch

Between the XYL and myself the grass did get mowed and got ready to go to
"Riverdance" just before the end.

4 bander was WK2G.

Great work on getting the mobiles stations out in force-congrats to the


K3WW   M/SMixed HP   59,4702009-04-26 19:50:13
Busy weekend, but a quick start with lots of good counties quickly worked, kept
me dropping by the shack to try for another sweep. Got it 1/2 hour into Sunday
morning, then came back a few times to make it a pure CW sweep. Left packet on,
as I wanted to see how the CW-Skimmer did. Not as useful as in SP/YU/UA
73 Chas
VE3UTT   SOABCW LP   136,4122009-04-26 20:11:19
Had the same storm as others here in Ontario that caused me to shutdown.
Couldn't do a mixed effort as I have the flu and sore throat so stuck to CW.
Got number 67 at 1651UTC Sunday (Hardee). Amazing work by all of the rovers.
My top 3 for QSOs were: N4KK - 44; NN4TO - 42, and; K4KG - 35. There were at
least 3 others in the low 30s - again amazing effort by them all. Great
contest as always.
N5WR   SOABCW LP   149,5442009-04-26 20:22:38
I have not participated in too many state QSO parties yet, but this one was the
best so far. I continue to be impressed by the pileups. I must give mobile
contesting a try.

Many thanks to the mobiles who accounted for 80% of my QSOs: N4KK (53), NN4TO
(51), K4KG (42), K4OJ (37), N4PN (37), NO5W (36), K9ES (33), N4EEB (33), KN4Y
(28), W4AN (28), W5WMU (21), NF4A (12), AD4Z (11), N4AO (11), K4LQ (8), KC4HW
(7), W4ZW (4).

73, Erik N5WR
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   66,5002009-04-26 20:34:02
Great fun chasing the mobiles.

Not a whole lot of phone activity from casual Floridians.

73, Ken, K6LA
KT4Q   SOABMixed HP   76,5602009-04-26 21:08:01
This was a ball. Except for the first 2 hours on Sunday and around 5 pm Sunday,
20M was rockin. Stations were queued up for most of it. Incredible that I was
getting multiple +20 sig reports. One guy told me I was 50 over to him in
Texas and was 20 over when he turned his pre-amp off. I don't think I ever had
as good or consistant reports like this contest.

Only if I could read CW at 28wpm would I be competative with other scores.
There was ony one harassment where someone was keying up and making thier mike
squeal. I stuck with it and continued to work station and it went away after
15 minutes. I did my best to stay out of the Mobile window. Only caught
myself in there only for about 10 calls.

There is stillromm for improvement but the main this was to remove all
distractions around the radio. I also miscalculated the start of the contest
and stared 2 hours last. Absolutely my fault.

Can't wait untile next year. Maybe we wil see 15M open atleast.

Rig: Yaesu FT 1000MP MV
Amp: Ameritron AL-572 running mainly 1200w
Ants: Cushcraft X7 at 60ft
Carolina Windom Beam 80 at 30ft
S/W: Writelog 10.58

73s de Steve, KT4Q - Lake County, FL - NFL Section - EL98ds
WD4AHZ   SOABMixed LP   357,6322009-04-26 21:16:03
Another fun weekend! Out of staters try to work all counties, so I ended up
trying to work WAS on both modes in one weekend. Ended up missing ND and KH6
on CW, OK and KH6 on SSB.

Spent a bit of time on 15 trying to drum up some activity. Band was spotty,
but open ... just not a lot to work.

73, Ron
K7BG   SOABMixed LP   12,5672009-04-26 21:46:34
Got on late Saturday after going to my daughter's track meet and missed most of
Sunday due to church and then ran the 30th running of the world famous Ice
Breaker road race in Great Falls. It only snowed a little bit. Thanks to all
the mobiles and other warm Floridians for the Qs.
W6KC   SOABMixed HP   24,7002009-04-26 21:52:36
My personal best for the FQP. I had visions of a sweep, but I just couldn't put
in enough hours chasing the mobiles to get them all. All of the mobiles seemed
to be light copy in CA this year which made their super operating skills even
more helpful in making QSOs. Thanks for a fun QSO Party!

Jim, W6KC
W2LHL   SOABCW LP   66,1962009-04-26 22:08:40
100W., 40M: 40 ft. vert
20M: 4BTV & dipole 20 ft. up.
Many thanks to all the good ears in FL. Special thanks to
W5WMU who pulled me out of the bedlam at OKA for #67.
K5YAA   SOABMixed LP   8,1482009-04-27 01:10:26
40 was a stretch from here this year and no 20 TX facilities which is where alot
of the action seemed to be. Good to work most mobiles at least once.

Always a great party!

CT1ILT   SOABCW HP   45,6722009-04-27 01:29:45
Hi everyone

unfortunatly this time I didnt have time to make a big effort... on Saturday
lost about 2 hours setting up WIN-TEST Tunel with some guys for IARU HF for REP
HQ. on Sunday I had to come to Porto to the University earlier so most of the
contest also gone.

Anyhow, nice contest, good cndx on Saturday, W4AN and K4KQ were always HUGE
sign here. I missed OKA, which I was told that it wasnt that difficult to make.
Nice cndx on 40m...and On Saturday cndx on 20m almost untill the end.

Let's see G4BUE and DL3DXX score

I see you guys next year for sure

Filipe CT1ILT
K1EP   SOABCW LP   6,4802009-04-27 04:20:08
Tough to stay indoors on an April weekend in New England that was 85 deg and
sunny. Managed to get a couple of hours of sporadic operation. I like the
idea of having a mobile window, it made it easy to track the mobiles, and there
were lots of them. Thanks for the Qs and see you next weekend in the NEQP. I
wouldn't mind similar weather for a mobile operation here!
VE9CEH   SOABSSB LP   8,4362009-04-27 05:46:12
Thanks and 73!
WØZQ   SOABCW LP   32,9442009-04-27 07:09:56
Fun time, good job by the mobiles. Thanks for sponsoring the event !
NA4K   SOABMixed LP   74,8882009-04-27 07:12:41
A lot of activity kept it interesting.

Steve NA4K
N4EK   SOABMixed LP   204,2822009-04-27 08:01:11
Great contest this year again. First time using N1MM logger. Worked great.
Thanks to W4LT for advising me on what usb to serial converter cable to get. No
problems once I got the Com settings correct for the rigblaster. Lots of fast
qsb on 20 meters, stations would be 20 over S9 when calling and then fade into
the noise when giving their report. Lots of repeats. On sunday i had a bunch of
dupes calling for some reason. One guy called three times in a row. Go figure.
Maritime Service Net is a pain. i was at 14287. they came on 30 minutes later
and said i needed to move. they said they couldn't here me on till they turned
their beams. Oh well. I guess they had bad filters. I tried for 600 but the
clock ran out.

73, ed
KB1NRB   M/SCW LP   5,4522009-04-27 09:07:03
A few things made this contest notable to me. The first thing is, this was my
first ever qso party, and I loved it. Qso parties are fun! The second thing
that made this contest notable to me is that it was the first time I did a cw
contest effort without using the computer to help me copy the code. Inspired by
the arrl dx cw contest I put my ears to the wheel and learned the code!!! Now i
can play in twice as many contests. The last thing that made this contest
notable to me is that I played with an icom 735 that i picked up for $50 and a
40m wire vertical that i built earlier in the week... To my amazment this wire
also worked well on 20m with the help of my ldg z100 a/t..
Looking forward to NEQP de KB1NRB
N4DXI   SOABMixed HP   17,8122009-04-27 11:57:21
Did not hear a single station on 10 or 15 meters. 20 meters was weak and
fluttery most of the time. Used an Orion 2, Centurion, A3S tribander and 80
Windom. Started out S & P, not making much headway and finally started calling
CQ. Next time, all calling, made a lot more contacts by calling CQ. With the
noise and QRM, had a hard time finding openings outside the mobile windows:
never knew there were so many nets, special events, other
contests....constantly asked to QSY. Finally waited for one net to close down,
then I took over their frequency. "Heck of a way to run a railroad."

It was a fun contest and maybe I was the leader this time for Levy County!

73 and best DX.....John, N4DXI
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed LP   24,3882009-04-27 11:58:11
After a one day Nebraska QSO Party run, we got back at 2:30am hoping to work the
FQP on Sunday. I made a number of FQP Qs from the mobile in Nebraska as W0BH/m,
so decided to put Hesston College on the air from Kansas. Got off to a late but
good start, then severe weather rolled in and had to shut down for the rest of
the day. Lots of fun while it lasted.

Special thanks to what seemed like an endless supply of mobiles! NO5W/m takes
the loudest consistent mobile signal into Kansas award (from the panhandle).
It shouldn't be too hard to convince the XYL to join the fun /m in Florida one
of these years. I'll keep working on it!

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
K5WAF   SOABMixed LP   103,9842009-04-27 12:05:15
Great time chasing the CW mobile guys.
W2TB   SOABMixed HP   39,3882009-04-27 13:29:22
ICOM IC-756Pro3
Emtron DX2sp Amp
40m trap dipole @ 40'
Tribander (CL-33 Mosley) @ 50'
RigExpert Plus Interface w/Winkeyer

Power line noise kept me from copying the weaker apologies.
Great QSO Party. Very enjoyable. Thanks to all those dedicated mobile op's for
all the multipliers.
KR4X   SOABCW LP   38,4562009-04-27 14:25:06
My meager station and antennas insured that I was NOT the loudest signal on the
air. Lots of fun even though I operated only 5 hours 33 minutes of the allowed
20 hours. Constant S-8 line noise was a pain and the RTTY contest on 40 meters
on Saturday didn't help <chuckle>.

"Real Men talk only with their fingers"
W4ARM   SOABCW LP   45,8402009-04-27 15:58:08
Very difficult copy with high atmospheric noise level on 20m all day Sunday. It
was a real struggle for many qso's but appreciate everyone's patience!
Would have liked to have seen more activity, but with conditions the way they
were it is understandable many ops got bored.73's from Sunny South Florida -
Dade County.
W1TO   SOABCW LP   36,2402009-04-27 16:24:54
Great mobile participation!
W8MJ   SOABMixed LP   379,5822009-04-27 19:01:01
With FQP upon us I had to take the afternoon off from work on Friday to get the
station in final order for the weekend from the previous weekend MQP
Multi-Multi effort at my place. Had to climb the tower with stack TH-7's and
loosen up the rotor on the top beam so I could swing it towards Florida and
tightened it back down. Lost the rotor back just before snow came so I had it
locked down at 55 degrees. Additionally, I had a TH-6 on the 2nd tower under
the 40 meter beam at 60 foot fixed west (no rotor). Prior to MQP K8CC came
over and helped me remount it to the SE. I wasn't getting much use out of it
fixed West, and putting it in the SE would help it to be more productive for DX
contests as well as FQP. I have been using an A-3 antenna (50 ft.), by the
house for a number of years for FQP and it is working fine. Using the A-3 helps
me to run SO2R a lot better on the same band, but I was having difficulty
breaking pileups. I felt the TH-6 on the 2nd radio for CW contacts would be a
lot better for breaking pileups, and it proved to be the case.

Checking the bands before the contest, 20 meters was very good to Florida from
here for me…signal reports were S9 + prior to the start. Conditions
continued to play favorable here on 20 meters right up to the close of the
first day of the contest, and carried over into the 2nd day as well. The
conditions on 20 meters probably were the best I have ever experienced from my
place for FQP. It seemed like I had a pipe line straight to Florida on 20.
The mobile signals seemed good all weekend, and at times some were S7-S9. The
rate was good the entire weekend with the only exception between 2100Z-2200Z on
Saturday, when a storm moved through my place and all of sudden I lost power.
As soon as the power went out, I was contemplating going to get the generator
hooked up, and by the time I made my way out of the shack to the bottom of
stairs the power came back on and never went out again. So I went back to
operating the contest without any further incidents.

I thought the mobiles did an outstanding job the entire weekend. They are
truly an integral part that really makes FQP be so successful. Out of my 912
contacts (another best effort for me) 512 of those were with the mobiles.
That’s 56% of my total contacts over all. The operating skills of the
mobiles were exceptional, and they were just great the entire weekend. The
mixed mobiles were good about qsying for an SSB contact. The K4KG crew have
this locked down real well….they are superb at doing it. So a big thanks to
all of you guys for your willingness to qsy to SSB and work me. Thank you very
much…it worked well the entire weekend.

I missed the county sweep on SSB mode by one. Missed (Mon) but not for my lack
of trying. I had worked 6 or more (Mon) on CW that were not a part of the mixed
operations, but could not get anyone to move to phone. Getting that double
sweep is really nice to get, and a very gratifying accomplishment. This one
kept me in the chair the entire time both days with the exception of a
necessary momentary potty break each day. Overall this was another great FQP
and a fun time chasing the mobiles and working the casual SSB fixed stations
that answered my CQ's on phone. Great job again FQP. Thanks for another great

Mobiles Worked

N4KK (62), K4KG (60), NN4TO (48), K4OJ (45), N4EEB (39), W4AN (37), N4PN (34)

W5WMU (32), NF4A (32), K9ES (26), NO5W (24), KN4Y (19), N4AO (13), AD4Z (11)

W8FNW (8), K4LQ (5), W4ZW (4), N1XC (4), N1WON (4), KC4HW (4)

Unique Calls Worked
AD8J   SOABCW LP   164,5602009-04-27 19:39:32
Operated portable with an inverted vee for 40 and 20 with the top about 20'
above the ground and surrounded by three story condos. This was the same setup
that I used the year before but my Q's increased from 481 to 605 and the mults
increased from 57 to 68. The secret was "BIC" (Butt in chair)!
NO4S(K9OM)   SOABMixed LP   723,6902009-04-27 19:59:59
FQP = Outstanding Contest! Whether operating from In-State or from Out-of-State
the FQP is my favorite QSO Party by far. A special Thank You to the dozens of
FB mobile stations that make the FQP the outstanding contest it is.
N4PN   SO Mobile+DriverMixe HP   380,2682009-04-27 21:56:37
Not sure I have score correct...different way of coming up with
a final score...lots of manual figuring...hope its close...
Sure the log checkers will figure it out....LOL

Fun times again...thanks to my non-ham friend for again putting
up with all of this...probably his swan song as his oldest son
starts playing college baseball next year...thanks Jeff!!

No equipment failures....tuner acted up a couple times for some
reason.....only a couple of wrong turns along the way....

Started out on Sunday morning in LAK county....after run, looked
and there was no icon on the laptop for was gone!!! As
always got my buddy Charlie, NF4A on the phone. He was running
Gulf/Franklin counties....and after the run, he ran thru a few
click this and click that and I was off to the races again...

Big signals from: W7RN, W4NZ, K1ZZI, CT1ILT, W9IU, W9RE, VE4EAR,
N5WR and many others....I'm too tired to do much thinking but
there were many other big signals on 40 and 20m....

Three and half hours back home after the contest....but will do
it all again next year, I hope..

Thanks for the Q's...
73, Paul, N4PN

ICOM 706MKIIG/AMP - 250w
Hustlers on top of Trailblazer and out trailer hitch...
Logging with CT
NU8Z   SOABCW LP   74,7722009-04-28 11:44:00
Great QSO party!
Thanks to everyone for the contacts, Special thanks to all the mobiles. They
did a great job! This is what makes the FQP fun. It is a pretty dynamic event
with all the county changing going on. Leave the chair for an hour and come
back and there are always new QSO's to work.
My goal was to get the CW sweep. Got CW sweep at 19:23Z Sunday with W5WMU/OKA.
I tracked him as he headed west. Had exactly 10 hour on the bands. Pulled the
plug when I got the sweep.
See you all next year.
Mark NU8Z
KL9A/W7   SOABCW LP   2,5522009-04-28 12:29:43
Weekend trip to Bonners Ferry to setup the Spiderbeam for the first time.
Pretty neat antenna! Now ready for FD etc.

Worked a little FQP in-between doing as little as possible on the last few days
of vacation!

No big runz of course, but no late night pizza runz either!

Great ears by some of the mobiles, as noted by others. No requests for SSB,
must have been other ID stations on (good!). Couldn't have gone anyway, as the
K2 is a pure, uncorrupted CW only version. Could have hooked up the FT897D...
or not.

10m was open all weekend to W5/6. Beacons pounding in all hours of the day!
Lots of CQ's, but no QSO's

K2/100 + Spiderbeam

-Chris KL9A
K4PBC(K4PG)   SchoolCW LP   158,4002009-04-28 13:11:39
Atlantic High School Amateur Radio Club K4PBC
Only three members were able to stop by at different times, but they were
fascinated. Did not go mobile this year (next year). The first time Bob and I
missed our 21 counties in years. Just was not in the cards this year. CW was
fascinating for the students and they played on an oscillator I have and
listened to me operate. I have one computer guru and he took a copy of the
N1MM software for school. We do not have a station set up, but the kids are
avid in their pursuit of the hobby. My folded dipole and 150 watts did okay,
especially on 40 meters, but 20 was very spotty and I could have used a yagi.
Had great fun! A lot of DX on 20 meters and some on 40 meters. 73 and thanks
to all who took the time to work us......
VE3VZ   SOABMixed LP   1,5842009-04-28 19:08:53
As The big guy would say " I sure had FUN"
N2WN   SOABMixed LP   1,4822009-04-29 16:06:00
had decent propagation to Florida, wish I had more time to put into it
NO5W   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   425,1002009-04-29 20:06:27
2002 Pathfinder
HiQ 4/80 antenna with MFJ 1924 controller
Elecraft K3 remote controller from CQ/X
Navigator USB Interface by US Interface for CAT, WinKey, and GPS Interface
Garmin GPS-18PC DLX GPS receiver
GPS-Enabled Logging Software: CQ/X de NO5W ver 1.7.6
Deka 75 AHr AGM Auxiliary Battery with Super Power Gate charging system
Palm Paddle

2300Z Wednesday April 29 - We just got back to Houston an hour ago from our
third mobile trip in the Florida QSO Party and in this case the third one
definitely had the charm as the results were a personal best for us -- and
Murphy was no where in sight. My driver, Keri, and I drove over on Friday
before the party arriving in Pensacola just in time to join Jay N4OX, his
fiance Christina, Jim KC4HW, and Arnie W4EIP at the bar of the Ruby Tuesday
across from our hotel. After getting acquainted we went in for dinner and Jay
went way beyond the call of duty and treated us all -- thanks Jay.

We knew from announced plans that the panhandle would be smoking with QSOs on
Saturday morning as KC4HW, W4AN, NF4A, and NO5W planned to start from the same
or nearby counties mobiling east across the area. The possibility of running
into each other seemed obvious but I was surprised when shortly after noon as
we headed down US231 and right at the turning point onto SR20 I heard strong
clicks from an off-frequency signal. Figuring another station was nearby I
looked out the driver's side window and saw W4AN side-by-side with us at the
traffic light. We both pulled into a near by service station for reasons other
than fuel and after those duties were taken care of K4BAI, KU8E, Keri and I
stopped for an eyeball QSO. Both groups planned to head east on SR20 until
Liberty county where W4AN was to go south and we were to head back north to
pickup Gadsden and then I-10 for a long trek to Jacksonville. So to avoid
QRMing each other John and Jeff gave us a head start down SR20.

That was the last we saw of the W4AN crew until about half hour after the
Saturday session was over when we met them again in Orange Park at -- you
guessed it -- Ruby Tuesday. At that point we were also joined by K1TO, K8NZ,
VE7ZO, and K5KG for lively discussions about how the day went, a few station
tours, and a photo-op or two.

Meeting up with other mobiles and members of the FCG has always been one of the
big attractions of the FQP for me but of course the main attraction is the
tremendous crowd that comes to the party and the possibility of some really
good mobile contesting. This year was no different and in fact judging from my
results it was the best of the three that I have been involved in with 20M
being in excellent shape. Here are some statistics on a county-by-county basis
with the first number being the total QSOs in the county and the second number
the initial ten-minute hourly rate in the county:

Bay(117/72), Clay(105/138), Franklin(99/162), Gulf(76/120), Wakulla(71/144),
Taylor(69/36), Lafayette(64/150), Dixie(63/138), Duval(55/144), Levy(53/192),
Putnam(50/60), Gadsden(49/156), Leon(48/156), Baker(47/186), Jefferson(47/150),
St.Johns(46/120), Walton(45/78), Alachua(43/114), Gilchrist(43/144),
Bradford(42/162), Madison(40/150), Calhoun(40/132), Washington(40/72),
SantaRosa(39/102), Suwannee(37/174), Jackson(32/162), Nassau(32/174),
Holmes(30/108), Okaloosa(30/138), Liberty(27/138), Hamilton(26/144),
Columbia(23/120), Escambia(18/90)

Regardless of the above numbers the most exciting and challenging county was
Gulf which we hit near the end of our route on Sunday afternoon. Toward the end
of Franklin, the county just prior to Gulf, things got somewhat slow and I
started getting quite a few questions concerning when I would be in Gulf. It
became obvious that quite a few folks needed Gulf. On the first announcement
that we had entered Gulf I had a "tiger by the tail" and was living on the edge
of chaos. We managed the pileup as best we could and stopped at a convenient
location to make sure we didn't leave any QSOs on the table. I hope that if you
were in there we eventually got around to getting you in the log. It was great
fun on our end, hopefully also on yours.

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSOs
N5WR(36), VE3UTT(33), K0RC(30), VA3DX(28), VE3KZ(25), K5WAF(25), W8MJ(24),
VE3DZ(24), DL3DXX(24), NS9I(23), K0PC(23), VE3KP(22), KO1U(22), CT1ILT(20),
CU2JT(19), K8IR(19), N9CK(19), K9LJN(19), WB8JUI(18), K6LA(18), K3WW(17),
W9RE(17), W5TM(17), NU8Z(16), G4BUE(16), N8NA(16), VA3DF(16), K3TW(15),
W1UJ(15), K3ONW(15), KO7X(15), N2AA(15), W7RN(15), N5PO(15), VE4EAR(15),
N9FC(14), WA7JHQ(14), K0IO(14), NT2A(14), VE3GSI(13), WA3HAE(13), N5ZK(12),
W2LHL(12), K7QQ(12), W1DWA(11), K0JPL(11).

Thanks also to all the stations who corrected my fat-fingering of their calls
when I went back to them. In most cases I was aware of the fat-fingering but
its always a good idea to bring it to my attention.

In the Single Op + Driver category it should go without saying that the driver
is a key contributor to the overall operation. To drive 18-20 hours covering
about 1000 miles over two days and to only miss one turn is no mean feat. So a
great big thanks to Keri for keeping us heading in the right direction and on

Finally also thanks to the FCG for organizing such a great party and always
making us feel welcome to be a mobile participant.

Hope to see you later this year in the Texas QSO Party and other contests in
between as well as at Contest University and the contesting hospitality suites
at Dayton.

W1UJ   M/SCW HP   29,1062009-05-01 07:53:19
This was a great time. No sweep, but working and following the rovers is a

Look for W1ACT from Martha's Vinyard (DUK MA) during this weekend's New
QSO Party.

Jay W1UJ
KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   237,2802009-05-01 13:32:31
Great QSO party, great pile ups, DX galore, but no SD or ND and a pipe line into
the belly of the VE3's. Hope next year 80-meters will be available.
N4LZ   SOABSSB LP   4,6862009-05-05 14:38:39
I think I had fun!
K6VVA   SOABCW HP   7142009-05-06 10:12:33
Made a few Q's to help out the FL troops.
NN4TO/M(@K8NZ/M)   M/SCW LP   781,0002009-05-10 21:41:08
NN4TO honors Vic, N4TO who loved mobiling in the FQP and passed away last

20 & 40 Meter Hamsticks on top of K8NZ's Honda Odyssey passenger van
ICOM IC-746 @ 100W
Many comparative reports put us about equal with the other mobiles, while one
W7 placed us down in the 3rd tier of mobile signals.

2749 QSOs:
All hand logged (only one incoherent, sleep deprived log entry) and sent with a
paddle (except for a generic CQ message in the rig's keyer).

Highlight was the last hour of each day - 212 QSOs on Sat. and 186 QSOs on
Activity seemed up from last year, despite the out-of-staters having more FL
stations to work than ever. After we crossed many county lines, we would CQ
and hear nothing but crickets. At other times, we had a few followers that
would call right away. Perhaps folks are following each of the mobiles based
on their posted route plans and stalking the ones that are approaching needed

The outpouring of activity from Ontario is tremendous. We worked over 300,
about 11% of our total QSOs.
We also thank the many worldwide FOC members who worked us with the special
We loved having DX call us in most counties.

40 Meters was a bigger part of the total than expected, making at least one QSO
on 40M in 29 of our 50 counties. There was a dedicated group of W4s poised all
day long on 40 to pounce on any new station that appeared there. We appreciate
their support of the FQP, in spite of them having little or no 20M action.

We stuck within the mobile window the whole time. Several times, we had fixed
stations in Florida plop down on top of us, but eventually they all went away.
It is hard to chase away a station who cannot hear you on 20M and is louder than
you are!

71 Mults:
Missed ME, ND, SD and AK
This meant that the other 46 states were active. We appreciated the activity
from the harder states, many of which we worked multiple times.
Worked VE1-2-3-4-6-7
We were real encouraged by the DX activity, despite the complete absence of

Just before the Sunday AM start, the loudest station on 20 was from Finland and
we also heard needed mults HB9 and OZ. But once the bell rang, we chose not to
hunt mults and never did work any of those countries.

The original plan was to duplicate the 51 county route that N4KM and K1TO took
last year, but an announced major highway construction delay in Tampa caused us
to eliminate PIN from the plans. We feared the worst, with dozens of new road
projects under way, but thankfully, none were active during our weekend tour.

We missed one turn in CIT Saturday that sent us flying due west towards the
Gulf instead of northbound. As a consequence, we whittled away at the
30-minute backlog for the rest of the day. In the last hour, with many
counties to cover, we miscalc'd our reduced stop times and almost missed NAS
altogether, arriving literally within the last minute and only managing 3 QSOs

As mentioned in several other posts, an excellent gathering was arranged
Saturday night just south of Jacksonville. Team NN4TO met up with Team K4KG
(K5KG, VE7ZO), Team W4AN (K4BAI, KU8E) and NO5W. W5WMU couldn't attend due to
a mechanical difficulty on Sat, but it was great fun to compare notes on Day
One and look fwd to Day Two and beyond. How many other events do you know of
where the competitors meet for a beer at the halfway point, without losing any

Perhaps the worst thing about the trip was the frequent power line noise. With
many signals right near the ambient noise level to begin with, any man-made junk
was especially unwelcome.

Amazingly, no love bug swarms were encountered this year. It was 9 more days
until I ran into any at all.

If you read this far, you must actually have some interest in the FQP. Please
answer the FQP survey so that we can get your input on various issues and

Thanks again to everyone who worked us!

73, Dan, K1TO on behalf of Ron, K8NZ

Unduped QSOs by hour:
16 135
17 128
18 127
19 135
20 115
21 87
22 110
23 111
0 187
1 212

12 118
13 131
14 138
15 156
16 157
17 115
18 166
19 131
20 150
21 186