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RAC Canada Day Contest   2013   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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WØGXA   SOAB/CW LP   4,1202013-07-01 15:34:16
I finished up some woodworking and wiring to improve my station layout so I used
this contest to try it out. I'm pleased overall. Also the first contest to use
N1MM software. I figured it out on the fly...
VA2SG   SOAB QRP   5,3382013-07-01 15:37:44
5 watts in the windom: ultimate patience test.
The july Canada day test should be held the saturday following july 1st.
Thanks for listening for my small sigs hi..
W6SX   SOAB/CW LP   12,9922013-07-01 16:51:10
K3, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
VE9AA   SOSB/20 HP   8,6882013-07-01 17:07:30
Was just not able to devote much time to this one as local temp peaked 33ºC
here today and it doesn't do that often, thus washing cars and painting stuff
took priority !

Still, I manage to squeak in roughly 4 hours in all, so concentrated my efforts
on 20m CW , with a couple runs on SSB.

Mike IC7410 terribly silly & low pathetic looking wire. N1MM
WN6K   SOAB LP   70,9102013-07-01 17:08:10
Not too great for conditions AGAIN (sound like a broken record?) 20 was the ONLY
band - weird having a contest JUST for we Retired Folk south of the Border.

WN6K, Paul
W4IX   SOSB/20 HP   127,3802013-07-01 17:09:03
Excellent turnout from our neighbors up north. Thanks for a great contest.
Dentron 10-160L @ 600W
TH7DX @ 40 feet

73's John
VE6BMX   SOAB/CW HP   84,1162013-07-01 17:10:37
What! no 10m or 2m contacts???? For shame.
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   26,9502013-07-01 17:11:09
Fun as always. Only got in a few hours - rebuilding the entire station after
having the house interior painted. Glad that won't happen again. The only
good thing - got rid of a bunch of excess power cords and cables that I'm no
longer using. Got the first rig on the air barefoot just before the contest
start. Did a couple of hours before the nightly storms came thru. Monday
morning got the 2nd rig on the air and worked another couple of hours. Finally
got the SO2R rewired with about 45 min to go. Good news - no smoke. Conditions
seemed okay for the few hours I was on. Thanks to all the VE's for turning out.
Back to moving furniture and boxes!
WJ9B   SOAB/CW HP   63,1042013-07-01 17:13:19
73, wj9b
NWØM   SOAB/CW LP   4,3602013-07-01 17:13:23
I didn't realize RAC was today until late this afternoon so only two hours to

73, Mitch
(formerly WD0ECO)
VA7FC   SOAB HP   2,1862013-07-01 17:14:00
I enjoyed saying Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and Happy July 4th to
my neighbors to the south !! conditions were very poor but always enjoy this

WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   15,5802013-07-01 17:14:06
Happy Canada Day!

Work got in the way of this year's festivities.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
KCØDEB   SOAB LP   1,8002013-07-01 17:14:08
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
7 CW 3 30 3
7 LSB 1 10 1
14 CW 7 80 5
14 USB 3 30 3
Total Both 14 150 12
Score: 1,800
K7WP   SOAB/CW LP   36,0482013-07-01 17:15:56
FT1000MP/ Force12 6BA @ 45'/ Mosley CL33 @ 30'/N1MM

Fun time...thanks for the Q's!

73, John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
K7IA   SOAB HP   16,1122013-07-01 17:16:30
Regret very much a late start on Monday afternoon--this is always an enjoyable

Happy Birthday, Canada!!

73, dan
VE9ML   M/S LP   434,3042013-07-01 17:21:46
Had a great time. Very happy with our claimed scores.

Thanks to all those who made it into our logs.

K2ZR   SOAB/CW LP   44,2242013-07-01 17:23:22
K2 @95 watts
Antennas: CF Wire 660' & EF Wire 425'
Logging: N1MM
Conditions: Poor to Fair early on. Better conditions later into the contest.

Dick, K2ZR
WØPAN   SOSB/20 LP   2,0642013-07-01 17:23:27
10/15 dead so concentrated on 20. QSB was really bad at times - VE's would go
from S1 to S9 for 30 seconds - tough going.
N4PN   SOAB HP   573,9422013-07-01 17:26:05
Thanks to the RAC Sponsors...this is a great contest..
Only station worked on both modes 10-80m was Ed, VE4EAR, using
VE4RAC..thanks for 10 Q's...
Plenty of activity and lots of dx participating....
Thanks to all who showed up and made it into the log..
73, Paul, N4PN
K7JQ   SOSB/20 LP   6,2882013-07-01 17:28:15
I took the screwdriver off the hill for the summer monsoon/lightning season, so
was forced to use a backup attic dipole at 95 watts. Household
electrical/electronic noise was a constant S6+, so only went S&P, working
the signals above the noise. Didn't hear anything on 10M and 15M, and the noise
on 40 was S9, so I stuck to 20M. Worked in dribs and drabs, still had fun, but
miss the screwdriver/KW already :>( Thanks for the Q's, and pulling me out
of the mud!

73, Bob K7JQ
VE3RKS   SOAB/Ph LP   3362013-07-01 17:30:16
A quick attempt at the end of the contest. I was busy the rest of the day.
Note: 2 RAC stations (one on each band) 4 Canadian contacts, 2 DX.
K9MMS   SOAB HP   151,5242013-07-01 17:39:34
K3 + KPA-500 ; Win-Test logging
The new KPA-500 amplifier worked very well.

I have not operated in this contest very much over the years. This was perhaps
the most time I have spent in an RAC event. Lots of activity. Thanks for the
Qs, Ms, and fun.

All the best to the Canadians for Canada Day.

K4BAI   SOAB HP   195,6482013-07-01 17:44:06
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, tee vertical. Thanks
for all QSOs. Very enjoyable contest with good activity from Canada and fair
from the rest of the world. Conditions for DX only fair. 73, John, K4BAI.
N8UM   SOAB/CW HP   120,8222013-07-01 17:45:48
Conditions were better than I expected at the start of the test. 10 meters was
open all day Sunday but no activity. Managed to work VE7 on five bands from
TN. 80 was amazingly quiet with all the Midwest thunderstorm activity.

North American contests are difficult with only vertical antennas. LOTS of VE3
and Maritime Province activity. Great contest.
WC7Q   SOAB LP   4,7082013-07-01 19:11:45
Haven't seen as poor a set of conditions as during this test.
Gave a very minimum effort.

Sam WC7Q
VE4RAC(VE4EAR)   SOAB HP   490,3142013-07-01 19:13:32
Love the RAC contests, a great casual opportunity to say "hi" to old
friends across North America. This was a new category for me as I have always
stuck with Phone only categories. However having "inherited the RAC
callsign, I felt obligated to try an all mode entry.

It's like playing in the big kids sandbox in the SOAB category compared to SSB
only. Clearly different strategies are needed, not to mentions some propagation
would have been nice.

Paul N4PN was my measuring stick and as we worked 10 times throughout the
contest, it was interesting to see how his QSO total compared with mine. Monday
morning we were even but as the day progressed I lost ground...likely due to my
poor CW skills. Paul's in an excellent location to feast on VE stations on 20
and 15 if the bands are open.

80m and 160m are only for thos serious folks that put a serious effort into
this contest. Western Canada stays on 20m at the start and 40m does not open
well until a lot of the VE3 stations head for bed. Of course 80m is even

15m provided a good opening to ON and quite good to BC. AB was weak and SK was
pure ESP contacts.

Spent too much time looking for the territories on 15 and 20 without success.
Never did hear any of them.

The only station heard on 10m was N4PN, other than a local.

I am sure next year Cary VE4EA will assemble a powerhouse CW team and take the
RAC torch.

73 all and thanks for the patience and QSO's

W4VIC   M/S HP   4,0002013-07-01 19:17:42
I guess it has finally sunk in that this is not a CW contest. Lots of Qs noted
on SSB but not so many on CW, and few of them calling CQ. I'm glad to
participate even if not in a record setting category. Thanks for the Qs. 73,
Vic, W4VIC
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   61,4322013-07-01 19:36:13
2013 SFI = 108 A = 10 K = 1
2012 SFI = 122 A = 20 K = 2-4
2011 SFI = 89 A = 12 K = 2
2010 SFI = 74 A = 17 K = 4

What a high-band washout, yet again. 10M and 15M were big disappointments.
Heard a W7 watery and weak on 10M but that was all.

80M played pretty well, but not much activity. 40M was good, though it emptied
out rather early. Were PEI, NT, NU and YT on any CW band?

No antenna connected for 160M this time -- missed three likely mults there,
given how nicely 80M was playing.

I continue to wonder why organizers won't drop the 6M and (particularly) 2M
bands. We need repeaters by the bushel in BC for a reason, RAC.

Thanks for the contacts. Hope you had fun. Happy Canada Day.

-- Bud VA7ST

2013: 467 0 28 61,432 HP
2012: 523 0 25 53,900 HP
2011: 346 0 26 46,748 HP
2010: 292 0 17 22,576 HP
2009: 475 0 30 72,720 HP
2008: 306 0 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 0 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 0 23 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 19,642
VE4EA   M/S LP   131,7002013-07-01 19:52:44
Using wires (+ a 20m vertical) and low-power, our simple objective was to push
up the VE4 Low Power Multi-Single record (2008=90,000) a little bit.

We were coming off what was reportedly the most intense solar storm in the past
5 years. Many of us will feel as though dodged a an operating bullet (Sunday
and Monday).

Thanks to all those who worked us.
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   16,9682013-07-01 19:56:05
Just a 4 hour dabble, to test my new P3 panadaptor in contesting!
VE6ZZZ   SOAB HP   178,7162013-07-01 20:09:07
Disturbed radio conditions, beautiful wx,and a regular workday for the rest of
the world makes for an interesting challenge!
Tnx to all for your participation in this year's Canada Day Contest....73!
VE7JH(@VE7UF)   SOAB/CW HP   181,8602013-07-01 20:11:25
Duane, VE7UF offered me his superstation for the 2013 RAC Contest when I
mentioned to him that I'd like to break Victor, VA2WDQ/VA2WA's 2010 SOABCW
record of 189,216 points. The plans of mice and men...

160m was in poor shape, I tried my best to eek out contacts there by moving
stations down from 80m.
80m was O.K. for the time of the year, though being a workday morning not too
many nighthawks there.
40m was quite busy, got all the way out to the other coast to VO1GO's station.
20m was very busy, lot of Canadians and even more of our friends from the
South. There was but a sprinkling of JA's but plenty of Europe at the end.
15m played well, there were openings of different length, just had to be there
at the right time.
10m had an off day.

I operated SO6R (Multi-Multi setup with 6 operating positions in one room), so
I did a lot of jumping back and forth between bands.
No luck catching any of the Territories, but picked up PE and NL on two bands.

I don't know if my 181k will cut the mustard this year, but looks like Victor's
record will stand for at least one more year ;-)

Thanks to all who came out and shared Canada's birthday with us.

Gabor, VE7JH
AL9A   M/S HP   6,6222013-07-01 21:52:12
Not much of an effort this year. With a SF of 100 and the A index at 32 the
only workable band was 20M. When 20M folded I was done for the day. Too many
family activities on Monday needing my attention to even get the radio turned
on at all.
K1GI   SOAB HP   3,7922013-07-01 22:23:49
Just short time effort, but much fun after sever magnetic storm.

K6MM   SOAB LP   17,0002013-07-01 23:21:51
Limited time but always a fun contest. 73, John, K6MM
K6CSL   SOAB/CW LP   3,9842013-07-02 02:27:21
Conditions were not the best. I think the bands were still recovering from the
weekend solar storm. I 2011 I did 72 in 14 mults for 5,628. I had really hoped
that conditions would be better. I was hoping to beat the 2011 record score.
Oh, well. Maybe conditions will be better for the RAC Winter event. I had fun
anyway. Bert, K6CSL
K8MR   SOAB/CW QRP   3,2602013-07-02 03:08:44
Not much activity for a weekday contest. Too close to Canada for much of the
high band activity. OTOH, on a good day I can work Canada on 1296...
W1UJ   SOAB/CW HP   31,5042013-07-02 03:15:37
I really enjoy this each Canada Day.


Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 11 104 3
7 114 578 7
14 173 702 10
21 6 48 2
Total 304 1432 22
Score: 31,504
VE1ZD   SOAB/Ph LP   26,4482013-07-02 05:04:52
Thank goodness for our American friends; propagation and seeming participation
in Canada was terrible most of the day.
VE3HG   SOSB/20 QRP   13,1762013-07-02 05:25:21
Nice conditions for QRP.
VY2RAC(VY2LI)   SOAB LP   7,1642013-07-02 05:43:05
Lots of family around for the holiday weekend,so had no plans to operate.Since
no one requested the RAC call, it looked like there would be no bonus station
on for the contest.A small window opened for me to operate from approx.18:00 to
19:30.,so I tried to get into as many logs as possible given the short time
frame.Ironically, the US pileup was deeper than Canadian callers.I was prepared
to move for anyone, but received only one request! Happy Canada Day.Bill (PEI
KEØG   SOAB/CW QRP   4,9722013-07-02 07:51:19
K3 at 5 watts to a pair of 74' dipoles at right angles, up 50' and fed with
ladder lines, switchable, tuned with a pair of classic Johnson 275 watt
Matchboxes. Enjoyed the contest, and a happy First of July to all of you in VE
land. C U next time. 73, Dan, ke0g
KN4Y   SOAB/CW LP   17,1762013-07-02 10:25:25
Enjoy working the great CW operators north of the boarder. Ten meters was a
pleasant surprise.
VE3AAQ   SOAB LP   18,6402013-07-02 10:32:16
A little operating while recovering from knee suregry. I've spent too much time
on my knees the last few years, fruitlessly praying for good propagation.
VE3AD   SOAB/Ph HP   9,2522013-07-02 11:05:01
WN4AFP(DAVE)   SOAB/CW QRP   2,5622013-07-02 12:52:42
My first RAC contest! Enjoyed it, even running QRP.

73's Dave WN4AFP
VE7XF   SOAB/CW HP   113,3342013-07-02 13:02:36
All the comments on the poor condx have already been made!
Plasma TV has made any Qs on 80m a real struggle.
Many times I felt that I'd worked the band(s) out, and had a little nap.
I'm very encouraged by the number of VE4s showing up in contests - just like
the good old days! (This from an ex-VE4.)
I used to battle Victor for a reasonable score, now I have to contend with
Gabor too! Maybe time to take up knitting instead of contesting :-(

Ralph, VE7XF
WA2BCK   SOAB HP   147,2942013-07-02 13:11:36
This contest was a lot of fun! My first in a while and it gave me a chance to
pick up a few QSOs for my 5 Band Canada award.
N6GP   SOAB HP   74,6762013-07-02 14:35:24
Tough conditions, but a lot of fun wishing my Canadian friends a Happy Canada
Day (HCD on CW). Probably going to be my personal best for a long time.
VE3SS   SOSB/20 HP   1,6202013-07-02 17:31:21
Managed to get on the radio for 45 min.
Wish I had more time.
Lots of activity as usual.
73 Ted VE3SS
VE6SV   M/M HP   779,9402013-07-02 17:37:55
First and foremost as a station owner I have to thank my operating team
as the team makes the score. The operators that manned the chairs for me is
what it is all about.

As others have already mentioned prop was not the best and we really missed
the production of Qs and Mults that the 15M and 10M bands offer when open.

Also this year's contest for the VE6SV station was a first ever entry as MM
operation. Moving mults is skill as a team we need to master.

73, Team VE6SV
VA7BEC   M/S LP   203,2622013-07-02 18:06:18
I haven’t been able to participate in a Canada Day contest for several years.
Always busy with work and family stuff. However, this year, the most pressing
tasks were under control and I wondered out loud if I might try a few hours in
the contest. My dear OM, Koji VA7KO, said he would happily split operating
duties with me, and we'd enter as a MOST, with him on CW, and me VA7BEC on SSB.
I had to promise to give him sufficient time in the chair -- yes, I tend to
ignore the operator schedule if a pileup situation develops.
Well, as many others have commented, propagation was awful on the high bands,
so the challenge to attract a pleup and then sustain activity was tough. Hence,
it wasn't too difficult to give up the chair, in the hope that CW might be more
productive. It wasn't necessarily so, and I was soon back in the chair. :)
It was great to hear many familiar callsigns and exchange a "hello, how
are you?" -- more on SSB than CW, of course -- as this contest always
generates an atmosphere conducive to pleasantries.
Given the very challenging band conditions and a few household interruptions
that left the chair empty, we are pleased with our results. VA7BEC was
obviously a welcome multiplier for many stations, including some outside North
America, and by the same token, we were happy to hear so many VE4s and VE5s as
well as stations in the Maritimes. US participation is always welcome, as well.
Indeed, all the activity makes for a great day at the radio.
For myself, I was very pleased to hear a VY0 -- my first NU contact ever!!
Every contest, big or small, always provides a first of some sort.
On behalf of the VA7BEC team, I extend a big thank you to everyone in the log.
Your great ears and/or considerable patience/perseverance despite the noise
made RAC Canada Day 2013 very enjoyable.
To all the US stations, thanks for the "Happy birthday Canada"
wishes. We return the sentiment with a "Happy Fourth of July".
Oh, and Ralph VE7XF, I have needles, some yarn and an easy pattern for socks,
if you’re interested. ;)

Rebecca VA7BEC and Koji VA7KO
VE3BW   SOAB LP   91,0002013-07-03 04:39:45
Always a fun contest!
VY2SS   SOAB LP   11,2282013-07-03 05:16:47
Yaesu FT-450D - 80W
VE3CV   SOSB/20 LP   7,8962013-07-03 11:42:02
Only 2 hours at the start of the contest on 20m. Nice run on phone and nice to
be called by John, HK3C and VY0CF from NU. No time on Sunday. Thanks for the
73 and Happy Canada Day!
K9YC   SOAB LP   106,8782013-07-03 13:24:34
This was, as usual, a fun contest, even with pretty crummy conditions. 15M
barely opened, 10M not at all. 75M SSB participation was quite thin.
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   31,3202013-07-03 19:50:40
KX3, 5w, verticals, 80m dipole, 160m wire. Poor conditions for QRP most of the
time, but fun nonetheless. Count: 140 Qs, 7 RAC, 58 Cdn, 75 DX. N3FJP's logger
does not break out the mults.
WA8HSB   SOAB/CW QRP   4722013-07-03 21:23:49
Nice way to spend a couple hours of vacation at home QTH after doing some yard
work. Kenwood TS-850S at 5 watts to attic antennas; 2 element yagi on 20m and
inverted vee on 40m. Thanks for the Qs!!

73, John
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   101,3202013-07-04 11:04:40
Just ran an 8-10 hour on/off operation in between many visitors on the Canada
Day weekend and fireworks. Ground-wave QSO's on all bands/modes help as well as
the ever growing number of US ops in the contest. Happy post-Canada Day and 4th
of July holidays to all! Tnx for QSO's!

Rig: TS2000 @ 100W & HamGadgets MKII keyer
Ant: 160M (N-S) & 80M (E-W) OCF inverted dipoles; 20M vertical dipole &
44' sloper dipole (N) with remote located LDG tuner all hung from 42' tower.
Logger: N1MM Logger, V12.11.2
VE3CX   SOAB HP   383,1042013-07-05 02:31:53
Thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX
VA7IR   SOSB/20 QRP   4962013-07-07 16:38:12
Was only on for a short time, next time i will have more time.
VE3VZ   M/S HP   27,2362013-07-09 10:25:46
Part time casual effort. Like usual had high hopes. But still no beam up. I had
problems with everything. I had packet going so the multi category, but I never
used it. I had my little amp ,used it on 20 with 300w but not on the other
bands. 100 w on the rest. I found the low bands were almost dead here so I
spent most of my time on 20.
equipment: FT 1000MP
FL 7000
R8 vertical
VE6RAC(@VE6KD)   M/M HP   377,1362013-07-15 08:48:03
Conditions were marginal but was still lots of fun
K3KU   SOAB LP   52,0102013-07-19 13:51:27
I stumbled into this one and had a great time. Can't figure out why I missed it
from 2008 thru 2012. Hoping to be ready for next year, with more time

Claimed score is from CT, but I don't know if my dot-dat (etc.) files are
up-to-date enough. I'll trust the log checking software to calculate the
correct score.
VA3RAC(@VE3YAA)   M/M HP   763,8542013-07-31 12:27:46
The shown above was made from VE3YAA station.
Most of the time we were on the air on three bands CW and SSB.
In spite of poor propagation and low activity to the end of
the contest we had more that 1600 QSO's in the log.
We want to say thank you to all of you guys who called us and
contributed to our final result.

73, Igor VE3ZF