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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2016   Spring   Comment Summary

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AD8J   Single Op HP   2222016-03-12 18:33:13
Went QRT after abut 75 minutes as the SWR shot way up. I suspect a problem with
the antenna feedpoint. I'll check it out next time I'm at the remote site.
W6NF   Single Op LP   4052016-03-12 23:15:16
Tough at the start but much better later. Actually had a nice run with 100 watts
and a long-wire antenna at 24 feet. The antenna precludes any real DX but still
had fun.
N1LN   Single Op HP   1,0402016-03-13 04:37:41
Conditions were pretty good with many strong stations from EU. First EU in the
log came at 2308 UTC. Quit early at 0400 UTC and started again in the morning
at 1021 UTC. Nice to get T32CO in the log as well as 2 big point JA QSOs.

Bruce N1LN
VE3CV   Single Op LP   3452016-03-13 04:44:28
Thanks for new Stew in Spring. Last chance to use my temporary Beverages and
BOGs. Not a lot of EU heard here...went to bed before EU
sunrise... but T32CO made it into my log for a 34 pointer! No NH6 heard. All
S&P with 90 Watts.
See you in the Summer Stew!
Jeff VE3CV
KM4HI   Single Op LP   2572016-03-13 05:26:57
Missed previous SP test in December. Low activity but fun for a few hours.
Frontal QRN increased into Sunday at SR. Thanks for the Q's.
73 - Jim KM4HI
K8MR   Single Op LP   1302016-03-13 05:38:12
Dragged out the big loading coil which lets my 50 ft wire in the trees load OK
with the K3 tuner. Not much of a ground system and lots of urban noise. I'm
sure that it you worked me, you earned it.

73 - Jim K8MR
K8AJS   Single Op LP   1812016-03-13 05:43:49
I don't do a lot on 160 because of a truly awful local noise level that has
developed over the last couple of years, and I haven't been able to track down.
I want to thank everyone who heard me for the QSOs, and I'm sorry for any I
missed because I couldn't hear you.

For some reason I haven't pinned down, I was having problems with keying in
N1MM+ and wound up using my Logikey K3 memory keyer for this contest. Because
of a keyer glitch, I lost one QSO in the contest from the log, I don't know the
callsign I lost, but I apologize now to the person who is not going to show up
in my log.

Thanks again to everyone for the contacts, and looking forward to the next

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/ P3 100 watts
Ant: 204-foot G5RV
Software: N1MM+ v1/0.5513.0
N3QE   Single Op HP   2062016-03-13 05:48:34
Got on for less than an hour, after NAS RTTY. Found fine conditions on 160M,
zero thunderstorm noise, decent to EU, superb to US west coast.
KIØI   Single Op LP   1,1432016-03-13 06:32:58
A good turnout for a 160m spring event. Not that bad for QRN as anticipated.
Best dx JE1BMJ - T32CO- GW3YDX.
IV3YYK was on freq sat nite but QRM killed the Q.
Nice to work Max KH6ZM agn.
Thank all for the qso's , I guess it's abt time to roll up the rcv wires so
mowing season can get underway.
IC 756PRO3 100w to Bazooka fed coax INV L , 530' bev., K9AY loop, N1MM+
73 Mark KI0I
K4MM   Multi-Op HP   4462016-03-13 06:43:30
Atmospheric and line noise make 160 tough here. Did make a few good dx qso's.
Never heard the T32.
Used RBN so I entered as Multi-op.

RIG: FT-950
AMP: NCL-2000
ANT: 130' Inverted "L"

Thanks for the Q's. 73

Tom K4MM
WC7S   Single Op QRP   2612016-03-13 07:00:25
Way to short on time this year. Looking for more next time.
Simple wire dipole, at 60 ft. K2 at 5 watts. See you in the next one!!
K8IA   Single Op HP   8072016-03-13 07:08:53
A spingtime Stew! What a great idea.

About 85% SP, as I was using the high signal volume to dial in two new rx
antennas I erected this week, and to work some of the wrinkles out we
experienced on Topband during the N7AT operations here for CQWW CW, CQ160 CW
and ARRL DX CW. Some success and some work yet to do.

Next up here will be xyl Sandy N7RQ doing her usual SOSB15 effort for CQWPX

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
VO1HP   Single Op LP   1092016-03-13 07:17:05
Spent my weekend time in RSGB BERU ...just a few minutes here in the SP to show
the flag!
DJ1YFK   Single Op LP   52016-03-13 07:20:49
K2, 10W, Vertical (10m long)
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   1,3722016-03-13 07:21:47
After about four hours into the contest
I got a serious clue that it was gona
be a looong night.
I'd been running 1819 for couple hours
and was forced to make a trip down the hall.
Got back bout 10 minutes later and my run
frequency was still available.
In a Stew Perry, that ain't good news!

Most of the big counters were deep in the qrn.
I'll not brag about them until I see what Tree sez.

The usual, about 1200 out to 1/4 wave vert
and pasture full of beverages.

Oh, Ah think Ah cud do lot better than 1200,
but I like to let this amp run cool.
If it bites the dust, Ah don't want it ta
be cause Ah was greedy.

Thanks for the good times,
Doug, n5ect
Handy Man at WD5R
W9AV   Single Op LP   2792016-03-13 07:49:43
Power outage at second QTH kept me off the air until almost midnight, and then I
just operated for 1 hour because of the switch to daylight time.
WQ5L   Single Op LP   8782016-03-13 07:53:46
Great conditions with some huge signals from west coast. I expected lots of QRM
given all the bad wx in this area the past few days, but, nope. Very quiet
early and only slightly noisy late. Best DX GW3YDX, KH6ZM. 73 de WQ5L
K9JWV   Single Op QRP   9152016-03-13 08:06:16
Lots of QRN Saturday evening....quiet as a church mouse Sunday morning. With a
new Inverted U antenna, worked T32CO for a new one on Top Band. Thanks to all
for pulling my peanut whistle out of the mud.
KØPK   Single Op LP   7242016-03-13 08:14:04
Nice to have one more CW test on 160 before the summer QRN season arrives. Band
was fairly quiet and conditions not great but OK. Not a lot of activity. Best
DX was KP2. Heard KV4FZ several times but Herb couldn't hear me.

Thanks to the Boring guys for putting this on. It wasn't boring!

Thanks for the Qs!

73 - Paul, K0PK
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   Single Op LP   1412016-03-13 08:16:09
K3 + Inverted L

Low activity..

Got ET7L in my log (Not in contest)

73! Andy
VA7ST   Single Op LP   1132016-03-13 08:47:32
Just one hour spread over several sessions Saturday night.

FCP isolator installed with two of the old 135' elevated radials under the
Inverted-L. Seemed to hear more than before, but the recommended folded
counterpoise will be a spring project.
N5UL   Single Op HP   3332016-03-13 09:08:21
Lot of QRN after dark! Thanks for all the QSO's. 73, CHAS
K7XC   Single Op HP   4852016-03-13 09:22:01
Had to stop around 1AM as I couldn't stay awake any longer. Hardly anyone on
during daylight hours. Surprised to be called by T32, NP2, KH6, & KV4FZ
while CQing. Activity seemed down, only coming in spurts. Conditions were
pretty good actually but my local QRM from nearby power lines prevented working
everyone that called. K3, IC2-KL, Inv L 40' Tall and 175' total length, series
capacitor and 4 radials laying on top the sand we call soil in this part of
Nevada. Worked DM52 in daylight which was cool! 73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh...

Adapt, Overcome, Succeed !
K1WHS   Single Op QRP   1342016-03-13 09:30:38
I got a really late start on the Spring Stew. (Stuff happens!) I had great
plans. I wanted to get on early in the evening, and was all ready at about
21:30 UT. I turned on the radio and hooked up the WIN Keyer. I even heard many
EU stations calling 3DA0IJ while the Sun was still up in the sky. Then the
emergencies started and all my plans went out the window. I never got to even
turn on the amp and HV supply. I got back home about 0130 UT and the first
thing I did was try to find the 3DA0 station! There he was sandwiched in
between a few SP CQers so I listened and called and eventually got through for
country #144. That put me in a great mood, so I happily started the Stew Perry
at about 0200 UT and the first station worked was NO3M who was running his old
19 watt boat anchor rig. I figured I would call him on low power and we had an
easy QSO, so I decided to stay on QRP for the time remaining. I only lasted two
hours! By local midnite, my eyes were watering and stinging and I had to quit,
but I was amazed at what I could work with 5 watts. It was rare for someone NOT
to come back to my calls. I just tuned up and down the band and called stations
as I heard them. No CQing for me. I did not make it quite to the West Coast,
but I am sure that I would have if I could stay up longer. Quitting at local
midnight is not such a good move on my part. Things are just warming up then!
As far as I can tell, I think Stew Perry participants tend to have better
receiving setups than those who operate in some other contests. How else can I
explain feeling "loud" while running 5 watts? I found conditions
stateside to be quite good. Europe was not so good, but I think it may have
been more "activity" vs conditions. I tried calling a few EU
stations, but nary got even a QRZ. That is a very tough path from here with 5
watts. After a few attempts, I stuck to using my wires that favored the USA.
All in all, I had a great time running QRP. The QRM level was low. Every
operator I heard was very polite. In every case when I was struggling to
exchange information with a distant station, other callers stood by and waited.
When I was finished, multiple callers started up calling the same station. That
was nice. I wish I could have been QRV for a longer time. It was fun while it
KA1J   Single Op LP   6962016-03-13 09:49:00
Nice to work everyone again. I always look forward to SP, 160 is so much more
fun for me than other bands.

Interesting conditions, there was an EU contest going on that caused me to end
up listening to contesters working a different contest. The conditions were
pretty nice in this area, relatively quiet except for my eternal AMTRAK demons
that will never go away as long as there are electric trains.

Best DX of the test was T32CO. I heard quite a few stations I could not work
with my 99 watts and as much as I wished I had worked them, I'm also glad I
didn't run a sweep and then have nothing to claim for the rest of the contest.
Guess it all works out.

Hope to work you the next time we hear each other.

Gary, KA1J
K7ANT   Single Op LP   5122016-03-13 09:49:07
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   5552016-03-13 09:53:57
No EU heard. Best QSOs: K7RAT, K6SRZ, K6NR for 8 points. Only DX worked: XE2ST,
KE4S   Single Op HP   1122016-03-13 09:55:37
K3/P3, 4L SteppIR, 80M horizontal loop. My first SP event. The station is not
really set up for 160, but I wanted to give the event a small effort during the
evening hours. Mostly NE US; best was two Las Vegas stations shortly after
their sunset.
K6NV   Single Op HP   4582016-03-13 09:57:22
Interesting conditions, Q's seemed to come in spurts, east coast stations for
the most part were in my noise levels. Fortunately no power line noise, but
was fighting storm induced noise, switching between antennas for receive seemed
to make no difference. Interesting, really no DX for me, usually do pretty good
to the Pacific from here. Tnx for the Q's..........

K3 W/ KPA 500
Inverted L up 70'
K9AY Loop system for receive
NA8V   Single Op LP   1,0732016-03-13 10:21:16
I thought the condx were quite good, especially to the west coast which was a
welcome change from most of the 160 contests lately. Worked a couple EU in the
23z hour then nada. Heard quite a few calling other stations with good signals,
not many calling cq that i could find. Best DX were KH6AT and ZM. Activity was
very light, disappointing considering the condx but understandable given this
was the first running of the Spring SP and some burnout from a contest every

Great time, thanks for the Q's!

OU2I(OZ1BII)   Single Op LP   382016-03-13 10:30:03
Rig: Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr
See you in the next CW Contest
Best 73 de OU2I Henning
K1LT   Single Op HP   1,4712016-03-13 10:30:51
That was fun! I literally worked all continents except Antarctica,
although I had to go outside the contest for the African station. By
'literally' I mean that I worked a station on the continent instead of
on an island near the continent.

The weather forecast had been calling for thunderstorms and lots of
rain, but never heard any thunder and the QRN was very minor.
However, for several hours the west phased array heard lots of corona
discharges which sound like ignition noise from a strange engine and
have a peculiar pattern on the SDR. At one point the popping got to a
steady crackle and almost a whiteout on the SDR. But fortunately that
lasted only a few minutes.

I didn't make any station upgrades for this contest. I did set up the
TX nulling end-fire array, which tuned up great Saturday afternoon
with a nice S5 null of my 25 watt signal. Then when evening came
around, the best null I could get was 10 over S9 on the 25 watt
signal. At that level I can't receive closer than about 5 kHz to my
transmit frequency. But I was able to make a few SO2V type contacts.
The TX nulling (full duplex) RX antenna needs more work.

I had 2 instances of Writelog getting "stuck" in a mode which keys
K3 but the K3 produces 100 mw of noise shaped like a 3 kHz by 20 db
rectangle on the SDR. Windows puts up a modal dialog server busy,
switch task, retry, cancel' which makes no sense and does nothing when
clicked (must be some Visual Basic weirdness). Sometimes this
process also trips the amplifier's overdrive fault. In each case, I
have to close and restart Writelog to clear the condition.

Europe seemed in and out several times during the evening. At one
point RA1ABO and UD4F both popped way out of the noise for easy 17
point QSOs. At another point, it was a struggle to be heard by
YO3APJ. European sunrise was very productive although I ran out of
callers before the sunrise was over. Of course, Europe is usually an
easy continent to work.

I took a break to work 3DA0IJ who was actually audible for a change.
There has been no trace of his signal during the prior week. That was
my only African QSO for the evening.

I heard someone calling PJ2T but did not hear any PJ2s. FY5KE
supplied the South American QSO. For some reason I logged his grid as
being in FJ35 and then later heard him sending GJ35 to someone else.
I suppose it could have been a typo since F and G are adjacent on the
keyboard, but until I heard the second QSO, I would have told you that
I worked a station in FJ35.

T32CO was a nice compliment to KH6ZM and KH6AT for Oceania.

I worked 4 JA stations and RA0FF for an 'on continent' Asian. It has
been a long time since I have heard UA0 on 160. One JA call sounded
like JH1REV but he kept repeating his call suggesting that I had the
call wrong. I apologize for not getting the correct call before he
gave up.

Heard someone working VK5 and the VK5 was audible although not as
nicely as VK6GX later on for the Australian QSO.

DX worked: DL (7), EI (2), F (4), FY, G (2), GW, HI, I (3), JA (4),
KH6 (2), KP2 (3), OK, PA (3), SM, T32, UA, UA0, UR, VK, and YO.

Equipment: Elecraft K3/100, P3, K3/10 (rx only), Alpha 8410, 2x4 BSEF
array and SDR RX, 2x3 BSEF array and SDR RX, 12 Beverages, 65 foot Tee
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   212016-03-13 11:03:17
No time for SP this quick tune of the band early on.

73, Mike K9NW
KB8O   Single Op QRP   182016-03-13 11:03:42
after 10 minutes I was called into work ...

73 Jay KB8O
W8CO   Single Op HP   5272016-03-13 11:04:19
100% S&P
KU7Y   Single Op QRP   362016-03-13 11:10:11
Listened twice. Heard only 4 stations the first time and worked 2. Later I
heard a few more but most were very weak. Managed to be heard by 5 more.
Decided to get some sleep instead of listening to noise all night!! Thanks to
those who managed to dig me out of the noise. Ron, KU7Y

KX3 @ 5w
160m Vee @ 50 Ft
K1EL Winkeyer USB
K2AV   Single Op HP   1,2792016-03-13 11:44:37
A lot of the 160m mob conspicuous by their absence. But... What wonderful
conditions, like I haven't heard in NC since the prior sunspot minimum. As an
experiment, doing this 4th TBDC around the northern spring equinox was an
unqualified success. Anybody who missed it, missed a good one.

Left over from just completed medical treatments, unable to sit in operating
position more than hour or hour and a half. But conditions so good went and
laid down for a while and then had to come back.

Station: K3 + Alpha 8410. TX ant: L/FCP. FCP at 11 feet, 55 foot vertical wire
over FCP and 87 feet toward bearing 170 for horizontal. RX ant: loops on

Now that the last 160 event is done, K3 goes to bench for complete teardown,
the SYN upgrades, built-in preamp for 12-10-6, gold pins, DeOxit on all the
pins, yada, yada.

Thanx for Q's and 73, Guy
N6RO   Single Op HP   3702016-03-13 12:03:48
Three short spurts after SPRINT RTTY. Band seemed in good shape.
K5KC   Multi-Op HP   1,6422016-03-13 12:04:58
Many JA's calling, JA5DQH, JH1HDT, JH5FXP, had very nice signals, others were
difficult to copy due to a thunderstorm just west of Stillwater. Best DX VK6GX.
N3HEE   Single Op HP   5132016-03-13 12:07:28
I had no plans for a full effort this time. Conditions were the best I have
experienced in a long time on 160 meters. Very low local noise and low QRN
made for allot of fun. West coast stations were very strong and very easy to
work. I worked a bunch of them. I even had several EU stations call me. I
worked from 0300Z to 0800Z. Wish I would have got back on in the morning to
try for a JA or VK. K3/KW with inverted L and K2AV FCP. No RX antennas were
used or needed this time.
W3HAC(KØOO)   Multi-Op LP   4502016-03-13 12:36:09






K7CW   Single Op HP   5472016-03-13 13:16:15
Early in the evening, we usually play hell getting eastern stations to hear us,
but this time we were able to get through a little bit. Not much, but better
than not at all. This provided impetus to keep at it. I did hear one CT, a YV
and HC, but they were just too weak. Tried a lot for KV4FZ and finally got Herb
at 0800Z. His signal sounded like it was coming from inside an oil drum. This
was my most distant contact, but NP2X came in closely behind, followed by
T32CO, who was actively participating in the contest. Interestingly, remote
VY1AAA showed up with strong signals. I worked WQ4RP for 8 x 4 = 32 points.

Shut 'er down at 0830Z. Probably stay up all night for the Big Stew.
600W to Inverted-L w/7 radials. No Listening antennas yet.

73, Paul K7CW
W6JTI   Single Op LP   4952016-03-13 13:24:17
Contesting from my tiny hamshack on a mountain peak in this storm was
challenging. Nothing broke, but with so few stations to work I gave up at
0830Z. We need to recruit more contesters.
W6NS   Single Op HP   1232016-03-13 14:06:34
Rig: K3 ACOM1000. Antenna: Inverted V; no receiving antennas.

Had fun, may have worked a new state or two. I am not in it to win it, station
is RV portable. Thank you for the Qs.
HC2AO   Single Op LP   4392016-03-13 14:20:03
Checklog entry. I was running assistance free until realized that activity was
low and asked to spot me for EU (I did not want to miss the opening). Very
frustrating impression of the contest. Again it resembled NAQP with a bunch of
CQ machines listening Eastwards mostly. N3HEE and N3QE sat with CQs a few
clicks away from my run, both loud (no more DX windows) causing QRM. It took me
a while to knock thru to N6RK. WC6H was happily running w6, W7's without much
pauses in between his CQs. I didn't feel like going S&P, if folks are happy
with QSOs among themselves, be it. On the bright side - Some great signals and
ears. Farthest - UT, UA2 (not in contest), UA1 (SSB not in contest), DL, SM.
Ft1000mp at 80 watts
73 Alex
N3JNX   Single Op LP   542016-03-13 14:31:18
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's Stew Perry Contest Log 2.0
NAME: Joseph Yakoski
ADDRESS: 7 RoseMary Drive
ADDRESS: Tunkhannock,Pa 18657-9582
N3AM   Single Op LP   892016-03-13 14:34:57
Checklog only - used packet.
WØCW(NØTT)   Single Op HP   12016-03-13 15:03:57
I'll let the contest robot figure my score. I used my radio club's call sign
just for the fun of it. I also operated with my own call, N0TT, but not at the
same time.
NØTT   Single Op HP   12016-03-13 15:07:16
I'll let the contest robot figure my score. I also used my radio club's call
sign, W0CW, just for the fun of it, but not at the same time.
WA6URY   Single Op LP   1562016-03-13 15:58:19
100w to a 40m rotary dipole at 63 feet with a SGC 230 antenna coupler at the
feedpoint. Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
K1VC   Single Op LP   4982016-03-13 16:03:36
This was my first Stew Perry TBDC and I had a lot of fun. My scores reflects
90% S&P and I managed to build enough courage to run a few times. I want
to thank everyone I worked for being patient. I've used N1MM for many years
but N1MM+ was new to me and I learned a lot in the short time. Highlights:
working KV4FZ and having NP2X, WP2B and HI8A call me. I heard other DX but my
low 160 meter dipoles and low power just wasn't enough to be heard. Looking
forward to another TBDC...hopefully with higher antennas.
K5AF   Single Op LP   1582016-03-13 16:19:06
Beautiful QRN-free band in South Texas! Haven't heard anything like it in any
recent contest. I was surprised at how easy the QSOs came. I had planned to
just listen, so I just used my general QSO log, making it a bit awkward for
checking dupes. Thanks for your patience! No significant DX, but had a great
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op LP   2,2232016-03-13 17:13:12
Opted for LP this year. Entities worked were CT, EI, FY, G, HI, KP2, SM &
UA. Some good ears out there, and some not so good ones. See everyone in the
next bowl of Stew...
KV4FZ   Single Op LP   2,3682016-03-13 17:27:13
I had no intention of operating in the contest especially after working all day
on my Alpha 87A that has a strange Fault 37 problem only on 160 and 80 which I
was not able to fix. There was Swaziland on for the last night and hopefully I
could get some QRO on to try and work them. But when the sun went down the
band became alive buzzing with activity unlike anything I have ever heard
before in the spring. Since this version of the Stew was not really well known,
the temptation for me to get on was nonetheless irresistible. My first goal was
to get on for an hour and see if I could find Eric, NO3M, and his 11 watt MOPA
who promised to be on. Then I started getting call after call and that was all
it took.

R9IR, KH6ZM and KH6AT were exciting additions to the log. I think a few QRP
stations are in the log as well but the local QRM and QRM was ferocious at
times. best RX antenna was a 600 foots Beverage that somehow was knocked down
before the contest by a deer and was laying on the ground without a
termination. It was very quiet compared to the other Beverages and clicks from
a nearby station were reduced considerably. I stayed on one frequency
throughout the contest and the nearby clicks machine prevented me from S&P.
For those who called and got only a "agn" from me over and over, I
apologize. But others who just kept calling I was able to get them on a QSB
peak and when the clix stopped for a few seconds. I was a struggle for some to
keep calling but something I really thank them for.

Herb, KV4FZ
N5UM   Single Op LP   1692016-03-13 17:58:20
Only a very short time to play.
W1NN   Single Op LP   6372016-03-13 18:08:30
Operating remote from Japan where this is a daytime event. I didn't have high
expectations but after a 92-QSO first hour I decided to spend a little time
operating, although the rate plummeted after that first hour. I turned on the
repeat function and sat around 1812 and called CQ for several hours while
working on my 2015 taxes. At my dinner time, I took a break and then got back
on for a few minutes at Ohio sunrise in hopes of working KH6 but by then the
QRN level had risen noticeably and I never heard a peep. KH6AT and KH6ZW were
quite loud earlier but I never caught them calling CQ.

Signals from TX and the Southwest were the strongest I have ever heard on 160,
and those from the West Coast were also quite strong. I think I worked more
CA/WA/OR stations than in any other 160 contest I have worked, with quite a few
of them actually calling me. OTOH, I never heard a single EU station, although
I didn't spend a lot of time looking.

Thanks, Tree, for creating such a fun event.

Station: K3 and a dipole at about 50' average height.

73, Hal W1NN
Remote from Tokyo
K7NJ   Multi-Op HP   1,8372016-03-13 18:27:59
This was actually a Single-Op operation by me alone using a local Skimmer which
required entering the Multi-Op category. It isn't fair that Single-Op stations
using a skimmer must enter the Multi-Op category because true Multi-Op
have two or more operators with somebody at the radio all the time. It would
have been great to have a second operator for times that I needed a break. I
would have loved to take a short nap which is possible in a true Multi-Op
station without losing any contacts.The solution for fixing this inequity is
add a Single-Op Assisted category. Hopefully this will be added to the rules
the future.

The rig is a K3 with an Acom 2000A amplifier. The transmitting antenna was a
top-loaded 54 foot vertical with 60 full-size radials. Receiving was with 6
Beverages covering all important directions together with the transmitting
antenna in true-diversity mode.

The band was quiet, and conditions were good to most of the world except
Europe. I called several Europeans (YO, I, CT, EA), but none heard me.
Someday,I'll finish the 8 element circle array for Topband, and then,
hopefully, it will be possible to work all of the stations that are heard.
K6SRZ   Single Op HP   1012016-03-13 18:43:08
Conditions were kind of meh here. None of the usual morning opening to JA and
very few QSOs with the East Coast. It was nice to work T32 with 25 watts while
I waited for the amp to warm up. Activity was down.
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   292016-03-13 19:01:02
Daylight only Saturday morning and afternoon.

Best DX in the morning was W0YSE in WA state nearly 2 hours after sunup.

Best DX in the afternoon was WD5R in AR nearly 2 hours before sunset.

73 de Milt, N5IA, operator of N7GP
W9RE   Single Op HP   6492016-03-13 19:27:21
Great to hear so much activity on the band and a far amount of new calls to the

I had several stations give up after one or two calls which on 160 is not
enough when rotating through 8 directions.

Best DX was a 17 pointer an IZ8.
N5IA   Single Op HP   2,1642016-03-13 19:40:15
Usually by the time of the CQ 160 SSB 'test at the end of February T-Storms and
QRN play havoc with efficient Top Band operations. One day before this contest
a line of storms from the Gulf of Mexico heading north up along the Mississippi
River basin were generating large amounts of static preventing any low level
signals from being heard to the east from way out west.

Surprise, surprise, when the sun went down yesterday the band was clean as a
whistle. So, for me, conditions were quite decent, atmospheric wise.
Propagation was quite good to the USA east coast, but very light and sparse to

8S0DX, GW3YDX, CT1EKY, and F6AOJ for answering my CQ and with some difficulty
making it into my log.

It was great to catch the T32CO DX-Pedition CQing and participating in the
contest. Thanks to HC2AO, KH6AT and KH6ZM for calling in for double digit

Around midnight local time the conditions changed. The atmospherics made the
band noisy and signals from the west (Pacific) difficult to copy.

JH2FXK was the first JA to be logged at 0850. VK6GX called at 1150 for my best
DX of the night.

No ZL, RA, HL or BU were heard. The 2nd half of the night was LOOOOONG and

At 1253 JA5BIN was the last JA logged, for a total of 20. Not good but sure
better than nothing. Thanks JA ops for being patient while I asked for repeats
of your grid designator.

Total DXCC worked = 17.

Thanks for all the contacts, and CU in the next one.

73 de Milt, N5IA
K9MMS   Single Op HP   3872016-03-13 19:59:03
Logging and scoring via WinTest. About 75% via low power, and about 70% of QSOs
via CQs. Later switched to high power to work some of the DX (some worked with
LP.) Only heard one EU station through most of EU sunrise sweep. Activity
seemed rather low. Took too much time tuning for DX, and not much heard.
DX worked: KV4FZ, NP2X, IZ8JAI, FY5KE, HC2AO, XE2ST, XE3ARV, and NP4Z.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   7052016-03-13 20:07:02
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, Tee vertical. Good choice of weekend as it turned
out. Band was quiet Saturday night (but very noisy Sunday night). Signals
from the west, all the way to the coast, were pretty good and some answered me
who have not previously been able to hear me. We could use more participation.
I didn't stay up until European sunrise since there seemed to be no one left to
work on the band. UX1UA answered my CQ (Thanks Sergey!) Also worked IZ8JAI and
YO3APJ. Don't think any other Europeans, but I worked non in the real Stew Perry
in December. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
N7KN   Single Op QRP   2342016-03-13 21:22:33
Folded Counterpoise Inverted L, KX3
K4RO   Single Op HP   3162016-03-14 09:45:27
Got on for a bit after the RTTY Sprint. Band was in pretty good shape.
W9DCA   Single Op HP   892016-03-14 11:38:42
A small effort after flying back from Bike Week in Daytona.
VE4EA   Single Op LP   6412016-03-14 12:37:20
This was my first entering the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge.
I always enjoy the challenges and rewards that come with weak signal
propagation and detection.

I know there were stations calling that I wan't able to hear. Hopefully, that
will improve with the addition of a receiving antenna in the future.

73 and thanks for the contacts
Cary VE4EA

Double-L (modified C) antenna that wraps (and wraps) around my small city lot!
W7RH   Single Op LP   6922016-03-14 20:11:42
I'm glad this was a more or less trial run. I installed a new computer
and loaded all the programs. After two hours of operation I realized
the clock was wrong. Then a multi conductor keying cable with "moulded
Plug" failed. So much for that. I made repairs and went to

Highlght's of the short test. IV3YYK called CQ on my frequency
SOAPBOX: at 02:37 UTC 579 but could not hear me.

In the morning I worked AKI JA5DQH, T32CO and BU2AQ. Just goes to show that
160m is always open somewhere in darkness.

73, W7RH
AB4B   Single Op LP   2562016-03-15 07:58:30
Spent a little time on Sat evening to hand out a few contacts.
Activity seemed sorta low yet QRN level matched that. No RX antennas
right now so I worked what I heard.......

Looking fwd to the fall nw.

Tim , AB4B
Toonersville , AL
K7CA   Single Op HP   2,5902016-03-15 14:49:36
This contest was for me as good as the big Stew. Noise was low and signals were
at least as good as in December. I'm sure southern hemisphere stations had
better conditions as I worked VK2,VK3,VK4,VK5, and VK6 among other stations
down south. There could have been a bit more activity but I thought it was
good for the first running of the spring Stew. JA activity was good. I worked
33 of them as well as about 15 more that weren't in the contest and of those
only 2 could be talked into giving up their grid.

8 el BS/EF at 70/250 degrees (east coast/Australia)
6 el BS/EF at 45/225 degrees (Europe/New Zealand)
6 el BS/EF at 130/310 degrees (South America/Japan)
several 2WL beverages in important directions
K3S, AL-1500, N1MM+
W3TS   Single Op QRP   4802016-03-16 06:05:31
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts.
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE and
NW Flag. Plus 2 homebrew noise nullers. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot
town lot with the help of understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
W3CL   Multi-Op LP   2332016-03-16 18:00:32
Conditions were less than optimal from NC. Lots of QRN.
N1RR(@K1TTT)   Single Op HP   6882016-03-25 13:35:20
156 x 103
Best DX was RY9C ! Z-17 LO96

Op 2.5hrs between 2315Z and 0630Z

2ele phased verticals
FT1000MP > ACOM2000A
No grid from 5J0P