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European HF Championship   2011   Aug 6   Comment Summary

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OH1F(OH1NOA)   CW Only HP   417,0602011-08-06 17:09:44
The bands were in the great shape! Even 160m didn't sound as bad as last year. I
was a bit unlucky with multipliers on 40m, but otherwise smooth, relaxing
operating in the very hot ham shack.
DJ1YFK(@DJ6ZM/DL1A)   CW Only HP   371,5312011-08-06 17:14:51
FT2000, ACOM 2000A, antennas:

Thanks for all the QSOs, it was a great party with many old and some new
friends! First 6 hours were quite slow as usual (although 10/15m condx were
quite good), then the good rates on the lowbands started.

Missed some very easy mults, didn't move much, etc., the usual excuses.

See you in WAE CW next weekend from ZS6, while the boys here at DL1A will do
their usual M/S.

Fabian DJ1YFK
LY5W   Mixed HP   424,6602011-08-06 17:16:51
My best score ever :)
160m - Dipole with broken cable @ 26m SWR > 3
80m - Dipole @ 24mH
40m - 2el MOXON YAGI @ 3mH Direction ---> USA
20/15/10m - 6el KLM YAGI @ 6mH Direction ----> PY
Kenwood TS-850S + H.M. Power Amplifier - 1kW
Thank's for QSO's!
Next one - WAEDC CW next week.
73, Sam LY5W
4O3A   Mixed HP   416,5202011-08-06 17:19:39
Strange propagation. Had keying problems at the beginning. and one 15M antenna
broken, but it was solved in a fly.


S51A(S55O)   SSB Only HP   302,5052011-08-06 17:23:59
Thank you for all the qso. Thx to Lovro s50ld for the help with the antennas.

QSL via LOTW soon.

Till next time

Boštjan - Ian S55O
SVØXBZ/9(YL2VW)   CW Only LP   94,1402011-08-06 17:24:55
Thank you for the QSOs!

Rig: Icom 756Pro2, 100W

10m: 2 ele Moxon
15m, 20m: InvV
160m, 80m, 40m: single T shape vertical + automatic coupler + 3 radials

Hoped for 10m, but condx not too good there or did not catch the right moment.
The beginning did not seem too promising, probably due to the geomagnetic
storm, so even spend some time to work ST0R on 10m band.
But finished better than last year, because this year had some antenna on low
bands to collect some multipliers there.
Spiderpole, which I use to support low band antenna, is a bit broken after IOTA
adventures (waiting for 2 spare sections) and it was windy here, so had to work
with short version on low bands (about 7-8 m vertical part).

Agris (YL2VW, SV0XBZ/9)
EC1KR   SSB Only HP   258,0702011-08-06 17:37:10
Bad propagation, and I lose 1 hour aprox. to start the contest.
Rig = FT1000MP + OPTBEAM OB95 + 1ELM 40M + DIPOLE 80 and 160
Best 73 and see you during next Contest (IARU REG1 VHF in /P).

Jesus EC1KR
SJ2W(SM2LIY)   CW Only HP   395,9542011-08-06 17:38:35
Singelop 1 radio, because Mike was working on antenna switches, so had to
antennas manually out in the barn so was some timeconsuming activity to change

TNX to Mike SM2WMV letting me operate this one.
73 Per SM2LIY
LZ5R(LZ4UU)   Mixed HP   433,1432011-08-06 17:39:51
Very strange condx on the upper bands,spent too much time on 15/10,always felt
like the bands are opened,but there is nobody to call me.Especially on SSB:)
Otherwise,the low bands were great!!!

Date Hour Total LZ5R Running Total
2011-08-06 12 78 78 78
2011-08-06 13 64 64 142
2011-08-06 14 83 83 225
2011-08-06 15 130 130 355
2011-08-06 16 72 72 427
2011-08-06 17 102 102 529
2011-08-06 18 134 134 663
2011-08-06 19 152 152 815
2011-08-06 20 168 168 983
2011-08-06 21 133 133 1116
2011-08-06 22 122 122 1238
2011-08-06 23 105 105 1343
Total All Hours 1343 1343 0

73,and cu in next one!
MDØCCE   CW Only HP   124,4232011-08-06 17:42:34
Limited participation due to pressing work commitments. Lots of fun just
running - an enjoyable contest and I hope to be able to participate fully next


FT9K, Quadra - 400W
4-el SteppIR 10-15-20m
Inverted Vee - 40m
Vertical - 80, 160m
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   CW Only HP   366,1242011-08-06 18:54:47
Hi everybody!

It was again fun with you. Thanks for the contacts and your fine CW skills!

Use of spotting assistance have advanced my claimed score to 7,5% points (14
mults) - even I felt that 10/15 worked this year something better than the last
one. Best hour rate was only 128 Q while peaks with 250 Q/h and up were great.
Still I did something wrong on 20m!(?) The rain static was horrible here during
last 3 hours, except 15 minutes to the end.

DJ1YFK was able to neutralize my advantage of 50Q and to overbeat me this year.

Great combat of EU edging countries. Congratulations on the fine scores guys!

See you in QTC's next weekend, somewhere from Balkans.

73 Suad, DK6XZ
USØHZ   CW Only LP   199,6752011-08-06 20:41:45
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
HB9SVT   CW Only LP   20,6982011-08-06 22:30:34
Only S&P, bd cond, tks qso es 73 de Thomas (Tom)
SO2O(SQ2GXO)   Mixed HP   371,7902011-08-06 22:59:43
Slow start on high bands, nice finish on low bands.
Tnx for all QSOs.

Marek SQ2GXO
R3KM   CW Only HP   362,4002011-08-06 23:33:10
10m -6el Yagi
15m -6el Yagi
20m -6el Yagi
40/80/160m -IV
OH5TS   CW Only LP   166,7702011-08-06 23:54:14
Nice low power practice and test of the antennas though no antenna on 160m. 10m
was good to EU.
Rig K3, 100w
antennas 3 el triband quad 20 -10, 3 el 40m yagi, 80 m sloping dipole.
73 de Kari
F4ASK   SSB Only LP   8,5502011-08-06 23:59:11
IC-706, 100W, G5RV antenna + wire dipole for TEN
Bad propagation during the afternoon. No short skip for the countries around.
E74A   CW Only LP   124,0742011-08-07 00:00:34
I was not all the time ON and I am sorry. Thanks to all for contacts and
especially for QSO's on 160 becouse my ant there, was my yagi MY6T ( hi )
ANT's:160 MY6T -yagi,
80 - inv. V dipole,
40 - dipole,
20,15 and 10 MY6T - yagi

73 to all

Edin E74A
R5GA(@RT5G)   Mixed HP   401,5012011-08-07 00:47:26
Good contest but bad day.
Just before the start I found that remote antenna switch is broken.
That meant that I couldn't use 6 el yagi for 20/15/10 and 3 el on 40 and at my
disposal left me only a backup antenna high bands.
Later, when the time came to go on 160, I realized that something hapened also
with 160 GP. In addition to all, two PA and 1 PC have been broken.
So, last hour I just walked on 160 with 100 watts and wire@6 meters.
I'm lucky guy but not on that day :)

SP2LNW   CW Only HP   266,9232011-08-07 01:28:09
Tnx for nice Contest, 73 Slaw sp2lnw
OK7T(OK1FHI)   CW Only LP   138,4462011-08-07 01:38:26
Nice contest and 10m fb open.
TRX: FT2000 100W, ANT: 3ele.Yagi tribander, dipole
73 and cul next contest

Radek, OK1FHI
S56A   CW Only LP   247,3642011-08-07 01:49:24
I expected dead bands after 3 Sun flares but all six were lively! Low power was
disadvantage only on 160 m where I missed few easy mults. S&P with internet CW
Skimmer spots provided by S50ARX is fun. I'd have used paddle more for moving
people but I am spoiled with N1MM Logger ESM mode.

CU next QTC typist week & 73 de Mario, S56A
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   CW Only HP   337,9322011-08-07 01:57:43
I didn't know packet cluster was allowed? The ban got lifted from the rules?
I seem to remember it was forbidden in the past, so I didn't use the cluster
and was unassisted.

73 de Franki ON5ZO = OQ5M
OP4K   Mixed HP   170,1232011-08-07 02:06:38
Again a great contest with high band open.
Other commitments kept me away from the contest.

Yaesu FTDX5000mp
Acom 2000A
Optibeam OB18-6
Dipole + vertical for 80m
T loaded vertical with 1 radial for 160m

73 de Joe OP4K
DL4ME   CW Only HP   100,4952011-08-07 02:15:51
Vy QRN in the evening . . .
S5ØA   Mixed HP   497,7682011-08-07 02:24:19
Very good activity, specially on CW. High bands not in the right shape yet.

Tnx qsos,
Tine Brajnik, S50A
RA5D(RA3AUU)   SSB Only HP   290,9242011-08-07 02:28:49
It's a new contest site getting built these days nr Moscow with many things to
be done yet. Anyway, I was doing a first test drive.

Expected more stations on 10 and 15 m but looks they all were doing more CW
than SSB.

Harry RA3AUU
HG3R(HA3NU)   Mixed HP   441,8642011-08-07 02:36:04
Murphy never sleeps.
Just before the contest I have to faced the fact, that the 14Mc upper yagi's
SWR was wrong, and the rotator of 21 yagi was out of order, so I had to work on
20/15 to fix USA direction. A day before everything was OK... Concening I missed
the two direction operation on 20m, the final result is not so bad.
Tanks for QSO's.

73 Lacy HA3NU
RL3A(RL3FT)   Mixed HP   521,5652011-08-07 03:36:12
Tnx to All for this interesting contest!

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| Hr | 160 | 160 | 80 | 80 | 40 | 40 | 20 | 20 | 15 | 15 | 10 | 10 | Total |
| | CW | SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | CW |SSB | |
| 12 | | | | | | | | 55 | 28 | 11 | 16 | 1 | 111 |
| 13 | | | | | | | | | 76 | 16 | 6 | | 98 |
| 14 | | | | | | | | 76 | 23 | 3 | 5 | 2 | 109 |
| 15 | | | | | | |137 | | 20 | | 2 | | 159 |
| 16 | | | | | | | 64 | | | | 67 | | 131 |
| 17 | | | | | | | | | | | 49 | 78 | 127 |
| 18 | | | | | 1 | | 4 | 54 | 25 | 33 | | | 117 |
| 19 | | | | |163 | | | | | | | | 163 |
| 20 | | | | | 53 |105 | | | | | | | 158 |
| 21 | | |136 | | | 35 | | | | | | | 171 |
| 22 | | | 86 | 41 | | | | | | | | | 127 |
| 23 | 71 | 21 | | 35 | | | | | | | | | 127 |
| | 71 | 21 |222 | 76 | 217|140 |205 |185 |172 | 63 |145 | 81 | 1598 |

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73's Yury RL3FT(RL3A Team)
OK1IC   CW Only HP   346,9352011-08-07 03:49:42
Thanks for all the QSOs, nice contest and CU again.
73 Tomas OK1IC / OK1DPB
OH8X(OH2UA)   Mixed HP   499,2162011-08-07 04:33:29
It was fun! I was expecting a lot worse propagation, but fortunately this time
it was a positive surprise. Unfortunately low bands were really noisy up here
and made things somewhat slow. So I'm a bit low on QSO total. On the other hand
200+ Q's on 10M is something I wasn't even dreaming of ;)

Thank you all for QSO's and congratulations for great scores.

73 de Toni, OH2UA
9A/VE3ZIK(VE3ZIK/DK8ZZ)   Mixed LP   39,9602011-08-07 04:34:11
Just part time. Used L/4 GP's for 40 and 30m band. Nice run on 40m CW. First
time used by 9A5K, keep going Kreso, your program seems to be very
good, epsecially for HAMs who prefer Wintest...
9A7P(9A6XX)   Mixed HP   433,6712011-08-07 04:45:10
Fun time as always. Condx on upper bands were changing from minute to minute so
it was like a matter of luck to be at the perfect spot at the time given.

Some issues in the very last two hours like weather and laptop breaks, but
other then that I cant really complain.

Awesome competition! Compliments to all!

See you next week in WAE :-)

Hrle - 9A6XX
PG7V   CW Only LP   185,2202011-08-07 05:14:12
FT-2000, 100w
Cushcraft R7 vertical, DX-A sloper
RA1A(@RU1A)   Mixed HP   575,5962011-08-07 05:48:19
Strongly was late on high bands, probably therefore I have a failure on 160 and
80... I used SO2R only for condx's check and for QSY multipliers. Rate was high
enough, and to work on search during RUN was impossible for my skill...

It was pleasant to hear again the old friends. Thanks for the fun and
interesting competition to all. CU in WAE

RA1A (ex RA1AIP)
LZ8E(LZ2BE)   Mixed HP   342,1442011-08-07 06:05:41
It was strange condx on high bands as mentioned by other participants.
Few power outages happen between 16-18z creating a lot of mess with automation,
SSB was finally lost at 18z and till the end it was only CW:)
Congratulations to the competitors and thanks to all who worked with me!

Date Hour Total LZ8E Running Total
2011-08-06 12 131 131 131
2011-08-06 13 80 80 211
2011-08-06 14 81 81 292
2011-08-06 15 82 82 374
2011-08-06 16 34 34 408
2011-08-06 17 42 42 450
2011-08-06 18 110 110 560
2011-08-06 19 129 129 689
2011-08-06 20 121 121 810
2011-08-06 21 148 148 958
2011-08-06 22 89 89 1047
2011-08-06 23 105 105 1152
Total All Hours 1152 1152 0

73 Boyan
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   Mixed LP   251,4122011-08-07 07:11:08
Nice contest like always.
Short, fast, perfect for summer/leisure time.


HB9ARF   CW Only LP   173,7362011-08-07 07:27:02
TS-870 ( 100 Watts )
Antennas : Force 12 C-4s and Inverted L

73 Phil
OR2F   Mixed LP   14,4722011-08-07 08:15:15
still 20m band only :)
73 !
IK1SPR   CW Only HP   146,0432011-08-07 08:32:43
I worked a few hours from home, but the fun was great.

3 element tribander, hf2v
ic756pro, ic706 , u2r , wintest
gs35 amp

Ciao de Flavio
9A5W(@9A1A)   CW Only HP   443,0912011-08-07 09:38:38
My unplaned activity. I had to stay at home instead to be on Adriatic coast.
Summer is part of year when beverages usualy are not installed. Exception was
beverage to NE direction. I did not have time to install something to NW
direction. That is why I lost a nice number of QSOs&Mults on noisy 80 and 160m
bands.Sorry to all who called me, and not coppied by me.
Ejoyed in excellent contest, with great activity.
DL1REM/P   CW Only HP   131,7952011-08-07 09:53:53
Rig: FT-1000MP + Acom 1010
Ant: Dipole @ 30ft.

73's de Frank DL1REM
GW4BLE   SSB Only HP   52,6752011-08-07 10:06:55
SOAPBOX: Spent more time in contest this year than in 2010.
SOAPBOX: Maybe do full 12 hours next year?
SOAPBOX: audio from contacts made in contest available here:
S52W   Mixed LP   284,0002011-08-07 13:00:36
PWR - 100W
ANT - 3el ECO beam + wires

Maybe spent too much time on SSB. Using S50ARX skimmer cluster was also
unproductive, due GPRS link failures . I had to restart connection a few times
per hour. At that time were a lot of ? and AGNs :-(. 160m antena was just few
meters above ground. Score is a bit higher then expected. I left a lot of place
for set-up improvements for next EUHFC. TNX all for QSOs and organisers SCC for
great contest.

73 Damjan S52W
F8DBF(@F6KHM)   Mixed HP   468,8062011-08-07 13:59:52
Thanks all for QSO.
see you on another contest.
YO9HP   SSB Only HP   204,5162011-08-07 23:41:49
I never did SSB-HP category in EUHFC, so I decided to give it a try.
Unfortunately the propagation was not the best on high bands. I was very
disappointed by poor condx on 15 and 10 m bands. I never managed a decent run
in those bands, although some EU signals were very loud. On the other hand the
lack of Rx antenna on 160 and 80 m lead to low number of QSO-s in those bands
too… But enough complaining, so thank you all for calling me and see you in
WAE-CW, next weekend. 73, Alex
IQ1RY(IZ1LBG)   SSB Only HP   285,9482011-08-08 01:28:51
Contest with strange propagation on high bands, 10m band seamed to be open but
not many people reply to my CQ.

Many thanks to IQ1RY group to let me use again the station!

Thanks to all for QSOs!

Filippo IZ1LBG
I4DZ(IK2QEI)   Mixed HP   417,5792011-08-08 01:42:41
Thanks to Fulvio IK4MGP and Francesco IK4HVR to let me use IR4M shack, thanks
also to Giancarlo I4DZ. Good Es start on 10 and 15, after we have an hour of
thunderstorm with heavy qrn but for 16z sun come back and noise went away. Hard
to find a good frequency on 40m, 160m was very good but I need more time there.
EUHFC is alwasy a good one, with a lot of partecipants and perfect organization
made by SCC (thanks). 73, Stefano IK2QEI
HG6N(HA3OV)   Mixed HP   421,0322011-08-08 01:59:26
It seems I waste too much time in S&P.
YT6W(@YT3M)   CW Only LP   258,0962011-08-08 02:30:21
Tks all for q's and qsy's!

YTØZ(YU1ZZ)   CW Only HP   401,2662011-08-08 04:44:37
Milan YU1ZZ - YT0Z
YU1JW   SSB Only LP   108,4162011-08-08 04:55:20
ES5RR(ES2RR)   Mixed HP   580,0292011-08-08 05:50:56
The total number of QSO's is 1722, minus 9 dupes, minus 2 non-EU QSO's and the
number of valid QSO's equals 1711, which is exactly the same number as RA1A
has! :-)

10 meters conditions were a pleasant surprise. I ended up spending a lot of
time on 10 and actually I owe a big thanks for my 10 meters numbers to HA6VB
whom I asked to QSY from 15 to 10 meters quite late in the evening only to
discover that 10 was wide open.

Naturally, after spending that much time on 10 I was late to almost all the
other bands. 20 meters was especially scary - by the time I got to 20 CW around
19:00 Z I had there only 8 (!) QSO's - and the band sounded closed! I called CQ
on almost empty band and eventually managed to work somewhat decent number of
Q's, all of them with quite weak signals. At the end the only time I could
spare for 160 meters was the last 29 minutes of the contest and that of course
shows in the low multiplier count.

Another surprise - not that nice - was when I read DK6XZ's post and discovered
that using assistance was allowed this year. I didn't know that. Guess reading
the rules before contest would have helped ;-) I believe using packet and
skimmers could have easily added another 10 mults and maybe 50 or so QSO's,
pushing the total score over the 600k mark. I was using the second radio quite
actively looking for S&P Q's and overall I made around 150 second radio
contacts. Here the "point'n'shoot"-type of assistance of a skimmer or cluster
could have really helped.

Comparing my numbers with RA1A it looks like a rematch of the last WRTC. Our
QSO counts are equal and the difference in scores is less than 0.6%. It all
comes down to the log checking to decide which one of us will end up with
higher ranking. Still waiting for LY9A and perhaps some other high scorers to
post their results.

Overall another positive experience with this contest that has become one of my
favourites. Lots of excellent CW-operators!

Thanks to all for the QSO's!

Toivo, ES5RR

| Hr | QSO's |
| 12 | 167 |
| 13 | 136 |
| 14 | 124 |
| 15 | 107 |
| 16 | 133 |
| 17 | 182 |
| 18 | 146 |
| 19 | 125 |
| 20 | 141 |
| 21 | 139 |
| 22 | 138 |
| 23 | 184 |
| | 1722 |
LY9A   Mixed LP   336,1652011-08-08 07:03:48
FT-1000MP + dipoles.

This year I did not intend to compete very seriously. I just set my goal of
1000 QSO using wire antennas and 100 W.
There was only 80m dipole antenna hanging up until late Friday evening and I
still had to do hard work on Saturday morning making 160m dipole from zero,
lifting up all 5 remaining wire antennas (some of them finaly got shape of Inv
Vee, some of slopers), drilling holes in the wall for bringing feedlines to
shack, making lot of soldering etc. Sure, I was short of time and started
contesting at only 12:23 without of any rig and antennas test. Shortly I've
discovered very high noise on high bands, especially on 20m (constant S9), but
there was no time to make any research to locate the source of it. I was
thinking that some water pomp or other similar devices at my hours or at my
neighbours may make this problem. I simply dived in to the Contest for the next
12.5 hours.
You can imagine my feeling on Sunday evening when I located the source of
the problem which costed me a number of QSO's and Mults on 20, 15 and 10M! The
small 5 Volts stabiliser in my SO2R box made all that nasty noise!

Some 24 hours before start of the Contest I've send message to Robert S57AW
which contained following words:
"For me is very sad to hear that cluster was allowed for SO. My opinion is very
strict - using of cluster, skimmers is the help from other persons and not
compatible with definition of Single Operator.
I guess this EU HF will be my last one. Sri. Only club competition and national
competition drives me to enter contest where packet is allowed for SO.
Same with RDXC. The next RDXC (2012) will be my last one. Decision is taken
Other contesters may have different opinion of course."

Sri, but my experience in this EU HF Championship just confirms my decision
I've made earlier.
We do not need to put up an aluminium or buy expensive radios to play computer
Producers should think now of making radios without of tuning knob at all, I

After 12 hours I spend looking at the computer screen following spots, I feel
myself very bad about the future of contesting. My eyes still burning and I'm
really in doubt of putting my Yagi's up.

73! Gedas LY9A
S5ØC(S53CC)   CW Only HP   370,0002011-08-08 11:40:38
Low band antennas where put up 2 hours before the contest.
160m antenna was repaired during contest on the fly.

I tried to move few mult's but not much interest on other side.
Will be so2r in the next one.

Nice CW activity and many great ops out there.

73, s53cc
S57AW   Mixed LP   233,5612011-08-08 13:41:06
10m was open to EU almost entire contest. Nice activity and many good ops.

K3@100W, 3-band Quad and dipole

73 Robert, S57AW
OM3BH(@OM3RMM)   Mixed HP   470,7992011-08-08 21:15:16
I have lost too many multipliers on 15/10m which were closed in our area.
Thanks for nice contest.
Rasto OM3BH
S53M(S51FB)   SSB Only HP   290,9492011-08-09 09:19:56
Thanks for all calls.

Miha / S51FB
HA8BE   Mixed LP   203,4902011-08-09 09:35:20
Rig: IC-756
Ant: 8el. Log.per, Vertical, OCF-8B(FD-4)

Nice contest!
Thank you for all QSOs!

73, Bela/HA8BE
OL6P(OK2PP)   CW Only LP   172,5442011-08-09 12:47:04
Very nice contest.
Thaks all for QSOs.

73, Petr OK2PP
UR5FCM   CW Only QRP   5,5502011-08-09 12:59:33
Antenna: W3DZZ, Rig: TX ->HomeMade QRP, RX -> DCR 40m, Pwr: 5 Watt(s. At first
it was hard work because it does not matter felt. But still very strong signals
on 40m stations At 80m it was even harder work. Worked at 5 watts on 40-80
meters I thought I'd give up everything then have 40 QSO's, but then still made
over the last year ...Yes, even unwound during the test bay cable from the
antenna (an extra piece of cable so as not to cut through the window, was
twisted into a small bay). I was told that it creates a delay line, but the
difference did not see ... The passage was a strange one. At night on 40m
rattled local stations
DM2RM   CW Only LP   8,3252011-08-10 00:25:26
My very first only-CW Contest... Sometimes it was hard but I had a lot of fun!
See you in the next Contest :-) 73 de Ron DM2RM
EA5DFV   SSB Only HP   228,5642011-08-10 01:22:14
Fun! I wanted to spend more time on the contest, but anyway I enjoyed it a lot.
The upper bands have strong noise here and I was confortamble only on 40m.
Thanks for the QSO.

73 de Jose
OL5Y(OK1FUA)   Mixed HP   336,7792011-08-10 04:27:22
It was very nice contest as usually. I like it especially because the stations
with small antennas can compete with those big ones. I accepted the fact that
my position in the centre of the activity is big disadvantage on high bands,
but I can profit little bit on low bands. The "10 changes in hour" rule reduces
the advantage of SO2R, but it force me to think more and use different strategy.
Thanks to all for QSO! I am looking forward to the next year!
RIG: 2x IC756, 3el ECO at 20m, inv. vees, ACOM 2000A, MK2R+, N1MM
EA3KU   CW Only LP   246,3392011-08-11 10:28:26
I expended too much time on the higer bands specially on 21 mhz where the
conditions were not to good and consequently I lost a very precious time that
probably the most of the operations were on 40 meters.
I cant used the 12 hours provided for the contest. I was doing maintenance on
the antennas the days before the contest and I could not lift to full height
with my antenna tower at the began of the contest and I was doing throughout
the afternoon. That's a slow process that requires much effort.
Anyway I'm very happy with the result that I got in my category of SO LOW POWER

EA3KU Fernando.
IW9HIK   SSB Only HP   4,9352011-08-12 10:51:47
RTX. Kenwood ts 850 # AMP. acom 1010 # ANT. maldol vk5jr

See you next time ...73' de IW9HIK