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His Maj. King of Spain Contest, CW   2014   May 17   Comment Summary

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LY1ØW(LY5W)   SOSB/15 LP   25,5602014-05-18 05:19:57
9 dupes from UN Contest? Send LOG to UN also.
QSL via LY5W
N3QE   SOAB HP   18,0092014-05-18 06:19:02
Only a little time available. Very interesting opening to JA on 15M in last
W6SX   SOAB HP   3502014-05-18 11:25:05
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
9A6A   SOSB/40 HP   39,2252014-05-18 11:52:32
RIG: TS690S + PA
Ant: GP
AA3B   SOAB HP   221,8612014-05-18 11:54:08
Some overlap with UN contest.
K3TN(@K4VV)   SOAB HP   73,5762014-05-18 14:58:29
Had to stay indoors on Saturday so chose to spend time the EA CW test since it
started Saturday am. Didn't realize the UN test was going on as well - that
actually seemed to have more activity on Saturday. Both had serial number for
exchange, but many people seemed worried about which test I was in.

Not all that much EA activity in this one, but some good rates at times. There
was a nice opening in the afternoon on 10 to EU where I worked an S9 EF5Y, so
tried CQing but nothing.
N2SO   SOAB LP   2,9162014-05-18 15:29:59
N1MM logging software did not recognize the SMR special call province. Had to
manually correct the log file. Thanks for nice Contest. See you next year. 73,
Charles, N2SO
KN4Y   SOAB LP   7,5952014-05-18 18:13:37
Just worked EA stations while working mobiles returning from the Dayton Ham
fest. Worked most of the EA stations on three bands. Operations were not fast,
operations were not slow, it was a half fast operation.
XV4Y   SOSB/15 LP   6122014-05-18 20:25:36
Very limited time (90 minutes) and marginal conditions...
Stats and logs are here :
W1END   SOAB LP   7,0202014-05-19 03:13:21
I worked EA0JC but can't find him in my log. Must have forgot to hit the enter
button on the keyboard. Oh well will try again next year.
Thanks to all for the qso's.

Eldon - W1END
EA7RM   SOSB/40 HP   26,4122014-05-19 10:30:47
73S, Nino
EC7AKV   SOSB/40 LP   16,1242014-05-19 11:06:18
Results is only for 40M, omited others bands.
EA5ON   SOAB LP   6,0162014-05-19 14:07:11
I made a late decision to put in a few hours from Teruel province (TE) and give
out a few mults. Operated parked in a lonely field in the middle of nowhere.
Propagation was just starting to hot up as it was almost time to leave. My poor
CW was made worse by a badly adjusted paddle and no computer interface, thanks
to those who put up with my poor keying and slow receiving. Fun time in spite
of few hours and low rate.
K4BAI(@K4BAII)   SOAB HP   53,0192014-05-20 15:48:13
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, TH6DXX, dipole. Pretty good conditions on 15, 20, and 40.
Only three QSOs on 10 (two in EA8 and EA5BY). No contest signals heard on 80M.
Activity was better than in previous years. Nice to work the King's call EF0JC.
Thanks for all the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.