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SEDXC 50th Anniversary Contest   2008   Sep 20   Comment Summary

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N3FP/5Ø   Member HP   6092008-09-21 17:34:51
The contest was a lot of fun, even with our current band conditions. I did work
one DX station, and lots of other club members.
N4PN/5Ø   Member HP   6,2582008-09-21 17:39:48
This was fun....could "scare-up" plenty of activity on SSB....much
harder to almost impossible on CW...Worked lots of ole friends/
Had 354 Q's at the end of time on Saturday afternoon....left for
Savannah and my grand daughters Gym Meet at 8am on Sunday morning.
Had figured I would not get back before the close at 8pm, but made
it back in time for one quick hour on 20 and 40m...for an additional
96 Q's....and thanks to my good friend Gordon, K4OD, for moving all
over the place to give me many additional mults (if I understand
the rules correctly), including 6 meters...
Thanks to Bobo, K4UEE and all at SEDXC for coming up with this great
idea and Chaz for putting a contest program together....
All weekend long as I explained what the /50 was all about and our
50 years as a club, I could not help but think of that small group
that use to meet in downtown Atlanta at the old Fulton National
Bank Building....can that possibly be 50 years??? No way, huh?
73, Paul, N4PN
KB9OWD   Non-Member LP   32008-09-21 18:15:45
Must admit I forgot about this one. I was at a wedding on Saturday in Green Bay
and got home mid afternoon Sunday. Took a nap and got on for the last 2 hours
of the Salmon Run. I heard Bob, K4UEE and remembered the event was going on.
Worked K4UEE, K4BAI and NN4ZZ all in the last 15 minutes for the 3 QSO's.
Sorry guys that this one slipped my mind, would have been fun to mix in with a
little Salmon Run action.


W4GKF   Member LP   4,1802008-09-21 19:39:03
I had a great time! I think we spread the name of the Southeastern DX Club
around the world for sure.

Thanks to everyone (member of the SEDXC and non-members) who participated and
those who downloaded and used my logging program!


Chaz, W4GKF
SEDXC Webmaster & Database Dude
Author: SEDXC 50th Anniversary Contest Logger
K4BAI   Member HP   812008-09-23 08:26:11
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Have enjoyed being a
member of SEDXC since 1962. Didn't hear much activity in the anniversary
contest until near the end of the second time period. Thanks for the QSOs.
Hope to see all members at the dinner in December. 73, John, K4BAI.
N2WB/5Ø   Member HP   5,5082008-09-23 12:08:03
Icom IC-7800, Acom 2000A (1.5k), F-12 C19XR @ 23 Meters. 40 Meter DX Vertical.
Enjoyed the Test, lots of fun. Worked 15 SEDXC Members.

Thank you to ALL in the LOG.

Best 73

Bill N2WB

K4JPD   Non-Member HP   1,0502008-09-25 06:08:12
Nice to hear SEDXC members on the air. Several well know calls were MIA. If I
did not live so far away, I would love to be a member of this esteemed group.
N4GRN/5Ø   Member HP   842008-09-28 07:29:20
Only worked from 2PM to approx 5PM EST Sunday 9/21/08.
W4QO/5Ø   Member LP   2,2262008-09-28 17:14:51
I missed that there was a QRP category or I would have entered as QRP. Ran 150
watts to 40M EDZ. Had lots of fun.