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GACW WWSA CW DX Contest   2011   Jun 11   Comment Summary

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OK1JOC   SOAB LP   23,7602011-06-12 07:16:38
HB9CVQ   SOAB HP   71,5002011-06-12 08:05:48
Condition very bad , not many stns QRV. 300W, 3 elYagi, 40m DP @27m, 2x25m DP @
14m for 80m ,Flex 5000C , Acom 2000A, N1MM Logger
LU7HZ   SOSB/10 QRP   5,1152011-06-12 08:13:54
Propagation on 10 mts lasted just few hours on saturday and opened briefly right
before contest closing time. First time participating and enjoying it vry much.
Hopefully more US stations would join next year. 73 de Pedro LU7HZ
HI3TT   SOSB/20 LP   11,5922011-06-12 08:15:28
Elecraft K3
3 Elem 20m

SA Station ):
LS1D   M/M HP   953,9012011-06-12 08:29:16
Many thanks to all the QSOs.
We've worked part time.
The condx were many poor and is the first time than worked with 2 stations
running at same time, this test was for future competitions.
We have a little troubles but will fix for the next time!

Distribution the points:

50% LUCG LU Contest Group
50% GACW Grupo Argentino de Telegrafia

CU the all in the IARU HF Championship!

73, Team LS1D "Six Stars Contest Station"
AA3B   M/S HP   183,4802011-06-12 08:42:30
I used the RBN.
LY5W   SOAB LP   51,2502011-06-12 09:10:00
90% qso'S with EUROPE. No condx this year, low antenna's, low power, too much
another event's in one weekend on the air,.....
Sometime's called CQ WWSA, than was lazy to work in my country "rancho" garden
See You next contest - maybe All Asian CW.
73, Sam LY5W
OR2F(ON8LDS)   SOSB/20 LP   5,2442011-06-12 10:07:46
73 !
NQ2W   SOAB QRP   3222011-06-12 11:23:59
Just listened here and there to see who could hear me. Thanks for hearing my QRP
signal. 73, Will, NQ2W
OK1DVM   SOAB QRP   25,1872011-06-12 12:25:20
Tu for fine contest.

OK7M(OK1DIG)   SOSB/40 HP   70,8052011-06-12 12:53:39
First entry into the GACW WWSA CW DX Contest. After checking the bands I choose
SOSB 40m and had some fun there. It was nice to see the activity from SA on 40m
CW. 19% of the contacts were from SA ( 29 x LU, 24 x PY and others ).

Rig: K3 + PA
Ant: 4 el yagi @ 30m + RX 4 sq

73's Daniel OK7M ( OK1DIG )
N2WN   SOAB LP   10,1282011-06-13 05:17:11
Worked a few more folks this year...
DL7BY   SOAB LP   4,6802011-06-13 08:07:35
TRX: FT920

ANT: A4S by Cushcraft@10 mtrs + windom@12 mtrs

Nice contest, but condx make it possible, that SA was not really to work. Much
worse than during the WPX CW. Just for fun.

Cu in IARU

73s es best dx