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Ontario QSO Party   2007   Apr 21   Comment Summary

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N2WN   SO CW QRP   1,0202007-04-22 06:35:48
Caught VA3CCO and VA3RAC for the bonus pts. Heard a few folks in S&P mode, would
have been new multipliers had they called CQ. Had hoped for a couple 160 Q's but
didn't hear anyone on the Top Band. Thanks for the contest!

CU in the TnQP.

KD2MX   Single Op LP   5722007-04-22 10:13:43
Not much time for this one. Got a few on 40M during Saturday running qrp.
Added some late night on 80M & 160M but qrn was high so I had to turn up the
power to be heard. Got some more Sunday morning while puttering around the
shack though 40M condx were not good. Could've added a few multipliers had I
been able to get the S&Pers. Oh well...thanks for the contest.
K6LA   Single Op HP   4,6552007-04-22 11:07:00
There is so much VE3 activity in the CQP, SS, etc. that I figured I'd be real
busy, but either conditions were terrible, VE3s didn't show up, or they were
using NVIS skywarmer antennas so I couldn't hear them.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
WA1FCN   Single Op LP   14,7842007-04-22 11:28:21
A real slow paced contest,,,,This would be great for a new contester
to get started in.....This was my first time in Ontario QSO Party.
WB8JUI   SO CW LP   3,7762007-04-22 11:32:05
Score includes all applicable QSO bonus points.

Worked our neighbors to the North while also operating the Michigan QSO party.

Thanks to all for the QSOs. Special thanks to VE3UTT for 4 bands. I look
forward to working you all again during the RAC Canada Day Contest July 1st.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE3XD   Single Op LP   91,2052007-04-22 12:10:20
I had planned to work only phone this time but couldn't resist giving a few Qs
and maybe mults on CW. But the phone activity was by far the most active from
here and especially from our neighbours to the south. Compared to last year
conditions were great although my noise level made many contacts difficult
especially on the low bands.

Sunday morning was slow but after a 2 hour absence to take my daughter to the
airport I came back to find 20m just amazing. In the last 45 minutes I had
worked 75 U.S. stations many from close in states such as NY, NJ and PA. Worked
my 500th station as time ran out.

This year was by far my best result of any Ontario QSO Party. Thanks to all.

73, Don VE3XD
W3LL   SO SSB LP   5,8082007-04-22 12:40:43
First time in this event and looking forward to next year.

73, Bud W3LL
VE3TA   Single Op HP   4,1712007-04-22 12:54:31
Operated just over an hour from my Orangeville QTH (DUF) then later went to help
at VE3MIS club station.
K5YAA   Single Op HP   1,3122007-04-22 13:37:20
Point total includes bonus points for Qs with CCO, ODX and RAC - I think they
are calculated correctly!

Signals were good and activity robust when the party lit off but was in the
middle of the MQP chasing mobiles so only spared a few short bursts working
Ontario stations. 40 meter SSB signals were particularly strong here in the
evening. Planned to get on Sunday AM but 12 hours in the MQP took the steam out
of me.

Thanks to the Contest Club Ontario for their efforts. I could tell activity
was high for this one.

VA7ST   Single Op LP   502007-04-22 13:49:01
N1MM Logger automaticlly scored for me, but I could have done this one in my
head. Five -- count 'em -- five CW Qs through Saturday and Sunday sessions.
Meanwhile, Michigan was comparatively buzzing with CW activity. Either Ontario
QSO Party is for SSBers almost exclusively, few CW ops turned their antennas
West, or propagation was so spotlighted that W8 was in and VE3 was out from BC.
Yikes. Maybe next year it'll be better. Even so, I had fun looking around and
very occasionally finding someone in Ontario, and the organizers sure put
together a well-run contest. Thanks to all involved.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   1,9002007-04-22 18:05:56
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for the QSOs. 73,
K6MM   Single Op HP   602007-04-22 19:55:40
Was it low VE3 participation, or did I just not hear them? 73, John, K6MM.
VA3RAC(VA3NR)   Single Op LP   88,6082007-04-22 19:56:41
[Mk-V field, FT840, 100watts, DXCC dipole at 35', HF6V vertical, 160m inv-L.]

Conditions certainly better than last year. 40m tuned out to be my best band.
How to play 40 phone is always a tough choice - I would be happy if we could
just hold the contest up in the US portion but thats not where the casual VE3's
hang out. Listening split fouls up SO2R for me. I did make sure to spend lots
of time up in the US band simplex and was rewarded with lots of stateside QSOs
and mults. Thanks!

Sunday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised there was some short skip on 20m.
W1, W2 and some Eastern VE3's were loud here. I don't remember much short skip
on 20 or 40 last year. I feel we've made it through the worst of the cycle and
conditions will be even better next year.

My opinion is that many of the casual VE3's are focused on S&Ping for counties
and making inside-Ontario QSOs. In the future I hope we can help develop more
interest in CQing and running pileups. There's so many multipliers outside
Ontario that its good strategy to CALL CQ and lots of FUN, even for smaller
stations (like mine).

Thanks to RAC for use of the callsign. Thanks to all who participated - the
rovers, mobiles, multi's, out-of-state, plaque sponsors, CCO exec. and
volunteers, and everyone who made a few QSOs.

Like always- I learned a few things and next time will try for even better!

Chris VA3NR
VA3CCO(VE3KZ)   Single Op HP   324,7862007-04-23 06:19:54
Conditions here were tough on Saturday and I can understand how it must have
been for the west coast stations trying to work us. In addition the noise
levels were very bad on the low bands. It was miraculous how 20 and 40 opened
up mid-day on Sunday! Suddenly there were VE3's on 40 and W's knee deep on 20.
Best hour on 20 was 100 Q's on SSB. On 40, 13 new multipliers in the last hour
made it more interesting than one would expect.
Thanks to everyone who participated. My score was up an aditional 100k from my
MS operation last year in 7 less hours of possible operating time. I believe
the rule changes worked! Less time on VHF meant more time on HF.
See you on Canada Day!
73 Bob VE3KZ
VA3RJ   SO CW LP   1,3202007-04-23 08:59:35
Propagation Gods took a vacation! :-(
KØHC(@WØBH)   M/S HP   9362007-04-23 09:27:07
Since the same comments apply to both the MIQP and ONQP, the following is posted
to both events:

Score includes 3 contacts with bonus stations.

I was asked to demo ham radio at a Hesston College Aviation event at the Newton
City-County Airport in Newton KS. A station was set up inside the Hesston
College hanger and students had fun working Ontario (and Michigan for the
MIQP). It was so windy that I didn't want to try getting on the roof to put up
antennas, so used the Hustler verticals on the van parked outside on the ramp.
When I arrived at the airport, power had just gone out and didn't return for
the next 3 hours, so everyone got a good emergency ops demo, too!

Operating conditions were great during the late morning and early afternoon
with signals booming through the external speaker. Couldn't ask for better.
After the event, went back to the home QTH and one of my students continued
operating both events from there with me "helping" on the CW.

Thanks to all the rovers and fixed stations for making this an enjoyable
weekend, and thanks to the contest sponsors and coordinators for putting it all
together. I think we might have gotten several new recruits to ham radio!

73, Bob, w0bh
VE3CX   Single Op HP   53,7212007-04-23 19:21:34
Heavy QRN on 80M Saturday night - made for tough going. On a brigher note, 40
was great - worked a station in ND who indicated he was "Tractor mobile"! I
just had to smile when I heard that :-)
VE3VZ   SO SSB LP   3002007-04-24 08:50:28
Just gave out some points to the real contesters. Only had a piece of random
wire up on the roof, and auto tunner in rig. Best swr 3:1 would not tune in cw
portion. Surprized when Bob called me from Algoma on 80.Wish I had antennas for
a real effort.I was working on my antenna instead of doing the contest. Maybe
next year?

73 Don VE3VZ
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   5,6162007-04-24 15:40:35
Good thing 80 had some activity or prop was OK on 80.

VE3CRU/R   Mobile Multi-Op LP   28,7942007-04-25 16:28:03
Great weather, good conditions, lots of fun. Only missed in PET for rover bonus
points. Sure enjoyed introducing a newbie to contesting. Betty did
exceptionally well.
Had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting so many friendly operators.
Betty VE3BLH
VE3WIB   SO SSB HP   350,4462007-04-25 16:54:59
Great Contest , lots of stations even with the bad conditions. fun Contest again
this year and it seems to be growing every year.
VA3OR   Single Op LP   11,4842007-04-30 17:23:22
Hmmmm Sunspot activity was strong. I guess I mean the sun was finally out for
the first weekend, so I was spotted out in the yard doing yardwork. Nice
talking to a bunch of old friends, though.
N8C(K8GT)   Single Op LP   802007-05-30 21:25:28
TNX ALSO FOR THE MI QSO PARTY QSOs. N8C Special Event for the Mackinac Bridge
50th Anniversary