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NCCC RTTY Sprint Ladder   2014   Oct 10   Comment Summary

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N3QE   Single Op LP   5002014-10-09 19:16:33
So so many calls heard in-flight but not worked! Great to have so many folks on!
See you Saturday for 4 hours of this!
W1UJ   Single Op LP   5722014-10-09 19:17:41
Band Qso's Mults Time
20M 7 5 3
40M 13 11 14
80M 6 6 10
--- --- ---
TOTAL = 26Q * 22M 27 Min

SCORE = 26Q * 22S = 572 points

Raw QSOs = 26
Total band changes = 8
K7SV   Single Op LP   3002014-10-09 19:17:49
CU this weekend!
N6RO   Single Op LP   8322014-10-09 19:19:28
Great participation tonite. 20/40 good, but 80m not long enough and noisy.

CU in the Sprint on Saturday.
W7OM   Single Op LP   6502014-10-09 19:23:19
Have score for full ladder not previously listed. Best of lot is tonight's.
See you Saturday.
W7WHY   Single Op LP   3202014-10-09 19:23:23
First time I've done this one in this ladder.

Blew something in the 20 meter beam today. Some kind of short in the coax.
Had to use the 20meter delta loop instead of the beam.

K1RO   Single Op LP   3422014-10-09 19:25:09
Good activity. Started to get the rhythym near the end. Maybe I will figure it
out Saturday with 4 hours of practice. :-)
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   4402014-10-09 19:35:28
At the NN7SS station for the final night of NS RTTY
Ladder, and to setup and practice the SO2R.

20m and 40m great. Lots of new calls - Welcome!

Just after sunset and a bit early for 80m when QRP.
Heard a bunch of you, but couldn't get noticed.

Thanks for the NS RTTY Ladder fun!

NN7SS Burt WA (K6UFO op)

20m: C-3 at 52ft
40m: Cushcraft 40-2cd at 48 ft
80m: Delta Loop from 70 ft
Two Kenwood TS-590s turned down to 5 watts
Writelog, MMTTY, microham keyer
SDR-IQ and Spectravue Panadapter
N4DW   Single Op LP   1602014-10-09 20:12:59
Just thought I'd add a new call to the fray.
N8EA   Single Op LP   4412014-10-09 20:20:22
21*21 !
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   1442014-10-10 01:53:17
Perfect score symmetry in the arena of almost total incompetence.