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RSGB International Sprint Contest, CW   2009   Apr 11   Comment Summary

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DL6RAI   Single Op HP   1572009-04-12 01:14:10
This is the first time I moved stations around - with good success! New
automated band switching is very helpful and makes QSY-ing easy. Now I need an
amp that will follow the band.

Most signals were tiny on 20 meters, but made QSOs even in the last hour on
this band. 40 was good and best band, as expected. 80 should have best coverage
but some stations do not seem to have an antenna.

CU next week on SSB!
DL5AXX   Single Op LP   1112009-04-12 01:52:07
while on easter visit I used this time a portable setup, FD4 apex at 7m, the
ends at 1m and 100w
20m was disappointing...

73 and keep sprinting
CT1ILT   Single Op HP   1802009-04-12 02:14:54
Cndx were very strange this time... specially on 20m...

This was a moving sprint... a lot of station moved

73's CU SSB part next weekend
Filipe CT1ILT
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   Single Op LP   1232009-04-12 04:13:38
Hi all!
Nice and enjoyable contest. CU in SSB part again.
LY9A   Single Op LP   832009-04-12 05:00:24
My original intention this year was to participate in all 4 EU Sprint 2009
contests full time. Unfortunately, life made it's major correction to it. We
had to participate in very sad event instead. Members of our club get together
in Kaunas to say last good bye to one of our best friends, radio elmers for
many of us, Arvydas, LY2OO. He was one of the main organisers of the first
Multi op contest expeditions in former USSR (4L7A back in 1966), long time
operator of our club station (UP2KNP, UK2PAF, UK2PCR, UP1BZO, LY2ZO, LY7A), one
of the main persons during further club contest expeditions (UF6A, EW6V, RF3V).
Almost 50 years ago Arvydas was introduced to the CW code and liked it so much.
He switched over from volleyball (He was a member of Lithuanian national
volleyball team at that time)to the radio sport for the rest of His life.
Arvydas (Arwi) loved idea of European Sprint contests and took part in these
events many times.
RIP my friend.

Returned from Arvydas funeral ceremony just in time to make some QSO in EU

73!Gedas, LY9A

P.S. FT1000MP, 80 M band dipole.
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   Single Op HP   1402009-04-12 07:28:19
Hello Sprinters!

Thanks all for keeping us moving. I aproached the contest seriously, but after
first 20-30 minutes losed the hope to ever reach the real tempo. To search and
call sometimes 2 up to 4 minutes in order to complete a QSO on 20 m was simpley
to much for the very begin > even two antenna directions were covered with 4L
each ( 37/18 m ). Did not belive to need any ( tought about ) back-up antenna
here. Obviously, it was - for the given propagations - the wrong way of
thinking. Anyway, after bad first 45 min was not able to find any rithm and
additional motivation to move STNs to the band that I am not able to hear
anything on.

Stations worked on all three bands: YL1ZO, ES2MC, SM6X ( Scan/Balt ); UZ4L,
G4BUO ( EU West-Coast ); and finally, F5VIH ( via earth wave ), OK6Y, I2WIJ,
HA1YI and DL6RAI, the highlights - trough finding the skip to my antenna on

As I can recall, Andy ( YL1ZO ) was trough all three bands remarcably strong
here, as well Arvo ( ES2MC )...

Dave ( G4BUO ) made us remember on SK Paolo ( I2UIY ) in a very fine manner. So
thank you Dave...

See you soon

73 Suad, DK6XZ ( E77XZ )
YL1ZO(YL2GQT)   Single Op HP   1412009-04-12 13:31:03
it is the first time when I make a decision to take part in 4 EU SPRINT parts
in 2009. Condition was good on 40m, but 20m ... there is much to be desired.
Better signals coming from NA.

73 and see you in SSB.
I2WIJ   Single Op LP   1132009-04-14 07:37:01
Thanks Dave G4BUO for remembering Paolo(I2UIY-SK)!

Not too bad with my 706-MKII, an R7 with a broken matching unit
and a dipole for 80M.
Couldn't work the full 4 hours due to various phone calls from
friends greeting for the Easter Holydays.

Very disappointing 20M, where I stayed too much at the beginning
before move to 40. 20M were much better later when I could work
stations I wasn't able to hear before.
Thanks to all who moved back to 20 for a QSO, and to Nigel G3TXF
as well, who moved but was "worked" by somebody else before me! Aaghh..!!!
80M was my best band: this tells you all!
G4BUO   Single Op HP   1482009-04-14 13:25:18
Bad conditions on 20m, but we need more activity! Come on EU contesters, it can
be fun to do a contest where you have to turn the dial!

See you on Saturday 18th April 16.00-19.59UTC for the SSB Sprint

Dave G4BUO
RW3FO(@RK3AWL)   Single Op HP   1612009-04-19 06:09:45
Thank all of you guys for keeping EuSprint alive!

Webcam photo archive at ,
contest period images are from 20090411-2000 to 20090411-2330.

Setup: 2 x IC-756proII, homemade filters, PAs and SO2R box, TR-Log.
Antennas (all are quads): 20m - 6+6+4 el., 40m - 4+2+2 el., 80m - 2+2+2 el.