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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2010   Dec 18   Comment Summary

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K3PP   Single Op HP   1772010-12-18 19:46:28
Just dropped by to hand out a few QSOs. Condx seemed VY FB! Merry Christmas!!
K6III   Single Op LP   762010-12-18 21:22:01
Just on for a little bit to pass out CM99. 100w, Double-L
UA9BA(@RW9AW)   Single Op QRP   1972010-12-18 22:13:20
CNDX seemed down, activity could be greater, but some VY good ears out there!
Used a quarterwave sloper from 28 mh tower and K3 rated at 5.0 W. The ONLY USA
stn heard was K9DX at 23:30 Z. The most distant stns were a couple of Gs and
TF4M (wkd on a 1st cll - CONGRATS!). TU to all who
made it into my log! 73's & GL, Willy UA9BA
W4IX   Single Op LP   6452010-12-19 00:03:53
Heard alot of Euros, couldnt get through with the low dipole and 100W. Did get
KH6LC... Thanks for the Q's 73's Merry Xmas & Happy New Yearf to all!!!!
K6LL   Multi-Op HP   1,2672010-12-19 00:45:43
It was an interesting few hours. My station doesn't play very well on 160, and
the background QRN is very high. I connected to the closest public skimmer,
which is 300 miles away, which is not allowed by the rules, so this is only a
checklog. I give up on 160 from here. I told the xyl that if I ever mention a
160 contest again, just drag out the .45 and plug me on the spot, saving us
both a lot of aggravation.
MDØCCE   Single Op HP   1,4432010-12-19 00:56:25
Some good conditions but lots of long, deep QSB. Longest QSOs were VK6GX,
JH4UYB and PY1NB. Good conditions 1-2 hours before SR gave great promise for a
sunrise peak, but they collapsed 30 minutes before SR. A few QSOs from the 9A
contest were welcome as well.

FTDX9000D, Quadra set at 400w
Titanex vertical, RX - Beverage

73, Bob
OK1SKJ   Single Op LP   4092010-12-19 01:17:40
FT-950 100W
KP2DX(KP2BH)   Single Op LP   512010-12-19 02:02:02
noisy band at this end.need to improve inverted L.
KH7Y   Single Op HP   1,8792010-12-19 03:54:30
AE4O   Single Op LP   2422010-12-19 04:10:04
K2 @ 80W. Inverted "L". N1MM. S&P. Thanks!
K1EP   Single Op LP   1,7072010-12-19 04:51:48
The band was quiet this weekend, but the activity level seemed to be down. I
only heard a couple of UR stations, but didn't work any. Didn't hear any KH6
stations and only a handful of Caribbean stations. I wonder if the contest
date had anything to do with the seemingly low level of participants. There
were a few other contests this weekend (RAC, 9A, Russian 160) too. Anyway,
thanks for the Qs. Always nice to work this contest, as every Q counts.
K3TN   Single Op HP   5202010-12-19 04:53:51
Just about the exact same QSO count as last year but lower points - unless I
worked scads of QRP stations.

I always hate to say "conditions were poor" because everyone else will probably
say conditions were FB, but conditions seemed poor - several stations complained
of high QRN. No 20 pointers for me this year - a few 16 pointers were about it.
N4PN   Single Op HP   1,1922010-12-19 05:05:02
Fought this one til the early morning after operating all day
in the RAC Winter Contest...
Not much Dawg Xray YL2SM, S51V and E77DX - 17pts,
OL7M and I4EWH - 16pts, KH6LC, KH6AT, KH7Y, F8BPN - 15pts
Merry CHRISTmas to everyone....all the best for 2011...
73, Paul, N4PN
N8UM   Single Op HP   1,3122010-12-19 05:28:11
Quiet band here in Tennessee. Don't think the new K9AY loop is working quite
right yet. No European peak, ZL2X call me on a big QSB peak. Chased OH2BO and
KL7RA around but no joy. DX participation seemed down. We had the grandkids
all morning and afternoon so I had to take a 3 hour nap at 2am... The 30 year
old 80 meter quarter wave vertical with lots of radials still rocks. MX es
K9CT   Single Op HP   2,3992010-12-19 05:28:31
Condx a bit rough. Weak compared to last couple of years. My PB for qsos.
DL3YM   Single Op LP   1952010-12-19 05:33:24
Only a few hours around sunset, in the middle of the night when returning from a
pub tour with some friends and again around sunrise.
It is always a nice challenge to work this one from my city location running
low power to a zig zag inverted L. Good ears award this year goes to TF4M and
K8PO who both came back real quick. Squeezed a DL? out of W1BB but did not
quite make it. K9DX was loud but had a EU pile each time I checked.
Hope everyone has a great XMAS, looking forward to seeing you all again in
K3WA   Single Op HP   9862010-12-19 05:37:29
About 4 hours plinking around. Highlight was a number of DX calling in to my
run. Low was having my SE/NW beverage die during the night. There's a special
place on my grill for the deer that took it when I catch him.
KØRI   Single Op LP   7492010-12-19 05:39:08
IC-7700 and 160m loop fed w/ladder line
N3IQ(ND3F)   Single Op HP   1,5492010-12-19 05:52:10
good contest...score is raw based on distance only...heard many FB
QRP and LP stations!
K3TD   Single Op LP   1342010-12-19 06:03:23
Inverted L 28'H x 75'L

Not much time to spend this year - thanks for the Qs!

Tad, K3TD
K1TN   Single Op LP   1422010-12-19 06:03:51
Just operated the Sunrise Hour. Condx did not seem nearly as good as in the ARRL
160 two weeks ago. K3/100, 200-ft centerfed at 20 feet high.

Jim Cain
At The New K1TN Superstation
7 miles east of Mountain, Wisconsin
KB7Q   Single Op LP   2,0652010-12-19 06:14:57
That was a bit of a slog, there seemed to be fewer folks to work this year. Nice
to work France out of the blue. The K3's diversity reception handled the slow
rolling QSB very well.
WB4MAK   Single Op HP   1842010-12-19 06:21:34
Limited operating time. Thank you for the QSO's. Didn't hear a lot of DX at my
WJ9B   Single Op HP   1,4552010-12-19 06:28:17
Happy Holidays!
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
N1SZ   Single Op LP   1202010-12-19 06:29:59
Between all of the holiday events and other things going on this weekend, I only
managed about 45 minutes to participate on Sunday morning.
Thanks to KL7RA for my first Alaska QSO on 160m! This is a fun contest, I
can’t wait until next year… Hopefully I’ll have more free time!
WØPC   Single Op LP   2692010-12-19 06:39:11
This was my 1st Stew Perry experience. I can see that 6-meter experience helps
with the grid squares. I'll be back next year to do it again. Thanks for all
the Qs.
73, Rick (W0PC)
YT2AAA   Single Op LP   4842010-12-19 06:41:29
IC-746 PRO, dipole, city location

My first STEW PERRY!
KE3X   Single Op LP   2492010-12-19 06:42:03
Icom-735 80 watts to Inverted-L.

Only had an hour to play in this one - had a few 10-pointers but mostly local
QSOs. Nice to get W1BB's call in the log, after listening to the CD from
'DXing On The Edge'. Happy Holidays to all!

Ken KE3X
N1LN   Single Op HP   1,6122010-12-19 06:45:17
On Wednesday I had knee surgery so I did not keep my butt in the chair as I
should have. Even though the Op Time reflects 8.0 hours, my actual on the air
time was much less. I would get on for a period of time and then take a break
to walk around the house and exercise my knee. This seemed to work out well,
but my walks were much less time than required to actually count as off time.
I would guess that my Butt In Chair time was about 6.0 hrs. Bottom line, the
knee is feeling better and I am guessing in a few weeks I can get back on the
towers to continue with the maintenance.
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   2,2032010-12-19 06:47:30
Marlene fed me soup, otherwise no outside help.

Very little s/p.

Can't remember a contest with so few QRM problems.
Doesn't leave many excuses.

Sure hope there was a lot of qrp activity,
if not, then Marlene has got antenna work to do.

Such a regular thing,
the dog doesn't even bark when VE1ZZ or SV3RF show up.

Doug, n5ect
(was that really Charlie Brown on 160 ? )
N5XJ   Single Op HP   1,1022010-12-19 06:51:06
Finally have K9AY receive loop in place and it is better than listening with the
transmit antenna. Thanks for QSOs and repeats .
73 Mike N5XJ
KB4KBS   Single Op LP   1012010-12-19 06:51:53
Limited BIC time, but lots of fun. Thnaks to the stations with great ears and
big signals for hearing my puny signal off my G5RV.

I need AR and WV for WAS in 2010 via LoTW; worked WD5R in AR. I sure hope they
submit their log.

Attention Rule 6: I used the CWSkimmer located on my PC in my shack only - no
outside influences; no mulligans, no gimmees, no handicaps (other than my CW

- TS450SAT AND MFJ-949B subduing a G5RV @ 30'.
- N1MM w/o CAT
- RigBlaster Plus
- MFJ-407B Keyer misinterpreting my BY-1 iambic paddles


VE9AA   Single Op HP   2372010-12-19 06:54:53
I had really intended to play in this contest, as it tends to be one of my very
favorites, due to the very fair across-the-board scoring system using grids,
HOWEVER, after doing the RAC WINTER CONTEST (my first in >decade) I had no more
fuel in the tank.
Just got on for an hour or so ...took one sweep of the band and worked nearly
every station from 1860-1800.6.....then promptly fell asleep.

Was pleased to put "W1BB" in the log (thanks K1LZ gang) and MD0CCE was in on
the first call (good ears Bob)

dit dit,

IC-746, 250Hz filter, 749.9Watts, 45degree angle - sloped Inverted L, apex @
30' & 3000' of radials
S57UN(@S52ZW)   Multi-Op HP   1,1962010-12-19 06:59:48
My third Stew Perry Topband Challenge.I enyojed as always in this contest.
73 too all and cuagn in cq ww 160.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.

Renato - S57UN
KO7X   Single Op HP   3502010-12-19 07:07:25
As usual this was just a casual part time effort. Managed to work a few DX -
KV4, KL7, KH6, FO8, JA and XE. Lots of big signals on the band. Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year.
KK7S   Single Op LP   1,2242010-12-19 07:09:49
Fun way to deprive one's self of sleep. The band seemed pretty good from here
in WWA. But after a few hours, it got really hard to find anyone that I hadn't
already worked. It was a nice surprise to work a couple of JA's this morning,
but I never did get through to P40 or KV4. Happy holidays and 73, Chadd KK7S
VA7ST   Single Op LP   2382010-12-19 07:09:50
* Inverted-L -- 85' vert. (sloping), 50' horiz. (sloping)
* FT-2000 + N1MM

Score this year brings me full-circle for the Stew -- tied my first TBDC entry
in 2004. Only on for 1.5 hours split between a late-nighter Saturday and
early-morninger Sunday in the closing hour.

Managed to attract attention from JA and KH6, which was very nice considering
the antenna and power efficiency. Not sure how much RF was escaping the
Inverted-L wire, but it probably wasn't much with 100W in.

Always a great contest, and some amazing hearing abilities out there. Thanks
for the contacts.

2010 52 238
2009 108 615
2008 93 420
2007 155 1,032
2006 51 133
2005 124 858
2004 43 238

MX es HNY.

-- Bud VA7ST
K7XC   Single Op HP   5552010-12-19 07:14:05
Typical 160M Propagation with little local noise due to a new blanket of snow
the day before. Nice to work KL7, KH6, JA1, and with 5 mins left BW4! Merry
Xmas and Happy New Years from DM09nm - Fallon NV
N4XD   Single Op HP   1,8902010-12-19 07:19:58
Down 100Qs from last year. Didn't hear any JA, VK or ZL. Worked a couple
stations for 18 points (UU7J and UW2M) but DX participation seemed down. Band
seemed pretty quiet with lightning QRN only early Sunday AM. Noted these
stations as being very good copy: MD0CCE, UW2M, K6XX. Must have a block on
SV3RF. Seems every contest I first copy as SV2. My apologies:)Enjoyed being
called, back to back, first by KH6LC then KL7RA. Nice! Thanks guys!

One complaint. It didn't happen often but since when did folks stop sending QRL
(or first, a ? and then QRL)? Or even just stop and listen for a few seconds
before calling CQ? I had that happen a few times. Disappointing. Otherwise very
fun contest. Hope more folks join in the fun next year.

shunt fed tower
several beverages

73 and Merry Christmas!

W1EQ   Single Op LP   1,0002010-12-19 07:26:32
K3 with Inverted L
Furthest DX - TF4M....
Heard KH7 but couldn't hear me.

Still lots of fun.
Will hopefully spend more time in the CQWW 160.
WS7L   Single Op HP   9762010-12-19 07:26:34
I didn't work as much DX as 2009 but OTOH my score was higher. Two JA's and
CE1/K7CA were the biggest prizes for me. I didn't hear any EU. Thought I heard
a DL once but it was an XE giving his grid square.

I got a lesson about staying in the chair. I was about to quit with ten minutes
left and a rate that had dwindled about as close to zero as it gets. Just as the
though was solidifying, I tuned across JH4UYB and worked him for 17 points. So I
stuck it out to the end and made one more 3 pointer.

Nice to see everyone! Catch you around the neighborhood and in CQ160!

73, Carl WS7L
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   3,1352010-12-19 07:27:04
While conditios and signals seemed a bit down at this QTH, our raw score is
almost identical to last years. We called many stations who just couldn't
hear us. Thanks to all those we did work. See you in the CQ 160 Test.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
73 & Aloha,
K2PO   Single Op LP   412010-12-19 07:29:16
Glad to make any QSOs, given my trapped 40-10m vertical on a city lot, and with
broadcast intermod louder than any of the ham stations. Fun nonetheless.

73, Bill
W1XT   Single Op LP   3092010-12-19 07:30:23
Antenna: Six foot tall, top loaded, ground mounted vertical with sixteen
radials, 16 feet long each. FTdx5000MP set to 100 watts. Tough sledding on 160
meters with this setup! But fun nevertheless. Score helped by a few KH6
stations with good receiving ability!
KI7Y   Single Op LP   942010-12-19 07:31:11
Very limited operation with high local noise level. All QSOs S&P and all
receiving on 5ft loop.
AG4W   Single Op HP   2972010-12-19 07:33:09
Orion 2, AL1200, Top loaded vertical
I put in a short effort to try to work some new dx. Not to much dx was worked
when I was on. I missed the europe opening if there was one due to a Xmas
concert. The longest distance contact was CE.
K6MM   Single Op HP   4242010-12-19 07:33:11
Busy weekend, so not much time for this one. Seems like less activity overall
than last year. 400 watts and new Inverted-L played well, but too many 1
pointers and not enough 9 pointers. Best DX was JA and P40. Thanks for the
Qs. MX and HNY. 73, John K6MM.
K8MR   Single Op LP   4562010-12-19 07:40:47
Either the band was noisy, or my qth very noisy after the recent snow storms and
ensuing road salt. Even running low power I felt like an alligator at times.

Happy Holidays to all!

Jim K8MR
WØUCE   Single Op HP   1,7632010-12-19 07:41:27
My new K2AV Inverted L with a 516 Folded Counterpoise performed well for TX/RX
and nothing crashed which is icing on the cake for one of my favorite contests.
Thanks for the Qs.
WX7G   Single Op HP   7722010-12-19 07:56:54
five hours of operting from a CC&R neighborhood with 500 watts to a 100' wire
supported by a balloon yielded 182 Q's, Europe, New Zealand, and a best DX of
11,904 km.
CE1/K7CA   Single Op HP   5,1392010-12-19 08:02:55
The contest started out fairly quiet here but after a couple of hours the
summertime thunderstorms started up to my east and the band was full of 20 over
9 crashes. This is my 5th SP from CE1 and it seems like QRN is the norm. Two
days ago the band was almost quiet and I could hear a pin drop. But not last
night. Thanks for putting up with all my QRZ? and GRID? transmissions. I
worked 60 fewer stations than last year so was the activity down or just my qrn
worse this year? Please remember to send around
24 wpm or so to stations that have heavy qrn so they can get a few letters in
between crashes and please don't change speeds. Several stations started
slowing down when I would ask for repeats. Believe me, its not because I can't
copy fast but if you slow down I only get parts of letters between crashes.
Sometimes it seems that a stations call is in sync with the crashes. For
example, KM1E called in. It seemed like I copyied the KM1 a dozen times but
every time he sent the E a crash would take it out. I had fun as usual and even
managed to work a dozen Europe and the same number of Asian stations. Hope to
see you all again in the CQ160 CW contest next year. 73 and Merry

Christmas. Al CE1/K7CA
Elecraft K3 w/ diversity RX
Ten-Tec Titan 1200 W output
42' top loaded vertical matched only with 4:1 UNUN, 32 1/4 wave radials
Broadside/Endfire RX vertical phased array pointing north
1 wavelength beverage 330 degrees running down the middle of the B/E array
E77DX   Single Op HP   3,4092010-12-19 08:08:26
Managed to repair 4 SQ but didnot have enough time to prepair the station like i
want it.After some small technical problemms on the begioning decided to run
with single radio and single antenna!

very bad propagation...and -17 C sonday moring....

de E77DX
N5LZ   Single Op HP   1,5512010-12-19 08:08:49
I was thrilled to be called by OH2LO early in the contest. Being called by EU
is a rarity at N5LZ. He was loud. BUT, when I sent him his report someone
threw an S9 plus carrier on the frequency for well over a minute. When the
carrier stopped, the OH was gone. No QSO. I almost quit right then, but I
stayed with it and did have fun. I logged just eleven long haul QSOs with 15
or more points: OH2PM, LA3ANA, TM6M, CE1/K7CA, G4AMT, JA3YBK, JH4UYB, JA9PPC,
RA4LW, JA7BME, and JH1QDB. Many Qs required almost too many repeats to
complete. Hopefully they'll show up as QRPers in the logs and will give me a
few extra points for all that work. Thanks for the Qs and Merry Christmas.

Station: K3 and Alpha 9500, Diversity receive with two crummy antennas: a half
sloper on a 52 foot tower (transmit), and an inverted L 300 feet away.

Don, N5LZ
KØUK   Single Op HP   4072010-12-19 08:15:46
Nothing serious at all. Just wanted to give out DM59 as much as possible. Thanks
to the GMCC'ers K0RF, K0FX, N0KE and other Colorado stations.
If any Colorado stations are not GMCC'ers I might suggest contacting W0ETT
president or myself re: membership..Congrats to all and Merry Christmas and HNY
to all. PTL bill K0UK
NØKE   Multi-Op HP   1,2682010-12-19 08:16:07
N0KQ and N0KE ops. 5 more QSOs than last year but less DX. Running 1/4 wave
slopers and 4 beverages of 400 to 700 ft.
SN5J(SP5JXK)   Single Op LP   5112010-12-19 08:17:38
Loc.: KO 02
73 de Jan sp5jxk/sn5j
AB7R   Single Op HP   1,5422010-12-19 08:25:23
First time for this contest. It was a challenge pulling some of the weak ones
out but worth it. Especially the ZLs and BW2.
K4XU   Single Op LP   3432010-12-19 08:27:26
Band was very quiet but I felt the attendance was off bit. Ran low power this
year and was surprised at the good ears of several stations like k3zz and k9nw
who picked me up despite the long cycle QSB.
Only 3 hours this year as we had 18 people here for the CODXC annual ham
Christmas dinner this same evening and I was tied up with hosting duties lest I
incur the wrath of Martha Stewart....
Thanks for the contacts.
N1EU   Single Op HP   1,0922010-12-19 08:40:23
Just a few hours of operating. Condx seemed marginal and I just couldn't pull
out many weak callers, many of whom didn't seem to stick around long enough to
give it a real go. Best dx was JH2FXK and JA5DQH who called in and I just
pulled them out (I believe).

Thanks for all the Q's

73 & Happy Holidays,
Barry N1EU

Elecraft K3 (in diversity rx), Acom 2000A
inverted L xmit
580ft Beverages NE,SE,SW,NW
K7FA   Single Op QRP   2312010-12-19 08:42:59
Very limited time (family gathering).
My first QRP StewPerry Contest Entry.
Notable contacts: JA3YBK (1st contact in log),
N6TR (5th contact in log).

73, Tom
K1PX   Single Op LP   2,0442010-12-19 08:46:45
Conditions were certainly a challenge! VE6/VE7 were quite strong but
W5/W6 were quite weak. EU stations were a struggle except for the
extreme western area of the continent.

DX worked were: PA, KH6, TF, G(4),SM, MD, P40, KV4, UX, TM and FM.

Special kudos to Al, CE1/K7CA who I finally confirmed the QSO with after
three different attempts. Thanks, Al!!

Heard but not worked were: JA3YBK, KH7Y and ZL3IX.

Thanks to all for the QSO's.
NØAH   Single Op LP   4002010-12-19 08:57:49
Just had an hour and half to play around early on and pass out that rare mult
DM79! - MA160V worked fb- coast to coast- Keying hand fried out from ARRL 10
and ARRL 160 test- I really need to consider a key board- (and an amp
someday....nah!....just an Inrad filter Santa!!!) All I can say is that the
single K9AY loop is the best invention in 160M history for us suburban low
banders....F/B at times is simply amazing!!

73 Paul N0AH
NG7Z   Single Op HP   3272010-12-19 09:03:41
Was worn out from the RAC contest. Just a couple of hours to play and hand out
points. Still, did better than last year. 73 Paul NG7Z
K9NR   Single Op LP   6062010-12-19 09:06:42
A very small effort.
Still recovering from unexpected cardiac surgery (Aortic dissection).
Glad to not be a SK just yet!
No receive antennas up.
Still had fun. Propagation seemed good (as much as I could tell).
73, Don K9NR
PI4TUE(PC5A)   Single Op LP   1,0092010-12-19 09:13:39
Like during the previous edition there was snow this weekend. Luckily not that
bad so I made it to the club station without problems. From last years
experience I concluded that the TX signal was above average and decided to do
an experiment by entering in the low power category. The newly installed remote
RX vertical (5mtrs tall, in a rural area about 35km south-east from Eindhoven)
should hopefully even out the lesser TX power...

There was just one VK I was able to hear but not work (VK4IK) in the first
hours of the contest. Then I was really very much surprised to hear VE1ZJ
calling me, although it was 1 hour before his sunset. That gave me a lot of
confidence for the rest of contest. Hmm... No VK6 like last year, JT1 was not
hearing me, not one JA heard, first US that made it into the log was K8PO
around 22:30Z. W1KM had been audible much earlier, but as many others could not
hear me.
When the QSO rate dropped to below 7 I had 201 QSO's in the log and decided to
go and catch some sleep; 100Watts on topband is simply not enough to work any
decent number of DX even if you have to get behind in the line every time you
try. From 07:30 till 08:21Z 20 more stations were worked with a highlight of
K9NW calling me followed by (what must have been probably my longest QSO) NO3M.
Where you QRP???

The 5mtr tall vertical made it possible to hear things that would be really not
audible on the TX antenna.

Station setup
TRX: TenTec Orion I, 100W
Ant_TX: sloping vertical, fed at top and sloping down from 65mtrs
Ant_RX: 5mtr vertical, connected to Elecraft K2, remotely controlled by HRD

-- Aurelio, PC5A
N2NT   Single Op LP   7002010-12-19 09:14:32
Frustrated from so many west coast not hearing me with 100w, I went to bed.
Was planning on doing more operating, but too much happening around the house.

Next year!

73 Andy N2NT
NM2L   Single Op LP   4932010-12-19 09:18:33
73 Stew and thanks//Greg NM2L
KU8E   Single Op LP   1,0372010-12-19 09:24:45
I don't think N1MM logger calculates the power multiplier correctly so my 691
QSO points are multiplied x 1.5.

Band was open pretty good between 0200 - 0600Z. Many of the west coast stations
were S9+ but still hard to get through with 100 watts. Also heard several EU and
CE1/K7CA,FM5CD,NP4Z,P40TA and KH7Y but no luck with them either. Surprised I had
so much trouble getting through to some of the CARR stations since I can usually
can work them with 100 watts. I was beginning to think my antenna was broken but
finally managed to work KH6LC at 0604Z for a 22 point QSO. The activity died
around 0825Z so called it a night.

73 and Happy Holidays. Jeff KU8E
W9RE   Single Op LP   1,8222010-12-19 09:31:05
No noise at my QTH just cold wx.

Best DX was UU7J (19) only worked 18 (over 10 pointers) but did work 104
stations on the 2nd radio and 2nd antenna. Amazing how a bunch of wire in the
air (stacked 40 m extended zepps) worked almost as well as a regulation
vertical and radials!

Considering my rate sheet I think I will modify operating hours next time.

Activity seemed up a little bit from last year. A nice contest because it
doesn't kill the whole weekend.

Thanks to the Boring people for creating and supporting!

---- ------ ----- -----
22 89 89 89
23 75 75 164

0 73 73 237
1 75 75 312
2 49 49 361
3 52 52 413
4 47 47 460
5 36 36 496
6 24 24 520
7 16 16 536
8 18 18 554
9 3 3 557
10 0 0 557
11 25 25 582
12 20 20 602
13 9 9 611
KS4L   Single Op LP   2312010-12-19 09:46:31
K3/100, 80m inv. vee @ 45'. N1MM Logger.
N2CU   Single Op HP   9432010-12-19 09:47:56
Did not do my usual 100% S&P, but most QSOs were made that way. Conditions were
not good but band was quiet. Did not work EU sunrise; just didn't feel like
staying up. Did not work any VKs but did have ZL3IX call in for 29
points-thanks! Also absent from this year's log was CE1/K7CA. Don't know how I
missed him.

DX: E7, F, FM, G, GD, HA, I, KH6, KL7, KP2, KV4, LA, OH, OK, ON, P4, UA, UR, YL
and ZL
W/VE: 218 stations

K3, L7 @ 1kW, 46' Inv. L, N1MM


Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
K8IA   Multi-Op HP   2,2912010-12-19 09:52:21
T-T Orion II
Alpha 8410
78' shunt fed tower with 60 radials
K9AY Receiving Loops

Fun tag team event with Arizona Outlaw friend, Mike KC7V.

Same ops, radio, power, and antennae as 2009 Stew but measurably poorer results
this year.

2009: 518 qso's, 2660 pts = 5.135 pts/qso
2010: 491 qso's, 2291 pts = 4.665 pts qso

Looking closer, we had a decent European opening last year and more q's from
Oceania as well. No EU this year and, although KH6 was very active, our numbers
from VK/ZL were anemic at best. JA was ok both years. Surprise this year was
JT1CO answering my CQ just before our sunrise.

Only DX worked this year was:CE, FM, JA, JT, KH6, KL, KP2, P4, UA9, XE, ZL

Plus, this year there appeared to be much less activity and, much more QSB.
Maybe the latter drove the former. ;-) It was noisier this year as well.

Anyhow, this is always a fun contest and the scoring system is novel enough
that there can really be some strategy involved. Lets hope activity and
propagation picks up for 2011 Stew!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W2VJN   Single Op HP   3812010-12-19 10:04:40
Called some CQs, but mostly looked around for DX. Best DX was ZL3IB. Also
worked a few JAs, BW2/KU1CW, CE1/K7CA,KH6, KL7, KV4 and RA4LW LP this morning.
I could hear SM5EDX, but not well enough to copy his grid.

This new QTH has a lot of line noise and I need to put up a better rx antenna.
Seems my one beverage also picks up the noise.

Shunt loaded 106' tower, K3, Alpha.
K7RL   Single Op HP   1,7472010-12-19 10:06:16
Higher than normal QRN and wicked QSB at times made for an interesting
combination. Thanks to those that hung-in there to complete the Q! Signals in
general seemed much weaker than usual, and after reading some of the other
reports, I am glad it is not just me! Were there more LP and QRP stations this

One of the most frustrating QSB moments was being called by MD0CCE, only to
have his signal fade out completely before I could get his grid square.
Unfortunately, I never heard him again. My apologies Bob.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
AA3B   Single Op HP   3882010-12-19 10:12:42
Activity seemed to be low and conditions were not exciting.
N5UL   Single Op HP   3542010-12-19 10:37:03
Merry Christmas! See you next year. 73, Chas.
K3FIV   Single Op LP   3052010-12-19 10:46:47
Rig: Flex-3000, 100 watts
Loc: CM88eu
Antenna: None

Well, OK, I did get some RF to leave the premises...

Since my antenna only covers 10-80, I hadn't planned on working this contest.
But the rules were refreshingly interesting, so on Sunday I put the radio on
160 to listen to whatever I might be able to hear of the action. Since I saw a
surprising number of stations on the panadapter display, I wondered -- can
anybody hear me? So I answered a CQ from the strongest station, and he came
back to me!

Tried a few more, and more, and a few hours later I had 72 stations in the log,
including Hawaii to the west, Alaska to north, Ontario to east, and Mexico south
- all stations with good ears. There were of course lots of stations that
couldn't hear me, even in the clear, but many more that could. I found I could
work about 75% of stations I could hear. Didn't hear any EU, Caribbean, or SA.
I probably didn't stay up late enough to pick up anything further west, like

Since I'm not ever on 160, I don't know what are typical conditions, but the
band seemed pretty quiet - baseline noise about S3, with the strongest signals
up at 30+S9. Felt like 80m. I did have some problems with rain noise though -
the downpours on the roof made the shack roar at times. Activating the
headphones took care of that.

This was a nice contest. It seemed less frenetic than the usual battles, and
code speeds mostly down in the 22-25 wpm range. Finding new stations by
listening made it more of a radio contest than a computer/internet one.
Congratulations to the BARC for setting a nice stage.

Thanks to the people who pulled my weak signal out. I'm LP, so you get extra
points. Maybe the contest team will decide that an LP station with no antenna
is at least as hard to work as a QRP, and award you even more!

By the way, the RF to/from the rig travels about 150 feet through coax to an
MFJ tuner mounted on the ground directly below the feedpoint of an 80m Carolina
Windom up about 35 feet. At the rig, the SWR was about 1.3:1, so the MFJ was
doing a good job. Somehow some RF was managing to get radiated from

Fun contest. Maybe next year I'll try it with an antenna!

N2IC   Single Op HP   3,0392010-12-19 10:47:52
Antennas: Sloping dipole, inverted L, beverages NE, SE, NW.

This is the one 160 meter contest I take (somewhat) seriously from the home
QTH. Just not the right hardware to slug it out with the big boys in ARRL 160
or CQ 160.

The contest started out with such promise. First QSO, right at sunset, with
UU7J. Several more Europeans worked in the next few minutes, then they were
gone. MD0CCE and G4AMT called me with great signals a little later, and I
thought..."wow, it's going to be a great EU sunrise opening". But, no, it was
not to be. Absolutely no opening during the "prime" 05Z-07Z time period. But
then, something really strange happened between 08Z-0830Z...a few European's
straggled in, well after their sunrise.

Absolutely no JA at JA sunset (08Z). The band simply wasn't open. Took off from
0930Z-12Z. When I came back, there were a few weak JA's. The sun came up at
1405Z, and then, magic, again...A daylight JA opening for the next 25 minutes.

Ended up with 13 EU, 22 JA, and the usual assortment of topband diehards from
other continents. Thanks !

Always a little disappointing to see the much bigger QSO numbers from LP
stations in the eastern and midwest USA, when I am running HP from southwest
New Mexico. No matter how well I think I can hear a pin drop on the NE
beverage, there are clearly a lot of eastern USA stations I'm simply not

Thanks for all the QSO's. See you next year.

Steve, N2IC
N4NM   Single Op LP   5072010-12-19 10:53:07
FT-1000mpV; Center-fed inverted L at 60'. Lots of fun! Local QRN but less than
W9XT   Single Op LP   2,4632010-12-19 10:55:29
Conditions down from last year, at least to Europe. K9AY RX array really helped
pull out the weak ones. Good time as always.

Dipole @60'

Gary, W9XT
WØUO   Single Op LP   1,5002010-12-19 10:56:06
I have been busy the past week and had to be up and around all day Sunday. Just
ran out of energy about midnight and had to call it a day. Worked a few more
stations before sunrise. This is my favorite contest and I hated to miss
giving a full effort.

Second contest with two beverages, I'm still learning how and when to switch
between receiving antennas.
P4ØTA(K6TA)   Single Op HP   3,0392010-12-19 10:59:36
The 160 band has been quiet but not during the Challenge. S-meter never went
below S7 and static peaks were 20 over. It really helps to slow down when I
ask for a repeat, 24-26 WPM seems to be the best.


Country Prefix 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total
------- ------ ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -----
1 Montenegro 4O 1 - - - - - 1
2 Croatia 9A 2 - - - - - 2
3 Chile CE 1 - - - - - 1
4 Germany DL 5 - - - - - 5
5 Bosnia-Herzegovina E7 1 - - - - - 1
6 Ireland EI 1 - - - - - 1
7 France F 4 - - - - - 4
8 Martinique FM 1 - - - - - 1
9 England G 6 - - - - - 6
10 Isle of Man GD 1 - - - - - 1
11 Italy I 2 - - - - - 2
12 United States K 240 - - - - - 240
13 Hawaii KH6 2 - - - - - 2
14 U.S. Virgin Islands KP2 2 - - - - - 2
15 Lithuania LY 1 - - - - - 1
16 Finland OH 7 - - - - - 7
17 Czech Republic OK 3 - - - - - 3
18 Belgium ON 3 - - - - - 3
19 Denmark OZ 1 - - - - - 1
20 Netherlands PA 1 - - - - - 1
21 Slovenia S5 3 - - - - - 3
22 Sweden SM 6 - - - - - 6
23 European Russia UA 1 - - - - - 1
24 Ukraine UR 5 - - - - - 5
25 Canada VE 9 - - - - - 9
26 Latvia YL 2 - - - - - 2
27 Serbia YU 1 - - - - - 1
28 Venezuela YV 1 - - - - - 1

Thanks for the Q's. Logs are on LOTW. QSL direct or bureau to WM6A.
TF4M   Single Op HP   3,2002010-12-19 11:00:19
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op QRP   2822010-12-19 11:10:53
Transmitter was a Johnson Viking Model 122 VFO - with a transistor or two
driving a pair of 3-500Zs. Output was running around 1 watt (as measured on my
50W slug in the Bird Watt-meter). Receiver was the K3 with beverages.

Was surprised at how well people were hearing me. Best DX was KE9I and other
good ear awards go to WD5R, W5TM, KL7RA and W0PR who will enjoy getting 20
points for digging me out of the mud. It is rather rewarding to go around the
band and give 4X QSO points to those who work me.

QRP might be a better alternative than suicide for those in noisy. Just crank
down the power to 5 watts, and hearing is no longer your limiting factor.
K2TTT   Single Op HP   7412010-12-19 11:16:09
Just a few hours of calling cq and watching TV
N4DU   Single Op HP   9752010-12-19 11:17:37
my longest qso was with CE1/K7CA, a 14 pointer. 400 watts into an Inverted L up
70 ft. across 60 Ft. Best hour was 68 qso's. Thanks, Jim
N6TR   Single Op HP   5502010-12-19 11:25:42
Just limited time to operate due to sleep shortage from the week before and
family activities. Activity seemed really good however as the rates were very
nice - even at 1200Z.

Best DX was ZL3IX, N2NL/KH2 and a few JAs. I wasn't on the band at a good time
for Europe except right at sunset and didn't hear any. Sorry I didn't bump
into CE1/K7CA who I understand was on after all.

Rig - K3 with a pair of 3-500Zs at 1500 watts to a pair of phased gamma matched
towers - mostly used in phase broadside East/West. Would switch to the South to
help get those weak W6s using diversity reception with a beverage in one ear and
the TX array in the other.

Replaced the switch box for the TX array with a new home-brew unit with new
relays. The prototype worked for one year, but having relays exposed to
spiders is not a good idea. It uses a hybrid coupler to get the 90 degree
phase shift for end firs - and a simple un-un to step the 25 ohms up to about
50 Ohms when operating broadside. Am seeing about 20 db front to back when
using it end fire even down in the AM broadcast band.

See you on the topband!
FO8RZ   Single Op HP   5512010-12-19 11:29:10
Hi everybody

Starting at 0800 pm local time because we were visiting some friends.
Heavy noise on all the band due to all neighbourg television.
I had to listen on 40m dipole to hear something and it works great.
I saw that I had been spotted at this moment, so many stations called me.

Around 0100 AM loc time, the noise was low and I could hear a lot of US
stations who did not hear me .... or they were out my poor and stupid
(start 1830)

Most of stations contacted were on the west coast with good sigs.
Some stations in central USA alos contacted.
No DX station.
Best distance : 9300 km.

Try to listen to JA stations, but did not hear them.

A little disapointed because sigs from USA were good before QRT but nobody
After I saw that SDR WA7LNW heard me during all contest, it wouldn't be like
this if I had been spotted on the cluster ...

My main goal was to progress to my 160 WAS on LoTW.
28 states still needed : AR CT IL IN KY LA MD MS NH ND PA RI SC SD TN VT VA
If you are in one of this state and QRV 160/LoTW, please send le an email.

Tnx to all who called me.

Best 73/88
Merry Xmas and HNY 2011.

FO8RZ Phil

ps: Had QSO with NT0AF and K0BJ. I did not logged them in my contest log
because I did not copy entirely their grid but they are in my "no-contest's"
K8FC   Single Op HP   2,0122010-12-19 11:37:28
First Stu from this location. Far different from trying to work dx in central
Colorado. Limited time to operate but as usual, this is one of my favorites.
VE3MMQ   Single Op HP   2,9252010-12-19 11:44:25
WOW Where were the down-under stations...Long haul for me was
1 ZL..ce1 next best..Band was fairly quiet...had one two hour run
of 85 qso/hour then nada rest of contest..One good run at EU with
about 50 booked in 1 1/2 hours....Nice contest over all..

PRO-3/Alpha 99
Inveted LL with top at 72 ft..10 raised radials..
K7 4 sq beverage system..

This is my first real try at 160 meters....Love 6 and 160!!!!!
C U next year!!
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   1,0022010-12-19 11:50:03
Very poor conditions for the first few hours: noisy, weak signals, and very bad
QSB. But propagation improved later and a fair number of EU stations were
worked, including TF4M. No KH6 QSOs this year and, for the first time ever, I
didn't work Tree, N6TR. This was my fiftteenth Stew.

Drake TR7 @ 100 watts
Inverted L
One Beverage
TR Log 7.00
N2KW/1   Single Op HP   2,3582010-12-19 12:28:39
I had low noise, but also low signals (except at Eu/SR!)
There were fewer West Coast heard signals than in the past.
Worked KH6. CE1 .....but only SWL cards for KL7 and ZL (didn't even call!)
I started too early (2000z) and almost spent the full operating period in the
chair, when I realized (at 0900) that I would miss my own SR unless I took a
break. Lessons to be applied in next year's event! Kudos to the (I forget the
callsign) of the gentleman who allowed me to QSO TF on HIS "run" frequency, he
just stood by, allowed the QSO to happen, and then resumed his CQ. (I thought
it was the TF's frequency!) 73, MX/HNY de "Len" N2KW
K4FT   Multi-Op LP   1,6452010-12-19 12:35:52
Great Fun!
KQ7W   Single Op LP   1,5122010-12-19 12:41:51
Thanks for the Q's !
KØPK   Single Op QRP   2,6222010-12-19 12:43:33
Conditions were fairly good with low QRN most of the time. Not a lot of DX heard
here but managed to work a few EU, plus AK & HI. Tried hard for CE1/K7CA but
couldn't make it. All in all, not too bad for 5 watts from the Black Hole.

The Stew is my favorite contest; good time and exchange formats. Would like to
see more participation.

Station: FT2K @ 5 watts, 95' vertical, N1MM

Thanks for the Q's and pulling my little signal out of the noise!
73 - Paul, K0PK
K9MMS   Single Op HP   1,1692010-12-19 12:46:25
K3 + AL-811H (500 W) ; Inverted L and Marconi wires ; Assorted small RX antennas
; Win-Test logging.

Did not hear a lot of DX stations. DX worked: KV4FZ, P40TA, FM5CD,TM6M, KH6LC,
KH7Y, G3LET, G3BJ, and CE1/K7CA (longest distance). Heard several other EU
stations in S&P mode, but did not find many of them calling CQ. Stayed up late
to hopefully hear JA and VK/ZL, but did not hear them. Never heard KL7.

Good rates on CQ runs (over 150 at times and sustained over 100 for a while).
S&P was very slow (not many new stations found) - too many hours in S&P mode.
QSOs via CQs: 66%.

Thanks for the QSOs.
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.
W3KL   Single Op HP   1,4772010-12-19 12:48:28
Best DX - ZL3IX called me sunday AM while I was running.

Missed most of EU sunrise Sunday AM as I was too tired to stay up.

Looking forward to CQ WW 160 Tests
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,0002010-12-19 12:52:38
7 more QSOs than previous best two years ago. But much less DX this time (by
about half) so maybe activity was up a bit (good!) or maybe I just mashed the
CQ button a whole bunch more this time.

52 EU
2 JA
2 SA
1 OC

239 Grids

Thought it was going to be a fairly strong EU kind of night with several in the
log in the first hour but the opening never really "opened." While perfectly
copiable, none of the EU signals were particularly loud - I suppose I'd say
about average signals for about average condx. Sigs perked up just a bit at
zone 14 sunrise but that was about it. Thanks to all the ops that stuck with
the exchange through the QSB peaks and valleys - and especially to those that
came back later after unsuccessful attempts earlier.

Thanks again to John and Jean!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

73, Mike K9NW
NE7D   Single Op LP   7892010-12-19 12:56:51
A few more Q's and BIC-time for fewer points than last year. A little less RF
in the shack this year, too, so maybe an extra watt or two got radiated in the
right directions. Only 100 watts leaving the radio so trying not to waste any.
This is the one contest that makes me think about adding an amp -- I can
actually hear more than I can work. Using the ladderline to an OCF 80M dipole
and, this year, also a raised MA160V with elevated radials -- couldn't tell
much difference between them. Tnx for a fun contest.... Rock NE7D
N4YDU   Single Op LP   7382010-12-19 12:58:07
Activity was pretty good and the final result was a good time.

Rig: Kenwood 930
Antenna: Inverted L for transmit. Pennants and a short beverage for RX.
K7BG   Single Op LP   1,2282010-12-19 13:05:53
Surprisingly, only a couple stations I heard that couldn't hear my 100 watts.
Great ears to CE1/K7CA and TM6M (only eu heard). Wasn't on for very long, but
lots of fun. I find I like to sleep too much in my old age.

Rig: IC-765
Ant: 1/4 wave sloper off of 83' of Rohn 45G loaded with 5 yagis
KU5B(@NX5M)   Single Op HP   1,6522010-12-19 13:32:41
Mainly got on to work DX but didn't hear a whole lot.

Primary NE beverage developed a problem around midnight and would sporadically
work but didn't seem to hinder my rx ability. Nice to work a couple EU, FO, ZL,
and a JA.

Glad to be out of uni for the semester. Hope everyone has a nice holiday

Colin KU5B
KZ1X   Single Op LP   222010-12-19 13:52:02
All I could manage to load up was my low 75/40 trap dipole used for 'phone nets.
100W into a 6:1 SWR on 1820. Yikes. Even with 7/8" Andrew Heliax, losses
were just overwhelming.

If the entry class was based on ERP and not TX output power I'd have been well
into QRPp territory ... Consequently, only a handful of stations could even
hear me. Oh, well. Just more motivation to not work so many hours in 2011 and
spend the time building antennas instead.

WriteLog 10.82

Steve KZ1X/4
AE6RF   Single Op LP   3272010-12-19 14:07:37
Just a boy and his radio plus 280 some odd feet of wire hung over an oak tree,
some convenient bushes and a fence.

Given the worse location I did better this year than in prior years.

Sorry my grid square keeps changing this is the third one in as many years...

73 de Donald
N7IR   Single Op LP   1,6822010-12-19 14:20:04
Decided to make this contest more fun so I ran 100 watts instead of QRP, slept
for 5 hours and ran for most of the time I was on. Best DX was ZL3IX who
called around 1230Z and kept at it until I heard him and we completed the 34
point QSO. Thanks OM!

This is a fun contest to end the year with.

73 and Happy New Year!
Gary, N7IR
K4LY   Single Op QRP   5372010-12-19 14:21:58
This is my favorite contest format, but I only had a few hours to play, so I
decided to try my Flex SDR-1000 for the first time. Yes, I had used it for
listening, made a few contacts, but this was the test! Unfortuately, the
firewire card I bought and installed in my older IBM computer stopped working a
few days after installation, so I could not use the Edirol FA-66 professional,
zero latency sound card which seemed to work very well the couple of hours I
played with it. It gives the SDR-1000 world class specs. So I used the old IBM
unsupported sound card which allowed me to run CW with the memories and
keyboard, but not the key, because of the latency issue. Here are the pros and
cons of this rather primitive SDR set-up, as I see it-
PROS- First, even with the old IBM sound card, receive was exceptional. You
can see the weakest signal on the panadapter, and you can use the 100 Hz or
even the 50 Hz bandpass filter to separate signals on top of each other. I
normally used the 250 Hz filter. Second, the memories work fine and you
potentially have a whole hard drive worth of memories. I used just six. Third,
the ATU worked fine, and I set the power with a Bird wattmter even though the
SDR-1000 has an acurate built-in wattmeter. Fourth, with the panadapter you
can see most of the band at one time or just a portion; you can "mouse" to a
signal or just click on it. Fifth, it's really fun to have the visual
experience of seeing the signals you work or try to work, and in a crowded band
you can see any openings in the wall to wall QRM to begin your CQing.
CONS- First, I prefer using a key, and with the old IBM soundcard, the
SDR-1000 monitor would have a several hundred millisecond delay. Try sending
CW listening to that! This problem would not have occured if the firewire and
Edirol sound card were working. Second, using N1MM software I had to
continually click with the mouse from the SDR software to the N1MM software in
order to log my contacts. If I forgot to click to the N1MM software, then
anything I typed changed the frequency band in the SDR software which required
more clicks to get back to 160 and the original frequency. If running,that
would have been a nightmare. So the contest interface between N1MM and SDR
software is not good, the way I was using it, but there may be work-arounds
that I don't know about. Third, even though it's fun to see the signal on the
panadapter, I think you would get very tired eyes if you did that a whole
contest. To be fair, you could easily run stations without looking, and do S+P
in the traditional way, too. Fourth, the SDR-1000 does not have a separate
receive antenna, so I had to use my inverted L for receive, which would have
been a handicap with higher power. I give my setup an A for recive and a D for
I actually heard quite a few Europeans on the inverted L. KV4FZ was sometimes
at least 25 db out of the noise (the SDR receivers have accurate dbm readings
AND S-meters) with P40TA almost as strong. CE1/K7CA and some of the CO, NM,
and seven stations peaked 20 db out of the noise. All I got from any of them
was a very occasional QRZ and once or twice a K4 or LY, but no contacts. My
highest point contacts were 9-pointers, and lots of them, but nothing further.
It was fun and a learning experience for me.
N6WG   Single Op QRP   2,6822010-12-19 14:42:18
I really enjoyed this SP as it was my first contest with my new P3 Panadapter
for my K3. I can see that it will definitely change the way I S&P across a
band in a contest.

I didn't do quite as well this time as I have in the past, but it was fun. We
had steady rain all Sunday morning, thoroughly wetting down my antenna. It is
an 80m quarterwave vertical with a base loading coil. My elevated counterpoise
wires are spread out on the roof of the house right on the shingles. With all
the water, I'm not sure if this gave me an over-water ground plane or if the
water was just shorting the rf to very wet ground. Either way, I managed to
reach PA to the east and KH6 to west, plus KL7. As
always, some strong stations couldn't hear me, while others that I could barely
hear came right back to my call. Contesting is really just another game of
chance :-)

Had some problems with my wireless keyboard. Several of my keys are not making
contact all the time. I'll have to check with the mfr and see if it is possible
to open it and clean the key contacts. I like it, and want to keep using it.

My score above includes the x3 multiplier for running 4.9w. Hope I got the
score calculation right. I had 3 24 pts, 5 21 pts, 5 18 pts, 1 15 pts, and 8
12 pts QSOs. After that, it was the usual mix of 3, 6 and 9 pts for relatively
local contacts.

All in all, not bad for 4.9w and 60 ft of wire strapped to a big plastic
Thanks to all for the Qs. Hope to see you again next year.
73, Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude
KL7RA   Single Op HP   3,1652010-12-19 15:25:49
Started at 1500z a few hours before my sunrise but very few could hear me which
is the usual case. Loud Europe but no luck getting anyone's attention. Kind of
a waste of a few hours of the 14 total. Once we were past sunset I had some
good runs but there were spotty and doing the S/P thing I would find most
stations would CQ in my face. Then they would start to hear me and I could go
back to the run mode for another mini-spurt of rate.

Best JA run was when they were coming in from the North. I was pretty sure I
was loud there as I worked a lot of very weak JA stations for the DX log that
were not in the contest.

Nice USA Eastcoast opening for about a hour around 1200z and their sunrise
which cuts off the noise from their east and they can work us in the west. I
was able to log many who I had called off and on earlier. W1BB was a nice
surprise, thanks to the LZ team.

Worked K7RAT running one watt and W7DRA not running too much more. Worked a lot
of weak ESP stations when the band was the best to the lower 48 but I know I
missed some as they drift back down in the topband soup before we can get the
exchange sent or acknowledged. W7EW was pounding in all night. He may be the
guy to beat in our part of the world. Whatever he used for butt glue held tight
for sure.

When we do have the rare propagation of three directions at the same time it
gives the beverage switch, and my hand, a real workout trying to hear who is
calling. Usually I can stay on the vertical for receive but it was very noisy
all night with those loud static crashes from the Pacific storms.

NAQP's next, see everyone in the CQ 160 end of Jan 2011. 73 Rich KL7RA
WØAIH(KØTG)   Single Op LP   1,5552010-12-19 15:27:03
I was sitting in for Tony, KM0O on this one since he is running around 9M6 land
yet. It was a great time. I had a hard time getting my mind in order though
in the beginning. Just out of sorts for the first few hours. Then things
clicked and I was set.

This was my first Stew Perry and it will not be my last. Any chance I get to
operate in this one, I will certainly try to do it. I ran 100 watts and it was
interesting what I could work with that. There is a lot of feedline between the
rig and the Elevated Vertical. I think Tony has tried QRP one year. That would
be interesting.

During the EU sunrise I was CQing on the NE 4-square and had a good run of
EU's. Starting with OQ4U, then TF4M and then a string of 4 G3's over about 10
minutes. They had good signals.

My goal was 400 QSO's. Earlier in the evening I thought that I had blown my
chance at that goal, by chasing EU stations that I head on the band. I had
heard several moving around and so I tuned around working others and hoping to
come across them and never did until later. I thought I gave up the good rate
times and blew the 400 goal. At about 0530Z it seems like the rate dropped
like a rock. I had about 275 QSO's then and thought that 400 was way out of
the question. I was pleasantly surprised to get to 400 and then a good way
past that.

Good fun! Thanks to Paul for the use of his station.

73, John K0TG
K7NJ   Single Op LP   2,4962010-12-19 15:30:14
Great fun from the QTH of K7CA using new K3 barefoot. Conditions were not as
good as they were last year.
KG7H   Single Op HP   2,1312010-12-19 15:34:25
Great conditions and good dx.
I missed the opening of the contest at local sunrise
- my alarm didn't go off! (am/pm mistake),so I probably
lost about a 100 good qsos and some of the best dx

Had a great time anyway - 73 de Craig KG7H
W7RH   Single Op LP   2,2272010-12-19 15:46:43
Even with declining conditions the old top band is full of surprises. Still
managed a few EU, JA, RA0, ZL and many others. It's such a treat to work only
14 hours. Where have the JA's gone? Only two for NA but had a traditional
pileup for Alan, CE1/K7CA.
Already for next year!


Bob, W7RH
KN5H   Single Op LP   3882010-12-19 15:47:16
100w to 1/4 wave wire tied to coax center conductor w/ shield clamped to tower.
Thanks for the QSOs.
N1CC   Single Op LP   2182010-12-19 15:57:55
First outing in many years. Rig is "new" same kind as before (FT-990) bought as
parts to repair my "failed" rig. Antenna Alpha Delta DX-LB as an inverted vee
with apex at 40' on postage stamp lot.

Working KH6 was easier than working KV4 ... perhaps the ESP in KH6 is more
finely tuned than in KV4-land. Could here P4, VE, and CE1 not able to work
them .. have heard EU recently, and heard no EU this weekend.

Strongest signal anytime on the band was not a local - N8OO who is 350 km off
the end of the antenna, closer stations were much weaker thorough late
afternoon till 2 AM local time.
NK7C   Single Op HP   5882010-12-19 16:10:00
First time entry into this contest, had a great time with it. Antenna setup is a
temp. setup as its out on the alflafa fields at my ranch. I can set up all I
want in the winter ( 8 beverages and verticals for 80 and 160m ) but then it
has to come back down in the spring for the summer. Makes for a lot of work. So
I figure better do a few more contests with it while its up. Not a lot of dx to
be heard this time but did work the ones I heard. See ya all next year.
W1UJ   Multi-Op HP   1,0872010-12-19 16:12:05
Was a fun challenge. I stopped operating at 07z for work the following day, but
could've done more damage.

Rig is a K3/Diversity, 500' Beverage and 40m Extended Double Zepp, the EDZ
models with almost 2db of gain!! ........... at 90 degrees.

I could hear EU really clear on the Beverage, but was lots of work with 1500w
to try to get them to hear me. I worked a few though.

The again, was motivating.

Jay W1UJ
N6RO   Single Op HP   1,7202010-12-19 16:22:58
Part time due to music gig and rain static. Had a good first 45 minutes (51 Qs,
including 9 JAs)at the start, but missed most of Sat. evening primetime, until
about 04Z. In between rain showers, managed to log three EU and heard another -

Was looking forward to the 1100Z start of the Asian opening and east coast
sunrise. At 1120Z heavy rain started, S9 precip. noise on the wire 4 SQ and
all beverages. Worked two loud west coasters in the next three hours! (I then
watched a recorded Hockey game, occasionally checking the noise level in the
shack) It subsided slightly at 1445 in time for JT1CO and a JA.

Never heard VK ZL....

Toys: K3 with diversity RX, AL1200, N1MM.
K4FTO   Single Op LP   3132010-12-19 16:38:53
K3 + MFJ 949E tuner + N1MM logger
Attic 160m trap dipole used as a long wire "T".
Grids worked: 56 (incl 1 DX)
N2WN   Single Op LP   9872010-12-19 16:43:17
Not the best of conditions and still fighting noise issues. QSB didn't help

UU7J was the most consistent signal heard, but wasn't having a lot of luck
hearing the US for hours it seemed. When it opened up, 'twasn't a problem. Toss
up between him and FO8RZ. FO8RZ was dancing around the noise level here for a
bit, finally the signal popped and he was easy copy.

Participation seemed light, but that could be more of a propagation issue than
actual participation. See at least one other station was pooped after RAC
Winter Contest, which also probably explains the fewer number of VEs...

Happy Holidays to all,
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   9,1352010-12-19 17:11:00
FT-1000MP Mk V at 100w.
160m perverted L (NI6T terminology) [Rx and Tx both]
-- 65 feet vert, then horiz rt angle for 35 feet plus a dangling wire
tied off to a tree.
-- 6 130-foot radials on the ground.
[Low 1.0:1 SWR into 50-Ohm coax and rather broad resonance show this
configuration is sub-optimal -- upgrades shortly].

Seemed like poor conditions and low DX participation . .only 4 JA's heard
-- worked two on Sat morning, the usual suspects, for 17 and 18 points. These
guys were S4/5 instead of usual S7/8. Other non-US/VE worked: KH6, KL7, KV4,
DX heard: ZL3IX appeared briefly at 0800. No luck. CE1/K7CA was audible
throughout Sat evening, but no luck on that one either. FM5 and P40TA
unworkable for me. Maybe heard a CT1, but with confusion on freq..
At 1000Z, (0200 PST) I considered ditching for a few hours' sleep, but then
heard a weak W1BB who I finally bagged with difficulty at 1103Z. Noting the
impending E Coast sunrise I stuck around and was rewarded, 30 mins later, with
S-8/9 signals from a gaggle of stations in FN32 plus various other East Coast 8
and 9 pointers easily bagged w/ 100w. But surprised not to hear the usual
VE1's. Finally ditched at 0415 PST and thus missed the last three hours.
Coax is laid for the Beverages, but opted to have indoor beverages on
Saturday instead of slogging through the woods in rain.
With better antenna this year's performance improved and it won't be
necessary hire Sherlock Holmes to find my score buried deep in the listing.

73 Bill n6zfo
K9DX   Single Op HP   2,1792010-12-19 17:29:29
Since I will be dismantling my K9DX remote station this summer, I was hoping for
a good last SP with the 9 element array. Not so. After a about 2 hours, a 25 db
over 9 line noise came up in all directions. I found that the European beverage
nulled the noise to S7, so I used it in the contest. So anyone under S7 on a
beverage aimed to Europe was not heard. My apology to those who called to no
AA9DY   Single Op LP   5312010-12-19 17:44:18
One of my favorite all time contests!
KR2Q   Single Op QRP   12010-12-19 17:49:49
No idea what my score is.

Fell asleep just before midnight local time (bad). Woke up just before
sunrise, local time (also bad). Missed most of the operating hours of
darkness...oh well, guess I was tired.

Worked 50 grids. Glad to have worked a 2x qrp to a very western K0. Took him
many tries to get my call (he was Q5 and well above the noise here, clearly not

Speaking of noise, band seemed rather noisy here and not much activity, at
least while I was awake.

Many guys who I always work on one call just could not hear me this time out.
Heard a nice number of EU and K7CA was nice and loud from the far south. But I
didn't work any DX outside of several Canadians...and even they were often a

Elecraft K3/10
1/2 wire: center around 45 feet, ends around 6 feet up.

de Doug KR2Q
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   3,4792010-12-19 18:03:05
We used the Stew as another tune-up for the 2011 CQ160 CW next month since
several of our regular crew were busy with seasonal family activities. We tried
out a few antenna changes and had fun just being together.

Since the ARRL 160, the 15 year old feedlines and phasing lines for the 900' EU
phased beverage system was totally overhauled. Significant corrosion was found
in virtually every connection. On the air tests proved positive this
weekend....we felt we could hear as well as anyone again toward EU.

Logistics prevented us from having K3 radios this time, and during setup we
found the Alpha 78 on the mult station position was disfunctional. Likewise
one of the IC756ProIIs had problems with RF getting in from the rx antennas.
So an hour before our planned start, we swapped around three radios on the
desk, and pressed an old Drake L7 into service. Far from an optimum setup, but
we had to make do. Discovered a few more antenna 'issues' that need attention
over the next month.

Our plan was to operate from local sundown to local sunrise, with an hour off
when the rate dropped in the deep night period. We were hearing EU more than
an hour before our 2130 start on the repaired NE beverage. A good sign we

Looking back now, the best conditions from FM29LL were the first two hours
following local sunset. Signals from EU were relatively loud and plentiful.
Later there was very little enhancement at EU sunrise, and conditions were
never good to the West all evening long. No VK, no ZL, no FO8, no JA. We knew
they were out there, but we couldn't hear them. The W6s were also acting
somewhat alligator like all night, maybe because of the local rain static.
Finally connected with KL7RA near sunrise - thanks Rich. Our best DX contact
turned out being UU7J worked just 2 minutes after we started.
Enjoyed listening to our TF4M contact on Thor's website (
)earlier this evening - thanks OM!

Its clear the contest being on the same weekend as the 9A and RAC events
thinned the participant field noticeably. The calender isn't very cooperative
in 2011, so maybe we'll have to suffer this contest dilution until 2013. The
best participation seems to occur when the Stew falls on a weekend between
Christmas and New Years.

Thanks again to our WYRS-FM hosts and to everyone who called in this weekend.
Congrats to the K1LZ multi team who did the memory of W1BB proud this weekend.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


John W2GD for the Team
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   5372010-12-19 18:04:59
Best DX : UX2X

K3 inv-vee @55ft N1MM + GHE Radio Boss
both K9AY and NE beverage broke in last snowstorm
N6WM   Single Op HP   2172010-12-19 18:47:32
Just throwing some q's out and enjoying Top band for a couple of interrupted
evening hours due to some un-welcome family business. I am still in a state of
shock what I can work from this compromised inverted L at the little pistol
postage stamp qth even answering my cq's. This is a truly fun contest that I
wish I had time to operate full time this year, but will shoot for it next
year. Its been a fun few runs on the extreme bands the last few weeks.. but I
guess its back to combat on the mainstream bands again ;-)

73 and seeya next time

WB8JUI   Single Op LP   1,5252010-12-19 18:48:45
Kudos to the Boring ARC for a job well done in sponsoring a great contest with a
level playing field.

DX seemed to be at a premium this year. For the first time in recent memory, I
missed KH6 along with quite a few of the European regulars. The band was
relatively quiet, but signals unusually weak with lots of annoying deep QSB.

CU all again in the CQWW 160 in January!

73 - Rick WB8JUI
NI7R   Single Op HP   2592010-12-19 20:48:33
500 watts to a portable vertical with a 160 meter coil topped with a 10 foot
whip. I did manage to work KH6, KL7 and a number of east coast stations with
this small vertical. As I was totally S&P, I couldn't find any more stations to
work after putting in 4 hours, so I went QRT and to bed.
KM6I   Single Op HP   2,4572010-12-19 20:55:16
Made my goal of 100 QSOs on Sat night and went to bed. :-) Learning more about
160 every contest.

K3 + Hercules @ 500w
Base-loaded 43 ft vertical, G5RV hooked to subrx for diversity rx
K7SS   Single Op LP   8222010-12-19 21:41:45
short time, but good fun. neat working MAINE then HAWAII back to back.
Carib DX not workable w/ 100w. Got the usual KL7, KH6, XE, neighborhood

cool hearing some big guns running LP and QRP...

tnx to rat/tr

73 and a happy 2011 to all

dan k7ss
W4EF   Single Op HP   2692010-12-19 21:48:41
Rig: FT1000MP MK-V + Drake L7
Antenna: 60' Tall Vertical with one ~60' x 45deg sloping top-hat wire

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I wasn't able to use my remote site in
the Antelope Valley, so instead I operated from my city lot QTH in Tujunga, CA.
Put in about 1 hour Saturday night (05 - 06 UTC) and 2 hours Sunday morning (13
- 15 UTC). Best DX were two 19 point JAs Sunday morning. Despite the heavy rain
here which I was hoping would enhance my ground conductivity, I still seem to be
pretty PW from the Tujunga QTH. DX heard but not worked (not for lack of trying)
were: P40TA, CE1/K7CA, KV4FZ, JT1CO, BW2/KU1CW, and JA0FVU.
Still I am always gratified when anyone hears me from this real estate
challenged QTH, and at the very least I am glad to hand out a few points to
those whose score will appear much higher on the results page than mine.

73, Mike W4EF/6
NE9U   Single Op LP   2,3552010-12-19 22:07:18
For ARRL 160, I did a field day style operation from my up nort cabin where it
is nice and quiet. (minus the generator and tent) Things went pretty well, so
I left the antennas up for the rest of the winter and decided to give Stew Perry
a try.

After ARRL 160 I coiled up my coax and 2 of my 7 130 foot radials (so my snow
plower wouldn't wreck them). When i got to cabin I found all my cables were
buried in a 4 foot snow drift. I dug out the coax, but completely forgot about
my two i ended up only using 5 radials (with 2 coiled up).....might
explain why my 1;1 swr dropped from 1830 to 1812?

I also left up my K9AY loop hanging from a tree branch about 25 feet high. I
cant rave enough about how well this little thing works! Unfortunately the one
i installed at my home qth doesn't work nearly as well (due to different
soils?...neighbors chain-link fence in close approximation to the one at home?
One at cabin 5 feet from lake?)

Anyway...had fun. Everything went well except operator kept falling asleep at
the end!

Maybe cu all in cqww 160. I have never tried this one, but have a good reason
this year to give it a shot if i can keep the weekend free!


Scott NE9U
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   4912010-12-19 23:00:24
IC746, Inv. L ant.

AC6DD   Single Op HP   1432010-12-19 23:23:52
The bad weather made me abort a planned portable operation. I did not operate
in the ARRL this year, saving the little free time available for SP.
I stayed at home and used my remote transmitter 10 miles away running some 800W
into a 60' tall bottom loaded vertical and a local receiver using a 12/17m yagi
for RX antenna. I was severely lacking RX capabilities.
There was lots of noise from the storm, so I was going to participate only for
a few hours, just for show up time.
I ended up being on the air on and off for six hours already, and was now
CQ-ing for some 15 minutes with spotty results.
I was getting ready to go to bed, when all of a sudden I thought my friend Tim
(Not a real Name - The real name is Rory)
showed up on my Frequency. Tim (I mean Rory) was a character.
A few friends and I used to go bar hopping with him in the mid 1990-ties in San
Luis Obispo.
He could not handle Alcohol(He claimed to be half Indian and half Irish), so
after a few beers (usually two)He would start his "I am a Police Officer"
routine. He would pull out his Radio Shack Scanner and start hassling some
other poor Drunk for some Identification.
The rest of us would be barely getting warmed up and we would be just rolling
laughing. One day he actually harassed a real Cop in plain clothes.
The Cop let him go, as he thought Tim was handicapped. Tim even got a Shirt
that read in front: "I am a Police Officer". He thought he was a real bad ass.

I don't know what happened to him; last I heard is that he Eloped to Vegas with
his Step Mother.

So much to my surprise Tim (Rory) shows up on my Frequency. At first he asks
me to QSY, because according to him I have bad clicks.
Since I have seen this routine before I ask for some Identification. There is
no reply. I keep on with my CQ's.
He comes back and asks me to QSY again as I have bad clicks, and now gives me a
9 area call sign.
I am thinking, "What the hell is Rory doing in Chicago? This couldn't be
Rory!" I ask "QSY where? 80 meters?"
He says yes, and starts ripping CQ's on my Frequency. Darn it is he! So I call
CQ too. Knowing him, he would not last.

The cool part about having a local RX (actually 4 RX, but no good RX antenna?)
and a remote TX is that you actually get to hear your own signal.
I also heard people calling Rory, but he never replied.
Rory lasted on my Frequency for some 30 minutes, and than he realized his
Police Office routine was not what we were laughing about.

Not much DX worked, only few Caribbean, CE for SA, went to bed shortly after
Rory left, did not get up for JA.

N6KI(@W6HCD)   Single Op HP   1,2632010-12-20 01:44:21
Got to the hilltop site 3 hours later than my original plan and when I fired up
the rig I had infinite SWR on the full sized 160 mtr dipole suspended off of
the 70 foot tower trailer. Earlier Saturday afternoon Bob N6OX and Phil K6DLV
had taken the yagis off the tower and in lowering and raising the 160 mtr
dipole, one side of dipole became detached from the balun. By time I affected a
repair it was 0320Z and I'd missed lots of potential Qs. I found the band quiet
with little local QRN and fading on signals throughout the 7 hours I put in the
chair, was very slow and minimal compared to condx in ARRL 160 CW a few weeks
ago. Best DX was ZL3IX who's signal was a whisper. RA0FU, JA3YBK and CE1/K7CA
sported 5X5 sigs and sigs from Carribean were weak. Heard nothing from western
EU and east coast sigs were light throughout contest. IC-7800, Ten-Tec
Centurion, 160 mtr full length Inverted V dipole with apex at 70 ft.
DJ2YA   Multi-Op LP   4422010-12-20 02:02:42
Multi-Op - one OP plus Telnet
N2BJ   Single Op HP   1532010-12-20 04:00:29
K6CSL   Single Op LP   1062010-12-20 04:17:34
Really tough trying to work this one with nothing but a 40M Delta Loop. My most
distant contact was with KG7H in DN18, 1,265Km. I tried and tried to work Alan,
KO7X in DN71, 1,449Km, but "no cigar". Well, I'll probably try CQ WW 160 CW in
January. Thanks to the KB'ers for most of my Q's. A Merry Christmas to all, and
a safe and Happy New Year. Bert, K6CSL & XYL, Patti
K3STX   Single Op HP   6472010-12-20 05:43:54
Lot's of fun, but I did not seem to hear much activity from Europe. This year my
goal was to test out a new Pennant antenna I just put up. It seems to be hearing
GREAT! Much better than my 40 meter long Beverage. In fact, I really could not
hear CE1/K7CA on my TX antenna or my short Eu. Beverage, but the Eu. Pennant
pulled him out. Not exactly the right direction, but I'll take it. I think it
hears pretty well, I worked YL2SM and he really wasn't getting many callers,
maybe this antenna is actually hearing well?!

Hope to put in a real effort in the CQ 160 contest, I can't wait.


TS-850S/Ameritron AL-811 400 watts.
Inverted L (80' high), 40M Beverage to NE, Pennant to NE
K1LT   Single Op HP   2,4772010-12-20 06:01:16
The Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge is my favorite contest, so I
was very disappointed when the severe noise that blankets the NW from
got even stronger during the contest.

The noise is impulse noise with a much steeper rise time than I have
seen on other power line noise. The impulses have a very high
magnitude but are extremely narrow (like ignition noise), yet they are
synchronized to the 60Hz line. My noise floor is typically about -140
dBm in 250 Hz, but this noise raises the floor about 16 dB.

With the 8 element phased array, I can listen at 240 or 270 degrees
which just about perfectly nulls out the noise. The noise peaks at
about 310 degrees. So, most of the time I can use the phased array
over 3/4 of the azimuth and only hear the noise when pointing close to
due south. The noise is annoying on about half the Beverages, and
audible on most of them. The European Beverages are usually clean.

I've gone hunting for the noise in the car, but I cannot hear it in
the car. I've hunted for the noise on foot, but the only way I an
hear it is by putting an AM broadcast receiver next to any ground
connected wire or antenna. The phased array elements furthest to the
NW get a stronger dose of the noise than do the elements to the SE. I
can hear the noise, albeit less clearly on one particular power line
feeder in front of the neighbor's house. So, maybe the noise
originates in his house. He is a part-time farmer, so I need to get
permission to go poking around in his sheds to see if I can locate the

For the past couple of seasons the noise has been a mostly evening
annoyance, and it usually goes away in the early morning. So the
noise would largely stay out of the way, being worst when I'm
listening for Europe.

For the Stew Perry, the noise got strong enough to begin to be
annoying even when listening to Europe. Furthermore, it stayed on
non-stop. So, after an initial burst of what sounded liked good
conditions, activity settled to a rate lower than I expected and the
extra negativity from the noise almost got me to quit.

Fortunately, I found that if I listened to the west using the 150
degree and 180 degree Beverages, I could hear most people who called
me from the west and northwest, as well as the usual plethora of
caller from Florida. In fact, using these two Beverages on the K3's
two receivers and the phased array receiver turned out to be fairly
effective for hearing most callers. Of course, I would never know
about people I couldn't hear, so if you called me and I didn't answer,
please email me! (vkean at my callsign .com) There were several
stations this weekend that I just could not hear well enough to log,
and I apologize. Conditions are not normally this poor.

The operating style is thus: I have the phased array (mono audio) in
my left ear, and the 2nd K3 receiver in my right ear. After each CQ,
I would briefly listen to the phased array while staring at the
waterfall display (which is more sensitive than my ear). Then I flip
a switch to put the K3 main receiver in my left ear (using the K3
diversity mode) and twiddle the RIT knob to find off-frequency

As European sunrise approached, the expected European rate did not
materialize, so I decided to take my 2 hour nap about 2 hours early,
and maybe work more Oceania. I took my nap 2 hours early and was
rewarded with contacts with CE1/K7CA, ZL3IX, and FO8RZ.

Both K7CA and ZL3IX popped up in my right ear while nary a peep in my
left ear until I flipped the switch. Chile is almost due south, which
is where the Beverages I was using are pointed, and the phased array
was listening due west. ZL3IX was strong enough on the 120 and 150
degree Beverages that I didn't even think to look for him on the
phased array, which was pointing 270 degrees. But there was a solid
trace on the waterfall so he should have been extremely solid at 240
degrees. After that QSO, I chose 240 degrees as the default direction
(hoping for a VK). While CQing, I kept my eye on the waterfall for a
dim trace around 1833 and after a while, I saw one. Tuning there (one
click) I found FO8RZ with no callers. I don't know why he has so much
trouble attracting attention, as his signal has been very regular for
3 contests in a row.

I found KL7RA by tuning and worked him through the awful noise. I
just had to be careful to make sure he actually responded to me. He
had a better signal to noise ratio by actually pointing a Beverage in
his direction than by listening off the side of a Beverage, as I had
been doing with other West Coast stations (signal arrival angle,

At dawn I didn't expect to be able to hear any JAs because of the
noise. But the noise was gone! The sun was already up but I could
hear JA3YBK. He came right back when I called, although I wasn't sure
he had responded to me. But the response was obvious when he called
again. Sorry for the delay! I wanted to be sure.

The noise didn't stay away very long. Any suggestions about how to
track it down?

So, despite the seemingly poor conditions, I was able to make all of
the normal long-haul contacts. 160 propagation remains an enigma.

DX worked: 9A, CE, DL (2), E7, EI, EW, F (5), FM, FO8, G (8), GD, GM,
I (3), JA, KH6, KL7, KP4, KV4 (2), LY (2), OE, OH (2), OK (2), ON, OZ,
P4, PA (3), S5 (3), SM (3), SV, UA, UR (4), and ZL.

Equipment: K3, ETO-91B (thanks Jeff), 65 foot "T" with 75 radials, 6
2-wire center-fed Beverages, 4 element broadside array of 2 element
end-fire arrays steerable via software radio (see Dec. 2009 QEX), and
KE7YF   Single Op HP   1022010-12-20 06:20:53
Used 40M mobile vertical for receive (noise level S-1)
For Transmit: Temporary 1/4 wave inverted L close to roof (average 18ft
height), 2:1 SWR at 1825. (S9 noise level too high for receive)
IC-746PRO, AL-811, 500 Watts.
Lots of strong Outlaw signals.

VE3CUI   Single Op HP   3712010-12-20 06:46:53
I sure do wish participants would just automatically send their grids TWICE in
this event...! After the CQ WW, ARRL affairs, etc. etc., I'm afraid that I'm
just about all "...contested-out" by the time the Stew Perry Challenge arrives,
and my brain just isn't as nimble as it could be. Sending this info two times
would sure save a LOT of requests for repeats...
K6VVA   Single Op HP   2222010-12-20 06:57:09
Insufficient battery power to operate remotely due to terrible rain storms but
no wind on Saturday. The home RF Hole QTH low inverted L would only take 300w
to 400w without causing too many amp faults.

I was shocked at the absence of signals compared to the SP last year. Only a
tad over 2 hours total operating time in a number of periodic brief sessions.
I guess most folks were partying on Saturday Night.

73, MX & Tnx for the Q's & Mults...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
N9TF   Single Op LP   6662010-12-20 07:42:05
This years neighborhood Christmas party fell on the same night of the SPTBC, so
my time was limited. Signals seemed softer than usuall at my less then steller
160 station. Although, a few west coast stations built up pretty early. Went to
bed around 1:30am local with the goal of getting up at 5am local to look for AK
and KH6. Very dissapointing, not only did I not hear either one of those
sections, but i don't remember even hearing another west coast station between
5am and sunrise. Band seemed to have shortened up and signals seemed even more
attenuated. Still, had fun. wish I could have spent more time in the contest
during the meat of the contest. No DX heard at my station this time around.
Station conditions: Icom 756 ProIII 100 watts, antenna (only one) lazy sloping
inverted L with 35 foot vertical section running up along side the 35' tower
24" away.

73 Gene, N9TF
TM6M   Multi-Op HP   3,4552010-12-20 08:40:01
1st try for us in this contest.

Sometimes conditions were very low.

Some good dx as VK6GX,CE1/K7CA,PY1NB,3*JA's couple of W6,7/VE6.

Thanks for qsos

160m: 1/4wl shortened Vertical with 68 burried radials
LY2IJ   Single Op QRP   6052010-12-20 08:41:05
No RX antennas this year, so to balance my TX and RX I decided to try QRP.

It was tough, but not so bad as expected. Propagation was not so good,
activity was not so high,
a lot of free space for CQing, just 9A contest interfere a bit.
Half or 9A contesters gave their grid, other half - didn't.

Best ears nominations goes to K3ZM (7148 km) and to K8PO (7979).
Other long distance contact - W1BB (6636), JT1CO (5387) , TF4M (2820)
UA9KAA (2559). C4M/qrp didn't hear me unfortunately - must be juicy
qrp/qrp contact.

My 160 station location is 5 km from center of Europe - not sure if it is good
or not. See there:

Not sure if my WriteLog counts points OK, as I see 15 pts for
K3ZM and 13 - for K8PO. Points are not multiplied by qrp mult.

If I will do QRP again? Eeee - not so sure.

73 Arunas
N2GC   Single Op HP   6942010-12-20 08:57:56
First time in this contest. I had a constant S6-S7 noise and deep QSB making
copy very rough especially to the NE and SW. Oddly, signals from the NW seemed
to stand out above the noise most of the night. Only a single low bent dipole
here for TX/RX so I am sure I was an alligator at times. Looking foward to

Happy Holidays and New Year to all.
Mike, N2GC
W2ID   Single Op LP   12010-12-20 09:01:00
Still being plagued by the continuous S9 + 10dB powerline noise that started
around December 1. As much as I really wanted to do this contest, I just
didn't have the heart to battle the noise for another weekend on 160m. I have
found what I believe to be the offending pole, and have notified Jersey Central
Power & Light. Waiting patiently for them to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed
in time for ARRL DX... The QRN is S8 or greater all the way up to 148 MHz.
VE3MGY   Single Op LP   1,8002010-12-20 09:09:38
I decided to "run only" for this one and see who could hear me. I then also
decided to see if I could beat my previous best score/QSO count ( which I did -
and in just 7 hours to boot ). Other than 10 QSO's I ran the entire time and had
fairly decent rates as well - around 60/80 an hour most of the time which isn't
bad for 160. The QRN was nonexistant here - S0 at 300 BW on the vertical the
entire time(!!) - however the DX sounded somewhat lighter than usual here - but
still very workable. KL7 was fairly loud here and with no auroral flutter on his
signal. CE1 was a nice surprise. KH6 was weaker than usual and I worked the
usual Europeans at their sunrise with loud signals. Overall a lots of fun and
very enjoyable without the QRN. Now I have to get caught up on the zzzz's

Tks for the QSO's

WB4ZPF   Single Op LP   3212010-12-20 10:51:59
A minimum effort after working the RTTY contest earlier.
OH4MFA   Multi-Op LP   5082010-12-20 11:04:42
Worked also low power with local CW Skimmer in multi op. Longest QSO abt 5000

Elecraft K2/100
PM-SDR + CW Skimmer
Vertical array and beverages shared with K2 and SDR
N1MM Logger

73 and Happy Holidays!
Jukka OH4MFA / OG4T
OG4T(OH4MFA)   Multi-Op HP   8872010-12-20 11:08:21
Worked also high power with local CW Skimmer in multi op. Longest QSO abt 11000

Elecraft K2/100
Commander HF-2500 amp
PM-SDR + CW Skimmer
Vertical array and beverages shared with K2 and SDR
N1MM Logger

73 and Happy Holidays!
Jukka OH4MFA / OG4T
N5KO   Multi-Op HP   1,4622010-12-20 13:40:14
Disappointing conditions. We enjoyed diversity for the entire contest, now we
need to get the second and third Beverages working. Thanks for the Q's.
VA3DX   Single Op LP   4002010-12-20 14:22:18
Approximate score , will need to wait for cabrillo file to be tabulated .....
K3ZM   Single Op HP   4,0412010-12-20 15:30:08
I had a lovely sunset opening to EU to begin the contest. There was no
troublesome QRN (throughout the entire event, for me) and signal levels were
cooperative. As the evening progressed, it seemed relatively easy to work
across the USA. Stations on the West Coast are always much softer here than
those in the heartland, but there were lots of good contacts to be made all
over the country. As always, EU slowed down at 0000Z to 0100Z and I looked
forward to a productive EU sunrise. It never materialized for me. I wonder if
activity was down a bit. Last year, I had about 213 EU contacts. This year,
only about 143. I also, as it happens, contacted about 7 fewer DXCC entities
this year versus last. Average kilometer distance per QSO was lower than last
year, obviously. I did work a couple of JA's, a few KH6's, but no VK or ZL
heard. Total QSOs down from 749 last year, even though more stateside contacts
were made.

It was fun working C4M running QRP. I also worked KH6LC at 0420Z, which is by
far the earliest that I have ever worked KH6. Glad to work KL7RA.

It is nice of BARC to sponsor this fun event. I also have to thank XYL
Margaret for taking my CT log and making the necessary conversions so that I
could post this raw score and then submit a log.

Thanks for all the contacts.


Peter K3ZM
NA8V   Single Op LP   1,6022010-12-20 15:52:08
Had fun!

A bit more DX would have been a good thing. worked 18 dx in 13 countries,
longest was CE1/K7CA and E77DX. Worked E77DX early, ~01z, not much else in EU
until +/- sunrise and then only G/GW/EI/ON/GD/F/TF, most on CQ's which was a
surprise. no luck at all calling the 'big' EU stations early on, exc. E77.
Got KV4/FM/P4 in the carib and only thing west was KL7RA (good ears! he was
weak here @ 9z) and KH6LC. Spent several minutes with JA3YBK, he got my
exchange as far as 'EN38' after many tries and i thought i was home free when
he sent 'nil' and moved on. I was frustrated but couldn't blame him, he did
work hard for it. This was exactly at my grey line.

Best hour was 64 near the beginning. didn't start until 22z, was afraid of
running out of time. should have been more concerned about staying awake. Not
much to work after EU sunrise, thought there would be more West Coast.
Activity seemed down from the ARRL 160 but for me condx seemed a bit better.

Had no clue what my score might be until i downloaded the calculator today, but
i knew i worked 135 prefixes.

ts850 + inv L 32' vert. more 'vert' would make a big diff.

So, there was a 'Pre-Stew', will there be a 'post-Stew'?

KN4Y   Single Op LP   2442010-12-20 16:40:35
Got on the air just long enough to work a few stations. the band was up and down
and had a lot of activity.
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   Single Op LP   2,4902010-12-20 16:48:24
Immediately after finishing the multi-multi RAC contest we switched one of the
operating positions over to 160. Conditions not as good as last year with the
score down about 1000 points. Europeans were few and it seemed that the
Saturday evening opening was just dropping out as we got on. We did have a good
long path opening on Sunday morning to OH, SM, TF, LY, UA. The full size
four-square with lots of radials performed very well and we clearly had a good
transmit signal and could hear well. As always Don is a great host and thanks
for making the station available
W1WBB   Single Op LP   1,5332010-12-20 20:27:31
Nice to hang out with the dedicated denizens of Topband for a full evening in a
fave event of mine...just a 'guy' and his radio here.

Less band crowding and many fewer 'assisted' ops in this one really allows you
to dig out the further stations without much QRM or battling spot pile-ups.
Good stuff!

Plans changed mid-week allowing for more chair time this year. Goal was to
shoot for 300 Q's...barely made it, with a dozen contacts after my S/R getting
me over the hump.

Noise from storms much reduced as compared to recent ARRL 160. Band was
relatively quiet but long deep QSB persisted throughout. Sigs were pretty good
to the west and south though, but Eu propagation and activity seemed poor. TM6M
was an exception, a beacon all eve, and was worked before 2330Z - very early!
Only 11 Eu total worked (all only after 0500Z) as compared to 22 Eu in 2009 SP.
Additionally, worked 3 Carib, 1 S/A and 1 OC -- 16 total DX...25 DX last year.

Best DX: KH6LC, then CE1/K7CA, then UX2X. Found/missed KL7RA too late after
my S/R in DX window, too weak and many callers. Nice to have N5KO call me near
my S/R for 14 pt Q. Always an interesting strategy decision whether to run or
S&P near/at local S/R.

Overall activity seemed less than last year...likely combination of poorer
condx, conflict with RAC Winter and 9A events, and holding The Stew *prior to*

Had 41 "10 pt or more" Q's with strong showing from greater Midwest, Rockies
and West Coast...tnx again for pulling out my sigs...I appreciate all the Q's.

Icom IC-737, 3/8 wv inv-L < 40' up & 150' horiz for tx/rx, N1MM logger.

73/Happy Holidays Topbanders!

Bill W1WBB
SVØXBZ/9(YL2VW)   Single Op LP   7172010-12-21 02:18:27
Thanks to the recent purchase of 18m Spiderbeam fiberglass mast I was able to
hope for putting some temporary antenna on the roof for Stew Perry night and
make my first QSOs from Crete on the topband.
Murphy was nice to me - wind and weather in general was acceptable to try
extending the mast alone without proper guying (not enough space on the roof).
Temperature is not a problem here most of the time - no freezing fingers.

The mast without the last, thinnest section was used to support T-shape,
bottom-fed vertical.
It had 15 m vertical part and two 15 m long, very thin conductors sloping down
from 16.7 m height back to the roof. Last minute I dropped just two 30m long
radials skewed by the perimeter of my and neighbors roof, one not fully
To tune all this automatic external tuner was used at the base of the vertical
(thank you Kostas, SV9OFS).

As I started my "on the roof" activities late in the evening, I finished just
after midnight.
Noise level was about S8 on S-meter.
I was not hoping for much from this last-minute built antenna and 100 W, but
probably I can say that the result exceeded expectations. I even got 3 USA
stations in the log (K3ZM, N1LN - you had the best combination of mouth and
ears from my perspective) despite I started taking down everything 2 hours
before my sunrise to get some sleep and not scare the neighbors in the

and I hope to repeat this for one of the CQ WW 160m CW contest nights
W4PM   Single Op HP   2222010-12-21 06:34:15
Rig: Omni VII ALS-600 500W
Antenna: Inv L

I only had a couple of hours to play so not much of a score.

Thanks for the Q's.

Puck W4PM
W6XI   Single Op HP   8812010-12-21 07:18:48
As always this contest is fun but where were the Euros.
KV4FZ   Single Op HP   6,1692010-12-21 09:40:51
It was very difficult to get any attention from the US mainland after my sundown
start time. So the NE Beverages where selected and all I can say is "awesome".
Normally I wait a bit later to concentrate on Europe after I have a few hundred
NA stations in the log. Few were calling me from NA but Europe was a different
story. There were layers of stations yielding between 20 and 30 points. This
more than made up for the lack of any NA run. Another unintended consequence
of this was a low Q rate....but so much more fun working new European stations
for the first time including some Asiatic Russians and A62ER. My NE and East
Beverages have a great null to NA so my switching was almost continuous. The
Europeans kept call well into their local daylight. In fact the last EU to work
me was TF4M at 08:29Z only 2 hours before I was into daylight and decided to
call it a day. I have uploaded all the contacts to LOTW for those in Europeans
who may need another country for DXCC submission before the end of the month.

Whoever was responsible for the structure of this contest Lew or Tree please
take a bow...let me tell you they know how to put an exciting Top Band event
together. The Stew Perry puts participants in a more equal fair footing
compared to the obvious unfairness of the ARRL 160 meter affair. The Stew is
truly my favorite. I have written to every member of the ARRL CAC about the
unfairness of the ARRL 160 meter contest which would be easy to repair, thus
giving DX a better interest in participation. None have even given me the
courtesy of a reply.
VE7CC(@VE7SV)   Single Op HP   8552010-12-21 22:28:03
Band noisy. Signals weak. Too tired after RAC contest to put in full effort.
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   6032010-12-21 22:35:15
This report is for my 2nd operation outside the core QRP operation as N5IA.

The first hour of the contest, starting nearly an hour after sun-up yielded 35

The afternoon operation 2 hours before sunset yielded 43 Q's.

The last two hours of the contest, after finishing the N5IA operation, yielded
69 Q's.

The highlight of the operation was being called by OH5VT at 1310 Z. This was a
direct path as the signal was strongest (Q4 copy) on the 22 degree Beverage. I
noted on the gray line program that northern Finland was in the gray line. I
have never experienced that propagation and a contact with EU at that time of
the day before.

I know it happens at the northern latitudes but surely is not normal at this
QTH near the Mexican border.

Thanks for all the contacts. We'll do it again a year from now.

73, Merry Christmas + a Prosperous and Happy New Year to everyone everywhere.

Milt, N5IA
N5IA(@NI5T)   Single Op QRP   2,4182010-12-21 22:35:25
This report is for my core operating in the SPDC. The conditions were not good,
and the band was a continuous roller coaster.

There were short periods of great propagation, and much longer periods of very
poor prop from this locations. In all my years of operating this contest at
QRP level, I don't recall more poor propagation to the US east coast.

From the stats in N1MM I can see that I worked only 13 stations in the FM and
FN Grids. That is pathetic. Those 21, 24 and 27 point Q's are the bread and
butter for a high score in QRP from this QTH.

I called perhaps 100 stations with good signals from that area than never even
acknowledged with a "?".

By contrast, a short, very good propagation window occurred from 1010 to 1150
when I was called by JA3BYK, JA4DND and JA5DQH as well as contacting N1BUG,
N2KW, and K3WW.

I operate the two K-3's in full duplex, with one of them CQing in one ear and
the other being tuned, listening in the other ear. As a result of the poor
response to the CQ I was able to move up and down the band and try calling many
other stations with the 2nd radio. I wound up with 147 Q's on the CQ radio and
66 Q's on the S&P radio.

The Q's per points shook out like this:

3 pointers = 25
6 pointers = 51
9 pointers = 57
12 pointers = 19
15 pointers = 32
18 pointers = 10
21 pointers = 7
24 pointers = 2
27 pointers = 1
30 pointers = 4
45 pointers = 1
60 pointers = 1
63 pointers = 3

The 4-30 pointers are the KH6 stations. All of them were much easier to work
than anything east of the Mississippi.

I worked 119 Grid Squares. The most Q's with a single grid, DM13, was 11.
CM87 yielded 10.

I struggled for more than 7 minutes to get FO8RZ in the log. Thank goodness
there was not a single other station trying to contact Phil during that time.

And so it goes on Top Band. You never know what to expect. But we will do it
all over again next year.

Thanks for all the Q's. 73, Merry Christmas and a Happy + Prosperous New Year
to everyone everywhere.

Milt, N5IA
W3TS   Single Op QRP   7202010-12-22 12:49:55
I started late and didn't have much energy due to graduating from college and
partying too much. I only stayed on for one hour and could not stay awake so I
hit the sack and got up 1 hour before sun rise and worked everyone that could
hear my QRP signal until the band closed past sun rise.

Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
OLØA(OK1CZ)   Single Op QRP   1,0322010-12-22 14:26:19
RIG Elecraft K2 at 5W, antenna 27m vertical.
Condx did not sound too good, no chance for DX QSO. Best QSO was TF4M who came
back first call.

Thanjks for QSOs, 73 and HNY
K4RO   Single Op HP   3282010-12-23 11:23:51
Got on for a couple of hours early Sunday morning. C U all in 2011!

73, Kirk K4RO
WF7T   Single Op LP   6752010-12-23 15:29:16
This was my first official Stew Perry Topband Challenge and I very much enjoy
this event. Thanks to Boring ARC for sponsoring.

I was quite pleased with the rates during my first two hours on Saturday
evening. Nice to work many familiar calls! Things slowed down considerably
when I tried to S&P what little DX I could hear. Heard CE1/K7CA peak very
loudly around his midnight but my signal was too puny to break through. Did
work FM5CD (many thanks!) I have no RX antennas and my apologies to anyone
trying to call me unsuccessfully--there were a few I just couldn't copy, try as
I might. Thought about trying to get a few hours prior to my sunrise but just
didn't have it in me to be at the radio that early.

Thanks to all for the QSOs. Happy Holidays all!

Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


IC-7600 @ 100W
G5RV as a voltage-fed tee, 40' vertical section
~500 feet radials on ground
N1MM v10.12.2, YCCC SO2R+ keyer
W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   6592010-12-24 06:57:21
Best DX was CE1/K7CA.
KØTV   Single Op LP   1632010-12-27 04:32:04
I had a number of other commitments this weekend so I decided to get on and give
out a few contacts. I tuned around and called those who could hear me on low
GM4AFF   Single Op QRP   1832010-12-27 13:21:33
Part time effort.
W8KTQ   Single Op LP   6232011-01-01 09:01:13
A super fun contest for sure!
WA7LNW   Single Op QRP   2422011-01-02 16:17:45
Operated this event QRP from home QTH using an inverted-L antenna.

We had a major snow storm night of noise levels were pretty high.

Looking forward to CQWW 160 CW later in Jan.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
W3DQ   Single Op LP   1062011-01-06 19:25:45
Wasn't planning to turn radio on, as without the RX antennas, I don't hear well
in this urban environment, especially during semi-daylight.

See you in the next one from Washington,DC

Eric W3DQ
ACØC   Single Op HP   5472011-01-08 09:49:46
First test with receiving loop. Worked great!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my CQ SP...