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British Columbia QSO Party   2014   Feb 1   Comment Summary

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VA7ST   Single OpCW HP   13,8002014-02-01 20:55:59
Activity seemed up from previous years, as it should be with the heavy Orca DX
and Contest Club promotion behind this event.

While the SSB operators surely had a great time, this is not a good weekend for
yet another CW contest activity. The collision with the NA CW Sprint from 0000z
to 0400z is very frustrating, and means BCQP effectively ends at 0000z for CW
operators. Exchanges for the two events are incompatible (Sprint has no RST,
while BCQP requires it).

Wouldn't be fair to the Sprinters to add RST to my exchange, so I ran the
Sprint for a couple of hours using KEL (my BC county abbreviation) as my name,
but afterward realized that no RST in the Sprint exchange means I cannot count
those 105 Qs for BCQP points.

Hope everyone had fun. I did for a while, but this is no rate-fest to be sure.

See you next week in WPX RTTY.

-- Bud VA7ST
N6MU   Single OpMixed LP   8,7322014-02-01 21:59:25
Score includes 100 points for 5 Qs with VA7ODX. No CW activity after 00Z due to
NAQP Sprint was a bummer. I think most BC stations gave up then as there wasn't
much action on 40 SSB either. Only heard VA7NF on 75 but he couldn't hear me.

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
W1END   Single OpCW LP   1,1922014-02-02 04:04:12
Seems like CW activity picks up every year. How about throwing in some
Always great to work our western friends. Thanks to everyone.
Eldon - W1END
CE2AWW(VE7SV)   Single OpMixed HP   6,4642014-02-02 06:26:31
VA7ODX bonus points not included in claimed score.

Fun time being able to say hello to all the VE7's. Like everyone despite
looking on 20m CW for qso's all I could hear were the Sprinters. Perhaps a
dedicated frequency higher in the band would help....14060 or ?? A special
thank you to Rebecca VA7BEC for her efforts to promote and co-ordinate this
VE7JH   Single OpMixed LP   43,4482014-02-02 07:54:59
I only operated on the top three bands but had a ball. Plenty of VE7's and good
activity from the USA. Even had a bit if a Europe run on 20m CW.
Thanks for all the contacts, see you in 2015!
Gabor, VE7JH
VA7NF(@VE7IO)   Multi-OpMixed HP   628,9042014-02-02 10:34:36
This was only the second contest for a new amateur, Christine, VA7MCP and she
was into the swing of running right from the beginning.

While Christine was running Phone Stan, VA7NF, was handling the CW. Stan has
been away from contesting for a while and enjoyed getting back into the chair.

Both ops put in a solid 12 hrs. relying on Pizza and soda for energy.

I want to thank Scott WX0V for posting "VA7NF BCQP friendly YL op"
this showed up on Christine's computer screen and it was a boost to her. As a
new amateur radio operator it was a welcoming comment, thanks Scott.

Being a local QSO party contest we had a great time working all who we managed
to get into the log thanks to everyone for making BCQP a success.

VE9AA   Single OpCW LP   1682014-02-02 11:16:10
Sorry my BC brethren. Just no time !

Mike VE9AA N1MM IC7410 HF9V
WN4AFP   Single OpMixed LP   922014-02-02 11:19:05
My first BCQP! Limited time available for this one. We'll try this one again
next year!
AE7DW   Single OpMixed LP   3402014-02-02 11:34:02
TX: FT897 @ 100w
ANT: JTV680 @ ~25' (rooftop)
VE5KS   Single OpMixed LP   5,3802014-02-02 12:23:47
Great contest. Had lots of fun searching for those VE7/VA7's. I got my licence
as VE7CRW back in 1977, so it is fun to work my home province.
Wish I could have worked a few more on 15 but heard only a couple and nothing
on 10 at all.
CW was finished at 0000z because of the sprint contest, I tried to hear any BC
stations but it was impossible to hear any in the clatter.
I was hoping to to work more stations on cw on 40 and 80 but by the time the
band opened west there was too much qrm and the S9 noise level didn't help HI.
Thanks to VA7ODX, I worked you 5 times for 100 bonus points.

Looking forward to next year, and hopefully a better score.


Rig: Kenwood TS 140S
Antenna : Cushcraft A3S up 40 ft, and a fan inverted Vee for 40/80.
VE7AX   Single OpMixed HP   20,8282014-02-02 12:33:30
I managed to achieve my goal of 100 QSOs overall and to give my antennas a
workout on as many bands/modes as possible at my new QTH. As others have
noted, CW was a challenge with so many other contests going on. I appreciated
the work of the ORCA Club organizers to provide in-province participants with
spread sheets and info on the other contests happening but I guess I need to go
back to Contest U in order to find a way of efficiently scoring points in all of

Thanks to all for a fun time and especially for the interest and patience of
out of province participants - including a surprising number of DX contacts. I
sense that the BCQP is getting more popular and I look forward to next year.

73, Don VE7AX
N8XX   Single OpCW QRP   42014-02-02 13:21:17
Trying to see if short skip would allow me to hear Minnesota. NIL, but heard a
VE7 and worked him! Thanks for letting me know my rig actually worked on 20!
VA7QLT(@VE7XF)   Single OpSSB LP   19,4802014-02-02 21:25:57
First time in a major contest. Had a lot of fun. Thanks to the coaching staff.
Loved my first pile-ups. Hope for more in the next contest.
Jeanne VA7QLT
FT1000mp, 100 w, SteppIR, 3 el
VE7TJF(@VE7XF)   Single OpSSB LP   22,1062014-02-02 21:30:56
First major long contest. Had a great coach. Learning how to tune in and
separate the pile-ups. Thanks to all for your patience. Looking forward to
the next contest.
Margaret VE7TJF
FT1000mp, 100w, 3 el SteppIR, N1MM
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single OpMixed HP   7562014-02-03 02:24:09
My first BC QP only for fun. Not many time for hunting VE7's, because I was busy
with hunting MN stations.

Score included 80 bonus points for 4 QSO with VA7ODX.

Thanks for the nice QSO's.

73 Laci OM2VL
K4BAI   Single OpCW HP   362014-02-03 05:35:19
TH6DXX, Alpha 78, 1 KW, 40M dipole, 80M inverted vee. Beam broken. Not much
time this year. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
VE7JKZ   Single OpCW LP   44,2402014-02-03 08:20:36
Log to be amended for VE7ODX contact.
Not a good start to the contest. 40m CW was hopeless because of what
SOAPBOX: sounded like an OTHR (over the horizon radar) pulsing away, whilst 40

SOAPBOX: SSB (approx 7230) was a mass of BC AM sigs. Radio Australia was so
SOAPBOX: strong on 7240 that I almost spent my time listening to that instead
SOAPBOX: of BCQP! Then the FOC crowd was having a contest on 20 and 15.
SOAPBOX: Eventually I got going, CW only. In the afternoon the sprint started
SOAPBOX: and that made things even more challenging. Even so it was an
SOAPBOX: enjoyable few hours before a social committment from 1600 onwards
SOAPBOX: meant I lost the opportunity for 40 and 80. Ah well, there's always
SOAPBOX: next year.
VA7ODX   Multi-OpMixed LP   867,9702014-02-03 23:17:33
A word from the sponsor...

What a great day at the radio! I speak from the PH perspective, of course.
Things were different for the VA7ODX CW and RTTY operators, as you can deduce
from the results above. But we all had enjoyable moments on the air.

There's always more PH activity than CW and Digital in QSO parties. Also, it's
far easier to trade Qs with stations in the host states of the MNQP, DEQP and
VTQP and stations in the other same-day contests by voice than in code and by
print. Consequently, I was kept very busy.

I made it a point to offer a trade when a station gave me a state in the
exchange I required for my BCQP log. So in effect, while BCQP was my priority,
I supported the other same-day events. I think many operators did this.
Reciprocal support keeps the bands buzzing and helps to build bigger logs.

Conditions were tough, certainly not as good as last year, which weren't as
good as the year before. The high bands seemed to close early and the low bands
were very noisy.

At times, I was fully engaged in major pileups -- yes! pileups! in a QSO
party!-- but not everyone trying to contact me realized that there was a
mountain of other stations trying to do the same. And so, to some operators, it
may have seemed like I was taking my merry old time in acknowledging them or
purposely ignoring them. Not so. And my apologies to anyone who might have
thought that. Conditions did play a part. But it's also quite possible that the
beam was not pointed in the right direction for me to hear you. My goal in
running the sponsor station on PH -- and the CW and RTTY operators had the same
goal -- was to work as many stations as possible, even stations that were
"felt" more so than "heard," hand out bonus points and keep
the BCQP profile high.

I think, despite perceived challenges, more BC stations were on the air. It's a
suspicion that is proving true as I look at submitted logs from out-of-BC
stations that show a considerable increase in the number of QSOs with BC
stations. Or maybe all the promotion paid off, and more stations outside BC
decided to go on a treasure hunt for VE7/VA7s and discovered riches?
Regardless, it seems BCQP is becoming a lot more fun for operators near and

It was certainly fun for me, especially when on-air friends answered my CQs. It
was just wonderful to hear familiar calls from Germany and Japan and Chile as
well as BC and the rest of Canada and through the US.

I would like to tip my contest coordinator's hat to everyone who got on the air
and/or helped others get on the air for BCQP 2014, wherever the QTH may be. I
coordinate efforts to promote the event and handle administrative details
behind-the-scenes, but it is all of you who call CQ BCQP and/or answer CQs who
contineu to make this an increasingly enjoyable time in front of the radio.
Thank you.

See you again in BCQP 2015.

MNI TNX de VA7ODX team (Rebecca VA7BEC, Koji VA7KO and Dave VA7AM)
KA6BIM   Single OpDig HP   3642014-02-04 11:36:11
Playing a bit on RTTY for the weekend. Thought I would say Hi to the Orca team.
VA7DZ   Single OpCW HP   39,0522014-02-06 13:01:49
My first QSO party - really enjoyed it!
Very surprised that there was enough trade that I could run most of the time,
averaging 0.5 to 2 per minute.

Eric VA7DZ
VA3RKM   Single OpMixed QRP   1402014-02-10 08:20:58
KX3, 5w, verticals.
VE7BC   Single OpMixed LP   76,3982014-02-11 17:51:40
I always look forward to this contest. Unfortunately this year I could only
spend a little under 5 hours in the chair due to work commitments. Thank you to
the stations who called me and special thanks to Rebecca, VA7BEC, for all she
does to make this contest what it has become!