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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2009   Dec 26   Comment Summary

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LY5W   Single Op HP   4002009-12-26 13:01:02
Power failure. Can't find a problem and back home :(
W1IG   Single Op QRP   1952009-12-26 16:15:14
Conditions were good (except when the bloiler came on Hi Hi). Had to quit early
because of work at 12:30 AM here. Operated 2 hours.
FT817 @ 5 Watts
Antenna- 60 Ft piece of wire attached to the end of the 80 Meter dipole fed as
a wire in a horizontal V pattern. Or like this < .
Worked fairly well.
73 and thanks for digging out the weak signal I had.

Bob W1IG
DL/WA4PXP(@DJ3AA)   Single Op LP   142009-12-26 19:37:43
Thanks to DJ3AA for the use of his fine remote station. Running about 80 watts
to a 24 m vertical. Gave up early as I ran off to 40 to work the RAEM test
also. K3ZM had the signal and great ears. Operating 160 in Europe is one
continuous wall of 599 plus 40 signals. Hear C4M/QRP and ZC4LI but could not
get through. I did not score the Total score correctly.
NG7Z   Single Op HP   2562009-12-26 20:25:43
Too much noise here to make a serious effort.
UW2M(URØMC)   Single Op HP   5,6002009-12-26 22:20:00
CountryPrefix Total UW2M
4O 1 1
5B 1 1
9A 3 3
9H 1 1
BV 1 1
BY 1 1
DL 45 45
E7 3 3
EI 1 1
ES 2 2
EU 3 3
F 5 5
G 10 10
GM 3 3
HA 12 12
HB 1 1
I 7 7
JA 35 35
JT 1 1
K 200 200
LA 1 1
LY 11 11
LZ 2 2
OE 4 4
OH 8 8
OK 26 26
OM 8 8
ON 5 5
OZ 2 2
P4 1 1
PA 5 5
S5 11 11
SM 8 8
SP 7 7
TF 2 2
UA 40 40
UA2 1 1
UA9 16 16
UN 3 3
UR 31 31
VE 12 12
VK 3 3
YB 1 1
YL 5 5
YO 12 12
YU 5 5
Z3 1 1
ZC4 2 2
ZL 1 1
Total 570 570
E77DX   Single Op HP   4,6022009-12-26 22:33:29
to much QRN sometimes, better to say most of the time
even over S9 on beverage...
all most same QSO nr as last year but more QRB/points
tnx for QSOs and HNY!

73 es best dx
HA5JI   Single Op HP   3,7692009-12-26 23:54:01
Happy New Year
DL6FBL(@DR1A)   Single Op HP   3,8922009-12-27 00:00:54
rig: FT-1000 + AL-1500
TX-ant: Inverted-L (21m vertical + wire) over 120 radials (25-40m long)
RX-ant: 8 Beverages

Average points per QSO: 6.9
Average distance per QSO: 3269 km

Couldn't get anything going towards East. Worked only 11x Asia, of which only
5x UA9, 3x JA, 2x ZC4, 1x 5B. The only station from Africa is CT3DL. No South
America, and the only station from the Caribbean is KV4FZ. But I was happy to
work 222x W/VE. The farthest squares were DM04, DM37, DN14, CN85, CN88, five
other DM squares, two other DN squares, and two DO squares.
ODX is JA5DQH in PM93 for 9295 km, who called me. I heard VK6VZ, CE1/K7CA,
JT1CO and JA9PPC, but no QSO. Without luck I also tried FM5BH, 8P9NX and P49V
(who was very loud but must have had terrible QRM/QRN).

73 Ben
HA8JV   Single Op HP   2,3342009-12-27 01:06:37
onli few hours, nice contest!
thanks for all callers!
73 and HNY 2010 to every one!!
pali ha8jv/hg8r
YT1HA   Single Op LP   3702009-12-27 01:59:22
Contest : Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge
Callsign : YT1HA
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 160
Class : Low Power (LP)
Zone/State/... :
Locator : KN04ET
Operating time : 5h43

160 152 2 370 2.4

73 Zik
K7IA   Single Op HP   5542009-12-27 02:31:04
Nice conditions! Seems like more participants this year.

A mixed bag of Stew Perry fun. First, Erin and I joined Steve, N2IC, and Kathy
at their mountaintop for a wonderful dinner plus a couple of hours of casual
Stew Perry operation at N5RM. Next, a cold (24 F) drive home--nearly an hour's
drive to cover 10.3 miles crowflight. Then a nightcap of more Stew Perry from
our home QTH in its "inverted mountain" canyon.

Thanks to all the ops for an enjoyable evening!
EI2CN   Single Op HP   3,1052009-12-27 02:57:59
Orion II
Acom 1000 400W
Inv L 92' vertical
Beverage on NA
Beverage on JA
Micro KeyerII
Win Test
Saturday night was slow but activity in morning much better. Longest QSO was
with VK6VZ. No JAs despite Beverage on JA.
K1EP   Single Op LP   2,5522009-12-27 04:16:37
Not sure of the scoring, given the low power 1.5 multiplier and the fact that
the logger doesn't do 1/2 points :) I thought that the band was in good shape
last night. Propagation was good, but maybe not enough activity in Eu. I
worked nearly 200 different grids in over 20 fields. Didn't hear anything from
the Pacific this contest or from SA. Wondering if CE1/K7CA was on because I
didn't hear him either. I still don't see the point of cut numbers in the grid
report. I worked a station giving a report of EMNN, he was sending at less than
20wpm. Doesn't make sense to me, especially in this contest. Thanks for all
the Qs, see you next month in the CQ160 contest.
K1TN   Single Op LP   882009-12-27 04:21:52
Sorry I could not do more, could not give out more points. My
end-fed-66-foot-wire-in-a-tree refused to cooperate. We have had a ton of rain
the past couple of days so maybe that's the problem. I could tune up fine above
1900 and on 80-10 but it took forever to tune up low in the band, where the
action was, and could not "hold a tune." Very strange. I managed to get a tune,
worked K7RAT on one call, then everything blew up again, so I bagged it.
Ah,well. Maybe, with luck, this will be my last contest season here to have to
put up with this.

A few more feet of antenna length might help this problem on 160 Meters but I
don't want to wreck the length on the other bands (which tune and work great).

Jim Cain
At The K1TN not-so-Superstation this weekend
FM5CD   Single Op LP   1,2692009-12-27 04:22:37
Win-Test 4.2.0
Elecraft K3 - 100 watts
Inverted L
K9AY + Short Beverage (60m)
High power line noise
Average distance = 3864 kms
Average points = 8
Farest grid = BK29 (KH6AT - KH7Y)
Only 3 stations from Europe (GM0UDL - OM3BH - E77DX)
Happy New Year to all of you, even to John ON4UN who didn't answer me !!!
73, Michel
W1EQ   Single Op HP   9472009-12-27 04:27:56
First Stew Perry Contest. New Inv. L seems to be working great. Longest QSO
UT8IM 7854km. Band was quiet. Thanks for making my first SP test a fun time.
Thanks for all the qso's. Happy New Year.
K4OD   Single Op LP   9002009-12-27 05:00:43
Rig: Ft-897D <=100 Watts
Antenna: Insane dipole

119 total contacts
300 QSO Points
600 Raw Score X Low Power Multiplier of 1.5 = 900 Total Score

First ever Stew Perry Challenge and it will not be the last!

I do, however, need to find a way to put up a decent 160 meter antenna
KH7Y   Single Op HP   1,0752009-12-27 05:03:29
Much power line noise this weekend...
W4ZV   Single Op HP   4,7672009-12-27 05:27:32
At times some EU signals sounded like meteor scatter!

73, Bill W4ZV
K1ZZI   Single Op HP   1,8002009-12-27 05:31:33
Contest highlight was working JD1BMH for a new one and having JA7NI call me.
New high score for me. Thanks for all the calls.
N2CU   Single Op HP   1,3882009-12-27 05:36:00
100% S&P.

Highlights were working JD1BMH for a new one and VK6DXI for 37 points!

K3, L7 1kW, 46' Inv. L, K9AY loops, N1MM.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
C4M(5B4AGM)   Single Op QRP   2,5052009-12-27 05:41:17
During last storm broken my 6 meter 6 element yagi,boom 9 m., and my Vertical 25
m high. I rebuild Vetical specaial for Srew Perry Contest, and add 12 meters
more ): In my garden (3 strip - 4x4m, 2x10m and 5x15 meters) I'm used copper
electrical wire which find outside house near electricity line, which cut
during storm, and collect about 20 wire 3-7 meters long with cooper 10 mm
diametr, and put to land this 20 wires. Result was excelent! I connect direct
two 75 Ohms TV coax cable in parallel in fixed SWR 1.1 on 1.830 mHz! I finish
all work at 15.25 UTC and start my lovely cintest. First station was listen -
K1ZM rst 539 on my old ICOM-706 (real signal S-meter scale)! I'm used 3 dB
attenuator for 5 watts output (power level "L" in IC-706).
Result. 153 QSO, 129 grids, 835 points. Longest distance with W5TN (EM15). Work
7 station's from NA from EM,EN,FN,FM. Unuasually lsn 10-15 Asia stations,
including pair JA's.
If my new Vertical experience future storm before CQWWCW-160-2010, hope to
work, if God give health.
Thanks all for unique Contest, and remember Stew Perry W1BB!
Happy Merry Xmas to all!
N2WN   Single Op LP   2,0002009-12-27 05:50:16
Amazing conditions, deep QSB, monster DX signals, early openings... What more
could a Top Bander ask for? Was hearing EU well before SS, OZ7YY was first
worked around 2200z. Plenty of Eastern EU worked, which can be hard from here.
Heard a lot of neat stuff in S&P, but running was only somewhat productive.
Worked JA, easily which is unusual. Heard JD1BMH, first time I've heard a JD1
on any band. Also heard another VK (worked VK6 for the first time ever Saturday
morning). This is my best score ever in TBDC.

Thanks for all the QSOs. Happy New Year to all!

See ya in the next bash.


Elecraft K3/100
72' Marconi
40m delta loop used for diversity antenna.
W3EF   Single Op LP   1,6072009-12-27 05:59:52
A little more zone 14 and 15 this year, but less zone 3 (and much harder to
work). No KH6 from here and no SA at all (even zone 9). Still, a great
contest; thanks to all those who pulled me out of the noise. 73, Maury W3EF
N4PN   Single Op HP   2,2172009-12-27 06:02:41
Fun fourteen hour contest...worked 57 Europeans and about half of those
in a run at Western European sunrise....pile up was great! Thanks to all
and sorry couldn't pull all of you out of there..

Also, worked two JA's at sunrise on Sunday.

Surprises...being called by TF3KX, SK3W, LA5HE, OG4T and EI2CN when I
thought it was over for Europe...

73, Paul, N4PN

Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP/AL1200 - 1KW
Ant: Inverted Vee in Pine Tree
(2) short "Bevs" (which do help)
Logging: NA
VE3CX   Single Op HP   6432009-12-27 06:20:33
Thanks for all the QSOs. Happy New Year to all!


Tom - VE3CX
KR2Q   Single Op QRP   12009-12-27 06:21:53
Put up a new inverted L (65 feet vertical, rest mostly horizontal). Good SWR,
but was never better and usually worse than my very low dipole (center at 45
feet, ends at 6 feet). What a disappointment.

Band was very noisy. Even with the attenuator on (Elecraft K3), noise was S5.
Despite noise, heard lots of Europe all over the band. But being QRP, only
managed to work three: SK3W, OZ7YY, and my best DX, OK7XX. The first two took
a several calls for them to get me, but then went OK. OK7XX got my callsign on
one call, but then took almost 5 minutes to copy the exchange. But we both hung
in there and he finally got it (whew!).

Went to bed around 0600z Sunday as DX was going away and with QRP, well, it was
just tough going and sleep looked real good. Got back on the radio at 1215z and
the noise was GONE (just S1)! What a difference!! Of course, by then, it was
all locals for me. Spent another 45 minutes CQing with 17 more Q's in the

Wish I knew what my score was. :-)

de Doug KR2Q
N4KG   Single Op HP   1,2502009-12-27 06:24:54
Part time effort with 1/2 Power (one 3-500Z filament went open after 20 years)

Focused on DX, most of which was copied on the TX Antennas
(Inverted L East, Elevated GP West)
Europeans were heard throughout the evening but were especially good from 0400
to 0600Z.

Worked 44 DX stations plus 12 VE's in VE2,3,4,6,7


Tom N4KG in North Alabama
KØVXU   Single Op HP   1,1142009-12-27 06:42:41
First time in this one. Great fun. Ran out of gas at 0800 and missed the
morning opening to Asia-Pacific. That's what shoveling 10 inches of snow will
do to you!
NØKQ   Single Op HP   3482009-12-27 06:46:37
I was pleased to work a few JA's, KH6 and CE1 on 160 mtrs.
N8UM   Single Op HP   9262009-12-27 06:48:01
Worked 4 JAs and the JD1. Best condx to JA in a very long while.
KB7Q(@WA7U)   Single Op LP   2,9482009-12-27 06:53:42
An hour with 19 contacts is certainly character building. Lots of European
station available for hours even this far west and many JA's were solid copy.
Diversity reception with the K3 is a joy.
OG4T(OH4MFA)   Single Op HP   1,3192009-12-27 07:01:28
Thank you for contacts. Nice contest once again.

73 ES HNY CUL in 2010
Jukka OH4MFA / OG4T
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   7962009-12-27 07:02:12
Just dabbling here and there. Did hear several EU stationsvery weakly and did
manage to work OH2BO (I hope). Managed to get a ? out of a Polish station.
KV4FZ was strong as always. Heard KH6LC just as he came on but couldn't get his
attention before the pileup developed.

Happy New Year to All!

73 Ed

DX-A sloper at 50'
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   3,8512009-12-27 07:04:57
Thanks for all of the QSOs. Nice to work VK6VZ and ZL1AZE in the last hour to
boost the score some.

30 JAs and 35 EUs.

73 es HNY
KO7X   Single Op HP   11,1112009-12-27 07:06:20
I have no idea what the actual score will be but this was not a bad outing
considering at the beginning I could hear only the very strongest signals. The
blizzard which had been raging for nearly two days finally started abating and
the snow static finally dissipated. When I could finally hear the weaker
signals I started putting QSOs in the long. No all nighters for me any more,
but managed to log a few DX stations along with many from all over the country.
Got some Europeans in the log as well as Carribeans, a few JA, a JD1, a ZL, UA0
and a couple KH6. Thanks for the QSOs.
N4YDU/3   Single Op LP   4122009-12-27 07:08:39
I managed a few hours from my in-laws house in Western PA. The antenna was
simple - 135 foot end-fed wire. Not the greatest 160 antenna, but I had quite a
bit of fun. It was interesting to listen to the slight differences in
propagation between here and North Carolina. It was also nice to say hello to a
lot of my friends in NC. Best DX was VE7CC. Not much luck with DX qsos this

Antenna: 135 foot end fed wire up 30 feet
Rig: ICOM 761
Logging: Old laptop and NA software


OH4MFA   Single Op QRP   9992009-12-27 07:08:55
To double my fun I spent some time also with QRP class. Thank you for hearing

73/72 HNY
Jukka OH4MFA / OG4T
GM4AFF   Single Op QRP   6212009-12-27 07:10:00
My first attempt at QRP in any contest, and I was really surprised at what could
be worked. Didn't have a plan and could have worked a lot more if I'd stayed up
all night. Thanks for the QSOs and a Merry Christmas!

KY5R   Single Op HP   9302009-12-27 07:13:26
Had fun for the time I put in. Good DX conditions hr though QSB long and deep
at times. Great to work W1BB........
See yaw'll in CQ 160 test coming up es HNY to everyone from " Heart of Dixie
Sweet Home Alabama" ACG country.

Tim, KY5R
NØKE   Single Op HP   1,4382009-12-27 07:13:54
Lots of rapid QSB on DX signals. Hrd VK6VZ but missed 32 pt QSO! My noise is
back to the north! Argh!
N1EU   Single Op HP   2,8212009-12-27 07:23:03
Probably the consistently quietest (in all directions) I've ever heard 160M for
an entire contest period. I was expecting more activity from Europe, but
propagation did seem a bit up/down and perhaps the Europeans went QRP en masse.

Japan is normally a tough auroral path from here on topband but Sunday morning
delivered perhaps the clearest unwavering signals from Japan that I've ever
heard (7 JA QSOs). Nice to hook up with kiwi Greg for my longest QSO.

The Elecraft K3 again delivered amazing performance with its receiver in stereo
diversity as usual here.

Thanks for all the Q's and regrets to those I couldn't pull out.

Elecraft K3, Acom 2000A, N1MM Logger software
inverted L transmit
4 X 580ft Beverage antennas (NE,SE,SW,NW)

Barry N1EU
NA9DG   Single Op HP   2,6252009-12-27 07:24:57
Seemingly quiet conditions -- one could hear a long, long way. My 10 year old
son Sam, KE7MAN, helped me cut four more radials into the yard on Saturday
afternoon, then the band opened to EU early; was nice to work a bunch of EU
before 5pm local. Heard but couldn't raise UT8IM; VK6VZ in the last 1/2 hour.
Was running on a frequency on Sunday AM and JT1CO started up on my QRG; took a
while to get his call, condx worse on Sunday than Saturday; 20 minutes later
someone broke in and said I was "QRMing JT1CO"; I'll move if you ask nicely,
but "ADG QRM JT1CO" is not asking nicely.

Was nice to work OH2BO during our morning; tried hard to get anyone who called

See you in the next one!
Brian N9ADG
N9NC   Single Op HP   6002009-12-27 07:27:41
Signals from Europe became very strong between 04Z and 05Z, maybe as strong as
I've ever heard in my short time at this NH QTH (1 year).
K3WW   Single Op HP   3,0742009-12-27 07:31:08
118 11 pointers or better, more 17 point Qs than I can remember in the past.
Lets hope a lot of those Europeans were QRP, makes it interesting to wait and
see what the real score is.

73 Chas K3WW
N9ADG   Single Op HP   2,6252009-12-27 07:31:53
Seemingly quiet conditions -- one could hear a long, long way. My 10 year old
son Sam, KE7MAN, helped me cut four more radials into the yard on Saturday
afternoon, then the band opened to EU early; was nice to work a bunch of EU
before 5pm local. Heard but couldn't raise UT8IM; VK6VZ in the last 1/2 hour.
Was running on a frequency on Sunday AM and JT1CO started up on my QRG; took a
while to get his call, condx worse on Sunday than Saturday; 20 minutes later
someone broke in and said I was "QRMing JT1CO"; I'll move if you ask nicely,
but "ADG QRM JT1CO" is not asking nicely.

Was nice to work OH2BO during our morning; tried hard to get anyone who called

See you in the next one!
Brian N9ADG

UGH! Typo'd my call the first time, better get some sleep.
W4PM   Single Op HP   1,6152009-12-27 07:34:59
Rig: Ten Tec Omni 7, Ameritron ALS-600, 500w
Antenna: Inverted L

Quiet band + good conditons to EU = fun!

Thanks for the Q's

73 & HNY,
Puck W4PM
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   3,2402009-12-27 07:35:13
Thanks to all who worked us or tried. This year's score is almost identical
to our score from previous years. Our only Eu was TF4M. Best DX was VK6.
There sure seems to be lots of US stations that could use better receiving
antennas and/or less QRM/QRN. Big fun!!! 73 & Aloha...
VE3NE   Single Op QRP   1,3382009-12-27 07:36:04
My first QRP entry on 160m and a lot of fun. I was not expecting to work DX but
worked UX4X, E77DX and G4AMT. Heard lot more EU. CE1/K7CA was true 599 but no
luck with him because of the pileup. CONDX were excellent.
Thank you all for picking up my tiny signal, especially N6RO who did not let me
go until he got everything right. Good op for sure.

CU next time.


Lali, VE3NE
S59AA   Single Op QRP   1802009-12-27 07:37:25
S&P-ing limited time early in the evening with only 500 mW,
antenna was bottom loaded 1/2 sloper on 23m tower. Called mostly
"big guns" and surprising many came back on my first call.
No doubt, they have big ears too.

73 & HNY
Franc S59AA
WØPR   Single Op LP   1,6772009-12-27 07:39:30
Well, this was my year for Murphy to show up. Things started OK, band was
pretty darn good. Europeans calling from time to time was great. It was fun
when things were working right.

Everything was fine for about two plus hours and then my keyer/computer decided
to destroy my cw signal...just gibberish. Stopped for almost two hours trying
to find the problem. Stumped. I even took time to reload and upgrade some of
my microHAM software. I was so bummed that I shut things off and went to get
something to eat. When I came back, everything worked again??? Wow. Later,
and for no apparent reason, my keyer wouldn't key the radio! Again, no reason.
I screwed with a couple settings and things started working again and stayed
that way til I quit at about 2AM.

Needless to say, I'm going to be doing some trouble shooting and see what's
going on so this doesn't happen again. Given when the failures occurred, I'm
sure it cost me well over 100 qsos or more. Oh, well. That's contesting.

Happy New Year everyone.
F5IN   Single Op HP   2,8092009-12-27 07:41:50
Powered by Win-Test 4.3.0

IC -7400 + TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)

beverages 160m (ASIA & USA)
& K9AY loop system
K8IA   Multi-Op HP   2,6622009-12-27 07:42:02
TT Orion II
Alpha 91B
78' Shunt Fed Tower Vertical w/60 radials
K9AY Rx Loops
550' Temp Beverage (E-W)

A simple multiop here. Mike KC7V and I simply switched off between operating
and goofing off, every two hours. Fun time!

Conditions down from last year, as far as DX qso's go. Much more worked in
2008. Best grid to grid distance points for us this time was VK6VZ and VK6DXI.

CU all in CQWW 160, coming soon!

73, Bob K8IA
VE9AA   Single Op LP   7612009-12-27 07:46:30
Wow, a lot tougher than I thought using only 100w and short SF tower! I think it
helped having a homebrew mock-Xmas tree made of 100's of L.E.D. lights hanging
off the side of my tower @ the 24' level(hi). My hat is off to anyone doing
this 'test QRP ! Hardly heard anything at all south of FLA, CARIB, SA,
etc. Some good ears in EU (G4AMT,DL6FBL,OZ7YY,UU4JMG) and PNW
(K7RAT,VE7CC,KB7Q,VE6SV) and some QRN-ridden? >QRO? guys in W0/W8...hi
hi...nice to hear the W1BB callsign out there being used. Recognized lots of
callsigns from the TopBand Mailing list. For the most part, it seemed the "big
guns" could hear very well .

Maybe next year I'll have an amp back online. For now I'll keep looking for a
cheap kW for sale that'll do 160m. Thanks for my #1 fav contest ! - MIKE
K1LT   Single Op HP   4,0062009-12-27 07:49:22
*That* was a blast. I also made more QSOs than anyone (who was scored
by BARC) last year. Of course, everyone else will make more Qs, too.

Going into the contest, I thought this year was going to be difficult.
First, the day before the contest, I still had an annoying head cold.
Second, on the day of the contest, I discovered the deer had mangled
some of the coax going to the phased array, which was causing crashes
and pops from water getting inside the coax. Third, the nasty
northwest noise made an appearance for a while the morning of the

But things got better:, the cold mostly faded by the beginning of the
contest, all the water in the coax was conveniently converted to
copper oxide before the contest started and I had no popping and
crashing noise, and the nasty buzzing noise stayed away from the first
half of the contest.

Usually there is a flurry of European activity around 2200Z, but this
year the first Europeans were very weak and few in number. They never
did get very strong although I might guess that signals were somewhat
close to normal by European sunrise. On the other hand, I could hear
the US west coast!

Rates stayed very good until around 0700Z and fell dramatically. At
0830Z I took a 2 hour nap. When I came back, the nasty northwest
noise had returned. The nasty noise raises the noise floor by about 6
db to the northwest, which means bearings from about 280 to 350
degrees are almost useless. Nevertheless, I worked two new countries,
FO8 and JD1 and also ZL and 4 JAs. Actually 3 of the JAs were beaming
due west on the phased array and the last one and the JD1 was on the
due north Beverage. Skew path? Or just the bearing with the best
signal to noise ratio? I couldn't tell.

I tried to add additional automation for this contest. The goal was
to have the phased array and software radio system (still looking for
a good name for the combined system) "find the caller" by tuning
around and looking in all directions simultaneously. Of course,
everything takes longer than one expects, and I only had the "tuning
around" part working by the contest. I didn't use the feature very
much, probably because I'm not yet confident about its performance or
my competence to deal with it. But I should have it thoroughly
confusing for when K0DXC gets here for the CQ 160.

A lot more DX worked than last year: 4O, 9A, C6, CE, DL, E7, EI, ES,
F, FM, FO/P, G, GM, GU, GW, HA, I, JA, JD1, K, KH6, KL7, KP4, KV4, LA,
LY, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, OZ, P4, PA, S5, SM, SP, TF, UA, UR, VE, YL,
YU, ZC4, and ZL.

Equipment: Icom IC-765, ETO 91B (K8ND loaner), 8 element phased array
and SDR receiver, 13 Beverages, 65 foot "T" vertical and 75 radials, 2
computers, 2 keyboards, and 3 screens.
N6RO   Single Op HP   2,9602009-12-27 07:50:44
Had a good start in the 15Z hour (60 QSOs), and good at sundown until the first
of THREE rain bands went through during prime time to EU and east coast, from
02Z to 08Z. Rain static drove me off the air for three unplanned breaks of 30
to 45 minutes. Propagation and activity were good, mother nature was not!
Despite the rain noise, I had a personal best score.

35 AS: 27 JA, JT, UA9, JD, HL
10 EU: EI, F, OH, OK, OM, OZ, SP, UA2, YL
SA: P4, CE
DR8ØØGRZ(DG1CMZ)   Single Op LP   7572009-12-27 07:53:41
IC756 + inv L (22m) /w elevated radials.

More QSOs than last year but vy low score, means short distances only. Condx
have been down at my QTH, wkd just 2xUA9 for Asia and 7xW/VE, all other EU.
Compared to last year the average km went down from ~1600 to 939.

Sorry for all those that had trouble copying this special callsign, some I
couldn't even convince that it was serious. One always sent "HI" and QSYed
right away :-).

73, cu next year, Michael
AH8DX/W7   Single Op QRP   612009-12-27 08:08:22
RIG: Elecraft K2
ANT: Inverted L

I used this weekend to improve my 160 Mtr traveling station that I travel
around the world with. Mainly started with the RX antenna's first as I have had
difficulty with bev's sitting on the coral. I am making progress though as my
sunrise on Saturday morning before the contest, Chak, JT1CO was a true 589 on
my K2. I have a Drake R4C sitting here waiting to be sent to Rob at Sherwood
Eng. next month. It was fun hearing all of the DX finally.

I put up a temporary inverted L mainly so that I could work on a traveling
ground radial system that is fast and easy to deploy. In the last three weeks I
have put down 60 radials and each weekend will add a few more. My main XMIT
antenna is a AH8DX Palmyra Special using 40' of collapsable lightweight
aluminum tubing that collapses down to just 3.5' and a collapsable 27'
fiberglass surfing fish rod. I use 77' of #12 wire attached to the rod where it
is joined at the top of the aluminum tube section. The end of the wire is tied
off at just 15' above the ground.

Tnx for all of the ops that heard my 5W this weekend. I mainly enjoyed
listening to the DX on the band.

I thought of my gud ole friend Bob, W7GG, this weekend as I tuned across the
band. I miss him dearly.

Gud Dx,

Craig, AH8DX & 8R1EA
NN3W   Single Op LP   6502009-12-27 08:09:57
First Stew for me. I would have done more, but for the second time this contest
season, I got hammered by a power outage - this one lasted four hours and struck
around 22:30 which wiped out my early evening goals. What was worse is that the
"non-association" home next door to me had power. But the entire HOA was dark.
So much for annual dues....

Decent activity. Nice sigs out of EU. UW2M was amazingly loud as was OM5ZW.
Could not break the CE1/K7CA pile, although I don't expect much with an
inverted L at 45 feet...

Got some run time in and had some Left Coast stations calling in. i heard
others calling by my suburban lot saddles me with a S9 noise floor and there is
not, as of yet, any receive antennas....
UZØU(UY5ZZ)   Single Op HP   1,7402009-12-27 08:20:39
Band QSOs Pts
1,8 361 1740
Total 361 1740
Score: 1 740
VO1HP   Single Op HP   1,3152009-12-27 08:26:47
11 Zones
32 Countries
109 Prefixes
126 Grid Squares

Best Distance KH7Y 9346 kms
2nd best CE1/K7CA 8821 kms

10 point or greater QSO's = 58

Longest Domestic QSO VE7CC 5505 kms

FT1000MP + AL811H + Inv L + K9AY
N1MM + microKeyer +

LotW + eQSL today.
VE3MGY   Single Op LP   6002009-12-27 08:36:27
I was sick with a pounding head cold ( complete with blocked sinus ) and a bad
cough all night on Saturday but literally hauled myself out of bed and to the
radio Sunday morning just to feed my contest and 160 addictions.... Sending
code while coughing/sneezing is very hard to do...

Highlight was working the West Coast ( 3300+ km ) at SR + 45 Min when they
called in.

Now back to bed...

VE9DX   Single Op LP   2,5522009-12-27 08:47:45
Good fun... Hrd lots more but running on 30 watts can be a challange.
Ant Cushcraft MA160v with 15 very short radials, None more than 9 mtrs
Quit at 08:10 as did not get a good charge on my batteries before the
Lotta Europe this year - a nice surprise.

73 HNY de Andy "VE9DX"
VE3FRX   Single Op LP   4882009-12-27 09:05:33
First time entry for TBDC. First time using grid squares, so found it really
difficult to copy. Was that EM or EN? I guess my ears are trained only for
serials, zones and sections. Hi. So only did S&P, but mainly it was the QRM!

What a busy contest on 160. Disappointed I couldn't work all the DX I could
hear, but too many QRO locals calling CQ in the 1830-1835 window. I guess this
doesn't hold in this (or any) contest. My poor old TS-140S +500Hz filter
couldn't get narrow enough.

Best DX was UA2FF (4822 mi.). Conditions were great (and quiet) on Saturday
night, but gave up at 1AM as Holiday over indulgence played havoc with my
ability to stay in the chair. Hi!

Thanks for all the Qs and will look for you all in the CQ160s.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   1,0742009-12-27 09:12:29
FT1000MP, Alpha 91B, 1 KW plus or minus, T vertical. The Alpha 78 won't work on
160 right now. The Alpha 91B is very touch with its protective system. The SWR
seemed to change without warning or reason, causing the amp to drop off line.
Apologies to anyone that I was trying to work when this happened. Think I
finally completed all such QSOs. Thanks for the contacts. Happy New Year to
all. 73, John, K4BAI.
W6SX   Single Op HP   4822009-12-27 09:15:45
K3, ACOM 2000A, shorted 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with counterpoise and MB-V-A,
AK4I   Single Op HP   2062009-12-27 09:16:50
First Stew Perry. Clearly points out the need for me to upgrade my 160 meter
antenna. Still a log of fun.
VE3OSZ   Multi-Op LP   1,0672009-12-27 09:21:43
As was the case last year we had an ice storm but this year it adversely
affected us throughout the contest. The inverted L was seriously de-tuned and
so we had to reduce power or operate in a restricted range of frequencies.
Conditions seemed up and down. We had some good propagation to Eastern Europe
but no CE1 or KH6. Best DX was UU4JMG at about 7900 km. No Gs heard which is
most unusual. We had more QSOs but a smaller points total than last year.

Score does not take into account any power multipliers.

Drake TR7 - 100 watts
inverted L
KM9M   Single Op HP   2092009-12-27 09:26:13
very slow here, and I could hear just about as good as a block of wood.
1st 10 q's were made with 100w, then turned amp on with output to appx 400w.
Lots of noise since last week's ice storm.
Hearing cut numbers in grid numbers was different. Still, a good time
with the short amount of time available.
N8JK   Single Op HP   3622009-12-27 09:29:32
Really enjoyed SP this year. Will look forward to other contest activity on
ON4IA   Single Op HP   3,2762009-12-27 09:34:23
Shunt fed tower, beverages .

Had a great time, tnx for the qso s .

OK2BFN   Single Op LP   6602009-12-27 09:39:16
IC746, inv.L.
H.N.Y., c u in January. Tom
K7FA   Single Op HP   8452009-12-27 09:40:05

Rig: K3, AL-800H
Sfw: N1MM-Logger Ver. 9.10.3
Antenna : Inverted VEE at 43-meters

Fun contest; 100% S&P. Started late & time-out taken for sleeping. QRN across
bottom 20-Khz of band until 0700Z (maybe new neighborhood noise source).
Per (N6TR/K7RAT), should locate source and cut off the AC cord.
Greatest grid-to-grid was VK6DXI at 1430Z.
DX (15%) was mostly asia and oceania, but also included Russia and Slovakia
(UA0CA, OM3BHT, OM5ZW). Thanks for the Q's.
73, Tom - K7FA
W7RH   Single Op QRP   2,4932009-12-27 09:45:51
With the kids all grown up I was able to escape the seasonal hangout and head
out to the ranch. After almost 38 years of operating on 160 this is only my
second TBDC. I thought I'd try QRP as I've worked Alan CE1/K7CA several times
over the years with 5W. The band was quiet and wide open to DX locations EU,
South Pacific, and West Coast of South America. Thanks to the fine ears and
extreme patience of fine operators CE1/K7CA, OM3BH, ZL3IX, SN7Q and JA8ISU are
in the log! all I can say is wow!


Bob, W7RH
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   4,0542009-12-27 09:55:22
Great band conditions!
(Of course, when the tide comes in, all the boats are raised)

Most of our power line noise problem was solved
by the power company last couple weeks.
But can’t believe it was anything but great band conditions
and great operators that made this Stew Perry so enjoyable.

Early Sunday morning, looking west, (wrong way) ,
heard a signal under the floor mat.
Finally realized it was VE1ZZ .
Was afraid he’d go to lunch before I got his grid in the log.
You’d think by now I would have it memorized.

Vk6vz, vk6dxi, zl3ix,
Too bad you guys can’t see the smile you put on our face .
Thanks for fighting the qrn.

I’m trying to take advice I’ve been given by top operators.
Did a lot more s/p this time around.

Speaking of top operators,
Just found out n5dx and k5go probably beat me again,
This time using a portable rig and a piece of wire
pushed through the window at Grandma’s house.

Absolutely no outside help.
I say that, then I think about that ‘check’ window in N1MM.
Don’t see how anything could be more helpful than that little window.
And to think how many contests I tried to work
before W5TM showed me what it was there for.

BTW, my hat is off to those guys that manage the LOTW program.
They really came up with a secure system.
Don’t have to worry about an old guy like me abusing it.
I managed to work through the red tape first time.
But they were right on the ball, expired my lease,
sent me a renewal, and it expired before
I got it to the right computer.

Even the local Game and Fish people gave me a free pass after 70,
And that was several years ago..

.If you want us on the LOTW program,
you gona have to work through their management team.
An email to us ain’t gona do it.

Reminder, Marlene says , all it takes is an email to get her card direct.

Probably not a good sign,
but Stew Perry is a big deal around here.

Doug, n5ect
2nd in command at WD5R
W1UJ   Single Op HP   1,0422009-12-27 10:00:08
Many changes at the W1UJ station for this one, including a ~500' 2-wire beverage
aimed just East of North. Strung it up on Christmas Eve after the freshly wound
K1FZ beverage transformer and 1/2 mile of wire arrived last week.

I did want to do a more serious effort, but the XYL discovered problems with
160m effecting only the Verizon DSL modem. This caused un-necessary 'friction'
by not having a good internet connection for utilization of the recently
acquired gift-cards etc.... So, lots of well needed family time was mixed in
between operating.

It is amazing introducing a receive antenna. I was motivated with recent
discussions, and research into receiving antennas. Securing permission from
effected neighbors, the project begins.

2 hours were spent during Saturday mid-day, where there was very very little
on, but wanted to figure out the beverage stuff. I could not figure out f/b or
gain or it's directivity. I have one direction EXTREMELY quiet, but nothing is
strong with that one selected (That would be the return, or SSE, I am going to
swap feed lines and see what shakes) The NNE direction was the main RX antenna,
it was superior with noise over the TX antenna, but seemed omni-directional. No
one seemed 'nulled' from the TX antenna- when the signals fade on the TX they
pick up on the RX.

KRX3, unfortunately, has a delivery date of 12/30.. CQWW 160m Diversity RX!?

TX is a center-fed 80m Zepp fed as a Marconi with 3- 140' radials.

Rig= K3 and Titan ~600w depending on house internet requirements.

Happy New Year!

Jay W1UJ
K1NK   Single Op LP   1,5482009-12-27 10:08:27
First time in the TBDC. It's tough to get the holiday schedule to cooperate with
operating time!

Prop seemed good, but the big rain storm made the band noisy. I don't know how
I would survive without the K9AY loops.

Thanks for the Qs.

Happy New Year!

N6WM   Single Op HP   1452009-12-27 10:09:20
No big gun station for me this time around, mostly throwing out some points for
fun. First time operating this contest. Had a ham buddy over at the qth and was
showing him the shack, and I started S&P in the test, then tuned away to check
out some other bands. when he left later, I got back on the air and started
calling cq. Had alot of fun, worked alot of friends and will look forward to a
more serious effort next year. I have a rather creatively installed inverted L
antenna on a space restricted lot for Top Band here at home, and this gave me
an idea of its capabilities, to some extent. Was able to get to the entire US
and some VE including the east coast also KH6 no problemo and of course lots of
local stations...

Rig: Elecraft K3/100
Amp: Ameritron AL811
Antenna: Inverted L
QTH: Home garage hamshack :-)

Thanks for the Q's I had alot of fun

73 and seeya next time!
K5OAI   Single Op QRP   3902009-12-27 10:16:23
K2 5w (65mw ERP) 13 foot tall Hi-Q 5/160 at 20 feet, with 16 radials each 13
feet long.

Started out ok, but a few hours into the contest the bands sounded like the rf
gods had thrown an attenuator inline. Signals went down even on the stronger
signals. I was still able to copy 95% of signals I heard, but was able to work
only about 50% of those stations.

Last year with the same rig/antenna/power setup, I worked 60 contacts and about
95% of the stations heard. Last year longest Q was 3942km with 2 dx, this years
longest Q was only 1912km and no dx at all.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   6152009-12-27 10:19:30
* Inverted-L -- 85' vert. (sloping), 50' horiz. (sloping)
* FT-2000 + N1MM

Not too sure how much time I put in, but it must be around 5 hours -- in bits
and pieces that probably won't fit the Boring protocol of of four off-times
max. Had much fun despite the QRN... didn't notice any local power line noise,
and at times was able to hear quite a few weaker stations, though there were
also many I just couldn't quite pull through.

Spent a few cold (-15 to -5C) hours over the past week trying to arrange some
on-ground radials. No snow here, so managed to put down more than a dozen
50-footers plus three 100-footers (all loose on top of a frozen lawn, a couple
tied in to 300' of chainlink fence around the lawn). It helped make the antenna
more predictable across the CW band vs. the three "hardly elevated" 135' radials
I've been using.

Started at 2240z, about an hour before dark and was able to work a bunch west
of the Rockies then gradually further and further east as the evening
progressed. Around 2 a.m. local time I began finding more success with the FN
lads at 10 or 12 points each -- a mother lode of points for this QTH -- but the
high-grading lasted less than hour with about 14 FNs in the log.

No DX this year. There was quite a bit of noise on the E-W Beverage, which
isn't uncommon lately, so I ended up phasing a 40M vertical (noise sense
antenna) against the Inverted-L and that helped me hear through the noise
better than the Beverage. Third-best or fourth-worst outing for the Stew

2009 108 615
2008 93 420
2007 155 1,032
2006 51 133
2005 124 858
2004 43 238

Now that Cycle 24 appears to be rushing headlong toward some far-future
solarmax, we might actually have a sunspot or two for RTTY Roundup next
weekend. Looking forward to that very much.

All the best and happy new year to everyone. Thanks for the contest contacts
this year -- I appreciated all 18,597 of 'em.

-- Bud VA7ST
P49V(AI6V)   Single Op HP   2,4282009-12-27 10:19:39
My first time for the Stew Perry. I'm getting to like 160. The noise level
that evening was one of the highest I've seen, as even my beverage showed an
S9. Most of the calls were difficult to copy. I appreciate all the repeats
needed to get grid squares correct. Even though it was noisy, everybody was
quite polite. I did not have any trouble hearing P43JB, hi,hi. Thanks to all
for the QSOs. 73 and HNY Carl
YU5A(YU1EW)   Single Op LP   1752009-12-27 10:20:03
Tuning the band with 80 mtrs dipole I was surprised with lot of station active
in the contest. Then decided to build Inv L antenna for 160m, 18 mtrs vertical
and rest of sloping down. It works surprisingly well, even CQ-ing with low
power goes well. Will put much more radials next time.
KQ6ES   Single Op LP   1982009-12-27 10:27:24
The usual self inflicted torture. See you next time.
John kq6es
FT-1000MP 100 watts
ground mounted Butternut vertical with 160m coil
WB4MAK   Single Op HP   4892009-12-27 10:36:20
Limited operating time. Flex 5000A, 160M Inv L, K9AY. Great signals in the US
but limited DX heard here. Only worked a hand full of DX.
Thank you to everyone for the QSOs and Happy New Year!
73, Mack WB4MAK
NM2L   Single Op LP   7582009-12-27 10:40:39
Houseful of company, but managed a few hours. 73 de Greg NM2L
NDØC   Single Op QRP   2922009-12-27 10:42:09
My first effort in SP, albeit limited in time. - Love the concept and scoring
methodology. Now - to get a decent antenna for 160! A dipole at 45 feet fed
with 5 watts just doesn't make it past 2,000 km! Thanks for the great ears
(and Beverages) out there!

Randy, ND0C
NE7D   Single Op LP   1,1002009-12-27 10:46:04
FT-100MP Mk-V Field
One side of ladderline to 80M dipole (inverted L)
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   2,1472009-12-27 10:53:52
Raw score as calculated by N1MM.

A quick walkabout antenna inspection prior to sitting down at the rig found
water damaged coax. A quick, temporary splice and things were ready to go.

Unlike the pre-Stew, things were hopping early. I was hearing Europeans around
2130Z, but couldn't get their attention until around 0300Z, when most became

Thanks to all for the QSOs and points. Hope you all have a great New Year.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K9NR   Single Op HP   2,3492009-12-27 11:13:13
Part time due to work & family.
Good propagation & moderate noise.
Best DX was ZL3IX
Thanks & HNY to all
73, Don K9NR
TF4M   Single Op HP   2,8202009-12-27 11:25:27
Conditions seemed rather poor with some Auroral activity during the contest.
This affects TF stations greatly since we are so close to the Auroral Oval.

In spite of the poor conditions, I made a few juicy DX contacts, notably
CE1/K7CA for a new country and Zone 12, VK6DXI for the longest distance worked
– 15.800km, and KH6LC in Hawaii.

I heard ZL3IX with good signals but was unable to raise him.

It was also a great pleasure to work K7RAT.

Several QSOs were made with Japan, but the US was noticeably absent. Only a
handful of US stations were worked, despite conditions allowing contacts to be
made to the West Coast.

I am dismayed with the low quality signals that descend on 160 meters during
contest weekends.

Key Clicks are rampant and several stations made it hard to operate near them
due to their dirty transmitters.

Isn´t it time to clean up this act?

In addition, the fishing buoys in the Baltic area seem to be getting stronger
and stronger, the low part of the band is almost unusable here because of this
QRM, but perhaps this is just an indication of the good conditions.

Generally it is a great pleasure to operate on 160 meters but I may reconsider
my contest participation, as this is simply not enjoyable.

I am using a Yaesu FT1000MP MK V with key click modifications in place and the
radio is fitted with an INRAD roofing filter and a 200Hz CW filter in the
455kHz IF cascaded with the stock 250 Hz filter in the 8MHz IF.
I receive with an array of 8 Beverage antennas, coupled through a K9AY
preamplifier with excellent overload characteristics.

I do view these things as a challenge, but I think things could be improved in
some aspects.

I am trying for the Aurora Borealis Award.

Will be back of course, once my ears of steel have recovered :-)

Thor, TF4M
S57DX   Single Op HP   1,7302009-12-27 11:36:19
K7RL   Single Op HP   3,8792009-12-27 11:36:56
Amazing conditions Saturday night: The east coast was weak, but Europe was
strong. I had many little EU runs during the evening and was working OHs and
LAs almost until I quit at 13:03Z. Incredible.

Worked a total of 67 EU and 24 JA, with the longest distance being ZL3IX.
Thanks to all for the Qs and HNY!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
OZ7YY   Single Op HP   4,0122009-12-27 11:48:09
Very bad conditions, long time since the band has been so noisy. Slow QSB so
that signals moved from completely unreadable to over S9 within one minute.
K5LH   Single Op LP   7022009-12-27 11:59:12
Limited S&P effort with improvised antenna. Rather high noise level Saturday
evening. Barely heard Europe from here, but instead some strong DX from points
south: FM5CD, KV4VZ, P49V, CE1/K7CA, etc. Few West coast stations and no New

To all a HNY 2010. CU on the bands and in the contests. Chris, K5LH
K5NA   Single Op HP   3,1542009-12-27 12:00:00
I didn't do as well as I had hoped. The contest started out nicely and there
were some good QSO rates. But things slowed down after local midnight and I
didn't get a European sunrise peak. Then the early morning hours got even
slower and I only worked 4 or 5 JAs before sunrise.

I see that many others did well and maybe it was just me not being up to par
this time. Oh well, there is always next year.

But still, this is a fun contest with the best scoring algorithm of any. I
enjoyed my time spent in it.

73, Richard - K5NA
KX7L   Single Op QRP   1,0082009-12-27 12:04:19
Quite a tasty Stew this year! Highlights were having some success
calling CQ with my 5W signal, hearing an OH2 early Saturday evening,
then setting the alarm for 2:30 am and getting up to work bunches of
east coast guys relatively effortlessly, and finally bagging JA8ISU's
S9+10 signal. (only my 2nd JA on 160 ever, and 1st on QRP)
Snaps to those sharp-eared ops that pulled me through!
OL8R(OK1FCJ)   Single Op HP   1,0092009-12-27 12:04:28

It was more serious effort comparing to few hours last year. Unfortunately I
burned out beverage preamplifier and beverage reverse switching just before
contest began. My new inv L with 32 radials did not worked so well, old Inv
Vee produced stronger signal unfortunately. Murphy touched me time I
will not proceed any setup changes just before contest...high chance to
spoil whole effort. No JA's called me, although I heard JA4UYB. Nice
surprise was VK6VZ who called my on my CQ. No other asia stations except 3

late evening I could S&P 22 W and 3 VA stations...problem with hearing my
little pistol on vertical. Totally 39 DXCC only.
VE6TL   Single Op HP   1,0412009-12-27 12:09:51
This was my first SP contest from home as I managed to rig up my shunt-fed 40'
tower to handle up to 500 watts. My previous setup allowed for 100W, before I
got my FL-7000 amp, and was insufficient. Restating the obvious, power makes a
huge difference on this band.

I started at 8AM Saturday morning (1500Z) and managed 30 QSOs before sunrise
shut things down for the daylight hours. At 4PM (2300Z), I thought I'd give a
listen to see if there was any activity. Sure enough, the band was hopping!
My biggest problem was with a constant S8-S9 noise. The delights of city life!
I'm sure I missed a ton of QSOs because of the noise, but decided to keep on
trying anyway. I tested out every noise cancellation technique I could think
of with my FT-1000MP. And I also discovered that there must have been a lot of
RF in the shack as N1MM kept hanging after transmitting. Doing a "reset radios"
command over the bandmap usually solved the problem quickly.

After a couple hours, I decided to see if I could reach 1,000 points as my
goal. Slowly, I worked away at it and by 3AM (1000Z) I finally made it! My
points were about 50-50 S&P and running. The highlights were when I got my
first DX call, from KH7Y, while running. This was around 2AM (0900Z). Then I
was able to work a couple more Hawaii stations, Virgin Islands and one JA!
They had to overcome S9 noise, so the conditions must have been very good. Now
I know why people stay up all night to work DX on 160m! I've never been up this
late before on the radio. Nice to hear a lot of the locals on too.

CU next time.

Jerry VE6TL

Rig: FT-1000MP
Amp: FL-7000 (up to 400W)
Ant: Shunt-fed 40' Tower with TH6 on top
Software: N1MM
K3TN   Single Op LP   8672009-12-27 12:17:10
TS-850 to 51' T antenna

First Stew contest for me, and I'm not a VHF contester - having the grid square
as the exchange threw me for a loop at first. The first few QSO's I kept
blanking when someone would come back with "EN..." - I kept thinking it was a
cut number RST or something.

I could hear a lot more than could hear me. Probably if I had run the 400w amp
I would have been balanced in rec/xmit range, but CE1/K7CA was loud and he
could never hear me. Ditto for several EU stations.

I really enjoyed the scoring algorithm, got obsessed looking at the N1MM QSO
point readout. I spent a lot of time calling weaker stations to maximize the
points that would come back. I think UA2FF or SK2W was my top score - a 22
pointer - worth 11 FM19ers!
K8DD   Single Op QRP   8282009-12-27 12:18:05
Decided to go QRP at the last minute .....
The "almost highlight" was UA2FF getting my call, but he wasn't sure, so he
gave up and went back to CQing.
K6NV   Single Op HP   3502009-12-27 12:18:21
Score is just a guess, we will see what it really turns out to be after the log
checkers get done.

Conditions here were fairly rough. Had a high local noise level, on the "L" it
was 10+ over, on the K9AY loop with the preamp off it was S-5, except for NW
where it was S-1. Still, the conditions did not seem very god here, usually
KH6 and KL7 stations pound in, but I could not hear either. No JA at all,
usually I can hear them fairly well. As expected I heard no EU. Had several
inches of snow during the night, usually that does not affect my receiving. I
was probably an alligator since I received very few requests for repeats where
I asked for many.

Conditions here were not nearly as good as the ARRL 160m contest weekend. Only
worked Sat afternoon and night. Kept taking time off when my rate was too slow,
them come back to it.

AL-80b @ 800w
Inverted "L" for Xmit
K9AY Loop System for Rcv
AC6DD   Single Op HP   382009-12-27 12:22:08
Not a good weekend for radio. I only got on the air for a little bit at various

Niko - AC6DD
W1BB(WW2DX)   Single Op HP   2,7862009-12-27 12:26:40
Thanks to K1ZM for allowing me the honor of using Stew's call for his test :)

I really like this contest a lot! It's like a VHF contest but you actually work

I thought conditions were a few s-units down then normal, the usual loud EU
stations just were not booming in like they normally are. Greyline across EU at
their sunrise was a lot of fun, cool to see the log follow the greyline.

I was just wiped out from Xmas, the kids get way too much crap and I was up way
to early so that cut down the 4 hours I SHOULD have been for the JA opening.

Thanks of course to the Boring Amateur Radio Club for sponsoring this awesome
test and all that come out to play in the Big Stew!

I have to say that the guys at Elecraft have perfected the NR on the K3, I ran
it all weekend and it was simply magic. Congrats to you guys for making my
radio enjoyment pleasurable!

Looking forward to the new year, wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous
New Year and maybe, just maybe we will continue to get a high SFI and see some
JA/VK on 10m this year ;)

73 GL DX!

K3 #464
K3 #1965
Swamp Beverage
K9YC   Single Op HP   2,3982009-12-27 12:48:40
392 QSOs, N1MM says 2,398 points. That's 62 more Qs than last
year and 700 more points (all without power multipliers for the
stations worked, which are added during log checking). Ran full

Started with an hour Saturday morning (43 Qs, 6 JA, 2 HI, AK), went
back to bed and slept til noon. Back on around 4 pm, with breaks for
dinner and a midnight cup of tea. Put in the full 14 hours, running out
of time at 6:07 am. Last QSO was JT1CO. I had tried to work him at
the beginning of the contest, but far too many callers. At the end,
N9ADG was running about 100 Hz away from him. He wasn't going to move
until I explained that I needed the new country. then he did! Many

Worked 31 JA, 5 VK, 2 ZL, 3 UA0, KV4, KP4, P4, VO1. CE/K7CA was
LOUD, but always a pileup that I couldn't crack without wasting a lot
of time, and I already have a confirmation from him. Heard a half
dozen EU briefly around their sunrise, but couldn't even get a QRZ?

One disturbing thing -- the Stew Perry rules forbid use of the cluster,
but it was obvious that many were using it. After the contest, I took a
quick look though VE7CC and found many spots from big time
contesters who apparently didn't read the rules. If the log checkers study
cluster spots, there are going to be a lot of check logs!

The Locust was going strong loading up a broadcast tower down the
coast from me and seemed to be making hay. He was still at it when I
went to bed. Can't wait for the report.


Jim K9YC
K3ZM   Single Op HP   4,9462009-12-27 12:59:15
Conditions were quiet but signals from EU were a roller-coaster ride. Did not
work any UA9 or UA0 during the evening.

Worked 48 DX entities during my travels. A net of 213 EU QSO's or 28% of my
total contacts. Five JA's and one UA0, both just before sunrise. Lowest hour
was 13 (zzzzzzz) at 0900Z. Rates started as 115, 98, 79, 67, 68, 62, 55.

DL 39
G 11
OK 18
ON 8
OH 8
F 8
SM 11
UA 14
UR 16
YL 5
I 7
S5 7
PA 8

Many thanks to all who answered my CQ's and to BARC for sponsoring this fun


Peter K3ZM
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op LP   12009-12-27 13:08:57
Lots of trolling the band to answer CQs and try in vain to raise the few DX I
could hear. Looks like my longest distance QSO was with VE3TA. Thank you, Sir.
I did try a number of CQs for which I got exactly one answer, hi!
73 and HNY, David
K1GU   Single Op LP   1,5082009-12-27 13:43:55
Life is too short for QRP but I was willing to endure the challenge of Low
Power. It wasn't that bad, maybe I'll do it again.
W9RE   Single Op LP   2,0542009-12-27 13:51:31
Family obligations premvented a full effort so I got on early-1600z and 1800z
and managed to work a handful of stations. Activity seemed very good, if HP
stations like K9DX can average over 55 Q's per hour for 14 hours that's not too
shabby. Thanks to the Boring Club for sponsoring test.

Best DX was UU4 for a 19 pointer. Did not get on in the morning. Worked 21
Europeans with good signals considering my NE noise problem.
S53O   Multi-Op HP   2,3532009-12-27 13:55:31
Too much noise this year.Worked 10 JA,1 YB,2 VK (vk6dxi & vk6vz rst 599
realy)all stations from east come on my cq.
81 K/VE (8 qso from west coast).Try to work P49V,KV4FZ,CE1/K7CA with good
signals but he work NA and no copy EU stations.
It was very fun.
73 Renato S57UN
K2ZJ   Single Op HP   8872009-12-27 13:59:24
Only worked a few hours Saturday night. Condx seemed good into EU- had 45 EU
QSOs. Sorry to see I missed a good Sunday AM opening to Asia!

73, John K2ZJ

Omni VI
Ten Tec Titan
T antenna @55'
5 Beverages
W1NN   Single Op LP   8742009-12-27 14:03:37
Just a couple of hours of operating; too jet-lagged to get into this one.

Ladder-line fed dipole at average height of about 40' and Omni VI. I moved the
antenna from last year and it's a little lower. Does not seem to perform quite
as well. I have room to put up an L and some radials - just need the time to
do it. Maybe by next year. I also have room for beverages but I hear a lot
more DX than I can work now, so it is not a high priority.

Band was real quiet. I could hear lots of EU throughout the evening but
couldn't get any to hear me early on. Finally was able to work a few after
0345 - 11 countries total. I don't expect much more than that with 100 watts
and a low dipole.

Thanks to Boring for sponsoring this fun event.

73, Hal W1NN (aka 7J1AAI)
Dipole Acres
Medina, Ohio
W4DD   Single Op LP   2002009-12-27 14:07:58
Some S&P in the SP contests. Lots of EU's but not easy to work with 100W from
GA, except for UU4JMG who had great ears. Also OK7XX. They must be doing
something right. I refuse to answer US stations calling CQ between 1830 and
1835. Better to leave that for DX.
N4ZI   Single Op LP   1,9312009-12-27 14:14:27
Lots of fun, I should have spent more time chasing DX, but most was running
frequency. New Slopers appear to work well, as well as K9AY that was
reinstalled. Conditions seemed pretty good - no thunderstorms! Thanks for
all the Q's.
K8FC   Single Op HP   2,4152009-12-27 14:15:01
Missed key hours due to a rotten cold. Band seemed to be in decent condition
from this location in Colorado. Listened to many stations east of me operating
on top of EU stations, I wonder about the spotlight effect. Also, I heard EI2CN
at 2pm local time in broad daylight. Courtesy on the band this weekend was
outstanding from my prospective. Thanks to everyone for the qso's.
Country count:
17 EU
30 JA
2 UA0
1 JD
and a few others.

When you are in a location in the middle of the US your rx antennas obviously
are your most important asset. When trying to run stations using highly
directional RX beverage antennas it sometimes calls for asking for repeats
until I find the right direction. Usually I am listening to target areas such
as Asia or Europe and it takes a couple of twists of the antenna switch to hear
callers off the back. I apologize to the people I had to ask for repeats. It
was not because they were weak but because I could not hear them initially.

Thanks and good luck to all.

Joe K8FC
UU4JMG   Single Op HP   5,7552009-12-27 14:17:19
Thanks for great contest !!! Happy New Year to all !!! See you in 2010 !!!
You can find some statistics below:

QSO by countries
Total QSO :604
1 United States 170
2 Japan 52
3 Germany 42
4 European Russia 39
5 Czech Republic 33
6 Ukraine 31
7 Asiatic Russia 19
8 Canada 20
9 Hungary 15
10 Slovenia 14
11 Italy 13
12 Romania 13
13 England 12
14 Lithuania 10
15 Finland 9
16 Slovakia 9
17 Sweden 9
18 Poland 8
19 France 6
20 Netherlands 6
21 Latvia 6
22 Serbia 6
23 Croatia 5
24 Austria 5
25 Scotland 4
26 Belgium 4
27 Bosnia-Herzegovina 3
28 Bulgaria 3
29 Kazakhstan 3
30 Australia 3 ( VK3IO, VK6DXI, VK6VZ )
31 Taiwan 2 ( BV1EK, BU2AI )
32 Estonia 2
33 Belarus 2
34 Denmark 2
35 Iceland 2
36 India 2 ( VU2VWN, VU2BGS )
37 UK Bases on Cyprus 2
38 Malta1
39 China1 ( BA7IO )
40 Chile1 ( CE1/K7CA )
41 Spain1
42 Ireland 1
43 Switzerland 1
44 Mongolia 1 ( JT1CO )
45 Ogasawara 1 ( JD1BMH )
46 Virgin Is.1 ( KV4FZ )
47 Puerto Rico 1 ( NP4A )
48 Norway 1
49 Cyprus 1
50 Aruba 1 ( P49V )
51 Montenegro 1
52 Kaliningrad 1
53 Macedonia 1
54 New Zealand 1 ( ZL3IX is ODX 16564km) Thank you Greg !!!
KG7H   Single Op HP   2,4052009-12-27 14:19:08
JT1CO was my first one in the log (worked him 3 min. before contest too); for a
new zone and country on 160! Great conditions but EU always very difficlt from
here. Had a blast, almost triple last years score!
DL6RAI   Single Op HP   2,6402009-12-27 14:30:55
Better propagation than in 2008. I worked more US and much more JA this time, so
score is up by almost 40%.

Got a nice JA "run" between 2115-2230z with 17 different stations. Never before
worked so many JA in a single 160 contest.

I wish some of the US West Coast stations would haved called CQ around
0230-0330z. Many were heard calling EUs but I found only W7AT with S&P. Later
N7JW called in at local sunrise peak.

Thanks to VK6VZ for the early call at 1923z - my ODX with 13698km!

See you again next year!

N7IR   Single Op QRP   2,1122009-12-27 14:47:47
This score is better than last year with about the same number of contacts but
the experience was punishing. Between the QRN and QSB most of the night was a
challenge for QRP. Early evening was most productive in terms of numbers but
the late night shift got more points because of all of the 21 to 30 point QSOs.
Best DX was a tie between KH6LC, KH7Y and KV4FZ. Heard plenty of other more
distant DX but wasn't able to get even a ? from any. Best heard in terms of
distance were ZL3IX and UX2X. CE1/K7CA was loud here from early evening until
his sunrise but couldn't hear me this year unlike the previous two Stews.

Happy new year and see you all in the CQ 160 CW contest next month.

Gary, N7IR
K4LY   Single Op HP   5052009-12-27 14:52:05
I have fond memories of working the man himself back in the 50's and 60's when,
as a teen, I was on 160M with a Viking II, SX-99, and a 100' hunk of wire (no
coax connection and no ground) snaked around a small yard. I have his card and
a few of his mimeographed 160M newsletters. Fast forward 50+ years. My sloping
inverted L starts at my Hygain Hytower and runs to the 64' level of a tower
about 50' away. With a little trig, you can figure out that it slopes at an
angle a little more than 50 degrees. It's a so so performer, but once a year I
improve it. First I cut down a ~22' bamboo tree about 2 miles from my house.
After cutting the limbs and top 2' off the bamboo tree, it's a bamboo pole that
I walk the 2 miles up the hill to my house. On a day that's not too rainy or
too windy, I climb one 65' tower and release the flat top end of my inverted L.
Then I climb the other 65' tower and unthread the inverted L wire from the
insulator on the other, lower bamboo pole and and bring the wire and and the
newly cut 20' bamboo pole up on top of the 65' tower where, harnessed to the
mast where two VHF yagis with 32' booms and some other antennas live, I thread
the inverted L through the insolator on the new bamboo pole and struggle to get
the top of the antenna up above the Christmas tree of VHF yagis to about the 84'
level. By strapping the 20' pole to the mast with bungee cords it's a
semipermanet fixture. Then I climb down the tower, climb on my house roof and
find the end of the cord connected to the end of the inverted L and climb the
other tower to the 65' level where I secure cord connected to the flat top part
of the inverted L. All of that takes a lot more time than I was able to operate
Saturday night, but when the top of the inverted L is at about 84' and more
vertical than before (you do the trig), it's actually a pretty good 160M DX
antenna though not as good as my 100' top loaded Rohn 25 vertical all those
years in Colorado. I always forget that, with a longer more vertical
component, the antenna needs to be longer. Whereas, it was resonnant at 1835
with the top at the 64' level, it's resonnant at 1860 with the top at about 84'
and I couldn't use my amp below 1820. Oh well, I need to take it back down to
the 64' level before the January VHF contest so that I can turn the 6M and 432
yagis again.

With some important responsibilities Sunday morning, I dared only to stay up
until 10:30 PM, running stations for about 30 minutes and then chasing DX for
parts of the next 4 hours. Conditions to Europe were pretty good, and eastern
European stations came back to me, often on the first call, that may not have
heard me with the lower 64' high version of the slopping inv L. With my two
superKaz receive antennas-no room for beverages like I had as W0AH in
Colorado-I hear pretty well, and worked almost everything I heard. The problem
was stateside QRM- even in the DX window, can you belive that! Best DX were two
Ukraine stations, UW2M and UU4JMG, worth 18 and 19 points. Wish I had been able
to be on for the Pacific opening and those 20 pointers! SP is definitely one of
my favorite contests because of the grid exchange- the a format that all VHF
contests should use, but don't. Thanks to the Boring ARS for another great
event and for all the Qs. This is a wonderful memorial for- the man.
Doug K4LY ex-W0AH W2CRS
K9AY   Single Op HP   6082009-12-27 14:59:01
Only had a little time between family activities. Ran high power, S&P and only
worked DX. I did get up for a 1/2 hour in the a.m. and worked 3 JAs for my
longest distance QSOs.
K6MM   Single Op HP   3032009-12-27 15:00:14
Not sure of final score -- N1MM says 303 points. Helically wound vertical
worked well. Best DX: JA, KH6, UAO, VA2, VE7, ZL. Thanks for the Qs and
Happy New Year! 73, John K6MM
N5UL   Single Op HP   2452009-12-27 15:03:09
About my usual number of QSO and grids, but much more EU heard and worked from
NM than ever before.
Thanks to all for the Q's and the fun. And more thanks to Tree, Lew, BARC, and
the award sponsors!

73, Chas
N7NG   Single Op HP   5502009-12-27 15:04:19
All things considered, pretty good DXing.
K9MMS   Single Op HP   1,0892009-12-27 15:07:44
Started 9.5 hours late -- first QSO was at 0036Z on 27 December. First time
running HP in this contest (except for the 2009 SP Warm-up). The main goal was
to improve chances to work DX (of course).

K3 + AL811H (about 550 W). The K3 diversity audio and NR are great!
Winter weather and busy schedule prevented being able to try to fix the
inverted L. Used the Cushcraft MA160V for most of the QSOs (83%) and was
pleasantly surprised with its performance. (Previously it was mainly used for
back-up.) Wire Marconi antenna used for 17% of QSOs. Several short, assorted
RX antennae. At times, noise levels were quite high even with RX antennae.

Had a nice CQ run: 120 QSOs in 1.9 hours. Rate over 100 at times. 50% of
QSOs via CQs. As usual, spent a lot of time just tuning around for mults,

Twenty DX QSOs.
NA KV4FZ, FM5CD ; Never heard KL7.
OC KH6LC (only KH6 heard
EU (14): OM5, OM3, OZ7, PI4, F6, UW2, YL2(two), SM5, G4, DL6, OK7, HA5,
AS JA8 (Best DX. My first ever Asia and JA on 160. Finally have WAC on
NA Nothing heard

All top band contests are fun, and this was no exception. Thanks for the

73, and Happy 2010,
W6XI   Multi-Op HP   1,5432009-12-27 15:20:37
I was going to make an effort at doing well in this test. Best plans some times
don't work out. I was out of town until middle of the afternoon on Saturday and
then made a mad dash for home to get the opening of the band. Turned on the
radio and it was noisier than I have heard it the last few days. That damped my
spirit but I started in and could not find the rhythm and kept punching the
wrong button, deleting some of the Qs. So decided to do S&P and take my time.
Finally got with it Sunday morning about 5 AM after three hours of sleep. But
by that time its too late to do much good.

I did like the Eu opening Saturday night however. I could not believe how
strong UA2FF was. Like they say, next year.
K6TA   Single Op HP   1102009-12-27 15:45:32
Just a few minutes at start and Saturday night. Best DX UA2FF.
K8MR   Single Op LP   1,6382009-12-27 16:07:46
I was surprised at what I was able to work in EU with 100 watts. Heard perhaps
my first JA on 160 Sunday AM, but the pileup was not one to bust barefoot!

Happy New Year to all!

73 - Jim K8MR
W7VO   Single Op LP   4252009-12-27 16:14:59
Only had time to do four hours of S&P. Noise started off at S9+20, but reduced
to a bearable S7 after midnight. Longest qso for me was KH6LC on the Big
Island. Did not hear any other DX on the air from here, at least none that were
calling CQ.

Rig is a 100W FT-2000, antennas are three half slopers, with a dual directional
Beverage rx antenna coupled with an Ameco PT-3 preamp.

Mike, W7VO
K5ZD   Single Op HP   1,6132009-12-27 16:15:32
Conditions to Europe seemed quite good. Band was very quiet.

My effort was cut short when some kind of electronic pollution covered the
entire band in S9 birdies. Not sure how to describe the sound, but it sounds
like very rippled tones every kHz or so. The noise extends from 1700 to 2200
kHz. It does go away at times, but seems to be worse now that we are into the
cold weather. Have to find the source or it will be impossible to work DX on
160 from here.
W7WHY   Single Op LP   1642009-12-27 16:23:02
Band seemed pretty quiet here. Just not much time to play with all the holiday
stuff going on with the family. 73 and theanks for the Q's.
K6VVA   Single Op LP   1,2452009-12-27 16:49:17
This was a kinda-sorta portable Contest-Pedition. My antenna was one of four
self-supporting 165 foot flagpole towers at a dark (off-the-air) AM Radio
Station, connected via 350 feet of coax also strung over the driveway to a
TS-480 in an upstairs room at the Best Western Seacliff Inn next door.

I'll post more details and a URL for photos to the CQ-CONTEST Reflector when I
get back home tomorrow (in case those with CC&R challenged 160m antennas
locations might want to try something similiar).

Running LP was mostly a slugfest, and doubtful I actually had more than 50
watts to the antenna for a number of reasons. Not sure about the total points
in TR4W, but the CQ-Meter said 1,766 {SIGH}.

Best DX was ZL3IX, CE1/K7CA, UA0CA, FO8RZ & some JA's. Real bad rain static
put a damper on things a bit for a while.

73, HNY & Tnx for all the Q's & Grids...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
NA4K   Single Op LP   8902009-12-27 17:12:09
Good activity and quite band conditions.

Steve NA4K
N3BB   Multi-Op HP   7052009-12-27 17:14:13
I'm the ninety pound weakling on one-sixty but found conditions good, with
several EU stations actually fairly strong in Central Texas. Always interesting
on this band. Worked only S&P with both tuning and packet spots.

Worked, for me, a good list including UA2, E7, OM, KL7, F, OZ, PA, 403, 6Y,
RA3, YL, OK, SM, HA, EI, GM, KP2, KH6, and JA.

Some stations stood out for good strength, including (mostly from memory)
UA2FF, E77DX, RL3A, and JR7VHZ. Also OM5ZW and YL2VW. It's amazing the
difference in receiving capability on the other end, whether it's ambient
quietness or lack or same, or great receiving antennas, or both. Some could get
it immediately, some with difficulty, some apparently never.

I have two beverages, both 600 feet long. They run down a steep hillside and
terminate near a creek at the bottom of the hill. One is generally NE and the
other NW. Sometimes I feel they work well, other times hardly at all. Last
night, the NE beverage seemed effective.

The grid square concept, with points being distance based, is a fair way to
level the playing field. The exchange made for some angonizing repeats. But
lots of fun, and lots of terrific operators. The term "ESP" must have been
invented to describe some of the contacts on top band.

Tnx to the BARC for supporting this operating event. Lots of fun.

Jim N3BB
WWØAL   Single Op LP   2752009-12-27 17:14:16
With my lousy CW skills I was limited to S&P... and with my 80 meter loop I
seemed to be mostly limited to the Western US. Once I had worked everyone I
could find running frequencies I went to bed. But fun to see what a minimal set
up on 160 can accomplish, and perhaps to add a few new states on 160. I heard
Chile, but they didn't hear me.
AE6RF(@N6IJ)   Single Op LP   1842009-12-27 17:30:46
Serious attempt, terminated early by family tragedy. (Neighbor's dog got into
our yard and killed 3 of Cece (KJ6BNO's) chickens).

1200' loop for transmit and pennant antenna located at N6IJ in Marina, CA.

Best of luck to K9YC and K6VVA!
WB9Z   Single Op LP   5,0582009-12-27 18:43:21
Great conditions.... Many Thanks to a great group of Top Band Operators out

I only missed a few stations that could not hear the 100 watts out of my K3.

ZL3IX was my best DX... thanks Greg for calling! I was very happy to put
8 JA's in the log! Not sure of the EU count right now, but there was many

The beverages were all fairly quiet except from time to time blast
of extreme snow static.

Thanks to the BARC, all the folks that keep the SPTBC going, and all the plaque


VA2EW(VE2TZT)   Single Op HP   3,7902009-12-27 19:01:26
Very bad local static rain noise during most of the night. So bad, the
propagation seemed to be good.
Equipment :
TX : 1000W and a 21m high wire T between trees with 32X25m radials
RX : 4 reversible beverages from 80m (N-S) to 200m (E-W)giving 8 directions.
K9MA   Single Op HP   1,2122009-12-27 19:03:49
Great fun, as always. Good openings to Europe and Japan.

Shunt-fed tower, 23 meters. Rx loops. Small city lot.

The shunt-feed continues to amaze me, as it has only 13 short, crooked radials
on my 18 by 36 meter property. On 160, your antenna only needs to be a little
less bad than most of the others. Line noise wasn't too bad this time, but I
apologize to the callers I could pull out of it.

QSB is always frustrating on 160. The signal always seems to fade just when
you get to the part you need. Seems to work best to keep repeating the call or
grid at fairly high speed, with no redundant information (which always seems to
be the part that gets through).
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   Single Op HP   3,7302009-12-27 19:20:41
This contest was an opportunity to play with the new full size 160M 4 square at
VE6JY. Although I had used it in the RAC contest last weekend this would be its
first real test in a contest. The antenna performed extremely well and we were
clearly being heard and never had to use the beverages on receive. Conditions
up here were better than expected. The solar wind was a concern but calmed
enough for us to work 23 Europeans although the signals were not that strong
and suffered from a lot of QSB. Europe from this location is a real challenge
on 160M so really glad to make it across the pond. Also worked 40 JAs with
reasonable signals and 2 VK6's for 31 points each. As always Don was a great
host making sure I was fed and watered.

Hopefully conditions will hold for the CQ 160M contest next month.

Equipment ICOM IC-7800, EMTRON amplifier, 4 Square
KB1H   Multi-Op HP   2,9192009-12-27 20:14:28
We only did 12 hours. Everyone ran out of gas. KB1NRB logged the most
seat time. His first contest here with his new Extra class license. LOTW and
eQSL will be uploaded.
W1WBB   Single Op LP   1,0842009-12-27 21:03:18
As always this is an enjoyable international Topband event.

I was unable to operate during some prime activity hours this year due to
family visiting for the Holidays so I decided to just have some fun and S&P as
time permitted for the long-distance QSOs, particularly EU. Due to less
band-crowding and the nice points-incentive to work the distant stations for
this particular event (thanks much Boring ARC for your great work!) it is
certainly easier to hear AND attract the attention of DX...esp. for us LP

I was happy to put 22 EU plus 3 additional Caribbean DX stns in the log during
limiting operating as I tried to bolster my score via the "long-distance" Q
vice the's a Topband Distance Contest right??!! Kudos to UT8IM
for my "most patient QSO" as we struggled mightily with QRM and QSB but finally
completed the well as being my most distant contact at 7918km. Also,
to UW2M with a strong signal who was second in distance @ 7823km at my QTH.
Many thanks to ALL the great ears for hearing and working this LP station.
And...always cool to work W1BB and hear the spirit of "Mr. 160 Meters" during
this event!

I look forward to working many of you in the upcoming CQWW 160 and throughout
2010...Happy New Year to all.

Rig: ICOM 737 @100w to 3/8 wv Inv L (W1BB inspired!) < 36' vert with 18 mostly
1/8 and a few 1/4 wv ground radials on 100' x 200' suburban lot, occasional use
of very short NE/SW unterminated B.O.G. Rx ant, N1MM Logger.

73, Bill W1WBB
N6IE   Multi-Op HP   5322009-12-27 21:21:06
Ran as M/S so I could test the new version of CW Skimmer that works directly
with the Perseus SDR and was very happy with the result. Had bad plasma TV
noise, but I plan to get an MFJ 1026 receive antenna phasing system to fix
that. Otherwise, had a fun contest with a lot of familiar calls. Best DX was
CE1/K7CA, a 19 pointer!
KU5B(@NX5M)   Multi-Op HP   1,2342009-12-27 21:37:14
Mainly got on to work new countries.

Nice to be called by FO8RZ; thanks!

Spent a good chunk of the evening playing Rock Band on the Wii with his family;
good fun.

Colin KU5B
VE6SV   Single Op HP   1,5602009-12-27 21:39:29
I am still a contest CW op in training - no endurance - yet.
Thus, I did not make-it for the local sunrise openings into JA
and the Pacific.

Hardware: FT-1000MP MKV, HF2500DX, 1/4 Vertical c/w 60 radials

73 es HNY
K4XU   Single Op LP   4222009-12-27 22:07:18
Just goofing around to see what 100W would do.
OK3C(OK2ZC)   Single Op QRP   1,7822009-12-27 23:05:09
same setup as last year (224 QSO, 1428 points)
but condx to USA was better now
4 USA has great ears and lsn my 5W....W1UJ, W4MYA, W4ZV, N4XD
only 1x AS....RK9CWA
FT-1000MP at 5W
GP 20,5m
1200 radials
RX loop

73 and HNY 2010
C4M(5B4AGM)   Multi-Op QRP   2,5052009-12-28 00:21:07
Sorry, not count score by x3 (hi!)
K6CSL   Single Op LP   1242009-12-28 01:19:09
Well, another Stew Perry event has come and gone. I did slightly fewer Q's in
last years event, but apparently my Q's were more valuable. In fact I missed
working KH6 and JH4UYB who I did work last year. This time I heard 1 JA who was
being worked by a WA station. He wasn't strong enough to be able to copy him. So
I will try to put in some effort in SKN on New Years Eve. A Happy and Safe New
Year to all the KB'ers from Patti and I. Bert, K6CSL
KI7MT   Single Op LP   4412009-12-28 02:53:37
First Stew Perry Contest, Low Power, Log Verify Only, All S&P

RAW Score from N1MM LP

Lots of fun this one. Was operating local nets on 80M's all evening and
bouncing between the contest and the other activities going on here. No EU
stations but was happy to get several VE's and JA's in the log. Even managed to
work one JA QRP-10, just to see if I could do it, was certinaly a credit to his
setup for sure. I heard ZL3, but could not get through the pile with 100W.

Lots of noise hear. I don't know if it was local, regional or what, but it was
pretty intense at times.

TNX to all that participated, look forward to doing this one full time next

Logs uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.

Hope to see you in the RTTY ROUNDUP this weekend.

Helena, MT
N9TF   Single Op LP   4102009-12-28 04:17:03
Snuck in 3 hours of operating between family gatherings. Oldest son Mike, KC9ETU
was home for Christmas from Navy before being deployed in January, so wanted to
spend as much time with him as possible. Good conditions, and lots of strong
signals on the band. All S&P for my 3 hours of playing. Worked a total of 48
different grids. Lots of strong west coast signals.

Station conditions: Icom 756 ProIII 100 watts, Inverted L 35' vertical.

73 and Happy New Year! Gene, N9TF
S5ØA   Single Op HP   1,0262009-12-28 05:19:56
Was on the band just 2 hours and was happy to first get my friend Carl P49V
after few calls. From then on stayed on 1820 and worked mostly US stations (53
altogether), half an hour later WE3C came 300 Hz below nad K9QVB about 150 Hz
higher and only few Us called after that:-)
It was fun anyway!
KØPK   Single Op QRP   2,0252009-12-28 05:54:54
Difficult, noisy conditions with auroral activity. Heard several EU stations
with big signals but could not work them. CE1/K7CA was solid copy and so was
P49V, but there's no DX in my log this year! Put in more time for fewer QSOs
compared to 2008. Was it fun? Of course! It's Topband!

Thanks to all who pulled my signal through the noise. Lots of good ears out
there. And thanks to BARC for putting this on. Stew would be proud!

73 & Happy New Year! Paul, K0PK
VY2SS   Single Op HP   4692009-12-28 06:07:49
Just an hour between hockey games.
Best DX UT1IR KN87


K7WP   Single Op HP   6532009-12-28 06:11:19
Rig: FT1000MP / AL811H / Sloper / N1MM

Happy New Year, and CU in the 160 WW!

John K7WP ..
KV4FZ   Single Op HP   3,6242009-12-28 06:37:40
Plenty of preparation for the Stew Perry Contest on Friday with Beverage repairs
and new coax feeds. Plan to concentrate of QRP, LP Europes and of course
distance DX for some points all to see if I could move up the score ladder a
bit. Since this my favorite 160 meter contests it certainly was worthy of some
TLC in the preparation department.....but it just didn't turn out the way I had
planned for.

A multiple push button RX antenna switch was installed terminating all unused
cables. Now I could select 10 beverages by pushing a button rather than
racking around a bunch of non terminating rotary coax swicthes. Be able to
instantly switch to any direction with out going through 6 to 8 other
directions seemed like the way to make things better for a contest.

Double large toroids were installed to lower the common mode noise pickup. All
antennas were swept with my MFJ-269 and each was tested for F/B on area AM
stations. I though I was going to have a better chance at improving my
score.......but I forgot that Mr. Murphy had different plans. (1) Conditions
were somewhere between weird to poor. The day before 4Z4 and ZC4 were well
heard here but during the contest absolutely nothing from the Eastern Med,
Africa, nor even past the Ural Mountains. Only one contact in South America
with CE1/K7CA with the exception of P4 only a few hundred miles south of me.
But where was Central America? Not a one here for me. There were some small
openings to Europe but not the regular layer after layer 100 watters...only big
guns could be worked. My most productive Beverage to the N/W for the mainland
suddenly quite two hours after I started. The North and West antennas had to
be used until a lull allowed me to stumbled into the field with a flashlight
and see what I could do to hear some very important QRP stations. Finding
nothing wrong it was back to the shack form some more ear piercing QRN with a
passing front. A few Eastern Euro 20 pointers improved my spirit a bit...but
was the extreme DX in the N/E direction? Where were the hundreds of contest
loving stations from the Baltic region? I said conditions sounded weird but
hard to explain. Even normally strong East Coast big guns were just above the
noise and the Midwest wasn't any better even though the N/W Beverage started to
work. Some stations had a back scatter or multipath like quality w/o reports of
an auroral disturbance.

Just before daylight ZL3IX called me for a 28 pointer followed a few minutes
later by ZL1AZE. Sure could have used a dozen VK's, even one, but that was not
to be. The last precious hour where I was hoping for at least a few JA's
resulted only in a few contacts. It didn't happened and when my only QSo after
about 100 cq's was a 1 pointer in KP4 I knew it was time to quit.

The pre-Stew was nice this year but the Stew was mediocre in
how about a post Stew in the Spring?

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
OK1JOC   Single Op LP   2212009-12-28 06:52:50
N8MR   Single Op LP   1,1382009-12-28 06:58:33
This was my highest QSO total and score in this contest. The extra few hours put
in this year probably helped. Battled a few intermittent local noises. So my
noise floor ranged from S1 to S3 to S9+ for varying lengths of time.

DX worked: EI, P4, UA2, OK, SN, OM, UW, CE, KV4, SM

Heard many west coast stations working Europeans on Saturday night. Didn't hear
KH6 on Sunday morning, which is unusual, but heard several JAs ... several
minutes after I'd closed the log.

This continues to be one of my favorite contests of the year. Thanks to the
Boring Amateur Radio Club for giving this contest. Looking forward to next
year's contest.
K5NZ   Single Op HP   1,0532009-12-28 07:42:54
Threw a wire up in a pine tree last minute and was very surprised to work some
DX. Sorry to some of the weak ones I couldn't pull out, all my rcv antennas
are down.
GU4YOX   Single Op HP   4202009-12-28 08:18:15
A busy day here with family evening dinner planned on Boxing Day (St.Stephen's)
However, managed to get on for a short while. Best DX was K5NA at 4818 Miles
and it was great to work the W1BB station, as I was using Wintest the square
filled in, I guess, by the famous water tower.

73 All

E77XZ(DK6XZ)   Single Op HP   2,5102009-12-28 08:20:23
It was my first Stew Perry. Great challenge and fun! Thanks to organizers for
the great event and all of you for the great pateince and QSO's. It was
sometimes very hard to pool DX' s out from horrible QRN and QRM, as I was not
having any RX-antenna. First the rain than the snow on Sunday morning greeted
our mountaintop ( 1000 m asl ) location. A bit disappointed I went to sleep
some two hours of supposed "NA-time".

Equipment used: FT-1000MP, Drake L7 ( 1 kW ), 1/4 WL Soper hanging at 25 m

The ODX was VK6VZ whom I logged correctly under friendly help from EU.
Top-QSO-No by DXCCs: DL 76, W 71, OK 35, UR 35, UA 27, JA 16, I 13, HA 12, S5
12 F 11...

Best wishes for you and your families in the year and the sun cycle that is
coming up and see you on the bands...

73 Suad E77XZ ( DK6XZ )
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   4212009-12-28 08:24:26
managed to fix antenna (3rd time this fall) 2 days before contest. It stayed up
with the ice on it. Also replaced transformer and coax on NE beverage, but it's
way too noisy to be working correctly ... dunno whats wrong there. Picked up a
cold a few days before too, so wasn't up to par. Best DX UU4JMG, KH6LC and some
"?" from JA's.
Thanks to all the "good ears".
K3 #129^ , 160m inv vee @ 60 ft., K9AYs, NE bev., N1MM ,uHam MK
RL3A(@RK3AWL)   Multi-Op HP   3,6982009-12-28 08:26:39
Tnx fer nice contest! HNY!

Cu in 2010!

Yury RL3FT
S52OP   Single Op QRP   9032009-12-28 08:36:57

Congratulation W4ZV for good ears...

Thanks for QSO's and happy and healthy new year for all...

Sandi S52OP
YL2VW   Single Op HP   3,4652009-12-28 08:38:02
IC-756, PA, verticals. Nothing special for RX.

Excellent NA run.
127 USA + 7 VE's.

This year less JA's (20).
3 farest DX's: CE1/K7CA, VK6DXI, P49V.

Thanks everyone for fun!

73 and Happy New Year!
G4MKP   Single Op HP   6912009-12-28 08:40:15
Second Stew Perry for me and I like it. The challenge of Top Band from a small
UK garden and the exchange format makes it a must event. Thanks for the Qs
everyone and your patience in some of the seemingly endless requests for


Tery, G4MKP
KM6I   Single Op HP   2212009-12-28 08:51:48
K3, Ten Tec Hercules, 43 ft. vertical.
K7SS/M   Single Op LP   12009-12-28 09:15:35
Was mobile, visiting family in OREGON. Had the 857D in the car w/ an ATAS
antenna that only tunes down to 7mhz. Had heard that sometimes a 40m antenna
will work on 160. So filled a thermos of hot tea, called the dog, and out the
curb we went.
After a quick tune of 160, and hearing only W7AT (OR), K7RAT(OR) and K7ZS (OR),
had to rethink the antenna installation. They were all barely copyable. Thought
about finding some wire and trailing it down the parking strip 135', but then
thought about it twice. My QCAO Appliance Op training, had prepared me for just
this type of situation...... so I promptly got the dog and went back into the
warm house.

3 stations heard, all called, no QSOs.
Claimed score of 1 for trying.
N3ZZ   Single Op HP   2922009-12-28 10:36:09
Best DX OZ, but didn't hear much DX in a limited time.
K8IR   Single Op HP   1722009-12-28 11:07:41
I didn't have a chance to get the radials down yet, so didn't spend a lot of
time at it this year.
N2MM   Multi-Op HP   1,2642009-12-28 11:26:24
I had not planned to operate SP, but it is hard to stay away from a cw contest.
Lots of EU, (50+) very little of anything else. (P4,CE1, C6, FM,KP4, KP2 etc. I
definitely need a beverage. Of course I have been saying that for years. Just a
hard-core procrastinator
HA8BE   Single Op QRP   1,6652009-12-28 12:17:59
Rig: IC-756(5W)
Ant: Vertical(28m)
Rx ant: EWE

Great contest was a good condx!
Thank you for the great QSOs.
ODX: WB9Z 8030km
Next year again, HNY-2010

AL2F   Single Op LP   2972009-12-28 12:46:39
I wish I could have spent more time in the chair. But I had fun.

100w Inv.L

CE1/K7CA   Single Op HP   6,6962009-12-28 12:51:02
Another great adventure here in Northern Chile. Stew Perry down here seems to
go real fast with only 9 hours between sunset and sunrise.
However, that's not too bad since I might go crazy if I had to pull weak ones
out of the summer qrn here any longer. There must have been
quite a few low power stations calling since sometimes I would have to call
QRZ? many times before I was able to copy one of the many
callers and then boom, someone would call 4 S units out of the noise and it was
armchair copy for 30 seconds. I have to apologize to several
of you since I know there were many calling who I just could not pull out of
the noise which was extra strong. N9UA gets the prize
for most persistance as I worked him after trying for several minutes but must
have gotten his grid wrong. I heard him calling several more
times during the next hour and a half but about 200 HZ off my freq and thought
he was calling someone else. But I finally gave him another
call since his calls seemed to be timed to mine and then he corrected the grid.
Thanks for staying in there. This year I decided
to move to a frequency that I could work JA stations since last year the
evening went so fast I forgot to get into the JA window before my
sunrise and worked only one JA. This year I worked 45 JA stations which was
amazing since they are not far from my antipode with some
over 18000 KM away. Up until JA sunset I was about even with last years score
but with 44 more JA stations in the log this year each being
about 35 points well, this year should be better. I didn't hear much from
western Europe this year but did manage to work TF4M and OZ7YY
and 2 or 3 more. No F or G or DL stations. They must have been busy working
US stations as I heard the propagation was good to W7.
I have a feeling that the low solar activity hurts European propagation from
here as much as it helps propagation to W7. RA4LW made it
into the log for the longest DX qso to the east. Usually propagation stops at
sunrise but this year I put the last JA into the log a half hour
after sunrise.
Rig here is Elecraft K3 with diversity RX, Ten-Tec Titan amp with 1200 watts,
42 ft top loaded vertical for TX with 45 radials, a single 500 ft
beverage for JA, US, and EU, and a 4 element broadside/endfire array for US
made out of 18 ft verticals and 4 each 25 ft radials and 4 each
35 ft top hat wires. Hope to see you all in the CQ 160 CW contest. 73, Al
N3RD   Single Op HP   1,5592009-12-28 14:09:18
Equipment: K3, Inv. L (95' vertical) with 30 radials, 1500W, Flag for RX.

Goal was to see how competitive the transmit antenna is in a contest
environment. It works reasonably well. Best DX was RL4, CE, and JA. Now to
work on the RX antennas.

73 - Dave N3RD
MDØCCE   Single Op LP   3232009-12-28 14:25:50
Tower still down, just a bit of fun for an hour or so on LP with a low wire
antenna. 7 NA stations worked - good ears all and many thanks for the QSOs!

Happy New Year and see you in the contests in 2010!

K3STX   Single Op LP   8482009-12-28 15:23:14
My "14 hours" in the chair were really like 7 hours in the chair, but I operated
2 minutes here and 2 minutes there while running around the house doing things.

My 160 M inverted L is only 50 feet vertical and slopes down to 25 feet, gotta
get this up before CQ 160. Also need to hook-up my small Beverage, I heard
fellow east coasters working Europeans that I could not even HEAR as early as

I am no low-band DXer, but I was surprised that most Europeans seemed to peak
about 2 hours BEFORE their local sunrise (according to N1MM), strange. Woke up
for my sunrise, but never heard any KH6 or JA at all; after going QRT at 2 am
that was a painful awakening. At 46 I guess I am getting too old for this.

12 countries worked, best DX was UW2M, about 5161 miles. Managed to work the
CE1 for a new one on 160. See everyone in the CQ 160, and remember... USA DON'T
CALL CQ TEST IN THE DX WINDOW! You know who you are and you know better.

W3KL   Single Op HP   1,1482009-12-28 17:26:16
I totally forgot that the TBDC was last weekend, so I didn't get on until well
after 0200Z!

At any rate, had some good runs Saturday night as well as Sunday Morning.

Best DX was JA3YBK Sunday morning.

73, HNY
ES2DJ   Single Op HP   1,6402009-12-28 18:22:44
Trvcr: K3,
Tnx fer qso's.
Qsl: e-QSL, LoTW
ZL1AZE   Single Op HP   4442009-12-28 21:09:28
This was my first time in the Stew Perry contest, as I am usually away on
holiday over the Christmas period. I enjoyed the event, despite only ending up
making 24 QSOs. I like the distance scoring format in this contest as it helps
to level the playing field, especially for more remote parts of the globe like

I used an FT1000MP plus AL80A amp, and a half wave inverted vee dipole with the
centre at 13 metres above ground. The ends of the dipole were bent to fit within
the perimeter of our 1000 square metre property. The QTH is about 100 metres ASL
on a steep hillside, with a good takeoff in the downhill direction towards
America, but poor in the uphill direction towards the short path to Europe.

The QTH is located in Wellington city and suffers from a high level of manmade
noise radiated from a nearby commercial area. The noise level ranged between S4
and S9 (using 250 Hz filters) throughout the contest and forced me to QRX on
many occasions. I apologise to those who I was struggling to copy at times. I
need to do further work on receiving antenna options, as well as seeking to
clean up the sources of the noise.

There was good propagation towards Europe before our sunrise on Sunday morning,
although the local noise meant that I could only hear the louder signals. I was
pleased to make my longest distance QSO with RX3APM who had a tremendous 579
signal. I also noted good signals from UA4JMG and E77DX but they were not
hearing me.

Conditions seemed to be average on the Sunday evening. I did not hear any
Europe stations at sunset. There were some very loud USA stations but I could
only work a few of them. K5NA was the loudest, peaking up to S9 at times, but
after repeated calling I could not even raise a QRZ. The only Canadian station
heard and worked was VE6WQ. Later in the evening there were some good signals
from Asia, and at one point I even managed to generate a small pileup of JA
stations. My 'best ears' award goes to Herb KV4FZ and James K9YC, who both
heard me after a single call.

Thanks to everyone for the fun and the QSOs.

73, Brian ZL1AZE
OLØW(OK1DSZ)   Single Op HP   3,3042009-12-29 00:00:25
Better result than the last year, with some 120Qs more. The main difference is
~90 more US than the last year, which is amazing improvement for my tiny

Murphy was with me in the shack this time. Twice PA protection tripped due to
high SWR, once I even went out to the garden to inspect antenna matching box.
Finally found it is bad connector in the shack. Also the keyer went crazy two
times and a few minutes were needed to align him. Unfortunately all these
incidents happened during JA prime time, when JA window is fully crowded and I
always lost running frq. But thanks to the last minute JA mini-run after 22Z I
finally have 13xJAs and also ODX VK6DXI at 13424km. Nice opening into US west
coast area later in the night. In total 150 US+VEs.

Rig FT1000MP + PA cca 1000W, Inv L (20m vertical) and K9AY
GM4FAM   Single Op HP   1,2492009-12-29 00:28:59
This is a really good contest with a nice scoring format which gives remote
stations a chance to compete on a more level playing field with those in more
populated areas.
Conditions seemed quite good to NA - next year will stay QRV later than 0145z.
Heard (and called!) John CE1/K7CA who was 579 at 0100z which is very early.
Tnx to K8IA (AZ) for best DX (7,904 km) and to all others for the QSOs.
Antenna was a 76ft linear loaded vertical.
73 Cris
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   9572009-12-29 01:46:04
TS850SAT , INV.L , Two Inv.Vee's
Had to stop at 01:00 UTC to prepare logging SW for RAEM contest,which start
at 02:00 UTC. Prime condx to NA missed me.ODX is JA7NI. K3ZM and VE3TA were
North Americans in the log.

73 Happy holidays

S56A   Single Op LP   5352009-12-29 02:33:25
I was recovering from cold and started TBDC LP working easy EU up to TF4M 10
points. Stayed until 9:40 PM without Asia. Got up at 6:26 AM before sunrise
and no W/VE signals. I went to higher bands for RAEM CW. Now I read everybody
worked juicy DX. What a bad luck in noisy city environment with 300 kW AM BCI
at 918 kHz nearby.

HNY & 73 de Mario, S56A
SM5MX   Single Op LP   7332009-12-29 03:10:30
Rig: TS-850SAT
Ant: Vertical with top loading
S/W: TR4W v4.157

Q: Where were all the UA9's this year? Worked just one (1)!

DL1ELY   Single Op HP   6742009-12-29 03:36:44
Again big fun, but was disappointed with my result after a furious
start (first 6 hours 185 QSOs, but last 6.5 hours only 75 QSOs). After
some hours into the contest, i was sure to easily beat my last years
score of 690 points, but rate terrible dropped after 0 UT. After not
making a single QSO at around 05 UT with permanent CQ and even a try
of S&P, i packed my stuff and went home after "only" 12.5h of
operation. Slightly more QSOs than last year, but slightly less
points. Great activity in EU, at times the band feeled packed from
1810 to 1850. Only 7xNA, 1xUA9, all else was EU. Personal "Dumbest
Nuts"-awards go to G3BJ (called him many times at the beginning),
OK7XX, OM7LW and OK2ZU, which were all 59+60 and did not show the
slightest reaction to my calls. Anyway, not much points lost there. It
was big fun, still, and i will participate again in 2010 for sure.
RIG: TS850, Heathkit SB-1000 @ 500W, FD4 in the noisy city, Win-Test
UA2FF(@UA2FW)   Single Op HP   6,9632009-12-29 06:09:50
I enjoy operating from UA2FW QTH. His full size 4SQ and 300m beverages working
quite well. The big QRM was from russian navigation system BRAS often called
"fishing buoys". It's not allow me to change frequency more that 100Hz.
Only five QSO was made by s&p.
VK6VZ was my longest distance QSO. 52 JAs and 321 NA in the log. It's my best
SPTBC score.

73 de Vlad UA2FF
SK3W(SG3P)   Single Op HP   3,4982009-12-29 08:44:22
N5UL and N7NG for new states. JD1BMH for new DXCC.
73 de Gus SG3P
VE3CUI   Single Op HP   5962009-12-29 10:03:25
I have absolutely NO illusions / self-delusions about my ever winning a contest
like this. I just enjoy getting on the air (my favourite band, too, by the way)
and making QSOs, hopefully giving a new much-needed multiplier to the deserving
in the process, Hi Hi. Besides, it's ALWAYS nice to run across fellow
VE3-types, & to exchange pleasantries during such events (albeit far too
W5TM   Single Op HP   4,3512009-12-29 11:29:29
K3, ETO 91b, WriteLog.
130' base insulated vertical
NE Phased pair 880' long spaced 380'
NW Phased pair 580' long spaced 380'
SE Single wire 580' long
SW Single wire 380' long

Beverages made possible by KE5VZH.
PI4TUE   Multi-Op HP   2,3652009-12-29 12:13:14
This was our first attempt in what turned out to be a real fun contest with very
satisfactory results.

Station setup:
TenTec Orion I + ACOM 1000
2 sloping 1/4 wave wires that start at 250 feet (= feedpoint), one pointed at
40deg and the other at 310deg.
2 RX antennas, a K9AY loop looking NE and a 15ft (5mtr) vertical, both located
about 30km NE and connected to a K3, remotely accessed by HamRadioDeLuxe and
QuickSilver SDR connected to a NVIS dipole and CW Skimmer.

Some highlights/observations:
- Being called by VK6VZ and VK6DXI (~14000 km), P49V and NP4A.
- Worked 104 stations from NA.
- Having just a vy short RX vertical improved RX compared to the TX slopers but
was not enough to copy many weaker signals... apologies to all who called and
didn't make it into the log.
- The loudest DX signal on the band was K9DX.
- The only station I failed working after trying for many minutes was K3NA (had
a very nice signal, even on the TX wire)...
- 104 stations from NA worked.
- Nobody from Japan.
- Breakdown of QSO's per points (=distance):
Points Total
1 62
2 112
3 56
4 32
5 26
6 8
7 1
8 2
9 2
10 2
11 3
12 20
13 34
14 26
15 16
16 6
17 2
18 1
19 1
29 2
Total 414
- Audio clippings of all QSO's are available upon request (I will put them all
on line after the final submission date).

See you certainly again next year.

-- Aurelio PC5A
N6RK   Single Op LP   1,8192009-12-29 13:32:29
Europe was heard, not worked.
WE3C   Single Op HP   3,9442009-12-29 14:38:28
Had a pretty good run frequency to start. EU called in at reasonable rates, but
were very weak. Long deep QSB at times slowed things down.

Doing S&P made longest contact with Greg, ZL3IX. Found KH6LC and then JD1BLY
for first JA, then five more worked while running. JA signals were very

Bad time management required me to go QRT during peak Asia opening!

Thanks to all the callers, great competitors and to the Boring guys for
sponsoring this unique and fun event!

Vy 73, John
TF3KX   Single Op HP   9812009-12-29 15:47:06
Rig: IC746
Amp: Acom 1000, running 500W out
Ant: Inv-L, 8m/24ft vertical, 32m/96ft horizontal (approx.)

Dec. 26 is a part of the Xmas holidays here, so with guests and other
obligations I had decided not to participate this time. Plus, I did not have
an antenna up for 160m. Well, the guests left early (6 hours into the contest)
so I decided on last minute to put up a makeshift inv-L and grab a few Qs.

Ended up operating for 9 hours, and opted for a strict S&P operation. No new
or extraordinary countries or zones, but about 90 Eu stations and 50 NA
stations. Longest distance to Washington/Oregon, approx. 6000 km or 3700

The topband here is limited to 1810 to 1850 kHz, so I had to leave out some
participants who were operating above 1850. So, please stay within the general
CW band if you want to reach those of us who have limited band allowances!
K6ND   Multi-Op HP   3,2322009-12-29 16:20:15
Just a good ole time..............(after digging out the beverage)
160 EU and a few JA's and lots of good food by Pamela.
OM8AW(@OMØM)   Single Op HP   4,1022009-12-29 22:18:09
Tx _Antenna 2el.Vertical beam

Wow what a contest. Even deep QSB big fun………..
33JA+170USA are satisfaction for years on small footprint Rx systems.
Best DX was CE1/K7CA.

CU AGN in CQ WW 160
WW7DX(AH8DX)   Single Op QRP   412009-12-30 06:34:32
Got on with my club call to hand out a few qso's.
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   4,2242009-12-30 08:08:01
Station located on the NJ Shoreline, 20 miles N of Atlantic City, SNJ

K3 + IC746 slave RX + Alpha 99
K3 + Alpha 78
Flex 5000
WIN-TEST Software
2 ele Vertical Beam NE and SW
5 beverages S/N, SW, W, NW, NE
Short RX Vertical

We enteered the M/S HP catagory again this year primarily to test a new RX
antenna and transceivers. And looking back through the records, our score this
time was our best HP effort ever, and 20% better than 2008, with nearly 100 more
QSOs. Rates were very good the first few hours then dropped off in the 'deep
night' period. But we worked 4 JAs and thanks to Greg, ZL3IX, for our best

Since the ARRL 160 we've been busy planning and implementing some station
changes that would improve our ability to hear DX, specifically EU. Over the
prior two weeks we built a new short vertical RX antenna and located it 2500
feet away from the TX array. It performed exceptionally well during the TBDC
and makes S&P by our 2nd operating position ops much more enjoyable and less
fatiguing. The mult ops can now effectively hear through the run station,
something we've been trying to achieve for over 20 years.

The other big change was replacing the ICOM xcvers with K3s equipped with the
2nd receiver and offering diversity reception. This was probably the single
most important factor in our score increase over prior years. The K3 is
everything it is reported to be, signals seemed to pop out of the noise. Fully
30 percent of the EU stations worked were not audible on a slave Icom xcvr using
the phased EU beverages.

We also tried a Flex 5000 in a 3rd RX position. It has terrific dynamic range,
rivaling the K3, but the user interface for contesting is not quite ready for
'prime time.'

In retrospect, maybe an earlier start time would have been a better choice,
since conditions to EU sounded slightly above average the first few hours and
faded later. But we were going through the K3 setup learning curve so had to
settle for a 2200 UTC start. F6BEE, HA8JV, F5IN and others were booming as
early as 2100Z, well before our sunset.

We started the contest on 1811.5 but would later move around, operating up on
1841 for quite some time. Not sure how important frequency selection might be,
but we noted the FO station cannot operate below 1830. Other 3830 reports are
filled with comments that it seemed band conditions were about average or below
and we totally agree. The signals heard from EU were generally weak or at the
noise level, but of course there were exceptions. There was never a
time when the band sounded 'full' to us. And conditions to W6/W7 were less
than steller. No KL7 this time and only one VE7.

Despite a strong coastal storm (heavy rain, winds gusting to 50 mph) we never
had a noise level problem, which pleasantly surprised us since we expected
significant local power line QRN. Only the NE beverage seemed to be noisy,
probably because it was aimed directly at the storm as it passed by up the

ZL3IX was our best DX. No VK, no KL7. 192 EU, 40+ DX entities, and 4 JA (the
JA signal peak at our sunrise was terrific, but we missed the JD1. We'd
previously taken two 30+ minute off times to have sufficient op time left for
the hoped for JA run). Some select EU stations were S-9 the first few hours,
but conditions faded signficantly, and the hoped for signal enhancement at EU
sunrise never materialized. It seemed we could hear the western USA stations
better than they were hearing us much of the time. Where were all the PYs and
LUs this time? Very little Carib activity and none from AF was noted.

Thanks again to WYRS-FM for the use of their great facilities, and to members
of the SJDXA for their continuing support of our 160 contest efforts.

We'll be back for the CQ160 CW next month. HNY to everyone.


John, W2GD, for the 160 TEAM

Country QSO List:

USA 484 Canada 39 Germany 31 Czech 17 Ukraine 17 Euro Russia 14 England 12
Sweden 12 France 8 Finland 8 Hungary 7 Italy 7 Belguim 7 Scotland 6
Netherlands 5 Croatia 4 Japan 4 Slovakia 4 Slovenia 4 Poland 4 Austria 3
Denmark 3 Latvia 3 Aruba 3 Romania 3 Martinique 2 Iceland 2 Barbado 1 Bahamas 1
Chile 1 Spain 1 Ireland 1 Isle of Man 1 Guernsey 1 Wales 1 Switzerland 1 Sicily
1 Hawaii 1 Virgin Is 1 Puerto Rico 1 Norway 1 Lithuania 1 Kaliningrad 1
Montenegro 1 New Zealand 1

Day-Hour Rate EU AS NA SA AF OC
> 26-21 57 5 0 52 0 0 0
> 26-22 94 13 0 81 0 0 0
> 26-23 74 28 0 46 0 0 0
> 27-00 81 33 0 48 0 0 0
> 27-01 70 10 0 58 2 0 0
> 27-02 54 5 0 48 1 0 0
> 27-03 68 23 0 45 0 0 0
> 27-04 44 20 0 24 0 0 0
> 27-05 39 15 0 24 0 0 0
> 27-06 38 21 0 16 1 0 0
> 27-07 34 17 0 17 0 0 0
> 27-08 15 2 0 13 0 0 0
> 27-09 19 0 0 17 0 0 2
> 27-10 14 0 0 14 0 0 0
> 27-11 8 0 1 7 0 0 0
> 27-12 23 0 3 20 0 0 0
> 732 192 4 530 4 0 2
OM5ZW   Single Op HP   5,8082009-12-31 08:52:23
Equipment:FT1000MP MarkV,OM-POWER,2xHALF SLOPER,3xBeverages
I started CQing at 16Z with hope being called by some VK/ZL. VK6VZ was my best
DX with distance 13126km. On JA window there were many tone bursts since that
window was too narrow. 27 JA's was logged. At 20Z Jack VE1ZZ called me with a
very solid signal. Next US stns were logged at 22:30, but level of the US was
pretty low.Almost 280 US/VE on the log gave the chance for a result which was
40% better than in 2008.

Happy new year 2010 and thanks for calling me.
N5IA(@N5BG)   Single Op QRP   9842009-12-31 09:06:49
This is my 14th year of operating the SPDC, and I am always learning something
new. If there is one constant in 160 Meter contesting, it is that nothing is
the same as the year before. Or even the day before.

I have for the past few years operated two entries, one with my own call in the
QRP category and a 2nd entry in the High Power category using a club call sign.
That was my game plan this year.

The sun is already 35 minutes into the sky here when the contest begins. I
start the contest using HP and typically get about 30 contacts before all
signals go away. This year there was good propagation to JA before sunrise and
the constest start, but none during the hour and 20 minutes I operated. So,
morning contacts = 35 this year. So far everything right on schedule.

I started the HP operation again at 21:40, nearly 2.5 hours before sunset.
This portion of my operating again was very typical with 42 more Qs going into
the HP operation log.

At 0000 Z I start the main entry in the QRP category. This is where things
started to go awry. For the next 4 hours and 50 minutes I struggled to make
contacts in the QRP mode. At the same time the great EU signals were
everywhere I was S&Ping. It finally got my attention that most everyone was
concentrating on the EU stations, in particular the eastern US stations where I
normally get a lot of 20+ point contacts.

I finally gave in to the temptation shortly after 0500. I loaded the HP log
and started contacting all the DX stations I could still hear. In the end I
was too late, because as others have noted, the sunrise lift for western EU did
not occur.

I finished out the night in HP and overall these are my statistics.

QRP entry = N5IA
4 hours and 50 minutes of operation.
90 Qs and 984 points.
Points per Q = 9.84
Minutes per Q = 3.2
No DX worked.

QRO entry = N7GP
12 hours and 15 minutes of operation.
377 Qs and 2,298 points.
Points per Q = 6.1
Minutes per Q = 1.95
DX worked =
AF- 0
AS- 3 = JA, JD, UA9
EU- 17 = 9H, DL, EI, F, G, GM, HA, OH, OK, OM, ON, OZ, SM, SP, UA, UA2, YL
NA- 5 = FM, KL, KP2, KP4, TI
OC- 4 = FO, KH6, VK, ZL
SA- 2 = CE, P4

All in all it was a very interesting outing. The game plan changes when the
conditions change, and I learned quite a bit more about how to read the

Thanks for all the Qs, and I look forward to contacting everyone in the CQ 160
CW which is only 4 weeks away.

73 de Milt, N5IA, and also operator of N7GP
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   2,2982009-12-31 09:08:23
This is my 14th year of operating the SPDC, and I am always learning something
new. If there is one constant in 160 Meter contesting, it is that nothing is
the same as the year before. Or even the day before.

I have for the past few years operated two entries, one with my own call in the
QRP category and a 2nd entry in the High Power category using a club call sign.
That was my game plan this year.

The sun is already 35 minutes into the sky here when the contest begins. I
start the contest using HP and typically get about 30 contacts before all
signals go away. This year there was good propagation to JA before sunrise and
the constest start, but none during the hour and 20 minutes I operated. So,
morning contacts = 35 this year. So far everything right on schedule.

I started the HP operation again at 21:40, nearly 2.5 hours before sunset.
This portion of my operating again was very typical with 42 more Qs going into
the HP operation log.

At 0000 Z I start the main entry in the QRP category. This is where things
started to go awry. For the next 4 hours and 50 minutes I struggled to make
contacts in the QRP mode. At the same time the great EU signals were
everywhere I was S&Ping. It finally got my attention that most everyone was
concentrating on the EU stations, in particular the eastern US stations where I
normally get a lot of 20+ point contacts.

I finally gave in to the temptation shortly after 0500. I loaded the HP log
and started contacting all the DX stations I could still hear. In the end I
was too late, because as others have noted, the sunrise lift for western EU did
not occur.

I finished out the night in HP and overall these are my statistics.

QRP entry = N5IA
4 hours and 50 minutes of operation.
90 Qs and 984 points.
Points per Q = 9.84
Minutes per Q = 3.2
No DX worked.

QRO entry = N7GP
12 hours and 15 minutes of operation.
377 Qs and 2,298 points.
Points per Q = 6.1
Minutes per Q = 1.95
DX worked =
AF- 0
AS- 3 = JA, JD, UA9
EU- 17 = 9H, DL, EI, F, G, GM, HA, OH, OK, OM, ON, OZ, SM, SP, UA, UA2, YL
NA- 5 = FM, KL, KP2, KP4, TI
OC- 4 = FO, KH6, VK, ZL
SA- 2 = CE, P4

All in all it was a very interesting outing. The game plan changes when the
conditions change, and I learned quite a bit more about how to read the

Thanks for all the Qs, and I look forward to contacting everyone in the CQ 160
CW which is only 4 weeks away.

73 de Milt, N5IA, and also operator of N7GP
WA4WLI   Single Op LP   892009-12-31 16:28:49
Discovered antenna problems with OCF on 160.
N4XD   Single Op HP   3,0132010-01-01 06:01:24
Waited until after 2200 to start even though several European stations were
quite strong. I found conditions to be better then last year. Perhaps it was
that the band seemed quieter so signal to noise was better.

Had added a short vertical receive 4 square and that really helped. In years
past I would use the K3 diversity mode with the transmit vertical in one ear
and the selected beverage in the other.

This year having the 4 square available made it easy to listen in two
directions at once and when listening in the same direction provided many fills
as the signal bounced between the two antennas. Very nice addition.

As usual the K3 and the Alpha 91b performed perfectly. The K3 continues to

I found conditions to the west to be noisy so didn't listen that way often.
N6RO , KG7H were both quite loud. European stations that were exceptionally
loud were IV3PRK, LY7A, IK0HBN, OZ7YY and OH2BO.

I worked more then 100 more Qs vs last year and about 103 Europeans, no South
America, a couple Caribbean, one JA and one KH6. Heard JD1BMH and ZL3IX but too
late to work. DX total was 38 countries which surprised me since, as at least
one other write up noted, the band never did seem full.

As always enjoyed this contest and am already looking forward to it in 2010.

VK6DXI   Single Op HP   1,4712010-01-01 22:50:58
For me condition were much better then last year.
At my sunset, 11:30 utc, 3.5 h before the contest I decided to check
the propagation on 160m.
I called CQ and a small pile up started right away.
I suppose many guys were checking propagation as well.
This went for fwo hours and I have logged almost
100 QSO.
It would have made a better score than with over 8h in the contest,hi.
Thanks to quieter band and DX- cluster.

I had fun and a great time. Worked many USA stations (what I could not
do last year). I had 2 x 37 pointers. W4ZV (18,296.6km) and N2CU( 18,149.9 km).
Also 15 QSO with 30 or more points.I even got answers to my CQ's. :-)

Operated around 8.5 h as VK6 has only 10h of darkness during this contest...
Worked two new ones: TF4M and JD1BMH
Band sounded like a beautiful music, with so many signals heard during the
Thanks to all for many great QSO's.

PS. Few days after the contest we had a large bushfire in area where my shack
is located. 40 houses were lost. Thanks to a great action by fire fighters,
fire was put out before it got to my place. Lucky this time.
OL6P(OK2PP)   Single Op LP   8982010-01-02 13:46:00
Thanks all for QSOs!
Nice contest. Limited time for operating.
I lsn many Ws, but they not copy my week signal. Only K3ZM in log.
73, Petr OK2PP
KØPP   Single Op LP   9902010-01-02 15:23:17
My first SPTC
K2UFT   Single Op LP   862010-01-02 20:09:34
Got so excited when I worked UA2FF and YL2SM that I completely forgot to log
KØTV   Single Op LP   3692010-01-05 10:05:56
I decided to put in a small effort for this contest. A few years ago I tried QRP
but it was a bit frustrating so I tried Low Power this year.

The highlight was hearing JA8ISU with strong signals at local sunrise.
Unfortunately after trying for about 15 minutes, he couldn't hear me with my
100 watts. I'm sure if I was running high power we would have worked.

73, Jerry - K0TV
F6BEE   Single Op HP   4,0762010-01-05 11:33:20
My first entry in this very nice contest.
The band was noisy certainly because of the wind and rain in the beverages. On
some occasions, the K9AY loops were better than the beverages, what I never had
200 US stations, 15 VE, 7 JA (sorry for the 2 or 3 more I can't complete with),
best DX is VK6VZ that called me at 2000z. Also Carl P49V called and I had to
repeat many times my grid loc; it was good as he didn't copy me and many other
Europeans when we all called him hours earlier. Another noisy spot!

Let's the BARC compute the final score !

Happy new year to all and success on Top Band in 2010.
N5KO   Multi-Op HP   4502010-01-05 17:25:16
Plagued by intermittent equipment problems but good to have them now rather in
CQ 160.
JH3PRR   Multi-Op HP   7512010-01-22 16:42:00
I am glad to work TF4M after two years since I heard him for the first time
during TBDC in 2007. This year I could hear him quite a long period of time
both in my evening and morning.

See you all in CQ WW 160m!