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All Austrian 160-Meter Contest   2009   Nov 21   Comment Summary

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G3TXF   Single Op HP   12,8642009-11-22 13:00:22
Very pleased to work an OE station in each of the nine call-areas, but why is
there so little activity from OE in this contest? Only worked ONE OE1 station!

Not all OE stations were sending their Bezirk (region) without being
specifically asked.

I was QRV for about 9.5 hours, but there was only one OE QSO in the last five
hours of the contest.

Yes, this contest would definitely be more fun, if there was some more ACTIVITY
from OE!

73 - Nigel G3TXF
E77DX   Single Op HP   4,8262009-11-22 14:55:01
What to say.... more JA´s in log as OE...funny for OE contest on Top Band.
Nice activity from UK bcs of RSGB contest....TNX!
Bad to condx to NA.
Time to get more OE on the band and time to change the rules for
this one!

Thanks for the QSOs and cu in few days in real one!

de E77DX