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Maryland/DC QSO Party   2007   Aug 11   Comment Summary

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K2TA   QRP QRP   2,5192007-08-12 17:12:30
Conditions on 20 were terrible between here and MD but did work a few. Nothing
worked on 15 or 10. Stayed with 80/40 most of the time. Amazed to work more
SSB than CW despite the 3 point per QSO advantage of a CW QSO. Thanks to the
mobiles (K4MUT and others) for their efforts. Thanks to all who QSY'd to
CW/SSB or other band for QSO's! Used Elecraft K2/QRP with 1/4 wave ground
plane on 40M at 35ft and full sized 80m dipole at 35ft. Did half as many
points as I had in 2005 when I won the International QRP plaque but did about
2,350 points better than last years effort!
WY3P   Club HP   258,9642007-08-12 18:14:08
Great fun, the stars of the show were David, K3LP, his son Ryan, and 9 month old
daughter who I met for the first time Mandy!

Some great stateside runs, thanks to the new General class operators. Europe
and DX was way down this year and our multiplier total suffered, however the
QSO total was better than last year.

Joe, N3YIM had the best 20m run in his operating career. Howard, W3CQH put
another few hundred QSOs in the 20m log. I had great fun operating Multi-Two
style with these guys...and Clint, W3ARS. We never had more than two radios
going at once, which was too bad, since 'passing' stations worked so well.

This is is a really great operating event and the ability to work DX for
multipliers makes it even better.

Warning: Last year my log was judged 'wrong' so although my QSO and multiplier
totals are accurate, my actual score may be incorrect.

73 & see you in next year's event.

Jim Nitzberg WX3B on behalf of Team WY3P
AD8J   Standard LP   1,5602007-08-12 18:32:03
Didn't hear much activity from MD being the next state over. Worked what I
could hear when I wasn't watching NASCAR.
N6MU   Standard LP   1,1402007-08-12 20:02:13
Terrible conditions and few MDC stations. K4MUT only mobile heard. WY3P was a
beacon on 20/40 SSB, the loudest by far! Another local area 40/80 contest. No
wonder so few west coast seriously participate. 73...

John, N6MU
N4JF   QRP QRP   4,0352007-08-13 06:54:04

K2DBK   Standard LP   2,3882007-08-13 07:24:56
I think this was my first time in this contest, at least the first time I kept
track of my score. It's kind of tough going from northern NJ, since the only
bands I had any hope of making contacts on were 80 & 40. As luck would have it,
I had plans on Saturday night and really wasn't able to operate at all, so I'm
sure that I missed out on some contacts then on 80. There didn't seem to be an
awful lot of stations on the bands that I could work, I guess they were
probably trying to work on the higher bands.
K4BAI   Standard HP   2,9922007-08-13 08:12:28
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW out, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Time was limited, but
thanks for the QSOs and for the mobile activity. QRN was terrible on 80.
Apologies to NM3W, but I couldn't pull the exchange info through the QRN on 80.
Hope to work many of you in NAQP SSB this Saturday. We will be M/2 at the NQ4I
station, using the SECC club call, W4AN. 73, John, K4BAI.
WØBH   Standard HP   3,7352007-08-13 09:18:40
Enjoyed making MDC Qs while working WAE. Conditions were good most of the time
with a nice KS <-> MD 15 and 10 meter opening on Sunday afternoon.

Special thanks to K4MUT/M FOR 8 Qs and 5 counties. Worked him for the 5th
county at start time on Sunday but then didn't hear him again although he was
easy to find on Saturday. The only other mobile heard was KZ3F on Saturday.

Thanks also to ARA for sponsoring the event and to club stations KI3DS (7 Qs)
and K3VOA (5 Qs) for taking the time to move to 10 and 15 for me. Club station
WY3P owned 20 and 40 with signals usually 59+20 or better.

Counties not heard : Garrett, Allegany, Howard, Charles, St. Mary's, Baltimore
City, Harford, Kent, Queen Annes's and Caroline.

Hope to hear everyone on again next year!

73, Bob, w0bh
KS8O   Standard LP   1,1302007-08-13 13:46:51
Nice QSO party, was not able to work much of it. Did not hear many station, so I
will be interested in seeing how many participants. See you next year and thanks
for being so nice to out of state stations.

VA3RKM   QRP QRP   1,9352007-08-13 14:03:53
K2, FT817, 5w, verticals and dipoles.
K8MR   Standard LP   322007-08-14 17:50:17
While checking out my new Honda Fit for mobile duty in the upcoming Ohio QSO
Party, I heard a few MD signals, so I went inside and worked what I could.

See you all in the OQP on Saturday, August 25, noon to midnight EDT.
K3KU   Standard LP   14,9372007-08-18 21:37:53
Somewhat more than a part-time effort. Nice to have old friend K4BAI giving me
some points. Had a short run on 20CW of big gun EU's late in WAE CW; I gave
them reports for both contests, accepted their "QSL", and happy to gain the
multipliers. Got called by North Dakota; sure hope he is QRV for SS CW.