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NCCC RTTY Sprint Ladder   2015   Sep 18   Comment Summary

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N3QE   Single Op LP   5202015-09-17 19:16:52
Some SO2R confusion on my part... at least twice, N1MM refused to send on one or
another radio so sorry if I dropped the Q!
WQ5L   Single Op LP   3512015-09-17 19:17:39
Better than last week for sure... 73 de WQ5L
N6RO   Single Op LP   7602015-09-17 19:20:51
Good participation tonite, 80m coming to life! Hrd N3QE on 15m about 5 minutes
before test, but not after the bell.
K4DXV   Single Op LP   352015-09-17 19:22:15
Only my second NS RTTY sprint. Thanks to all for the Q's.
WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op LP   5722015-09-17 19:22:30
No 15m signals heard, 20m/40 very good, 80 getting much better.. Great to work
K4DXV, and KI0I, thanks guys for being on, and come back often..

Thanks for the Q's, 73 Todd WD0T