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Ten-Meter RTTY Contest   2011   Dec 4   Comment Summary

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HB9SVT   Single Op LP   902011-12-04 06:23:10
Brocken antenna because of storm. Realy nice contest. Tks QSO. 73 Thomas
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   8,0402011-12-04 09:37:01
Hi all,

Not too sure whether the scoring is OK, but I did work 120 Q's for 33 States, 6
Provinces and 28 Countries (other than W and VE).

Conditions good at times, but for most of the morning I could only hear UA9 and
UT stations.

Very pleased to get VP2MWG and PJ2/K2PLF for new band-slots on 10m.

73 all

S56A   Single Op LP   8,6942011-12-04 09:51:28
I guess condx were poorer on Sunday that Saturday. Power limit to 100 W might
be misleading. No print from KP2BH. Even Texas station couldn't break his
endless CQ. Didn't catch 5X1NH although he was not in the contest anyway.

S53M(S51FB)   Single Op LP   15,7082011-12-04 10:44:30
Thanks for all cals.

Miha / S51FB
G3WW   Single Op LP   4,6202011-12-04 11:06:37
Brief play on RTTY to close out WAS RTTY.

Not sure about the final score.
OK4RQ   Single Op LP   4,7252011-12-04 11:48:35
Sorry, I had little free time. See in OKDX RTTY contest 73 Pavel
AB1OD   Single Op LP   2,4152011-12-04 12:19:11
Just a few Q's before the XYL decreed that my radio quota for the weekend was

One of these days I need to get a better 10m antenna.
K4WW   Single Op LP   8,5502011-12-04 12:42:41
After "grinding out" seven hours, with not so good conditions, on 160, I didn't
have much left for this one. Activity seemed good, with lots of very strong 100
watt signals?
N2EIK   Single Op LP   12,5282011-12-04 13:31:51
Nice to see 10 wall to wall again!
KN3A   Single Op LP   3,5202011-12-04 13:46:54
I like having a 10 meter RTTY contest! Unfortunately when it starts at 7:00 p.m.
the band is already shut down on the east coast. It's now almost 5 PM on Sunday
night and the band is closing up fast. If the times could be adjusted next
year, or make it a full weekend contest then that would be better.

Thanks to everyone who put this together, I would call it a success. I had fun
in a part time effort.

Kenwood TS 450SAT
75 Watts
Dipole @ 25 ft.
N1MM Logger
EA8OM   Single Op LP   35,8672011-12-04 14:10:54
IC-756PROIII - 100 Watts
GPA-50/dipole for 40m
microHAM USB Interface II
MMTTY + RCKLog 3.25
N1SNB   Single Op LP   5,3102011-12-04 14:47:04
Thanks to the organizers and the participants of this new contest. 10m is
always fun.
N8HM   Single Op QRP   3842011-12-04 15:11:02
Rig - Yaesu FT-817ND
Antenna - Alexloop Walkham Portable Magnetic Loop
KA2D   Single Op LP   36,4912011-12-04 15:16:43
Dedicated to the memory of Larry W2AX SK
KB2HSH   Single Op LP   4,0002011-12-04 15:19:51
This was the first contest using my new Elecraft T1 autotuner. Had a great
time...and as usual...I could see/hear 5B4AIF, but the pile-up prevented me
from working him. Better luck next time! Great first running...hope more
stations show up next year!
IW1QN   Single Op LP   17,0522011-12-04 15:33:11
I'm not satisfied.
Good partecipation.
I start the contest but wasn't very OK.
With Flu and temperature, not is a good condition.
Propagation good, but NOT Beautiful.
Good and strong Signal from JA, USA, but not strong from VK, ZL.
K2PO   Single Op LP   4082011-12-04 15:36:04
Good shakedown for ARRL 10m next weekend.


Bill, K2PO
KB4KBS   Single Op LP   4642011-12-04 15:37:50
Only got to play in this one for a little bit... again, calling CQ on 10M with
100W and a G5RV is not going to attract a crowd.

Quit early when the JA's started to pop up and the west coasters turned their
beams away from me.

Thanks for the Q's,

Scott, KB4KBS
KFØUR   Single Op LP   16,2402011-12-04 15:49:16
Reasonable condx. But the afternoon was light, as I had worked most of the
stations I could hear.
NV4B   Single Op LP   5,2642011-12-04 15:51:31
It had been awhile since I had played in a RTTY contest, but I couldn't resist
some 10-meter activity the week before ARRL 10. I operated very part-time and
very casually in this one and had a great time. Thanks to W0YK, AA5AU, K4GMH,
and everybody else who made this new contest happen. I'm already looking
forward to the next one!
K7XC   Single Op LP   12,7022011-12-04 15:54:07
Limited Time Entry. A few good runs! Good - not great - conditions... again...
K3, 100W, 4 ele Monoyagi up 30'. People calling out of turn were a real
annoyance. Everyone being 100W or less was a interesting twist... Id love to
see this in a CW contest! QSL 100% VIA LOTW LOTW LOTW !!!! KB!
VY2LI   Single Op LP   10,3682011-12-04 15:54:20
Thanks to the organizers for a nice first-time effort.Hopefully,next year will
get to spend more time in the chair.Hope we got into your log.Happy
W7RN(WK6I)   Single Op LP   47,3802011-12-04 15:59:32
K3 x 2. WriteLog/u2R. 2 x 6el@30'. Sterba Curtain @70'
AA8IA   Single Op LP   12,6082011-12-04 16:02:56
Although propagation didn't shine on 10m like I had hoped, I think this new
contest is a hit.

I didn't use one bit of packet reception assistance; however, I did send a lot
of spots into the network... apparently enough to get the attention of some
cluster cop. Oh well.

I had only made 5 or 6 Qs before the band shut down Saturday night. Got on
bright and early, little after 7am Eastern. Not much happening. But it
finally picked up. Unfortunately, to me it didn't seem as though the opening
to EU was very strong or very long. Worked PV8ADI and ZK2V who weren't
specifically playing in the contest. I just logged them as 000.

Had a great time though, and If one were to ask me I would tell them it was a
successful inaugural event. Hopefully next year I'll have a yagi.

Gotta love 10m, whether it's wide open or barely open. Always fun to play on

Thanks to AA5AU, K4GMH, W0YK (everyone and anyone responsible for creating this
event) and everyone who worked me in this test.
N2FF   Single Op LP   32,0542011-12-04 16:03:39
This contest should be called the AA5AU and W0YK Ten Meter RTTY Wino Run...

It was actually great fun with stations at times packed together from below
28080 all the way up to 28150. I do not think the old band has ever seen that
many RTTY stations on the band at one time for so long. I hope someone took a
picture of that band map for posterity.

Biggest thrills were to have an SU in the conterst and to be called by a ZS off
the back of the quad while running and then a short time later for a ZL to call
in while pointed NW. The icing was to work a JA mult near the end of the
contest as the band was dying. I really did not thing that JA was going to

Hopefully next year will be even more fun expecially if there is more wine.
WØYK   Single Op LP   32,5382011-12-04 16:07:04
This is a checklog obviously, but what a fun day on the radio!

Asia and Oceania were in for a couple hours Saturday night here on the west
coast and Europe was open for a couple hours Sunday morning, but most signals
were weak. In North America "spotlight propagation" moved around the continent
during the day Sunday. Signals became very weak for the most part on Sunday
afternoon. My two 10 meter Yagis are fixed at 70 and 120 degrees so that made
some QSOs more difficult. Many stations couldn't hear me and admittedly some
of them were right at the noise floor, even with the PR10 pre-amp. Then, other
signals were S9+30dB.

Activity was good worldwide with lots of Packet spots though run rates weren't
high. This was a great warmup for both the ARRL 10-Meter contest next weekend
and RTTY Round-Up in early January.

Heijo, EA8OM, gets the tailender award! I dropped my call at the end of the
other station's exchange and he picked it up without pause using a TU/NOW
message. It would be great to see more of this but one has to be careful not
to QRM the prior contact.

It was also the perfect contest for SO2V and the K3/P3/WriteLog combination was
superb. Mults and new stations were tuned in on the second receiver while
running on the main receiver. The Packet-filled bandmap on the second receiver
was used to quickly find these stations by simply clicking the tuned-in call in
the second receiver RTTY window. The number of accurate spots was surprising,
so I guess more folks are spotting the Mark frequency.

WriteLog keeps the left and right (main and sub-RX) channels of LINE OUT
properly streamed into their respective RTTY windows, but clicking on a call in
the sub-RX window simply put the K3 in SPLIT mode so the transmit was on the
sub-RX frequency. The sub-RX had its own FSK/PTT keying interface that was
wire-OR'd at the K3 FSK and PTT inputs along with the main keying interface.

Search & Pounce QSOs were easily interleaved in the run QSO stream with little
pause. N1MM probably can be configured similarly and I hope others took
advantage of this contest (single band and Packet) to practice SO2V.

Checking the log submittal robot Saturday night I found that logs were being
rejected for the wrong date even though it checked out fine a week ago. It was
fixed at 2138z on Sunday.

Ed - W0YK
WW4LL   Multi-Op LP   34,4982011-12-04 16:08:31
Thanks to Don & Ed for sponsoring this contest. It was a great tuneup for us
for RTTY RU in that we had two new ops here, one experiencing RTTY for the 1st
time and only a few times for the other OP.

Thanks to all of the participants.....Fred, WW4LL
W6SX   Single Op HP   21,0602011-12-04 16:10:16
High power check log.

Yee Haw! Thanks Don and Ed for a great contest.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM.
N6WIN   Single Op LP   11,9842011-12-04 16:10:49
The K3 works really darned well in AFSK mode. I still need to re-wire my W3YY
kit for FSK, but this worked decent to play with.

Operating equipment:

Elecraft K3

LM354HD 54' Tower
Force 12 C31XR
N1MM latest version
W6OAT   Single Op LP   30,0202011-12-04 16:11:51
Worked new states VT, DE and NV for 10m RTTY WAS. This was a fun contest and
had a nice turnout for its inagural run.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   6,0682011-12-04 16:24:57
Lots of fun in limited time. Was busy putting up my first tower and Optibeam
most of the weekend. It works!
W6ZL   Single Op LP   8,1002011-12-04 16:37:06
Many familiar calls, but many new ones. Thanks to all for your contact.

FT-1000MP MARK V, KT-34M2 @ 30 ft.
N1MM 11.11.4

WB6JJJ   Single Op LP   1,2182011-12-04 16:39:49
Now that was fun,
I was able to play radio only Saturday and Sunday evening just before the band
closed. Still, for a brand new contest, there were plenty of stations to
Thanks for all of the QSOs, see you next year.
W4RK   Single Op LP   7,8492011-12-04 16:40:35
Nice to hear so much RTTY activity on 10 meters! Good participation by the
non-W/VE ops.
KE5OG   Single Op LP   4,4642011-12-04 16:40:48
Didn't have much time but it was fun. Sat. evening I did not hear one U.S.
station in the hour the band was open. The JAs were booming though. Didn't get
on again until the last two hours and managed a few mults in my meager effort.
Thanks to Don and Ed for putting it together.
NG7Z   Single Op LP   6,3452011-12-04 16:41:42
Not much time available but had fun in this first time contest. Thanks to AA5AU,
W0YX and K4GMH for putting this together. Lots of activity and I think this will
turn out to be a favorite for many people. 73 Paul NG7Z
KC4HW   Single Op LP   3642011-12-04 16:58:26
First of all thanks everyone for the Qs. Thanks to the organizers for putting
on the activity. I really wanted to make a better effort, but just the way it
goes sometimes.

My 10m antenna has been on the ground since July. Yeah, missed all the great
activity on 10m this summer/fall.

I have made several attempts to get it up but no luck. So yesterday, my wife
and I installed one of 4L10m antenna that was built on the same specification
as the Cushcraft 104CD. I have it at 39' and fixed to approximately 55 or 60
degrees. I am going to adjust this direction a bit to bring it around to about
40 or 45 degrees. I think it will work better to East Coast and EU at that

Unfortunately yesterday I could not get the feedline connected before I ran out
of day light. So today I put up the StackMatchII and related control and coax
cable for the one antenna. I got finished with this around 3PM today (Sunday).
Dressed all the cables, etc. I have another (a real) Cushcraft 104CD ready to
go hopefully early next week.

The one antenna seemed to work fine. Of course no EU after 3PM. Really not
much going on to East Coast. I worked VE1DX with a huge signal and he gave me
a very good report after my inquiry about my signal. I was very surprised to
hear some really strong West Coast stations from CA, WA, AZ NM and NV without
being able to move the antenna. I guess not much front to back with a 16' boom
and 4 elements.

The SWR is a little high in the band and flat SWR around 28.450. It came in at
1 to 1.75 SWR around 28.100. So it is a little short to get it down to the CW
band. I will have to make an adjustment to it before this ARRL 10m Contest.
I am hoping to get the second antenna up Tuesday, but the WX forecast is
questionable. The top one at 78' will rotatable. Actually a little high but
this is what I have to work with.

Run a 100 watts from a FT2000 and a W3YY interface for RTTY/CW. Also using
Writelog and MMTTY. All seemed to work very well.

Also yesterday worked on a 5/8 wl vertical for next weekend. Installed it on
the ladder that goes to the top of the grain bin. Would have used it today but
ran out of coax. Will be interesting to see how it performs next week.

Thanks again for the Qs.

W4ZGR   Single Op LP   8752011-12-04 17:04:00
Ran 10 watts ICOM 706MKIIG
Attic Dipole
VA7FC   Single Op LP   18,7622011-12-04 17:06:54
just operated Sunday ... I guess I will have to put up the Xmas lights on
73s Perry
K4GMH   Single Op LP   33,1202011-12-04 17:10:22
Wasn't able to start at the start of the Contest (enjoying a Christmas parade
granddaughter) until an hour and half later. Never heard a thing, not even a
birdy from a switching power supply. However, the following day (LT) was

Good conditions on this end the second day. Band started opening here to
Europe at ~1200Z. Then, plenty of stations to work until the end of the
Contest. Sure beats what 10 meters was a couple of years ago!

Lot of fun.
AL9A   Single Op LP   25,0602011-12-04 17:29:00
Great way to kick off a new contest! Would have been better without the Chinook
winds that blew in early Sunday morning. That required to me to lower my 70
foot crank up tower to about half height. Combined with the 100W power level
it made breaking pile ups for new mults a challenge. Got the tower back up to
about 50 feet around 2100 UTC and back to full height at 2200 UTC. Band got
very quiet for the last half hour or so. Lots of CQs with not much to show for
the effort. Hope everyone had fun.
AA5AU   Single Op LP   48,1782011-12-04 17:29:23
I want to thank everyone for making the first 10-Meter RTTY Contest a success!
And special thanks to Ed, W0YK, for being a great partner in this adventure.

73, Don AA5AU
KE7AUB   Single Op LP   1,5402011-12-04 17:35:29
Nice relaxing and casual contest.
AA5VU   Single Op LP   6,7502011-12-04 17:40:12
TS-590S using fldigi-3.21.31
NA2M   Single Op LP   6,5552011-12-04 17:45:40
RIG: Elecraft K3
ANT: Cushcraft R5 Vertical
N1MM Logger
VA7ST   Single Op LP   8,1092011-12-04 17:55:20
Just four hours on. 10M was noisy and most stations were quite weak here. Hope
for much better next weekend.

Thanks to Don and Ed for putting this one on the calendar. Great idea, and
great participation.

-- Bud VA7ST
VA2UP   Single Op HP   44,4922011-12-04 18:15:38
I think we needed a 10M contest to make up for all those dry years.
Congratulations to Don and Ed for making this happen.
Conditions were good but they didn't last very long. I'd say we had 5 good
hours uphere then it was a semi-struggle but we knew this even before the start
so I'd say that the outcome exceeded my expectations. I could only hear 1 JA and
I was lucky to work him, pfeew! Missed a few nice mults, just couldn't make it
through the pilups. A second receiver on the K3 would have been very nice to
have today!
So thanks again and already looking forward to the next edition!!
73, Fabi va2up
KL7AC   Single Op LP   27,3902011-12-04 18:21:55
Fun new contest, I like the 24 hour format. Yucky,windy,blustery day out and
good reason to stay inside. Surprised at the amount of stations given the
newness of this test, a nice tie in with the TARA test which I did not have
much time for. Thanks for all of the calls.


IC-7600 100W
TH-11DX@70 Feet
N1MM Logger
US Interface Navigator
W6PK   Single Op LP   2,3682011-12-04 18:24:58
10 Meter RTTY is a fun contest. Thanks for the Q's! I only had a few hours but
really enjoyed the time.
73 de Phil W6PK
W6WRT   Single Op LP   14,8352011-12-04 18:28:21
Nice contest. Would prefer more power categories next time.
NM6E   Multi-Op LP   1,7922011-12-04 19:01:45
My 7 year old got to play around in CQP, now he had his first introduction to
RTTY and made a few Q's and enjoyed being in the drivers seat for a "short"

Note to self: Stay away from RTTY Pile UP's when operating @ 100 Watts into a
K1ING   Single Op LP   19,7832011-12-04 19:17:17
Band conditions were not the best but I enjoyed it.
I've been a Ham for two years this month and this was the first RTTY contest I
really tried the do. I've done a couple others but had not sat down and worked
it as long as I could. Not bad for a beginner if I say so myself.

Thanks to the folks who put this on and I'll be doing it again next year if at
all possible.
K8AJS   Single Op LP   21,4402011-12-04 19:32:05
This was a fun contest, nice warmup for next weekend's ARRL 10 Meter Contest and
a good chance for an extended session on 10 meters to get a real feel for what
current propagation is like and what to expect. I want to give Don and Ed a lot
of thanks for coming up with this idea!

A little less than half of my contacts were US; I was spending more time most
of the contest working DX, which is my first love anyway...:-) Then in the last
couple of hours there wasn't much that could hear me but US stations, so I
picked up the state multipliers then. Sure would have been nice to have a
stronger opening into Japan the second evening; I was having a lot of trouble
competing with the West Coast, but that's how it goes [shrug].

Anyway, it was fun, I had some antenna work I needed to do Sunday afternoon to
help a local young ham, so I didn't get as many hours as I would have liked,
but I enjoyed the time I spent and I'm already looking forward to the next

Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP 100 watts
Ant: 4-element quad
Software: WriteLog 10.81d
NN6NN(@N6EE)   Multi-Op LP   21,5282011-12-04 19:34:20
Activity very good for first running of this fun contest. Thank you Ed and Don
for sponsoring this event. It' a winner.

We had limited on the air time, but it served as a great shakedown for our PJ2
RTTY Roundup trip.

K3 + 3L SteppIR at 40 ft.

Thanks for all the Q's! 73,
Ron N6EE
Chet W6XK
K6LL   Single Op LP   47,7262011-12-04 20:27:34
I really do prefer so2r rtty. One radio is pretty slow.
W6YX(K6UFO)   Single Op LP   22,8202011-12-04 21:14:00
I was late getting started and missed the first hour. JA's were still
coming in, but that was it for Saturday night.

Sunday morning I had a family commitment, so I missed the possible
early morning opening to Europe and/or Africa. I got on at 19z and ran
USA stations as fast as I could for a couple hours. Then a little
search-and-pounce as well as running. Total time on the air less than
7 hours.

Really fun to have everyone on ten meters, and more than enough RTTY
activity to keep me entertained.

Great new contest!

W6YX Stanford University
(operator K6UFO)

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP, 100 watts
Antennas: Force12 C31XR at 60 ft, 5-el at 31 ft, 6-el at 75 ft
Software etc: WriteLog and MMTTY
WT6K   Single Op QRP   2,7202011-12-04 21:44:17
UT1IA   Single Op LP   25,9922011-12-05 00:39:24
The propagation was not as good as about one week ago, but quite fine for 10m.
I've been feeling the lack of power and elements all contest long. :-)
Thank you all for qsos and nice contest.

73 Vladimir (Bob) UT1IA
"Contesting is fun !"
IT9MUO   Single Op LP   18,6752011-12-05 00:48:03
73, Alf. IT9MUO
one of ARIPA DX Team
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   Single Op LP   34,4402011-12-05 02:34:37
Interesting contest, late start it was buzzing when I got out of bed, found it
hard work trying to work mults with 100w
Antennas did all the work 3e 4e 5e all phased on 10m.
Hope to do better next year.
Thanks to all who worked me.
K4RO   Single Op LP   1,1202011-12-05 03:45:18
Just a handful of contacts during a busy weekend. Replaced the T2X at 100 feet,
so I can now turn my top antenna again. The hard part for me now is the climb
and setting the pulley and rope to avoid all of the antennas and junk below
Dropping the 1/2" socket and doing it all with a hand wrench doesn't help
Note to self -- net time, bring up two extra sockets, and buy a 1/2" Gear
Hoping for good conditions next weekend -- see you then.

73, Kirk K4RO
N1JM   Single Op LP   1,1962011-12-05 04:46:52
K3/100, P3, 14AVQ
KS7S   Single Op LP   6,0482011-12-05 05:16:41
Elecraft K3 -- Ameritron AL-811 (100W) -- Cushcraft R7000 Vertical
W4BQF   Single Op LP   3,2702011-12-05 05:17:19
It took me several hours to get my K3 and N1MM to work, without a BSD on my Win
7 PC. Culprit was a new Logitec wireless mouse! Lot of activity Sunday, but
only two Q's Saturday night. For a 100w contest, there sure were some VERY loud
Thanks for this new contest and for the Q's.

Tom - W4BQF

K3 and 8-el Optibeam tribander at 71'
AJ1E   Single Op LP   3,0452011-12-05 05:48:34
Only had a limited time to operate. Great turnout for the first 10 Meter RTTY.
W4UH   Single Op LP   9,4712011-12-05 05:55:06
First to all, my thanks goes out to everyone who made this new contest possible,
I appreciate the hard work.

This was just a part time effort to support this new contest. I didn't have
much time but it was fun since this is my favorite mode and on my favorite
band. Maybe next year I can make it an all out effort.
KI4UDF   Multi-Op LP   14,8352011-12-05 07:11:22
Thanks for the contacts. It was fun
Erick and Bob
K9MUG   Single Op LP   20,0972011-12-05 07:20:33
Great idea. Sure a lot easier than diggig them out of the noise on 80 meters
at the low point of the sunspot cycle.
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   1,8002011-12-05 07:32:07
K3 3 el Steppir @ 45ft N1MM + GHE Radio Boss
HA5BSW   Single Op LP   1,5202011-12-05 07:35:24
I haven't lots of time.
It was a fine prop.
WØLSD   Single Op LP   37,6002011-12-05 07:58:42
Lots of participants for 1st time contest. Was hoping Sat. night would have had
a longer opening, maybe next year.
KØFX   Single Op LP   11,5842011-12-05 08:00:05
Looking forward to next year. Great condx
for the first 10-RTTY contest.
73 Don K0FX
NR4M   Single Op LP   40,3262011-12-05 08:02:27
Frustrating, but I had fun.

State/Prov count is WAY down. My station is not set up for domestic
contesting, with the LOWEST 10 meter antenna I could point west, being at 120

I could have hung a inv vee across the dog and it would have been a better

Was all pumped before the contest Saturday evening because I was working lots
of JA's. Contest started; band folded. Worked 10 stations the first evening.
Called it quits and got into the 160 CW contest till about mid night local.
Being a 'newbie' to RTTY, I'n not sure what a good 10 meter opening is like. I
found the opening to not be as long as I would have expected or as intense as I
had hoped.

Although at times frustrating, overall, it was enjoyable. I shelled peanuts
and drank beer, all the while pushing keyboard buttons.

Thanks to all for the contacts.
K1GU   Single Op LP   14,1902011-12-05 08:05:42
TU Don & Ed.
W5AP   Single Op LP   22,8542011-12-05 08:06:59
Talk about great condx and interesting propagation...yes it was.
What fun to have a new single band contest.
And my thanks for Ed's terrific incentive for a reward that is not
another certificate.
R9CB   Single Op LP   8,8152011-12-05 08:14:03
Quite interesting single band contest, though conditions could be better a
bit... No US at all! Hope next year will bring us better multiplier. Using
Orion 565 and 2L wire loop antenna.
Thank you, 73's,
P4ØK(@P49V/P4ØYL)   Multi-Op LP   73,7202011-12-05 08:38:54
Thanks to Carl, AI6V/P49V and Sue, AI6YL/P40YL for use of their lovely home in
Aruba and the super station.

This is the eighth year Kay, K6KO and I have visited Aruba and operate the ARRL
160 and 10 meter contest. This year was a bonus with the new 10-RTTY contest
and what a blast it was.

Ten meters came alive on Sunday morning before the sun was above the horizon.
I told Ed W0YK/P49X that I'm in awe of his contest efforts from down here after
experiencing the RTTY pileup for the first time.

Kay and I split the day unto two hours shifts for the twelve hours the band was
open. A perfect day for contesting as it poured rain all day.

From the start we had Europe and the Middle East plus the USA Eastern Seaboard.
The station has stacked five element Yagi's for Europe and a separate identical
setup for USA so it's quite easy to switch.

Other that area of Maine and the Canadian Prov's to the North all of North
America was very workable and a decent Japan opening in the last hour before
the band shutdown. You know the band is in good shape when you have KH6's and
KL7's calling over the top of the pileup.

Rates were consistently in the high 80's, low 90's all day. Not bad for a one
band, one radio, one VFO station.

Thanks to Ed, W0YK and Don, AA5AU for organizing the contest.

Station: FT1000(100 Watts), Micro Keyer II, 5/5 for Europe, 5/5 for North
America and 4 el Steppir for South America, N1MM logging software.

Logs will be on LOTW in a day or so. QSL to WM6A direct or bureau if you want
a card. Thanks for the Q's.

Please look for P40K, single op SSB by K6KO in ARRL 10-Meter Contest: 0000Z,
Dec 10 to 2400Z, Dec 11.

Ken, K6TA
NO6MX   Single Op LP   7,0562011-12-05 09:36:51
Lots of fun in my first contest in the US.
Thank you guys, 73 de NO6MX / ON6MX
NX8G/5   Single Op LP   22,4702011-12-05 10:12:44
Operated from my winter home in Franklinton, LA.

Kudos to Don and Ed for putting on a first class event. The partcpation was
fantastic for a first time event.

This is my second contest using my new KIO hexbeam (the first was the TARA RTTY
Melee the previous day. Prior to this I've only used dipoles. I learned a lot
about using a directional antenna and I've got a lot more to learn.
KØRFD   Single Op LP   10,7612011-12-05 10:14:54
This contest was great fun. Thanks to the sponsors for the idea.
I only worked sparingly, mostly around football games.

Next year, less football and more RTTY.
ABØRX   Single Op LP   21,0872011-12-05 12:42:28
80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

5B 1 1
CN 1 1
CT3 1 1
DL 32 32
EA 2 2
EA8 1 1
EI 1 1
F 6 6
G 15 15
GM 1 1
GU 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 5 5
HB 2 2
HI 1 1
HZ 2 2
I 22 22
JA 23 23
K 105 105
KL 2 2
LA 1 1
LU 2 2
LZ 2 2
OE 4 4
OH 2 2
OK 5 5
OM 3 3
ON 3 3
OZ 3 3
P4 1 1
PA 14 14
PJ2 1 1
S5 6 6
SM 4 4
SP 1 1
SV 1 1
TF 1 1
UR 2 2
VE 10 10
VP8 1 1
YO 1 1
YU 1 1
YV 1 1
ZC4 1 1
ZL 1 1
G4FKA   Single Op LP   6,5722011-12-05 13:29:09
Just a few hours checking a few things out. Spent the morning making up and
putting up a couple of sloping dipoles for next weekends main 28MHz event. Next
job of course was to test them out so tuned around the band to see what was on
and came across all the action in the data section. So it was on with the data
software and see what I could work. Quite busy for the few hours I was on. Band
closed early, with signals beginning to fade around 17:00 and the final thin
slivers disappearing from the waterfall just before 18:00. However it proved
the antennas worked.

IC-756ProIII, two switchable sloping dipoles, one angled north-west the other

Hope to see everyone on the band again next weekend.
IK1HXN   Single Op LP   21,2482011-12-05 13:31:22
Contest in a weekend at home with family, I started around 08.00 local time and
I continued with some qrx for houseworks.
In the morning good openings to Asia, good signals from JA, two VK and one ZL.

Sporadic condition with Europe.
The afternoon a lots of good signals from USA.

TU to AA5AU for organizing the contest.
Thanks to all for QSO's.

73, Mario IK1HXN
AB1J   Single Op LP   16,3442011-12-05 14:07:34
When the band opened for me at 1200z Sunday morning,
the WM7D sun data was SFI=160, A=8, K=2, sunspots=208.
Good but not great.
Under these conditons I get about 10 hours of 10m time
each day. In the contest I put in 11.5 hours, pushing it
out a bit. Once the Europeans faded things got slow, but
new folks kept showing up. Curiosity seekers, I guess.
All in all, it was a great contest and I want to thank
the innovators who conceived and implemented it.

I've been experimenting using MMVARI as my RTTY engine for
N1MM plus a stand alone copy of MMTTY with its oscilloscope
peeking out through all the other windows. I much prefer
oscilloscope tuning to the waterfall. I don't have enough
computer screen real estate to display the rest of MMTTY.
And the computer is old and slow and that's all it can handle.
Just turning on the wireless connection breaks the CPU's back,
so I had to run unassisted, which is normal for me anyway.
This meant I had to populate the band map myself,
which had the advantage that I could hear everything that
was there. ;-))

Christmas is coming and maybe Santa will bring me a
supercomputer. With a great big screen.

Attic dipole
RIGblaster plus
Aforementioned antiquated computer

73 and Happy Holidays,
Kermit, AB1J
KI4EEY   Single Op LP   9882011-12-05 15:25:07
Enjoyed the contest and thanks for the Qso's. 73
W8AKS   Single Op LP   6,4402011-12-05 16:06:37
Outstanding contest. Lots of fun. Tks for the q's
LTØH(LU3HY)   Single Op LP   30,4222011-12-05 18:29:35

I could not work more hours but I didn't want to miss Don's invitation for this

Tnx to all QSOs.-

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

73 Juan

N7ON   Single Op LP   6082011-12-05 19:34:47
Wonderful hearing so many stations active in this new contest. Limited time to
operate with a busy weekend, including a meeting of the Kona Contest Club

Many thanks to AA5AU and W0YK for developing this contest.


7L4IOU   Single Op LP   14,2722011-12-06 00:40:47
Many thanks to Ed & Don for sponsoring contest and QSO.
I enjoyed QSOs with NAs especially East Coast and EUs
under nice propagation after long years.

antenna: 5ele Yagi 5.7m boom at 18m A.G.L. (home brewed before 2 weeks from
TRX: TS-930S + Panadaptor (Softrock VHF)
soft: N1MM Logger with MMTTY

Tnx to all for the QSOs!
73, Hisami 7L4IOU
OP4A(ON6LY)   Single Op LP   12,6482011-12-06 07:00:32
Merry Xmas and Happy 2012 to all.

73 Francis
KE8M   Single Op LP   5,9342011-12-06 08:44:54
late start just some casual operating after doing the arrl 160 test
lots of fun ill have to mark my calendar for next year for this 1
kenwood ts 2000, hy gain lj 105ca @ 45 ft, imax 2000 @ 48 ft,
n1mm and mmvari, rigblaster plug and play
KD2MX   Single Op LP   9462011-12-06 10:21:11
Only had a couple of hours late in the day but had some fun. It is great to
have 10M back and busy.
K7MKL(@W6NF)   Multi-Op LP   5,8242011-12-06 14:36:15
Good activity, fun contest. Thanks to W0YK and AA5AU for running this event!
K7MKL had to work this weekend and W6NF had home projects that demanded
attention We put in as much time as possible.
K6MM   Single Op LP   12,5402011-12-06 16:52:33
Good activity. Tnx to W0YK and AA5AU for setting up this new contest. Much
fun. 73, John, K6MM
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,8622011-12-06 20:10:16
A little RTTY fix after the ARRL 160.

73, Mike K9NW
KS2G   Single Op LP   3,6662011-12-06 21:30:57
Conditions were excellent.
Wish I'd had more time to operate.
Dedication to the memory of W2AX (SK).
K6NV   Single Op LP   4,7882011-12-06 21:31:45
Glad I di this Contest, lots of fun. Tells me whatthis little pistol station
could really do if I put the energy into BIC............
WF7T   Single Op LP   2,9752011-12-10 07:10:00
Thank you to the organizers; it is great to have a RTTY contest on 10M. Couldn't
really spend as much time as I wanted to but ended up stealing away a few to
participate in this new contest. See you next year!

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN

IC-7600@100W, Doublets@~40'
N1MM v11.11.4/MMTTY
N2BJ   Single Op HP   9,6502011-12-11 17:26:55
Very part time effort.