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Florida QSO Party   2011   Apr 30   Comment Summary

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N8XX   SOABCW QRP   15,3382011-05-01 06:01:32
Wow! A solar flare, or something similar, wiped out 10 and 20 metres from this
part of Michigan. 20 was the "best" of the "so-so" for QRP with a wire
antenna. Many mobiles couldn't hear me, or were so inundated with calls they
didn't hear me.

Signals got marginal on 20 (for QRP) about 2100Z, 40 opened up about 0000Z.
Was able to work only a few Mobiles on 40, but they added multipliers!

Tnx to the Florida Contest Group and, especially, all the Florida Ops who dug
down deep into the noise to pull out a pipsqeak signal!
K6BZZ   SOABCW HP   2,0002011-05-01 06:34:50
Ran 500 watts to 20 and 40 meter attic dipoles. Thanks for a fun contest. Thanks
especially to the mobiles who gave contacts from multiple counties.
WØPAN   SOABSSB LP   5202011-05-01 09:17:07
Condx not the best to FL. Had a one hour spurt of good condx then it faded
fast. Maybe next year.
NN3W   M/SMixed HP   30,9682011-05-01 14:16:21
I love this contest. Always a ton of fun. Unfortunately, the FQP this year
competed against 1) a hockey game, 2) anniversary dinner with the XYL, 3)
gardening, 4) a long conference call with a client.

I did a sweep last year, not this year. Missed a bucketfull of counties in the
panhandle - Gulf, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulia, Union, Bradford, and Jefferson.
And I missed Monroe down south (N2NL needs to move back to Key West).

See you next year.
AA8IA   SOABMixed LP   39,0602011-05-01 14:38:21
Tons of mobiles. Lots of fun. Nothing heard on 10/15m. Heard minimal 20m SSB
as compared to CW. Didn't bother to check 40m SSB either day.

Thanks to all of the FL stations who got on the air. I'll be anxious to see
some of the FL mobile scores. Those guys weren't starving for Qs, that's for
K3TN(@K35N)   SOABMixed LP   9,8002011-05-01 15:04:36
My wife was hosting a bridal shower at our house on Sunday, so I was banished to
the basement on a rainy day - I had a perfect block of time to play in this one
for a bit. I had to crank the volume up on the K3 - we have hardwood floors and
the noise of 32 pairs of high heels clomping around up above was serious QRN.

I never heard any of the counties that begin with the letter W but great
activity otherwise on Sunday.
VE9HF   SOABCW HP   3,0082011-05-01 15:05:54
VE1RGB forced me at gunpoint to do this contest.
W4EE   M/SMixed LP   48,0002011-05-01 15:08:33
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Qs
73, Jim
WJ9B   SOABCW LP   259,0562011-05-01 15:08:35
73, Will, wj9b
VE9AA   SOABCW LP   19,4942011-05-01 15:10:54
I think this was my first FL QP....the mobiles made it all worth while.

The best mobile ears award has to go to N4AO..., man, that guy has talent !
There were times I called him that he was so far into the noise I don't know
how he pulled out my 100w and wire signal. I will be very curious to see what
his station is.

Lots and lots of FB mobile ops in Fla. Thanks was shooting moving
targets, hi hi !

Condx terrible this far north. K index of 3 or 4 for much of the contest.

Nobody worked on 15 or 10m, though I did hear N4CJ on 15m Sunday, but could not
attract his attention whatsoever with my small stn.

I initially just got on to work a few, but every time I spun up the band the
mobiles were in another county, and I just couldn't resist, hi hi.

Even so, had lots going on this weekend, so this was in between chores, trips
to town, etc.

Mobiles rock ! See you next month for the Maritime QSO party, initial run.

73 de Mike
Ic-746, 100w, N1MM and my 5/16th wave 75m vert !
K8MR   SOABMixed HP   32,7362011-05-01 15:11:07
Not one of the all time great ones :-(

A one day effort here. Saturday was supposed to be sunny here, for about the
third such day in April. Turned out to be cloudy but at least it was 60F and no
rain, so I headed out for a 40 mile bike ride. Saturday night I had an evening
out with my XYL.

Played around for most of the day on Sunday. No 15 meters, and very little 40
meters until the last hour or so. On CW I missed FRA, HAM, LIB, MON, TAY, and
UNI, but interestingly got FRA and HAM on SSB.

Some year I'm going to get down to FL for the FQP, but I'm glad this was not
the year I picked to go.

73 - Jim K8MR
VE6TL   SOABMixed HP   8,4962011-05-01 15:11:53
More than doubled last year's score as last year I worked a total of 3 hours and
this year just over 4 hours. The auroral condx were horrible here, with an MUF
about 13 MHz. Was lucky to work anybody on any band as the K index averaged 4.
No signals at all on 15m and 10m - even from across town. And with the late
sunset these days, found 40 and 80m useless for Florida during contest times.
So even though condx were horrible this year, they were much worse than
horrible last year (had ten days of zero sunspots prior to contest). The other
thing this weekend was the serious QSB. I rarely could copy an entire callsign
in one go. Made it challenging. I did hear a few Europeans working the
contest on 20m and they seemed to be doing much better than me. Such is the RF
Black Hole of Alberta (and my city lot QTH).

Rig: FTDX-5000MP
Amp: FL-7000 (500W)
Ant: TH6DXX at 40'
W4UT   SOABCW QRP   30,5282011-05-01 15:15:34
Thanks to all the Florida mobiles that were able to hear me
K9CT   SOABCW LP   118,4562011-05-01 15:16:29
Great mobile participation

N4TO 41 QSOs
K4KG 37
K1XX 33
N4EEB 32
NX4N 32
K4OJ 31
N4AO 24
K4Q 24
W4WQ 20
KN4Y 17

Awesome to have that many going to the various counties. Thanks much for buying
the gas!

Conditions were not really very good but the FL stations were steady on 20m.
40m was good late Saturday and early Sunday. 15m just never wanted to open.
Looked for an E opening on 10 but nothing.

IC7800/IC7700 150 watts to MonstIR and DB36 at various heights.

Thanks for the fun!

73, Craig K9CT
N2BJ   SOABMixed HP   100,4362011-05-01 15:17:03
Missed Union and Washington BOO
SP6OJE   SOABCW LP   5,5802011-05-01 15:17:36
Nice contest but stormy wather and hard to listen ...

Best regards and CU

Robert sp6oje
K4AB   SOABMixed LP   22,1922011-05-01 15:20:09
I really felt guilty operating this contest.

As many of you know, we were hit hard by tornados in this
area. Luckily, just minor damage at this QTH...a couple
of downed trees. Others locally weren't so lucky.

Spent Saturday with periods of chainsaw duty and working
the FQP. Of course, with no commercial AC used the generator.

Hats off the amateurs with ARES/RACES doing serious work
while I played around in this contest. Thankfully, they're
well manned with trained operators. Really puts contesting
into perspective.

Larry K4AB
W4ARM   SOABCW LP   154,9042011-05-01 15:20:57
Last hour Sat night on 40m worked 125 qso's, all day Sunday 453. Conditions or
light turnout? A lot of guys worked on 2 and 3 bands, not a like of unique
callsigns. My score is lower than last year. Had a great time. Thanks for the
Spots! OJ 73
NR1X   SOABCW HP   16,7582011-05-01 15:23:44
Great activity from Florida! Worked many mobiles from multiple counties good
show fellas. Just a few hours here and there for me.
K6CSL   SOABCW LP   8962011-05-01 15:30:22
I guess there was a solar flare that messed the bands up, early Saturday
morning. 10 and 15 never opened here. Things weren't much better on Sunday. I
also had a bad night with my allergies Saturday night and didn't get much
sleep, so I only managed 4.5 hours in the contest. I sure hope I and the bands
are in better shape for all the action coming next week-end. Bert, K6CSL
N4PN   SOABMixed HP   55,5962011-05-01 15:33:48
Well.....was going to have a tooth pulled or operate next
door to the FQP....not sure I made the right decision...

20m was not good and 40m was better, but went long almost
at sunset....

Missed three counties....GAD, HOL and LAF. -- Worked 12
counties on CW but not on SSB....3 on SSB but not on CW.

Thanks to all the mobiles....Lee, K4LJP, was a big help and
stayed pretty much on frequency with me on 40m Sunday, calling
in with each change of counties...thanks also to Charlie, NF4A,
for rigging up his rental car and giving me CAH and LIB on both
modes after hearing them on 20m but could not make contact...

Will surely operate in Florida next year or get that tooth pulled.

73, Paul
N7XU(K4XU)   SOABMixed HP   12,7802011-05-01 15:35:56
Lots of fun in crappy conditions. we could no find as many mobiles out here,
they were pretty weak.
See y'all next week for the 7QP. Hope conditions are better.
VY2LI   SOABSSB HP   17,8772011-05-01 15:39:40
What horrible condx from here.Reflected in the score.A big ZERO on 10 and 15,and
only 3 on 40.Lots of mobile stations with K1KNQ topping my list with ll Q's and
4 mults; N3AWS was a close second with 9 Q's and 4 mults.I think this was my
first entry in this contest.Hope we got into your log.73,Bill

ft-990,ALPHA 374A,N1MM
40M rotatable DP,Wilson SY-1 tribander @ 70'
VE1OP   SOABMixed HP   30,8872011-05-01 15:43:28
Great fun picking off the mobiles, and there are good ones in the contest...

Missed K4OJ in NAS for the sweep by 10 minutes, so close...


Scott VE1OP
KS4X   SOABSSB QRP   5,2082011-05-01 15:49:10
Conditions this weekend were lousy.thanks to all for straining to hear my weak
K8IR   SOABCW LP   101,9042011-05-01 15:54:59
Another great weekend. No sweep again this year. Work made me miss the first
three hours, and apparently one of two chances to work MON. Later I came
across K4Q as he was making his last Q in MON. That's what I get for looking
at the routes for the first time Sunday morning.

Signals on 20 were up and down all weekend. The mobiles were anywhere from
inaudible to S9, sometimes in a minute. Great ears on the other end as usual.
40 was good Saturday night. Not much noise and pretty good signals. It wasn't
nearly as good Sunday morning. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was 15,
which never opened to FL, although I had a great path to KP4.

AS usual, the mobiles really keep this one interesting. A quick count of double
digit contacts shows:

N4TO 38
K4KG 33
NX4N 31
K1XX 30
N4EEB 29
K4OJ 26
N4AO 22
KN4Y 21
W4WQ 19
K4Q 18

Thanks to all the FL stations for getting on and to the FCG for organizing a
fine party.

K9NW   SOABCW LP   11,1002011-05-01 16:00:34
Not much time this year.

73, Mike K9NW
NO5W   SOABCW LP   55,0402011-05-01 16:02:31
K3/100, dipoles at 25ft, CQ/X

FQP is always great fun with lots of excellent mobiles who put on a great
mobile contesting show. With only 67 counties and all those top-notch mobiles
it's not too difficult to get a sweep if you're the least bit inclined to keep
butt in chair. However, even in spite of my BIC tendencies the sweep eluded me
this year with CAH, GUL, and JAC -- all up in the Apalachee region of the
panhandle -- never being heard.

Thanks to the following mobiles for having great ears and getting me in your
log: N4TO(33), K4OJ(22), N4EEB(19), N4AO(19), K4KG(13), NX4N(13), K1XX(12).

73 es OJ

VA3DF   SOABMixed QRP   158,7452011-05-01 16:05:12
Another enjoyable FLQP - love those mobiles! Basically kept on pace with last
year but pulled ahead at the last minute for a new personal best. Put the SWEEP
demon to rest about 1600Z on Sunday with the help of KN4Y from WAG and after
that it was smooth sailing! Bands were a bit noisy but I'm not complaining.

Lots of big signals and lots of excellent CW mobile operators - congrats to you

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


K3WW   SOABMixed HP   116,2352011-05-01 16:07:44
Couldn't stop chasing counties until I had them all on CW.
W6SX   SOABCW HP   2,0802011-05-01 16:10:55
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
AA1AR   M/SMixed LP   70,8962011-05-01 16:11:37
Missed Franklin and Santa Rosa counties
KM4HI   SOABSSB LP   97,8282011-05-01 16:23:05
Conditions were great at first then deteriorated Saturday and into Sunday until
about 2 hours before the end when Europe opened. Thanks to all for the
Q's. It was a grind running barefoot, but still managed to have fun with it.
CUL ... 73, Jim
K8GT   SOABCW LP   8962011-05-01 16:26:51
A Hard Drive crash and chores severely cut into the time I'd normally spend in
one of my favorite QSO parties. OJ, 73, Gerry, K8GT
K1TN   SOABCW LP   27,2162011-05-01 16:32:28
K3, dipole at 20 ft. When I QLF'd my call sign and corrected it midway, the N4TO
op came back and accurately mimicked my QLF. Must have been K1TO at that end.
Nice! Good mobile participation but a dearth of fixed stations.
N9AG   M/SMixed LP   84,9762011-05-01 16:36:29
My first FQP and I'm really impressed with the turnout the FCG gets. Lots of
mobiles and fixed stations.

Couldn't hear anything north of JAX on Saturday on 20M, but that was better on
Sunday. Missed DIX, GUL, MON, SAN and WAK. Heard DIX and WAK from mobiles who
couldn't hear me.

FT920 @ 100W
Rot Dipole at 55ft
K9ES(@AD4ES)   SOABMixed LP   485,2542011-05-01 16:42:41
Never heard Hawaii or Alaska for WAS, but worked a ton of DX. Had to miss about
4 hours on Sunday for synagogue activity which kept the 1000 QSO mark out of
reach. Thanks to Chuck AD4ES for his use of his station (FTdx5000 and 3
element Stepp IR / Gap Voyager) which performed without problems. This was
most time spent on the air since stroke 13 months ago. Great to back into
"serious" contesting. Great to work many friends.
VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   64,2202011-05-01 16:46:28
Same number of mults but more Qs this year so my score is 10% better. But
my-oh-my, the conditions were terrible. Everything here was hard-earned with
100W and wires. My local MCC mates with better stations humilated me with the
ease by with which they would work stations that couldn't hear me.

Since someone in FCG was asking about true signal strengths, here is a relative
measure in the form of a list of the most frequently worked moblies at this

N4TO 26
K4OJ 21
K4KG/M 18
N4EEB 17
N4AO 15
NX4N 15
K1XX 12
KN4Y 8

My hero amongst the mobiles was N4TO. Doesn't seem human. Like to meet that
op some time :)

Rig: K3+P3 and wires + K9AY Loop and Rev Beverage (listening antennas used
extensively, expecially dramatic on 20M with the K9AY)
N5RZ   SOABCW LP   35,7282011-05-01 16:50:58
First time I've been able to spend some time in this one. Outstanding activity
and fun to chase the mobiles. Fun to be on the "hunter" end of a QSO party
for once. Limited time due to some other commitments over the weekend, but
was able to really concentrate on it the last 4 hours. Thanks to the mobiles
for getting on.

Missed Counties: Bay Bradford Franklin Gulf Monroe Putnam Santa Rosa
Union Washington

Elecraft K3 @ 99W & TH6DXX @ 30' (tower cranked down due to high winds this

Logged & sent by hand - was spending some time configuring a new shack PC while
operating. Sri for the few guys I accidentally duped.

Thanks for a great contest!

73, Gator
NF4A   SOABMixed HP   80,6822011-05-01 16:56:46
Operated fixed Satuday night after returning from Tuscaloosa AL and a short time
Sunday morning....had to help with Tornado damage to our radio stations
there....lost an 800 ft tower amoung other things.
Will post a separate listing when I went mobile in CAH and LIB on Sunday
afternoon later
KE3X   SOABCW LP   3,4962011-05-01 17:01:23
On Friday I did a quick check of the Nebraska and Florida QSO party websites, to
see which one recognized DC as a unique multipler ....

Score: Florida: 1, Nebraska: 0.

Thanks to the mobiles for a fun contest! There was 20-khz of wall-to-wall
stations on both 40-Meters and 20-Meters. Nice to work so many stations in
Dade and Broward Counties - reminded me of my college years, when I once worked
as a busboy at the Boca Raton Beach Club - best job I ever had :-) Looking
forward to next year's contest!


Ken, KE3X
Team DC
'No Multiplication Without Representation'
AE4O   SOABCW LP   3,7442011-05-01 17:08:54
Ten Tec Eagle @ 90W to horizontal loop at 50 feet. Limited time this year but,
will be back in 2012. The great FL ops make this contest a favorite. Thanks
for all the work it takes to put this event together for our enjoyment.
VA3OR   SOABMixed LP   9402011-05-01 17:16:53
Just had a few minutes.
KO7X   SOABMixed HP   48,5692011-05-01 17:20:29
So close. Missed St. Lucie for a sweep. Outstanding job by the mobiles again.
Propagation was really flaky on 20 meters - wide open for hours and then
difficult to hear/work the mobiles. Nothing heard on 15 or 10.
WA3HAE   SOABMixed LP   284,6162011-05-01 17:41:41
What an outstanding job by all of the mobiles! A special thanks goes to KC2Q in
POL that got in his car and drove over to OSC to give me that county on SSB for
the double sweep! What a feeling!!!

Hopefully, next year the conditions will be much better than they were this
N8BJQ   SOABCW HP   24,0002011-05-01 17:46:03
Only operated on Sunday. Spent Saturday at the Columbus zoo with my great
grandson. Talk about a tiring experience. Was out of gas when we got home
Saturday evening.

Strange conditions. Worked a few fixed stations on 15 - heard K4KG but he
could not hear me.

Thanks to the mobiles for keeping things interesting. Tried for a one day
sweep but Saturday might have been the better day for that.

N4TO - 17
K4KG - 15
K1XX - 14
K4OJ - 14
NX4N - 10
W4WQ - 10
N4EEB - 9
K4Q - 9
N4AO - 8
VA1CHP   SOABCW LP   97,7602011-05-01 17:46:20
1st time for this one--I'll be back!!

K5LH   SOABCW LP   18,8162011-05-01 17:52:21
Generally weak signals into TX. Had complete sweep of counties last year, so
only limited effort this year. Much QRN. Mobiles seemed fewer and harder to
catch. Thanks for all QSOs. Chris, K5LH
K4BAI   SOABMixed LP   14,4842011-05-01 18:28:58
FT1000MP, 100W, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. No signals on 40M in the day time.
Signals OK on 40M for a few hours and then skip was too long for QSOs from GA.
Only extreme South FL workable from GA with LP on 20M. Thanks for all QSOs.
Hope KU8E and I can be mobile in FQP again next year. My schedule prohibited
it this year. Hope to work you all from Bonaire May 24-31 and to see you in
Dayton also. PJ4A will be the call for CQ WPX CW SO AB HP. 73, John, K4BAI.
W8RU   SOABCW LP   3,4562011-05-01 18:41:58
Thanks for a fun QSO party! 73, Ron (W8RU).
VE4EAR   SOABMixed LP   134,2002011-05-01 18:42:55
All great QSO parties are successful because of the mobiles. These mobiles in
Florida are absolutely fantastic. Copying CW (and sending) while flying down
the highway, with all the noise, vibrations and distractions is just plain
amazing to me. I struggle in a quiet shack in a comfortable
admiration and gratitude to all of you mobile operators (and drivers).

Very difficult conditions for most of the contest. Only found a handful of
fixed stations on 15m on Sunday, nothing on Saturday. We usually have a 15m
pipeline to FL most days.

20m was short for most of Saturday afternoon. Later in the day the band went
long and signals improved but many stations headed to 40m, just when the band
would be picking up for all us western DX stations:) 40m was noisey Saturday
night with snow and high widn static, not to mention AU effects. Again, those
mobiles were fantastic even on 40m.

Started Sunday needing 4 Mults for the sweep, 6 on CW. Knowing I hadcommitments
in theafternoon,Ichecked the schedule and figured keeping a close tab on K4OJ
would be my best bet to land the sweep. Started right at 1200z only to find 40m
was way too short. Every now and then I could just make an ESP contact with a
station on 40m while 20m was booming to FL, just not many signals. The first
hour was very unproductive until folks headed to 20m. Unfortunately a couple of
K4OJ's first few counties scheduled were the ones I needed. By the time I found
him on 20m, it looked like I had missed the chance for the sweep.

Fortunately, there was plenty of activity from WAG, WAL, SAN and OKA that by
1630 the CW and mixed sweeps were completed.

Wish I could have devoted more time on Sunday, but life happens outside amateur
radio sometimes.

Everywhere I tuned I was hearing VE1RGB, VE3's KZ and DX. With 100W I had to
wait in the Canadian line behind them in most pileups.

My Mobile tally puts N4TO on top with the most Q's.

N4TO/M 31
K4KG/M 28
N4EEB/M 26
K4OJ/M 23
K1XX/M 21
N4AO/M 16
KN4Y/M 13
K4Q/M 10
W4WQ/M 10
K4XS/M 6
K2ZR/M 5

K4KG'"sscret" SSB frequency was an excellent source of doubling up on the Q's
and Counties.

My apologies to N4BP for the dupes on Saturday. My hearing brain and typing
brain were disconnected as I had entered you as N4PB in the log.

Once again thank you all for the patience in pulling me out of the noise!

73 Ed
N4GG   M/SCW HP   5,9042011-05-01 18:46:32
Did the best I could from N. GA. Too far for ground wave and mostly too close
for skip, and no 80M. Thanks for the Qs, wish we could hand out more but not
from here! Activity sounded FB. Heard lots of stns calling FL mobiles I could
not detect on 20.

FT-1000MP+ACOM 2000A+WRITELOG+Wires in the woods

Single OP + Packet
VE3RZ   SOABMixed LP   125,4902011-05-01 18:47:26
Rig: ICOM 756Pro
Ant: KT34 @ 50ft
2 x phased verticals 40m

Major thanks to all the mobiles who make this a fun event. It would be
completely different if we didnt have those. I managed the CW sweep at 16:00Z
on Sunday. Got a bit bored with CW so worked a few phone stations on Sunday to
pass the time.

Special thanks to K4OJ who gave me the last county (WAG). Many Qs with K1XX,

Probably a lot of confusion at times as I was either just after or just before
Bob, VE3KZ!!

CU in the WPX CW test.

N4DXI   SOABMixed HP   10,7972011-05-01 18:52:28
Big change from last year. First: 10 and 15 seemed dead, no stations heard.
For me, 20 meters was the money band. Second: Called CQ instead of just S & P,
doubled my QSO's from last year.

It was very difficult for me to copy a lot of stations: weak and fluttery with
dynamic fading. I would blame band conditions, but worked a lot of Europeans,
so what does that mean?

There were lots of stations that were not in the FQP: special event, Nebraska
QSO Party, and an Azores station calling by the numbers. You just never

Fun contest! 73....John Bescher, N4DXI
W4UCZ   SOABCW LP   17,8482011-05-01 18:55:40
From the adjacent state of Georgia it's all about skip.

Last year 20 meters was short and a lot of FQP stations could be heard
and worked. This year 20 was longer. So little FQP could be worked on 20.
Worse yet, the Sunshine boys never really had to move down to 40 meters
because "business was so good" on 20. So ... more 20 and less 40.

From what I heard on 20 from the rest of the country calling FQP mobiles
it must have been a blast. USA=Feast but Crackers=Famine.

But, my grousing aside, the FQP is definitely in the Parthenon there with
California and Texas and has one of the best all-you-can-eat buffets going.
It's just tough nuggies that us Georgians were on a conditions-induced diet.

Thanks to all and best to all. See you next year.

Mark, W4UCZ
VA7ST   SOABCW LP   7,4802011-05-01 19:07:18
Wasn't on for the past couple of FLQPs, and only got a couple of hours in this
one. Managed to beat my previous low-power outings by a fair margin, though
conditions were as poor as they get between here and Florida. Heavy QSB while I
was on, with a very weak path. Not a peep on 15M or 10M.

Pulled down the boom mic for one requested move to SSB on 20M, but other than
that it was all CW.

Thanks to the mobiles -- great work.

Pace was slowed by stations signing too infrequently. Waiting for a callsign
through four or five Qs made for ponderous S&P action. Seems there were plenty
of spot-chasers, as I was hearing sudden swarms even when no callsign had been
sent for a while.

Not many stations were looking to the northwest, but it sure was noticeable
when they did -- signals were either barely readable (probably aiming at the
northeast) or booming in like nextdoor.

Thanks for the Qs!

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Mode Qs Cty Score
========== ===== === === =====
2011-05-01 CW LP 55 34 7480
2008-04-27 CW HP 62 41 5208
2007-04-29 CW LP 30 25 3000
2006-04-23 CW LP 33 27 3564
2004-04-01 CW LP 34 24 3072
W5ZL   SOABMixed LP   83,0962011-05-01 19:09:38
Special thanks to all the super mobile ops criss-crossing the state. Top honors
to K4KG (24) who was always game to interrupt a CW run and go to SSB, then N4TO
(19), K4OJ (15), K1XX (14), N4EEB (12), followed by three stations tied for 11
Q's each - K4Q, N4AO, and NX4N. And last of the mobiles - KN4Y (9) and W4WQ
(8). It was great fun chasing you all around. You are incredible ops!

Station: IC-756 Pro II, 100 watts
Antennas: Tennadyne T-11 LPDA at 51', W9INN dipole.
N1MM Logger.
KU8E   SOABMixed HP   26,9702011-05-01 19:14:00
It was a real bummer not to go out rovering in FQP this year. K4BAI was out of
town at a convention for work in Orlando (he was actually driving home with his
wife on Saturday in FL with no radio) so we had to skip this year. I was
thinking about going out myself but have some problems with the car we use to
go mobiling in and didn't want to risk breaking down somewhere. I didn't think
my wife wanted me to setup a radio in our new minivan so I stayed home.

It was very frustrating to hear all the big pileups on 20 CW and not hear any
of the mobiles. I think I worked N4EEB,K4KG and N4TO only once on 20 CW.

Pretty much everything was scatter on 20 meters and above. I worked N4BP on 15
CW and W4LT on 10 CW. Heard a beacon in Orlando on 10 meters (maybe some
E-skip) but no one in FL was on. No much activity on 40 meters until maybe 4PM
in the afternoon each day. I had some short runs on 40 SSB to FL when probably
everyone else was on 20 CW chasing rovers.

Like my fellow contesters in GA mentioned the FQP is not very fun from here.
Looking forward geting back to going out rovering again next year...

Jeff KU8E
W4NZ   SOABCW HP   6,5362011-05-01 19:15:13
Heard virtually nothing on 20m Saturday. Even with high power all but South
Florida is a tough path from Chattanooga. And when 40m goes long, forget it.
Still, the mobiles really kept things lively - I could hear the callers fb! storms this weekend!

Congrats on another great party.

73, Ted W4NZ
K4FC   M/SMixed LP   353,2322011-05-01 19:24:17
This was our first real contest try at the Lake Amateur Radio Association
clubhouse. Went fairly smooth for a 30 ft beam and a make shift 40M dipole.
Was able to train several operators on the radiosport.
W1WBB   SOABCW LP   66,0002011-05-01 19:29:39
A great QSO-fest on CW with the mobiles -- terrific activity and a super job to
those on the road!! 70% of my QSOs were with log shows 15 active
mobile stns. Tops in Q's with me for mobiles: N4EEB and N4TO - 23, K4OJ -
17, KN4Y - 15, K1XX - 14 and K4KG, N4AO and NX4N tied at 13. Worked 62 unique
Fl calls on CW this weekend.

Looks like the wx in the "sunshine state" was good this year for FQP.
Unfortunately my schedule Saturday had me away from the radio much of the
afternoon and I missed the early activation of MONroe county...knew it would be
very hard to work later on--never heard it all weekend. I was even willing to
log it on SSB but no luck there when I listened on occasion. Request a
stronger on-air presence both days from "the Keys" in future FQPs!

No activity from any FL heard on either 15m or 10m. County #66 was HOL...had
149 Q's and 54 of 67 counties thru day 1. Most of the missing were from NW
panhandle area. All Q's done S&P here.

Hope many can join us for the 2011 New England QSO Party in a week!

Thanks to all for a very enjoyable event.

-- Icom IC-737, 133' flattop OCF dipole @ 30' (seemed best on 40m) and 20m EDZ
up @ 45' aiming at Pensacola, N1MM logger

73, Bill W1WBB
AD4EB   SOABCW HP   3,3002011-05-01 19:29:56
Enjoyed the contest, but really wishing I was a FL rover. Some really great
operators down there.
73 - Jim - AD4EB
WD4AHZ   SOABMixed LP   355,0682011-05-01 19:43:25
Considering how good conditions have been, conditions this weekend were a bit of
a let down. 15 was open, but not much activity.

Missed AK for WAS.
VE3UTT   SOABCW HP   17,5822011-05-01 20:24:03
Antenna too high for close work. About 1/2 QSOs with LP. Too much work around
the house to spend enough time and preserve domestic tranquility :-)
W6KC   SOABMixed HP   15,5612011-05-01 21:10:14
I was hoping to at least get close to a sweep, but most of the time 20m didn't
want to Cooperate. Condx on 15m from CA to FL were great but there were not
too many stations to work. As usual the mobiles were great and make it fun for
K4HAL   SOABCW LP   9882011-05-01 22:09:47
QSOPARTY Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2011-05-01

CallSign Used : K4HAL
Operator(s) : K4HAL

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : AL
Gridsquare : EM64XD

Name : Henry Wingate
Address : 979 Leeth Gap Cutoff Rd
City/State/Zip : Boaz AL 35956
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AL
Club/Team : Alabama Contest Group
Software : N1MM Logger V11.4.1

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
7 CW 17 34 11
14 CW 9 18 8
Total Both 26 52 19

Score : 988
Rig :

Antennas :
W7YAQ   SOABCW LP   26,2602011-05-02 00:50:06
Kinda stumbled onto the FQP late Saturday afternoon with the condx such that not
much DXing was happening on the bands. When all FQP activity stopped at 0200 I
decided I better check the rules. At that point I did find out that (unlike
7QP) there is a Sunday session. Now if I was really smart, at that point I
would have printed a map of FL counties and also read about the prospective
routes of the mobile ops. Well I now have the map and routes printed and found
out where DIX(ie) and FRA(nklin) -- the ones I missed -- are located, and that I
should have been on earlier on Saturday to get them.

Anyway it was lots of fun to chase the fantastic mobile operators around the
state, and get a Florida geography lesson.

VE3KZ   SOABCW LP   134,8042011-05-02 07:05:27
I'm reminded of a group of kids playing cars. How many cars and how many moves
to win? Great sport! As usual working CW only had that feel to it. This year I
decided to stay on the air after working all counties. Since it took over 7
hours longer to get to that point, which was at 13:45 this year, there was not
quite the same adrenalin rush that accompanied the 2010 effort. I decided to
try to get close to VE3DZ's Canadian CW record. Yes, that's what I did - got
really close! Nothing quite as frustrating as tuning for 10 minutes at the end
of a contest with no chance of even one more QSO! On SSB there would still have
been a chance.
The mobiles did their usual outstanding job. Here is the list at VE3KZ:
N4TO 53
K1XX 46
K4KG 45
K4OJ 43
N4EEB 42
NX4N 41
N4AO 25
KN4Y 24
K4Q 21
W4WQ 21
K4XS 9
K2ZR 9
NF4A 2
The fixed stations provided a few QSO's on 15 under very marginal conditions.
Heard one station on 10 but no QSO.
The locals in Halton provided lots of activity. It was not unusual for VE3RZ,
VE3KZ and VA3DF to be calling simultaneously.
Ran 150W from the TS-950SDX into 3el on 20m and a sloping dipole on 40m. The
bigger antennas, 5el on 15m and 5el on 10m were largely on stand-by waiting for
conditions. Maybe next year!
Thanks to the Florida contingent for all those QSO's and sorry for not QSYing
to SSB. Didn't even have the mike connected. Will do so next year!

73 Bob VE3KZ
S53M(S51FB)   SOABMixed HP   1,8752011-05-02 07:36:13
Just for fun.

Miha / S51FB
N5DO(@K5FD)   SOABCW LP   96,4602011-05-02 09:16:33
We've had tremendous wind in west Texas causing some major wildfires and also
causing my antenna mast to break the pin on the rotor and spin like a windmill.
I got that fixed, but the antenna itself is now inoperable, probably due to
broken control wires. I'll have to get someone to climb the tower and fix that

I needed somewhere to operate from. My friend, K5FD, has a relatively new Flex
5000, so I decided to operate from his house and see how a contest with a top of
the line SDR would be.

It was obvious that the Flex 5000 was not contest ready (maybe the rig was
ready, but the software wasn't)-- it was a major undertaking on Thursday and
Friday nights to try to get everything working correctly. We had PowerSDR
running the rig and N1MM as the contest logger (and several other programs
running in the background to ensure everything was compatible). There were two
monitors, with PowerSDR on the left one and N1MM on the right. We were trying
to get it so logging and rig control could both be done from N1MM. A lot of
searching on the Internet found a program called Hotwheel that would allow me
to be logging on N1MM and using the mouse wheel to change frequencies, but we
couldn't get it to work.

The contest started with me moving the cursor from one monitor to another --
over to the left to change frequency and back to the right monitor to work the
station and log it. This led to lots of confusion and mess-ups on my part.
The cursor would be on the rig side and I would start to type the call I wanted
to work, without moving back to N1MM. Suddenly the rig would change to another
band! Swearing, I would move back to the right band, have to move the power
slide bar back to 100 W (using the mouse), find the station again, move the
cursor back to N1MM, and make the QSO.

James, K5FD, wandered out to see how things were going, and I let him know that
things were not going well. He said he would see if he could find out what was
wrong with Hotwheel and went back into the house to check on it. After much
swearing and frustration on my part with this clunky arrangement, he came back
about two hours into the contest. He had found the problem -- PowerSDR had
added a trademark symbol to their name and that was causing confusion. James
made a minor change and suddenly I could operate in a more normal manner,
without having to switch back and forth from one monitor to another.

After using the Flex 5000 for 20 hours I got better at using it, and almost
reached a point where I liked it. I think the radio part of it is very good,
in particular the software filters were outstanding. On transmit the CW
sounded choppy to me. With more time, that could have been solved. However,
more work needs to be done on the user interface -- computer gurus who say it
is OK to use a mouse wheel to change frequency on a radio have never operated a
contest for 20 hours. If I ever do it again, I will spring for the accessory
tuning knob. But that doesn't help with other knobs that one is always toying
with during a contest -- RF gain, AF gain, etc. Moving a cursor around on a
computer screen with a mouse to raise or lower a virtual knob takes longer and
is more of a pain than just reaching up and tweaking an actual knob with your

The contest itself has been adequately described by others. Conditions seemed
down from last year (I had about 100 more contacts, and a sweep, last year).
The mobiles were fantastic, and saving 10 khz for the mobiles was great. Using
the bandmap in N1MM, and writing down the call signs and the county they were
last in, I could quickly check the 10 or more active mobile stations at any one
time by clicking on their call in the bandmap. I was able to take 5 or 6 short
walks around the neighborhood as I waited for the mobiles to reach a new
county. All in all a fun, although unusual, contest.
K7BG   SOABCW LP   15,4562011-05-02 10:24:33
In an out as time permitted. As mentioned by others, condx not so good. Usually
when condx aren't so good in other contests they turn into there own FL QSO
party from up here. FL is one place we always seem to have propagation to, but
not so much this weekend. Only worked one or two stations on 15m.

Thanks for the good time and kudos to the mobiles.

VA3DX   SOABMixed LP   214,2322011-05-02 10:31:47
The FQP date change placed it on my Birthday weekend....
Had the family dropping in , as a result I decided to take it
easy this year. I was quite relaxed at the beginning and that is
when I must have missed Monroe cty. I never heard any MON all
weekend. The others came thru fairly easily by tracking the
mobiles movement throughout the state. Numerous Doggy walks ,
took time to make dinner etc etc

VE3KZ seemed to be everywhere , and sorry to Ken W8MJ , as we
ended up at one point on 20 SSB , on the same frequency !!
NF4A mentioned this to me , so I qsyed.

I quit at 21:00 Sunday to go and get a free B'day meal at my
sisters place.

I wish everyone in FL would sign their call in this fashion...
for example N4KG/MON . This is especially needed by the FIXED
stations !

Mobile tally ( ruff count )

K4KG 70 thanks SSB qsy's !!
K1XX 33
K4OJ 30
N4EEB 29
NX4N 29
N4TO 21
N4AO 21
KN4Y 20
W4WQ 19
K4Q 16
K4XS 8
K2ZR 7

Dont think conditions were quite as good as last year...

cu in 2012 !!

Glenn VA3DX
WO4O(@N4EEB)   M/SCW LP   453,5442011-05-02 11:58:12
My thanks to John N4EEB and Tracy for their hospitality. (Congrats to both of
you on another FB mobile effort and GL on another First Place showing!)
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   72,6182011-05-02 14:15:49
Last year I operated this one semi-seriously. About midday on Sunday it looked
like I had a chance at a sweep, so I got serious and I came close, but
unfortunately had already missed the mobiles in the NE corner of the state and
came up short on DUV, NAS and STJ.

This year my main goal was a sweep. I went up to our cabin in northern WI where
I have much better antennas than at home in Madison. I pretty much stayed in the
chair most of Saturday and by the close had about 250 QSOs and was missing only
HOL, WAL and WAG. I also only had OKA on phone. I was lucky and followed K4Q
down the east coast during the day Saturday. When he got to DAD I hoped he
would turn right and go to MON next. He did, and I managed to get him there for
the only MON I heard during the contest. On Sunday AM I got up at the start and
got K4OJ in HOL and WAL the first hour on 40. I also got OKA on CW. Then K4OJ
inexplicably turned west skipping WAG and went all the way to ESC before
starting back east and finally getting to WAG a few hours later. Thanks for the
sweep K4OJ. After I finished the sweep I took it easy and would check the radio
every 30 minutes or so over the next few hours and run the mobiles as they
changed counties.

The workhorse band was 20 during the day and 40 on Saturday evening and for the
first hour or 2 on Sunday. I kept checking 15 every hour or so during the day,
but heard no one except for 4 QSOs on CW about midday Sunday. All were
perfectly readable, but no one moved the S-meter.

Thanks so much for all the mobile QSOs.
K4KG - 34 counties
N4TO - 32
NX4N - 29
N4EEB - 28
K4OJ - 27
K1XX - 26
W4RQ - 21
K4Q - 20
N4AO - 20
KN4Y - 17
AD4ES - 8
KC4HW - 8
K4XS - 7
K2ZR - 7
K4CIB - 4
and several with 2 or 3. I made a few more QSOs with most of these stations, a
couple on SSB and a few on both 40 and 20 in the same county.

Gear: K-3, AL-82 1KW
40: 2 el at 100 ft, 20/15: C-19 at 50 ft.

A lot of fun in a short time. Thanks to the FCG for organizing this. And thanks
to OJ himself for resurecting this some years ago.


N4TO/M   M/SCW LP   909,2642011-05-02 16:00:27
This was the first time that N4TO has been used on the air since Vic's passing
in August, 2008. I enjoyed many FQP mobile efforts with Vic over the years and
thought of him often this weekend. Many of Vic's old FOC buddies checked in
with QSOs this weekend which was really appreciated.

The overwhelming themes of the weekend were: Poor condx and Lovebugs.
Lovebugs are mainly a FL phenomenon -- see
for a full explanation.

Before leaving the hotel on Saturday AM, we noticed that the K index had jumped
to 4 and the mobile operating Ron did before the start sure felt that way. Note
to self: "Don't tout the return of 15M so loudly next sunspot cycle"! The
higher latitudes had it even worse all weekend.

Thus, we are even more grateful for the outpouring of activity from NS and NB,
as well as SP & SM! Thanks to K3TW for sponsorship of a new plaque for the Top
Poland score, which really brought the SP activity level up. This was the
first year that the FQP is using individual Provinces as multipliers instead of
"MAR" and Gary, VE1RGB really encouraged his fellow MCCers to get out in force.

We sent our usual sloppy-at-times, hand-sent CW and logged by hand. One
incomplete QSO in the log was with KB5VP who called in on Sunday AM, but I
couldn't extract a reply with a QTH from him. Only now do I find out he was in
VT, one of the 2 states we missed (AK being the other)! At the risk of leaving

others out, we were very happy to have calls from WH7Z, N7IV/ND, W1ZO/ME,
KE3VV/DC, WA4DT/SC, WA7ID/ID, VA7ST, VE6TL, many from VE4EAR, plus a very high
number of RI and QC stations. On the DX end, we welcomed single QSOs from
NP4Z, G3XVR and LZ1DNY. It was terrific to have callers from DC and all the
other states, along with a bunch of DX countries. While I cited the increased
activity from a number of areas, the core of the FQP's success is from the
yearly participation from folKS in places like MI, PA, VE3 and DL. As a
result, our claimed score is actually higher than last year, even though our
total QSOs are down nearly 200.

It takes me a while to transcribe the paper logs, so I can't easily cite
precise statistics yet. It sure seemed like VE3KZ was the most-worked, but
there are plenty of others we worked often.

Ron and I were sure that a solar flare had hit at 2116Z Saturday, since we had
zero QSOs in the next 9 minutes, despite CQing the whole time. A review of the
propagation sites did not show a correlation, though, so maybe we had some QRM
under us that we could not detect. Speaking of that, it seemed like compliance
with the FQP Mobile Windows was pretty good this year (we ask that no fixed
stations call CQ in the windows).

We had a one-year reprieve from the 40M QRM zone, since the SP RTTY event was
held the prior weekend. But we will have to solve that problem somehow next
year. With the mobile window at 7025-035, it doesn't leave enough room for
everyone else. Nobody wants to operate below 7025 for fear of missing a few
non-Extra Class licensees. And the RTTY starts just above 7035. Any workable

Weather conditions couldn't have been better. There were no storms anywhere to
generate QRN, and the temps seemed more moderate than during some past FQPs.
Our 51-county route covers about 1100 miles during the FQP, plus we drive many
hundreds of miles before and afterward. Donations to our gas account may be
sent to... (just kidding!)

The QSB was frustrating for us, and probably even more so for those on the
other end trying to hear us. We would answer stations multiple times before
the next QSB wave would bring them back up to an audible level. Thanks for
enduring that and for all the QSOs!

Finally, my thanks to Ron, K8NZ who does a really solid job of setting up the
Hamsticks and IC-746, along with the Bencher paddle and speaker so that the
driver can chime in with callsigns heard. Ron is a terrific guy to hang out
with for a weekend, and no slouch of an op either.

73, Dan, K1TO (and Ron, K8NZ)
N4EEB   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   675,0722011-05-02 17:32:37
Tracy my XYL driver and I had a great time and wish to thank everyone who stuck
with us both days. 73, John N4EEB
WF7T   SOABMixed LP   11,6602011-05-02 18:12:33
Played on and off Saturday afternoon. Great job all, and awesome efforts by the
mobile ops. This QSO Party goes on the list for next year!

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


G5RV@40', 40x50' Inv L
N1MM v11.4.4, YCCC SO2R+
W8MJ   M/SMixed LP   338,8842011-05-02 18:26:33
This years FQP was interesting. Interesting in the fact that after 10 years
operating in the out of state signal operator mixed category, I decided it was
time for someone new to be at the top, and for someone else to go out and win
that category. So who will the winner be someone new or someone from the past?
Only next year’s results will tell the story, until then congratulations to
the new winner to be announced. I decided to run M/S assisted with packet.
With the recent band conditions, I am sure like everyone else we were thinking
15 and maybe even some 10-meter activity. Wow!!! What a let down that was….
the conditions were such that 20 meters was the band only from here in Michigan
and I am sure elsewhere as well. I had 2 contacts on 15 with fixed stations and
that was a struggle with WJ9B and N4BP. That’s it nothing else on 15 the
whole weekend. 20 meters played extremely well both days. The first day it
played good up to 2200Z and then it got a little dicey here. Signals were way
down on the mobiles and so it forced me to 40 meters. 20 did come back later
on in the evening. It played good all day on Sunday, and thinking 15 would
open up, I kept checking it to see, but to no avail. Only the two stations I
mentioned earlier.

The mobile activity again was extremely good I thought. Koo-Doos are in order
big time for the stations that switched from CW to SSB to work both modes.
Hats off to K4KG and K1XX mobiles for switching back and forth. Great job, and
thanks for all the qso’s, they were much appreciated and needed. Also, all of
the mobiles did a great job. They are really the heart of FQP. They make it
happen over and over again. The activity was just tremendous. There is never
a dul moment chasing the mobiles. This year was probably my best year in
working the most mobile contacts. Missed some usual mobile calls this year
W4AN, N4PN, and W1NN. Hopefully you guys will be back next year. Koo-Doos goes
out to NF4A as well, thanks Charlie for getting in the mobile and going to CAH
and LIB to give me new counties on phone, and for working both CW and SSB for
all of us.

Overall another great year as it always seems in FQP…. a lot of great
activity and great operators. Thanks for all the qso’s from everyone.
Thanks for being there for us out of state stations. It was of course nice to
get the sweep once again, that makes 11 years in row. Missed the sweep on SSB
by one OSCEOLA. Not for a lack of trying. Kept calling for OSCEOLA in my CQ
but to no avail. Was hoping the K1XX team could make it to OSC their last
county on the schedule, but they ran out of clock. Charlie and Marty you did a
great job, thanks for being there.

Congrats to my friend Keith, WA3HAE for getting the double sweep. Nice job OM,
another great performance from you as usual.

Following is the break down of the number of times mobiles were worked. My
apologies if I left someone out accidentally, but this will certainly give you
an idea on how much a roll the mobiles play in this contest. 57% of my log is
mobile contacts, 481 out of 822.

K4KG 90, K1XX 70, N4TO 49, K4OJ 36, N4EEB 36, NX4N 29, N4AO 26, KN4Y 23, K4Q
21, W4WQ 17, N3AWS 14, K1KNQ 12, K2CIB 11, AD4ES 10, K4XS 9,
KC4HW 8, NF4A 5, W3EEE 3, N8COP 3, KJ4ERZ 3, K4LJP 2, NZ4CJ 2, K4P 2.

Great Job!!!! Ken W8MJ
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed LP   125,4302011-05-02 20:20:40
I'm usually in Nebraska running the Nebraska QSO Party from the mobile during
the FQP, but this year I stayed in Kansas with the intention of enjoying the
complete 20 hours. We had 50+ mph winds most of the day Friday, and I noticed
one of the wire antennas was down, but it was fixed with an hour to spare. As
I set up the radios, I tried to point the beam towards Florida and nothing
moved. A quick check of the rotor cable showed wire number 8 broken (all worked
fine the day before), so most of Saturday turned into aerial fun instead. At
least it was a nice sunny day with lighter winds.

To make a long story short, the rotor once again turns towards Florida. After
that, it was a really fun time chasing mobiles around the state and chatting
with stations on SSB. When I was in high school, I worked in Florida for a
couple of summers and ran into several ops who lived near where I worked. We
also have family in Clermont and Sarasota.

Overall, I missed only two counties: Jefferson and Union. Special thanks to
N3AWS/m on SSB who kept coming back to my run frequency with one new county
after another!

Thanks to all the hard-working sponsors, Floridians and their mobile guests who
make this such an enjoyable yearly event!

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
N4TB   SOABCW LP   326,3562011-05-03 03:53:28
Thanks to all those who made the FQP a great success.
W1END   SOABCW LP   72,0722011-05-03 04:21:39
This party sure had a lot of activity. I noticed that the 20-meter band was
mostly very ordered. The mobiles operated from 14040 to 14049 and the fixed
stations operated mostly below and a bit above those freqs. Also on Sunday the

mobiles stayed on their frequencies all day. (Maybe Saturday also.) Wish this

could happen in other parties. Tried hard to find Gulf county but alas no
KN4Y was scheduled to be there Sunday but I heard him only after he went to the
next listed county. Rats! Anyhow I managed to get a sweep minus one.

It was fun to see the pace pick up mid afternoon Sunday. I cranked up the
speed and found it was easier on my fist-brain connection. The first half of
the qp was the training run for this. The mobiles sure have outstanding skill.
Thanks to them and their drivers there was lots of activity.

Thanks to everyone especially the FCG for supurb organizing.

Eldon - W1END

PS: Check out the New England QP this coming weekend. See you there.
I4VEQ   SOABMixed HP   58,7192011-05-03 08:40:52
I really expected a better propagation for the FQP's weekend.
Vy good activity on 20 in the first time, but sunday afternoon I had to wait
till 17z to hear some mobiles on 20. 15 were open but only few stations on
band. CQing on SSB gave me some unexpected multipliers. Thanks for fun guys, it
is always a pleasure joining the FQP.
73 de Claudio I4VEQ
W4ZW/Ø   SOABMixed HP   34,4042011-05-03 09:00:02
Another 5" of snow last night and it's snowing still. Great fun with the FB
mobiles, but squirrely conditions. 20M went very dead here about 1700Z and
came back to life about two hours later.
W6SZN   M/SCW HP   1,1442011-05-03 11:14:32
Great activity from Florida--wish I had more time to participate.
KC4HW   SO MobileMixed LP   85,0452011-05-04 19:54:12
First of all thanks to all for the QSOs!

No Driver. Covered 11 counties in the Big Bend area and the Panhandle.

Saturday: GAD, LIB, CAH, BAY and WAG.
Sunday: ESC, SAN, OKA, WAL, JAC and HOL.

Worked 39 states, including HI on CW and 13 on PH. 13 DX countries. All total
worked 43 DX stations. Worked 7 VE provinces. Additionally worked 12 Florida
counties mostly on Sunday morning on 40 PH, but a few on CW.

Operating time was around 11 hours. Total driving and operating was about 21
hours. Total miles 474. Gas was $3.89.9 to $4.029.

The mobile station worked pretty good. I thought that I could have gotten more
PH contact on Sunday morning, but 40m when away after about 9AM. Actually had
planned to operate mixed in many of the counties. I have resurrected a
ATAS-100 and it seemed to work fine on Friday. Saturday was a total different
story and it would not find a resonant freq anywhere. So I abandoned it for
the remainder of the contest. I used my 40m Hustler on PH and the 20m Hustler
on CW that way I did not have to do any tuning on the antenna. So it was a
limited Mixed operation at best.

The 706MKII worked very well. I drove the old 99 Chevrolet Pickup with 273k
miles and it was quite as a mouse! I had a little RF get into the microkeyer
but once I relocated it there were not further problems--I really think it was
an old connector, I will redo them before the AlQP. Funny, when I first
discovered the RF issue, the keyer was sending just the opposite of the letter.
For K it was send .-. and for C it was sending .-.- it was strange, but moving
things around solved the problem.

The pileups were great. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.

Hope to hear everyone in the Alabama QSO Party coming up Jun 4th. See for rules and details.


N4AO/M(WC4E)   SO MobileCW LP   511,2002011-05-05 18:25:49
That was a blast! Big Thank You to all those that followed the mobiles around
the state and called in!!!!

See you all Next year April 28th/29th 2012
K7SV   SOABMixed LP   47,6162011-05-07 04:01:06
Great fun as always. Poor condx made copying the mobiles fun on 20 in some
twisted sort of way! Had other committments so couldn't put in much time
KG4CUY   SOABCW QRP   5402011-05-07 05:46:58
Power was out after the storms, so used a KX-1 at 4 W powered by a gel cell.
KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   399,7602011-05-08 18:27:11
It was great QSP party, a premier event. I ran CW mobile in 26 Florida counties
traveling 930 miles. It was pile-ups from county line to county line, no time
to sight see. I paid cash for gas and have forgotten the amount due to a senior
citizen moment.I heard 1 station on 15-meters and did not check ten meters. I'll
be back.
N3AWS/M4   SO MobileSSB QRP   12,8642011-05-13 08:36:39
Activated 15 counties. Added Liberty & Calhoun on day 2 due to requests. I
hope I helped some folks to a sweep on SSB or mixed.

73, Jim N3AWS

Mobile, no driver, hustler 20 meter antenna, Icom 756 Pro II, 2010 Kia Soul
8P9AA(VE3DZ)   SOABCW LP   11,2562011-05-30 14:52:39
Could spare only a bit over 2 hours...