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VE1OP   Single Op HP   3792010-10-24 03:50:26
1 Radio, 600 watts, 1/4 wave sloper.

I'm not much of a night-owl, so only about 3.5 total hours...Most points came
in the hour-and-a-half before sunrise...

Avg of 1783 km per QSO...

K's - 61
VE's - 12
EU - 8
KH6's - 2

MCC'ers in the log - VE1NB, VE1RGB, VE9AA, VA1MM

Longest distance - KH7Y and KH6LC (BK29) at 8,500 km each...Sure helped the


Scott VE1OP
K1EP   Single Op LP   5862010-10-24 04:26:51
Band was a bit noisy but there was some propagation. Fun warm up contest to get
us into the fall season. One thing that always bothers me in this contest -
okay, two things. First, sending cut numbers in the grid. Just send the grid
please. Second, sending R to acknowledge the QSO, but sending it as E-N. In
my mind, EN is the beginning of a grid square. If you want to send an R, send
an R. Please don't come back to me and send EN FN12. It only confuses the op
(me). Thanks for listening...and thanks for the Qs. See you in December.
KH7Y   Single Op HP   1,7302010-10-24 05:02:10
Slow at the start but nice rates at east coast sunrise here in Hawaii. Keying
line to K-3 now has much RF on it causing bad cw and the computer locking up.
This is a new problem.... Best DX VK6HD (23 Points).

Aloha, Fred KH7Y
N8UM   Single Op HP   2,9002010-10-24 05:23:50
Best DX VK6HD and VK6GX (both called me!) Bailed out at 10:30 pm with high QRN.
Returned at 5 am and the band had quieted down nicely.
K1TN   Single Op LP   1,7582010-10-24 05:25:09

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   7342010-10-24 05:27:18
Pretty noisy. Rcv antennas will probably get out today if it does not rain. No
EU heard. Nice to work VK6, KH6(2), PY, FM(2) and KV4.

Dishtronix DX2400
Inv L
N2BJ   Single Op HP   2842010-10-24 05:51:54
Beverage broken by deer and QRN very bad rain storms!
VE9AA   Single Op HP   4072010-10-24 05:52:33
Where to begin? Condx marginal most of the time, except a peak towards EU an
our or so before their SR. Au condx certainly don't help northern stations.
Will be curious to see if there's any OH/SM/VE8/KL7 entrants !

With my "new" antenna it was hard to attract anyones attn. It's a very low
inverted U,(untermintated) so kinda like a high beverage--hears really well !

Overslept so missed all the sunrise action (DOH!)...recently I am trying a
different tactic for filling in missing bits of my callsign, due to QRN, QSB
etc. When an op sends: VE9? VE9? VE9?, I'll usually reply with "AA AA AA VE9AA
bk"....usually this works perfectly but sometimes they'll reply with "9A 9A 9A
?"....geez, what happened to to the VE part? You had it a minute ago...musta
slipped on the floor. Like I said, it usually works, but sometimes it's a
comedy of what they've done to the parts of my callsign they just had a minute
ago. Ditto the grid square.

Never could get the attn of CN2R who was well over S9 here.
Heard N6RK a long long time, but couldn't get him with my (ahem)beverage.
YO3FFF, DL7CX, UY0ZG and UR7GO all 529-539 for 20 minutes or so but

G4AMT and EI2CN had the loudest EU signals here for many hours. COngrats !

Big surprise to work PY1NB--thanks for hanging in there.

See u in "The Stew"

Mike VE9AA FN66 1.3kW + some kind of floppy wire + 1km of radials.
W1NN   Single Op LP   9502010-10-24 05:54:45
Too bad about the QRN. Went to bed at 10:30 PM local and got up for an hour and
a half around 12:30 AM. Not a single EU heard but some strong signals from 5-,
7- and 0-land. KH7Y was easily worked at my dawn.
AE6RF   Single Op LP   2232010-10-24 06:30:23
Hotel portable at Sierra Sky Ranch in Oakhurst.
FT-1000MP Mark V Field
1/4 wave long wire fed agaist pots, pans, bedframes, the chicken coop, whatever
I could find...
(really two elevated 1/8th wave counterpoises. It was all I could fit and still
be welcome at the hotel)

Had a lot of fun. Beat last year's REAL Stew Perry score. No chickens lost this
year, that I know of.

Looking forward to the REAL contest when I'll have some real ears.

No Locust or Bob, K6XX in the log. What's up with that?

73 de Donald
KS4X   Single Op QRP   542010-10-24 06:44:15
Tnx to Ops that heard my qrp signal.
N4PN   Single Op HP   1,0112010-10-24 06:47:24
SP Warm-up was actually pretty "cool"...and condx not good
didn't help....

Worked as many VE1's as VE3's (7) and only two VE2's.
DX worked: EI2CN, F5IN, FM5CD, G4AMT, KP4TF, KV4FZ,
TI5XP, VK6GX (call me for the biggest point
contact), & WP4L....
Three KH6's for 15pts each helped....KH6AT, KH6LC, KH7Y
(This time last year was giving out K4M/Midway Island...
doesn't seem possible it been a year.)

73, Paul, N4PN
K1PX   Single Op HP   2262010-10-24 06:54:56
Just a couple of hours operating in the early evening. Best DX was G4AMT and
FM5CD. Thanks for the Q's.

Jim, K1PX
VE1NB   Single Op LP   4122010-10-24 06:59:56
Rig: Yaesu FT2000
Antenna: Horizontal L, 15 feet above ground
W9RE   Single Op LP   8562010-10-24 07:05:22
Very nice warm-up for upcoming season even if conditions were pretty marginal.

Sorry for being an alligator but a lightning arrestor 1 block away has been
creating havoc for 3 weeks now (supposed to be fixed this week), that noise in
addition to atmospheric QRN made this a struggle. Thanks to several stations
that stuck with me as I changed antennas trying to minimize noise.

Only DX was FM5 but didn't make it up for sunrise.

Thanks to the Boring guys for sponsoring.
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op QRP   6272010-10-24 07:08:40
All day Saturday, watching the clock, watching the wx.
So much QRN could not evaluate results of previous day
working with power company to solve local line noise.

Had expected to be knee deep in QRM by dark,
but so much QRN didn't even try to make a contact.

Reluctantly turned the rig off and watched the ball game.
Late to bed but woke around 0800utc.
Checked the band. QRN minor. Pleased to see that
line noise problem had been solved on Thursday.

Of course it was way too late to try doing a serious contest
so decided to just try a couple qrp type contacts.

Picked a loud station and was surprised to get him on first try.
Wow, tried another, got him!

Obviously this was spur of the moment effort.
Power out was about 4w on a 'BIRD' 50w slug.

Hard evidence that band was not crowded,
'Big Gun' came on freq with qrl? ,
I tossed 4w in his face and he moved off!!!
Actually the 4 watts didn't have as much to do
with his moving as fact that he was one of the 'good guys'.

Probably not a good sign that this old man
gets so much enjoyment out of this game?

Doug, n5ect
cw op at wd5r
NO3M   Single Op HP   6562010-10-24 07:18:27
Limited time, limited RX antennas. Only two beverage wires up at the moment,
one element in the planned west array and a partial element in the NE array.
Since the NE wire wasn't finished, I threw the spool up in some branches of a
small pine tree. As an unterminated wire, pattern would have been primarily
NE/SW, which may have helped. Currently no switching, so both "beverages"
where fed to the K3's RX and Sub-RX AUX ports, listening to both w/ sub-RX on
and VFOs locked.

(3) KH6 and a few EUs for best DX. Didn't get back on for morning sunrise,
prob missed some PAC DX.

73 - Eric NO3M
KO7X   Single Op HP   4002010-10-24 08:09:23
Not sure about the score - just an estimate. Best DX KH6LC. No JA, VK, ZL heard.
Lots of strong QRN Saturday evening.
F5IN   Single Op HP   7982010-10-24 08:13:39
Powered by Win-Test 4.5.1

IC -7400 + TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)

beverages 160/320m (ASIA & USA)
& K9AY loop system

QSO's with 26 W's - 2 Asia .... but no ja
N6RO   Single Op HP   6432010-10-24 08:22:13
89 Grids, according to N1MM. 3 JA's, KH2/N2NL, VK6GX were the big pointers. No

Most signals during primetime were about 20db down from normal (A index=40),
and precip. static covered the rest. So, instead of a serious effort, I
operated in short spurts all night, and enjoyed the baseball, football, and
hockey games on TV. Hope condx and activity are better in Dec.
K8MR   Single Op LP   3002010-10-24 08:41:50
I'm not quite sure what the point of a warm up contest is, but anyway, I woke up
before dawn, so went downstairs to make a few qsos. Always fun to use grid
squares, dreaming of six meter openings.
NG7Z   Single Op HP   1322010-10-24 08:42:15
The QRN here was pretty bad. I have a small RX loop that favors the east. Didn't
hook up the rotator to favor south. That's where most of the stations I worked
were from. (I know, I ended the sentence with a preposition) I live near a dual
run of HV lines and the corona noise from the rain is pretty intense and it was
raining cats and dogs. Did most of my operating Saturday evening and worked
everyone I could hear. CQ'd a few times but relented because I could hear, but
not decifer, some ops calling. I was being heard but couldn't hear. Not good.
There must be some way to get around the QRN here. Anyway, will hopefully get a
dry day when the real SP gets going in December.
73 CUL Paul NG7Z
EI2CN   Single Op HP   9712010-10-24 08:46:02
I found the band noisy and activity low. Missed my Sunrise.

Acom 1000 @400 W
Inverted L 90 feet vertical
Microkeyer II

Looking forward to December!

73 Doug EI2CN
NE7D   Single Op LP   2922010-10-24 08:50:33
Low power to 80M OCF dipole with shorted ladderline and a tuner. Called by
KH6LC and KH6AT. Tnx to JH2FXK for working hard to get my call/grid to give me
my best DX.
Tnx for the Q's.......
73, Rock NE7D
VA3RKM   Single Op QRP   272010-10-24 08:51:57
K2, 5W, 1/4-Wve wire at 18'. Tnx for the contacts.
KØIO   Single Op HP   1602010-10-24 08:58:33
Thunderstorms 100 miles to the NW and SE. QRN at 0100 was running a steady
20-over 9, crashes would obliterate a full character. Thanks to the KH6's Rig
K-3 AL-1200 180 ft wire: 60 feet vertical then 120 ft sloping to 3 ft off the
W7WHY   Single Op LP   1742010-10-24 09:08:59
I like the format of this contest. Wish I'da had more time to play. Got to
shake down a new antenna and it seemed to work pretty well. Just running LP

Thanks for the Q's and 73
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   4612010-10-24 09:09:39
Raw score only - without power multipliers.

Almost the same number of QSOs as last year, but only 86% of last year's
points. This was the consequence of a noisy band and mediocre propagation. Best
DX were KH7Y and KH6LC. Only EU worked was G4AMT.

Looking forward to the real SP challenge in December.

Drake TR7 @ 100 watts
Inverted L
TR Log
N2ZN   Single Op HP   2852010-10-24 09:11:11
Nice to work this one, and to work so many familiar calls. I am usually in the
midst of holiday travel when the "real" SP is run, so this was fun. Did not
stay up for EU sunrise or my own SR and probably missed quite a bit. Best DX
was F5IN. I did hear S57DX before my sunset, but never heard him again.
Probably shouldn't have stopped for dinner at sunset! Oops.

FT-1000 MP Mk 5
Alpha 76A run at 600w
Sloping vertical
560' beverages pointed NE, E, SE, S, W, and NW, switching done by Green Heron
wireless cable and GH Everyware software.

73, Ken N2ZN
HA8BE   Single Op QRP   1,1072010-10-24 09:26:36
Good game, it was a great contest.
The toy is a FT-817 QRP rig was.
The antennas are well-established vertical (28m), EWE used for reception.
DX stations worked: A65BP, CN2R, RT9S
ODX: 3750km was A65BP
Unfortunately, I was tired and it only worked for 5 hours.
Thank you for all the QSO.

73, Bela/HA8BE
W2VJN   Single Op HP   12010-10-24 09:33:42
This was my first 160 operation from the new QTH. A NE beverage helped with the
eastern USA. The tx antenna is 1/4 wave sloper facing NW with one raised

Best DX was VK6GX. Worked 3 KH6s, KL7, KV4FZ and 2 JAs.

K5OAI   Single Op QRP   372010-10-24 09:38:13
Only 11 QRPp Q's for the Pre Stew Perry from WTX this year.
Rig K3, Power Out 5w, ERP 300mw
Antenna: 15' tall vertical (added 96" whip to top of the)
Hi-Q 6/160 @ 20' with 16 radials ea 13' long

Contest begins in daylight @ 1500z on Oct. 23rd, 2010
with big thunderstorms all over much of Texas

Hoped to get a start at sunset or around 0001z of the 24th
many stations heard through 9+30 static crashes
but no contacts, by ~0400z I went to bed with ears ringing.

Started again morning of the 24th ~ 9:30z (4am local)
1st big op error......
what I had thought were to be never ending thunderstorms,
had ended sometime during the night....

1st contact @ 9:35z out to 1,032km
Hour and a half (11:01z) and 8 contacts later,
I had worked everyone that could hear me

Then I made my 2nd big op error, breakfast
of course it makes me sleepy,
no new Q's why not take a short power nap,
lets set the clock, say 30m or so should be good
will still have an hour before sunrise to try for more Q's

you guessed it,
3rd op error to come
neither can the op tell time,
nor can he correctly set the clock, sigh

return to the air @ 12:46z,
3 min before sunrise
managed three contacts, with declining distances
1,167km 762km 220km
by 12:51 band has closed for me,
I'm still copying signals, but my QRPp signals are not being heard.

Rec# Call Grid R Date / Time Km Points Grid S
1 WD5R EM45 10/24 09:35 1,032 3 DM91
2 K8QKY EM82 10/24 09:47 1,707 4 DM91
3 N7XM DM09 10/24 09:58 1,859 4 DM91
4 K1LT EM89 10/24 10:02 1,859 4 DM91
5 N8UM EM75 10/24 10:24 1,554 4 DM91
6 K9NW EN71 10/24 10:45 1,812 4 DM91
7 N0FW EM79 10/24 10:59 1,702 4 DM91
8 NS9I EN64 10/24 11:01 1,894 4 DM91
9 KO7X DN71 10/24 12:46 1,167 3 DM91
10 W6RLL DM51 10/24 12:50 762 2 DM91
11 N5UL DM82 10/24 12:51 220 1 DM91

Hopefully our thunderstorms will be settled down by the time of
the Stew Perry on 1500Z, Dec 18 to 1500Z, Dec 19.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   7962010-10-24 10:35:22
Nice to finally get the 160 season into gear!

Static levels were S9+ with lots of QSB Saturday evening and it seemed every
QSO was pretty much a struggle. Apologies to those I just could not pull out
of the noise. Thanks to all for your patience and perseverance.

I went to bed around 0700 to get a couple of hours rest. When I got back up at
0930, the static levels had subsided to a more comfortable S3 level, but
activity was pretty sparse by then.

My raw score is down about 2% from last year, but QSOs increased by 23. Lots
of 2 and 3 pointers this year. Only DX was KV4FZ, KH7Y, and KH6LC. No EU
heard through the heavy QRN.

I also echo K1EP's list of "things that bother me about this contest" list. I
would also like to add, although not unique to this contest, jumping onto a
frequency without a ? or QRL?. Had a few instances of this occur while I was
trying to pull a weak one out of the noise. Sorry if some thought I had stolen
the frequency, but I was actually already there, hence my unwillingness to
relinquish it. A simple ? or QRL? would be much appreciated by all.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and points. Looking forward to a great 160 meter

73 - Rick WB8JUI
N4DU   Single Op HP   3222010-10-24 10:38:36
My long qso was with KH7Y, a 15 pointer. Only 4+ hrs, many good signals on the
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   1,0002010-10-24 11:37:07
Lots of noise Saturday night. After an evening of "work a few", "take a break",
"work a few", "take a break", I'd finally had enough of it shortly after 0500z
and went to bed - with no EU QSOs in the log. Back on a little past 1000z with
a much quieter band. No JAs heard but QSOs with VK3, VK6(2), KH6(2) and KL7
topped off a good morning.

See y'all in December!

73, Mike K9NW
WF7T   Single Op LP   3002010-10-24 11:49:34
It was nice to play a bit in this outing. 160M did not impress me as being great
during the evening, although by around 0500 it did quiet down a bit as I was
struggling to keep awake. I was not able to rise before sunrise and I am sure
I missed KL7 and KH6 as others reported. That said, I did work RI/UT/ID
(Thanks guys!) and look forward trying NV, AK, HI in the next go-around. Best
DX for me was KV4FZ.

I very much enjoyed working the QRP stations! By the way, my first 10 or so
QSOs were made around 2W. I was initially deflated by my lack of umph until I
realized I was messing around in a QRP effort a week or so ago. I even put down
a few more radials and my trusty G5RV-turned-Marconi is up 5 more feet to ~40'
now! Reminder to self: go through the pre-contest I even have a
pre-contest check-list?

It was wonderful to hear familiar calls and work friends near and far. Thank
you for pulling my wee signal out of the QRN. My gratitude to the BARC for
sponsoring the test and my best to all.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN EM66


Icom IC-7600 @ 100W
Winkeyer USB/N1MM v10.10.1 (using Laptop this time, main computer dead)
40' Marconi (G5RV) w/15 radials from ~30-90' and one raised ~120' long
K2ZJ   Single Op HP   2002010-10-24 12:29:53
Surprised to have VK6HD call me. EU was pretty strong but not many stations

Omni VI +
Ten Tec Titan Amp
T antenna at 70 ft
Beverages and Flag RX

73- John K2ZJ
KG7H   Single Op HP   8632010-10-24 13:02:01
Unseasonably warm rainy night -> much QRN. Best DX was a 25 pointer to ZL. No
JAs this am unless they came on after sunrise - I was just to tried to stay up
longer!! Looking forward to the real SP in December!!! GL es 73 de Craig KG7H
K1LT   Single Op HP   9762010-10-24 13:27:03
Does this event portend the return to "classic" propagation? In the
old days (80s and 90s), it was often difficult to work Europe on 160
and working Japan was extremely rare. On the other hand, one usually
managed a QSO with either VK or ZL or both. Propagation this weekend
was very reminiscent of those bad old days. Obviously equipment has
gotten better and stations are more numerous, but I wonder if I've
been spoiled by several seasons of better than average 160 meter
propagation. Its probably more likely that we will just have more
frequent poor propagation days now that a few sunspots have returned.

Worked only 3 Europeans, G4AMT, EI2CN, and F5IN. For a while PY1NB
has my best DX until VK6HD and VK6GX called one after the other very
near the end of the test. Also worked FM5BH and FM5CD, KV4FZ, and
HI3TEJ, although he didn't offer a grid square. Where did all the PJs
go? Worked 2 KH6 and 1 KL7 and briefly heard a JA beneath an
incessantly CQing N2 station.

This was my first 160 contest with the new K3. I was able at the last
minute to modify the SDR software to inter-operate with the K3. Now I
can listen to any 2 of 3 receivers in diversity mode. It might be
time to put together a panadapter for the K3 because I might be able
to visually scan for signals on the various antennas faster than
listening for them. That would be an interesting experiment. I did a
little of that: listening to the 2 K3 receivers on separate Beverages
while watching the SDR receiver on the phased array.

Worked more stations (322 versus 289) than last year but far fewer
distance points (976 versus 1461). Like everyone else, I agree that
the static was really bad. I quit about 0515Z and came back around
0915Z hoping that the static would be less. I don't think I missed

Equipment: K3, ETO 91B (thanks PJ2/K8ND), 65 foot Tee antenna with 80
radials, 12 Beverages, 8 short verticals in a broadside/end-fire array
and beam steering SDR receiver array (see Beam Steering
on 160.pdf).
N6WM(@K6LRG)   Single Op HP   1292010-10-24 13:52:41
Just operated 2 hours from K6LRG. Sorry for the QLF's during the 9th inning of
the playoffs, keeping a tv in the shack probably is not the best for
contesting. Condx far from stellar, but was nice to work some locals, along
with some NS regulars. Looking forward to the real thing!

73 and seeya next time
K6TA   Single Op LP   652010-10-24 14:28:19
K3, 100 Watts
KL7RA   Single Op HP   3032010-10-24 15:53:16
Planned for a full effort and replaced the moose destroyed beverages all week
but no signals on any band at sunset. When I could hear signals on topband they
couldn't hear me, even my normal easy Q's like N6RO. Checked the band off and on
all night and finally got a short spurt of prop to hand out the grid. Didn't
last long so I packed it in. 73 Rich KL7RA
MDØCCE   Single Op HP   3772010-10-24 16:09:07
Was just able to participate one hour at night and one hour before SR, but the
band seemed in weak condition, with US/VE signals sounding weak and hollow, and
only East Coast stations heard. As a result, most QSOs were in EU, but there
were 12 US/VE QSOs plus FM5CD, KV4FZ, A65BP and CN2R.

Looking forward to stronger conditions!

73, Bob
K7CA   Single Op QRP   1,0682010-10-24 16:57:13
Conditions reminded me a bit of operating from Chile in December. I could hardly
copy east coast stations through the QRN, although the QRN down south is about
10 dB worse on a good day. I called KV4, HI, FO8, and several east coast
stations without even a QRZ so they must have been having high noise levels
too. It is a good contest to begin the season because there is no pressure to
make contacts and it's fun to play with different receiving antennas to see
what works best. See you all on topband in December from CE1.
N7IR   Single Op LP   1672010-10-24 17:11:32
Strictly S&P on and off during the evening and a little after sunrise to check
out the 160m antennas and give out some points. Best DX was KH6LC. Band was
very noisy during the evening. See you in the main event in a couple of
Gary, N7IR
VA7ST   Single Op LP   792010-10-24 17:39:12
Chores done, as twilight fell Saturday evening I attached the tail-end of the
long-unused 135' Inverted-L to an SO-239 strapped to a 4-foot rod in the
ground. Then wired that to about 150' of chainlink fence beside the rod.

Antenna is 85' of "vertical" sloping up to about 65' high, and the rest sloping
down to about 45' at the far end. No actual radials. SWR about 1.6:1 at the
bottom of the band, over 2:1 at 1.830. Rig's tuner allowed 100W out across the

Didn't work great but it worked a few :) Managed 3 Qs around 0600z (11 p.m.
Pacific), and the rest at 1230z (5:30 a.m.)

Best DX: KH6LC worth 16 points. One EN, worth 10 points here. Heard a couple of
JAs but just above the noise. Doubt they would have heard me -- even close-in
Stateside ops had a hard time hearing me with such an inefficient radiator.

E-W Beverage helped knock down what seemed like pretty strong band noise, but
it is more effective on 80M than 160M.
VE1RGB   Single Op LP   1362010-10-24 17:47:27
First try at this one. I was one of the guys who sent the letter *R* such that
it sounded as if it were *EN*. Sorry.
VE3MMQ   Single Op HP   6132010-10-24 17:58:10
Alpha 99 1.5kw
Inverted L at 75ft 4 raised radials
4 square vert rcving antennas on 80 ft square

First venture into 160 meter contesting....
Managed to work DL5WG IV3PRK UT3UA YO3FFF EI2CN


THE KH6/KL7/VK/ZL....Maybe in the real Test qrn will
abate a little hi....Being a 6 meter man this is all new!!!!!
W1WBB   Single Op LP   6342010-10-24 20:52:32
As others have said, band conditions for this "SP TBDC Warm-Up" were not
good...high noise level, some U.S. Midwest storm QRN, much QSB and poor signal
strength from DX made this Topband Distance Challenge...challenging indeed!
Figured it would be tough-going seeing the high A and K indices, unsettled to
active geo-physical activity and very high solar wind speeds during the

Only 7 EU, 2 Carib and 1 Oceania (loud KH7Y near my S/R-1st call!) worked.
Very few other EU/ add'l DX heard. Most frustrating was my inability to work
into the DN, DM, CN and CM grids in the late evening for the fair # of
big-signal stns heard there. (Makes raising the vertical portion of my low
inv-L radiator even more of a priority...did get the dozen seasonal gnd radials
laid this week).

Stayed up too late hoping for improvements with EU S/R (not!), then overslept,
getting back into shack barely 30 mins before my S/R...rewarded with the KH7, 2
West Coast stns and 30 additional Q's.

Nice to work some familiar calls as the contest season on 160m cranks up again.
Looking forward to band improvements (and hopefully own-antenna improvements)
for the future.

--Icom 737 @ LP, 3/8 wv inv-L for Tx and Rx with <40' vertical and ~18 gnd
radials, N1MM logger v.10.10.0 (210' BOG Rx ant not yet deployed)


Bill W1WBB
K6CSL   Single Op LP   742010-10-25 00:14:30
This was a 47% improvement over one year ago, but only a 12% improvement in
score. It is apparent I was not getting the distance point values. However my
experience has been that I clearly do better in the December event when the
band conditions are better and more stable. I was rather surprized at how quiet
160 was compared to this location usually. Apparently the rain cleaned up some
of PG&E'S equipment here in Riverbank. It did seem however that participation
was down and I heard almost none of the midwest big statons I usually hear. I
did call and apparently was heard by K8QKY in Anarbor, MI. He kept coming back
with parts of my call sign but just couldn't get it all. So 'till December
there's SS and CQ WW. Bert, K6CSL
K6III   Single Op HP   1252010-10-25 08:22:44
Hoping to QSO some missing states for my 160m W.A.S. - not successful in that
effort. Did not work anything east of PA. Only needing a couple more East
Coast states.
N2WN   Single Op LP   4532010-10-25 10:43:57
QRN, QSB and so-so conditions, good thing we had a hearty me-lads bunch. KH6LC
and KH7Y were my best long haul, unless you count QRPer K7CA.

Was too pooped to play early on... no Rx antenna and droopy tired Tee for Tx,
along with ye ol' K3.

Apologies to those I couldn't pull out.

OK2BFN   Single Op LP   2602010-10-26 00:31:54
IC746, Inv.L ant.
Avg. 979km, ODX UI9I - 4428km
CUL, Tom
FO8RZ   Single Op HP   502010-10-26 02:13:16

I was happy to have contest on top band, but I was very disapointed when I
heard a desert top band during this contest.

Only 4 QSO : KH6LC - KH7Y - VK3IO and KL7RA.

Good news : KL7RA is a new one for me on 160.

Hope to be here for Stew Perry and to have better conditions.

Best 73 de FO8RZ Phil

See you this week end for CQ WW DX SSB, I will come to 160 to get multis.
N9NE   Single Op QRP   1,000,0002010-10-26 15:02:06
Setup here is (was) K3 @ 5W to 53' vertical T and/or a 176' doublet at 65'. I
watched one of the T sections break this morning (Tuesday) in 60 mph gusts as a
low pressure system moved over Lake Superior to my north. Fixing that in
freezing weather will add at least 3 db to my signal....

QRN from T-storms wore me down by 10 pm local time (CDT), as I was having a
tough time copying even the HP stations. I had a go of it from 4:30 to 6:30 am
before I had to get ready for other activities. I was elated to get KH6LC and
KV4FZ in the log in the predawn hours.

Kudos to all of you who could pick out my puny signal. Thanks for the patience
it often took to copy the grid square correctly. It is a bit of magic or mojo,
isn't it? You deserve the extra points.

Hope to see you all in the BIG SP!


p.s. I'm letting the sponsors calculate my score, thus the fanciful number
above. It wouldn't take 'I dunno'!
N7ON   Single Op LP   2162010-10-27 10:01:59
I operated a few hours off and on Saturday evening, in between watching the
NLCS. Nice to learn my condo CC&R'd inverted-L and RX loop ready for contest
season. Enjoyed being called by KH6ZM and KH6LC before calling it a night.

It was a pleasure hearing such nice signals from so many FB ops.

Glitch: some ESM errors, simply overridden by using my paddles.

Two fellow NV's heard: W7RN before I was ready to transmit, and N7XM in a good

Looking forward to working everyone again soon.


KV4FZ   Single Op HP   1,5342010-10-28 06:36:40
Conditions here for the SP warm up were very poor. It was very difficult to
work any DX in Europe but did have a coupe of near 10 KM contacts, several
KH6's, and a really long distance contact with ZL3IX. Tropical QRN was not a
problem but signal levels were just very low. Even the East Coast big guns
were only slightly above the normal noise here. I hope conditions this season
get better as they could not be much worse as exhibited by the warm-up.
K9MMS   Single Op LP   1392010-10-31 20:49:07
Storms Saturday night resulted in persistent, very high noise level and very
frequent static crashes. Receiving antennas and the usual receiving "tweaks"
did not help much. Almost every QSO required my asking for repeats. Very
disappointing conditions. I quit after less than 2 hours of terrible
conditions. Sure hope the band is quiet for the real TBDXC in December.