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RAC Canada Day Contest   2007   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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AA3B   M/S HP   61,6442007-07-01 07:41:53
Me + packet. I had to travel on Sunday or I would have been on longer. Nice

73 Bud AA3B
G4FKA   SOAB/CW LP   762007-07-01 13:28:45
Dire conditions in the west of the UK. Nothing heard on 28 or 21. 14 very noisy
and very few stations. Only heard one VE all day and he didn't stay up for
long. A couple of USA, but the rest EU.

Geoff G4FKA
NN3W   SOAB/CW LP   22,4482007-07-01 15:27:35
Playing around in between weekend chores. Good runs on 40 the first night.
NF4A   SOAB LP   26,3762007-07-01 16:38:58
Sorry I had to ask for repeats....very heavy QRN and nearby lightning storms.
Had to QRT twice due to storms.
W5MPC   SOAB QRP   41,2922007-07-01 17:12:56
First time I have tried a QRP entry for the Canada Day cotest. Despite poor band
conditions I was surprised what 5 watts managed to do. I'm look forward to
trying QRP again when band conditions improve.

73 and Happy Canada Day
Mike W5MPC

Rig Icom 746
Antenna G5RV at 30 feet
Power 5 Watts
NG7Z   SOAB/CW LP   15,5762007-07-01 17:14:10
Had a few hours to play this time but antenna projects and yard work were my
first goals this weekend. With only wires up at this time, it wasn't much fun
to hear so many requests for repeats. My new 4 square hears very well on 80M
but need to improve the transmit antennas for both 80M and 40M. Should have a
beam up by mid July just in time for the IARU contest. That'll be sweet. Thanks
for pulling me out of the muck. There's some good ears out there.
73 Paul NG7Z
VE9DX(@VE1DX)   SOAB LP   162,9602007-07-01 17:19:34
Actually went to SSB for a bit and gave out a few more QSO's there
as well. Total Q''s for the 24 hours was just over 900.
Saturday was far better than Sunday. Had 550 contact by
shut down. When I returned Sunday it was hard going.
Just reviewed the cluster spots. I see I was not spotted from
04:05 GMT til 19:30. Quite a gap. Was spotted 112 times in 24 hours.
Running 30 watts and a vertical
Being spotted keeps the interest up. Surprised to work over 40 stns
on 10 CW more than on 15.
Couldn't get VA7RN or ST to hear me on 80. Both were peaking S9.
Did work several though. Think VF0X may have called also but the
summer QRN was bad.
VE4YU was the only 5 bander. Lots of 4 banders.
Thanks to all that called.. 73 Andy (VE9DX)
All contacts will be uploaded to LOTW shortly.
VE6JY   SOAB/Ph HP   423,5002007-07-01 17:23:46
Haven't done the Canada Day test in a few years but thought I'd give the new
SOABSSB category a try if conditions were half decent... and they were. Thanks
to all those who qsy'd for mults and to everyone for the contacts and good fun.
73 Don VE6JY
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   61,7502007-07-01 17:33:22
* 3 ele. tribander @ 45'
* 40M half-squares
* 80M vertical
* 160M inverted-L
* FT920 + SB221
* N1MM Logger

Flux: 74 | Ap: 5 | Kp: 2 = a struggle.

Just couldn't find the mults I needed, as the low bands were in horrible shape.

Nothing much to hear on 80M (4 mults) or 160M (0 mults), so despite a pretty
high Q count I'll end up far down the list this year again. West coast just
ain't no fun for mults in this one, when low bands are so short, 40M went way
long, and 15M and 10M aren't in the mix this far west. Would have been great to
have ready access to the ON and QC lads. All those unavailable 10-pointers add
up fast.

Note to self: build something decent for 80M again.

The 40M half-squares worked well. Worked F5IN on 40M (EU's a tough slog from
here on that band), and was called by several ZLs and young VK4FRAJ (had to
listen a few times to be sure it was a four-letter suffix).

Did find NU at last, in the final half hour on 20M. Never heard a peep out of
YT or PEI, though (and I looked around for them often).

I thought the VE turnout was low on CW. Just 7 RAC stations and 139 other VEs
worked, total across all bands. Thank goodness for a decent EU opening Saturday
evening. When I had worked all W stations that could hear me, I turned to EU and
had a great time. Small points but big fun.

What is with all the dupes? No other contest produces so many for me, and the
final hour was the worst. Lots of time wasted either working the dupes or
trying to work needed stations under them.

Wasn't bored once in this one, even during long and plaintive CQs -- there were
enough surprises, such as VE8RAC calling in, to keep me in the chair. Sure
appreciated the MANY stations who were obviously jumping in for a few contacts.
Low numbers abounded. Thanks for the points.

Year CW Ph Mults Score
2007: 612 0 25 0 61,750
2006: 445 0 23 0 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 0 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 0 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 0 19,642
HA2MN   SOSB/20 LP   2,2002007-07-01 17:40:47
Massive Sporadic E blocked condx almost all over the contest period. High noise,
short point to point openings featured 20 m this time. However, it was fun and
thanks for Qs.
Rig: TS530SP 100W into an end-fed, 20 meters long wire.
VA7AM   SOSB/20 LP   1,3822007-07-01 17:41:17
Just a part time effort. Had fun!
N3ZL   SOAB/CW LP   23,8002007-07-01 17:51:34
Decided to give this contest a try at the last minute.. I didn't do quite as
well as I was hoping, would have been happy with some more mults. (Where were
they!?) My keyer started to act very strangely, so sorry to all of you who had
to listen to some very interesting sounding (and confusing) CW from me.

I had fun, and will definitely be back to try it again next year. (I'm 17 yrs
old so plenty of time to improve I suppose.)

Rig: FT857 @ 100 watts to a variety of wire antennas.

Happy Canada Day!!


Greg, N3ZL
KD2MX   SOAB/CW QRP   7,3602007-07-01 17:52:40
I always enjoy this contest. Conditions were pretty good for QRP Saturday
night. Too bad my time was limited as that seemed to have been prime-time.
Checked in here and there during Sunday (too nice to sit inside at the radio)
and picked up a few here and there. The bands weren't as cooperative today.
Lots of 4s in the log, probably almost as many as VEs. Best excitement was
VF0X qrp.
WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   64,2602007-07-01 18:06:05
Poor propagation on the high bands and heavy QRN on the low bands, but a good
time nonetheless. Great turn out by our Northern neighbors (39% of my QSO
total). Hope you all had an enjoyable Canada Day.

Special thanks to VE2IDX for 6 bands and VE9DX for 5 bands (missed 160).

Hope to see everyone again in December for the RAC Winter contest.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W1EBI   SOAB/CW HP   9,4862007-07-01 18:09:37
Gave it less than two hours, missed NWT, PEI and YT.

George W1EBI
KØXP   SOAB/CW LP   46,7642007-07-01 18:23:10
Poor high band conditions; heard VE6AO on 15 late Sunday but couldn't get his
attention although he was working others. Low bands were quiet but not very
strong. Thanks to RAC for the contest and to all others for the QSOs.

Rigs: TS-680S, TS-130S (not at same time)
80m inv vee ^ 52'
40m sloper running North
20m sloper running West
150' bent wire with MFJ-949D tuner for 160/15/10/6
KØRC   SOAB HP   103,4562007-07-01 18:45:34
I concentrated on working Canadian stations with only a few US/DX contacts
sprinkled into the log. This was a 100% search & pounce event for me.
Propagation was not terrific, except 10 meters was HOT on Saturday evening and
provided more contacts than 15 meters did all weekend. And the signals were
booming in. The local WX was a major contributor to my distraction from
contesting. It was a nice sunny weekend with mild temperatures. I tuned across
160 meters about 0500z and heard nothing so I went QRT for the evening. I
didn't operate 6 or 2 meters so there's nothing to report on those bands. I
enjoy this yearly event because I get to announce to the VE5 stations that my
mother was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, I never get any
extra points because of that fact!

73 de Bob - K0RC in MN
K3ZT   SOAB HP   7,2802007-07-01 18:52:00
NA2M   SOAB LP   39,1842007-07-01 18:57:13
Fun contest.

Station: Yaesu FT-1000MP 100W
Antennas: 80/160 Inverted "L"
40M Delta loop
Software: N1MM Logger.
K4BAI   SOAB/CW HP   62,0362007-07-01 19:15:34
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Band conditons
weren't very good. Nice 15/10M Sporatic E opening to North on Saturday night.
Low bands were very noisy from thunderstorms in the area. 20 was good at times
to Europe. Also worked ZC4LI, UA9/0, and UN from Asia and ZL1AIH on 20 and 40.
Interesting prefixes called in: SN100S, PC650EDAM. Thanks to the sponsors and
thanks for all the QSOs. CU in IARU and CQ VHF and IOTA later in July. 73,
K6MM   SOAB HP   6,1502007-07-01 19:48:28
Only had a couple hours available this weekend for the RAC contest. Happy
Canada Day to all. 73, John, K6MM
NDØC   SOAB QRP   77,3642007-07-01 19:58:53
Had a lot of fun despite mediocre conditions and my rotator being stuck on ENE.
- A lot of good ears out there, especially on the low bands. It was nice to see
a bit of an opening on 10 and 15 but I missed the first 90 minutes of the
contest due to a family commitment so undoubtedly missed some opportunities

Rig = Ten Tec Argonaut (3 watts out); Heil microphone; N3FJP logging software
Antennas: 3 element triband Yagi at 50 feet and wires for 80 and 40 with tuned

Randy, ND0C
VE2FU   SOAB/CW LP   86,2242007-07-01 20:59:21


K6VVA   SOSB/20 HP   3042007-07-01 23:36:05
Didn't hear many Canadian CW stations the few times I listened.
F5UKL   SOAB LP   13,3642007-07-02 00:59:34
Poor propagation but nice contest. Thanks to everybody who answer to my call.
Best 73.
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOAB/CW HP   25,3442007-07-02 02:24:37

Antenna:- C/Craft A3S @ 50ft Titanex 160HD
Amp:- ACOM-1000

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.

I started off with the intention of doing SOSB 20M CW only,
but after 6.5 hours I reread the rules and noticed that there
is no SOSB CW category so I reverted to SOAB CW Only.
The idea of doing SOSB 20m was so that I would stand a chance
of getting close to the maximum number of 13 mults, that being
the best band into VE land for me at this time. As it turned
out I was correct in my thinking as I only managed 1 mult on 15
and another 1 on 40 to give me a grand total of 11 !!!!! ah well
better luck next year.

Condx on 10/15/20/50 were ok, but the low bands were dire.

Best hour was 95.

Please listen on freq for a while b4 tuning, sending imi imi imi
or QRL.
I lost count of the number of times a QSO was wiped out by these

73 and hope to cu in the next one, Steve.
VO1TA   SOAB HP   150,6242007-07-02 02:28:44
Always a fun easy going contest. Nice to hear old friends on the bands.
The bands were great Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Should have stuck
with it instead of going to bed. During the day Sunday condx changed. Signals
that I heard were very light.
Thanks to all who called, Hope to cu all in the winter contest....Cheers Wayne
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SOAB HP   296,4602007-07-02 04:38:05
Thanks for calling in. I tried to give as many QSOs to non-Canadian stations as
I could in thanks for your participation. 10m at 000UTC was a huge surprise.
See you all next year. - Art VE3UTT/W1AJT
VO1HE   SOAB HP   58,8122007-07-02 04:47:42

Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : MIXED
ARRL Section : NL
Club/Team : East Coast Canada Contest Club
Software: N1MM Logger V7.6.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 LSB 16 166 4
14 CW 32 138 5
14 USB 282 1364 12
21 USB 8 40 3
28 USB 92 320 5

Total Both 430 2028 29

Score : 58,812

Rig : FT-920
Amp: Heathkit SB-220
Antennas : SteppIR 3 element beam and 80M dipole

Soapbox :

The weather was pretty good so never took a lot of time to operate in the
contest. Mostly at night and early in the morning.

Nice to see 10 open up at the start of the contest. 6 was open as well but I
chose 10 to start on.

Found a RF leak into my DVK on 20M. Going to have to do a major search for

Never heard Nunavut but got everywhere else on at least one band. Nice to hear
a lot of the RAC calls on as well.

Thanks for the Qs.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
N4GG   SOAB/CW HP   22,9202007-07-02 05:09:51
Always a fun time at the start of the summer contest drought. Got chased off
the bands both evenings by local thunderstorms and the QRN otherwise was bad.
Nice to have JAs and EU calling in on 20 - there are a few sunspots out there.
15 was PW and 10 non-existent. This is a good contest for SO2R practice or
proficiency maintenance. Thanks to our neighbors to the north for a well run
2X FT1000MP+Inrad+Acom2000A, Writelog, wires-in-the-woods
K2ZR   SOAB/CW LP   11,0722007-07-02 05:53:41
FT-900 @ 75 watts with 450' EF Wire and 650' CF Wire.
Had fun in the 6 hours I had to operate. Grandkids and family prevail.
Dick, K2ZR
VE1DHD   SOAB/Ph LP   105,6882007-07-02 06:42:00
I always enjoy the RAC contests and this one was no exception. However, I found
band conditions to be terrible for anything above 20-metres. I didn’t hear
anything at all on 10 and although 15 was surprisingly good in the
mid-afternoon, there were only a couple of stations there calling CQ, so it
does pay to go and listen every now and then! As for 20, it was great on
Saturday evening (0000Z July 1st), but it seemed to become quite erratic in the
afternoon on Sunday. Late in the afternoon a very long skip developed and
Ontario just disappeared for me, but the west and even Europe off the back of
my beam came booming in. Go figure! All things considered, it was an
excellent contest, BUT, again, if it were not for our American friends, the QSO
numbers would be way down. Just as an example, of the 871 contacts that I made,
45% were with Canadians; 53% with Americans and 2% with Europeans.
W2LHL   SOAB LP   38,6282007-07-02 07:13:36
MB and PEI has me worried for a while.
Missed VE8 for sweep.
If lucky, will be back for Winter Contest.
VE3JI   SOAB LP   110,5922007-07-02 07:32:39
A little lower activty this year but really glad to see how many US stations
were on to helps out this year, over 25% of my log was US Qs and 2% DX. Lots
of fun as usual
N4AF   SOAB LP   47,6562007-07-02 09:14:46
RAC Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2007-07-01

CallSign Used : N4AF
Operator(s) : N4AF

Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : FM15

Name : Howie Hoyt
Address : 549 Bluebird Tr
City/State/Zip : Blounts Creek NC 27814
Country : USA

ARRL Section : NC
Club/Team : PVRC
Software: N1MM Logger V7.6.0

Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 18 116 3
7 87 460 8
14 169 860 10
21 27 160 5
28 17 106 2
Total 318 1702 28
VE3XD   SOSB/20 LP   20,8402007-07-02 09:28:55
Despite an S9 noise level from a new neighbour (need to check this out) I
managed my best rate ever in a RAC contest. 200 Qs in 2 hours (130 in the first
hour on phone). That was all the time I had this weekend to devote to the
contest but thanks to lots of activity in the first two hours it was time well
spent. Thanks to all for the contacts.

73, Don VE3XD
KN4Y   SOSB/15 LP   4,1222007-07-02 09:50:33
Ran single band and was doing good until band crashed Sunday afternoon, lost
last 2 hours due to storms in area. Ran only CW and could have used more VE's
on CW.
VA2SG   SOAB LP   176,9002007-07-02 10:10:25
TS570DG, TS480SAT, 2 Butternuts, DX doubler interface.

Less Q's than last year but many more mults! Another FB RAC contest. Tnx to all
those who called me. Nice to see Yukon and Nunavut on the air again!
ES1GF(VLADY)   SOSB/20 LP   9,0002007-07-02 10:18:54
Nice Contest!Tnanks to all who worked me,see you again 73! de Vlady(ES1GF)
N4PN   SOAB HP   549,3182007-07-02 11:12:39
Thanks to the organizers of RAC Canada Day. Plenty of activity during this
time of the year. Lots of storms in the area Saturday night and most of the
day on Sunday. Shut down twice for short periods of time due to lightning.
Rain so badly need here that no one complained.
Thanks to the many stations that were so willing to moved to different
bands and modes. Also, to the stations that traveled to others locations
and nice to work Nanavut with more than one station showing up from there.
Worked quite a few from VE8 and one from VY0...The VE3's and VE2's just
kept on coming...with plenty of activity from all Provinces.
73, Paul, N4PN
N8FE   SOAB/Ph HP   8,6062007-07-02 11:13:22
Could only operate 12 hours due to work and had to install and test coax on the
10-80 vertical (thank you John K8UP). Needed it for 40 & 80. This is my 3rd
solo contest and my first trying a "Run" alone. Had a great time and learned a
lot. Thanks to all the great operators out there (you know who you are!) This
makes me more than 1/2 way toward WACAN.
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   154,3202007-07-02 11:29:42
160, 40 and 15 were disappointing - bonus was openings on 10 and 6. Nice to see
so many US ops in the contest as well as Cdn and US ops just providing a few
extra points for contesters. Overall conditions not the greatest, but had lots
of fun anyway. Antennas (up 35 ft): 132' inv-OCF dipole (160-6), 20M Par
end-fed sloping dipole, and 6/2/440 vertical (Jetstream JTB4). Radio: Knwd
TS-2000. 73 and tnx to all contacts (esp. NU).
VE4EAR   SOAB/Ph LP   100,2602007-07-02 11:57:25
Wish I could have put a fuill effort in during the second half. Being Canada day
there is the typical familiy obligations and radio contesting just isn't high on
the lost of family priorities.

What strange conditions! Started out with a good sporadic E opening on 10m.
Considering 6m had been wide open most of the day, its a shame that other ops
didn't give 10 a listen early on.

After 10 dried up Saturday night, moved to 20. Perhaps I stayed there too long
because when I went to 40, it was pretty dead. I was woprried since the only
resort was to go to 80 and I feared that typical summer conditions would make
80 very noisey. Dropping to 80 I was shocked to find the QRN was very low and
there was no lightning crashes. I thought the antenna was dead but I was
hearing plenty of VE sigs in the phone band. Worked what I could and then
before pulling the plug, just popped up to 20m. I was shocked to find the band
open to Europe (0500 GMT). Signals weren't strong but did manage to work a few
DL and SM stations over the pole. Heard others but with a 100 watts and a
dipole, wasn't going to be heard over the kw crowd.

After about 6 hours of sleep, hit the rig before the family awoke but was very
dissappointed in the results. No one on 80, high QRN, worked a fe on 40, and 20
was closed.

20 opened normally, hearing the Carribean, east coast and a few power houese EU

Kept an eye on 6 and 10 but the previous days sporadic E opening didn't repeat
itself. To my surprise W0BH asked me to try 15m and I was shocked to find it
open north and south. Eventually managed to raise a few VE7 and VE6 stations
out west but it appears many didn't give 15m a try, assuming it was likely

Still had fun, wish I could have worked the closing 6 hours. Did manage a
couple firsts this year.

- First Canadian contacts on 10m
- First VE5 on 20m, normally skip is too short but worked at least 6 with big
sigs this weekend.

Nice to hear the other VE4's out there. The tower and beams are in the garage,
just waiting for the zoning variance and then I can start construction.
Hopefully better conditions and a bigger signal next year!

73 all

VE3WDM   SOAB/CW LP   1,4562007-07-02 12:03:20
Was only able to get on for 3 hours but had fun brushing up on my CW.
YV7QP(VIC)   SOAB/CW LP   7,1402007-07-02 12:48:43
ICOM 735
PWR: 100W
ANT: Dipole, YAGI AND R7
FB Contest!!
AB2E   SOAB HP   46,5122007-07-02 12:56:36
I never realized there was so much activity in this contest before! Great fun on
Sat evening. Have to remember this one next year!
Thanks to all who worked me.
73 Darrell AB2E
K7QQ   SOAB/CW HP   97,3842007-07-02 13:15:21
Not enuff 15 activity, was open most of the day Sunday.
NA4BW   SOSB/20 LP   2,2402007-07-02 17:41:30
Fired up for 1 whole hour then had to shut down due to lightning. Lovely.

73 Brian
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   36,9282007-07-02 17:54:11
K2, FT817, 5w, verticals and dipoles. Lots of fun. Enjoyed the late evening 20m
opening to Russia. QSOs: Cdn 79, DX 82, RAC 10.
N2ZN   SOAB/CW LP   18,0782007-07-02 18:02:20
Good SO2R practice. Condx seemed so-so.
VE6CNU   SOAB LP   284,2562007-07-02 18:11:48
What great conditions in Calgary (relatively speaking)! Saturday evening was a
blast as the QSOs kept coming steadily from one band to another. Why wasn't
Field Day like this? Working two ZLs on 40 CW was just another bonus, not to
mention a bunch of DX on 20 CW at various times on Sunday. My analysis showed
I worked a total of 233 different Canadian operators: 97 in ON, 46 in BC, 22 in
AB, 18 in QC, 16 in SK, 10 in NS, 9 in NB, 8 in MB 2 in NWT, 3 in NL and 1 in
PEI and YT. 15m and 10m were open here for a very short time on Saturday
evening and not at all on Sunday (at least when I checked). Not using
spotting, I'm not sure if I missed any openings - but if I did, I doubt they
were open very long. A special thank you to VE4YU, who always seemed to pop up
when I tried a new band and needed a multiplier.

My stations consists of a Yaesu FT-1000MP (100W) fed to a TH6 at 40', as well
as an Alpha-Delta 40m-80m dipole and shunt-fed tower for 80m. I used N1MM

Thanks to all those who contacted me and hope to cu all next year (or sooner)!

N6HC   SOAB HP   83,3902007-07-02 18:17:42
I enjoyed being the "Happy Canadian" during this contest. I only had limited
time to devote to operating, so I concentrated on the "money" bands. There was
plenty of activity on SSB but I was disappointed with the low level of CW
activity on 40 meters. Happy birthday to all my Canadian friends. See you
next year!
Arnie N6Happy Canadian
VE3AGC(@VE3WG)   SOAB LP   216,8842007-07-02 18:23:39
Over half the Qs before bed Saturday night made Sunday a long, slow day. 15m
opened briefly Sunday morning, but not like 10m on Saturday. It was nice to
have 20m open to Europe late Sunday.

Tnx for all qsos.

VE7NH   SOAB LP   77,0442007-07-02 19:08:13
Last week in the ARRL FD Test, I worked 24 hours straight thru' on CW for
a club, and only had 512 contacts. This week in the RAC I only worked 10 hours
and had 514 contacts. Too many stoppages, such as, favourite TV soaps,
FIFA U-20 World Cup Football, a round of Golf, and sleep. Worst of all
was the heavy Power Line Noises as is usual here. Band condx were not
very good at all. I started out with 10 Watts, but finally had to turn it
up to 100 Watts when things got tough. Some time I may be able to work the
full hours in some contest, but at 79 years of age, it will be tough.
Only had a few DX QSO's from Europe, but from Asia and Africa, nil.
ZL1AIH   SOAB HP   6,9602007-07-02 19:10:06
CTWin wouldn't accept ON as a multiplier so score is incorrect. Fun contest -
shame about the conditions. Thanks for the Qs.
Elecraft K2 plus amp. 500 watts
Quad, 40 and 80m verticals
73, Ken ZL1AIH
K6GEP   SOAB LP   29,1742007-07-02 22:31:19
This is my second entry in the RAC contest. Last year I was stuck on 20m
and this year I added ants for 40 and 80. I doubled my QSOs and more than
quintupled my score.

Unlike last year, I worked a bunch of DX on 20. Nice opening to Europe.
When S&P-ing I chanced upon OX3YY, and worked him, which was a new one
for me.

I couldn't work any VE4's, even though I heard them S&P-ing.
I wish there was more VE activity on 40 SSB. I was surprised I had
a run of VE7's going at 1:30 AM on 75 SSB.

It was a lot of fun wishing our Canadian friends a happy Canada Day.

Rig: FT-990

80 meter dipole sloping down from 50 feet
40 meter inverted vee at 50 feet
Alpha Delta DX-CC Multiband inverted vee at 25 feet (20 meters)

N3FJP RAC Log - Worked well.

I hope to get my 20 meter dipole up with a reflector pointed north for
the IARU test. See you then.
MDØCCE   SOAB/CW HP   32,7562007-07-03 02:21:53
Good fun but prop on higher bands just about nil; listened to 15 and 10 often
but only managed 3 QSOs (thanks Steve for straining to hear me on 15!) and
North America was never heard at all! So much QRN on 80m not many stations
heard, so 20M and 40M were the workhorses. 20M was open all night to North
America, but the paths were pin-point and rapidly changing; a quiet band with a
small number of big signals that would then fade and different ones appear;
very interesting and almost surreal. Delighted to hear VF0X late in the
contest, but never did hear PEI, YT, or NWT. Thanks to the organisers and to
the many who called and to the many friends who stopped to say a few words as
W7DRA   SOSB/160 HP   1762007-07-03 09:34:52
pretty quiet, did not hear many of the regulars, most just stuck their nose down
on 160 and then left in a hurry. the usual gear, an ARC5 VFO, 6AG7/6L6 keyed
MOPA, and a single 211 final to a dipole. rx was an NC183
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SOAB/CW HP   10,5842007-07-04 07:15:47
TS850, PA 500W, 3el @ 25m, Dipoles

Only QRV for the first 4 hours.
K6LA   SOAB HP   191,7542007-07-04 13:12:33
Never worked a VY0 before and got 2.

Couldn't make the time commitment as with prior years, but it was fun while I
was able to be on.

Not a peep heard on 15m or 10m here.

73, Ken, K6LA
WØBH   SOAB HP   281,2482007-07-04 15:09:55
The RAC Canada Day is a really fun, busy contest to work. I missed the 10m
opening right at first (6m was apparently open, too) but was able to move a
number of folks to 15 on Sunday afternoon much to their surprise. THANKS to
all who tried, successful or not! Working VY0 always feels like "DX" to me,
and a nice surprise for me when one called in. Some "genuine" DX as well .. a
YB9 and a VK/m OM and XYL pair (both hams) who chatted a bit as they were
driving along. Also worked first HF contacts from two /AGs.

Overall, worked 415 VE and 103 DX, but was really down on the mults compared to
last year except on 20m. The low bands were just too noisy this time around,
and 15 was open from KS to VE, but few Qs made except for those I moved. Most
Qs (6) made with VE5EPK. Congratulations to Paul, N4PN, for an outstanding

Already looking forward to the RAC-Winter!

73, Bob, w0bh
W6YX(KI6CCH)   SOSB/20 LP   10,5822007-07-05 15:57:40
Operated as a Rookie for this event, tried a bit of S&P, found rates better when
calling CQ.
Had planned to start the contest Saturday, but was prempted by an event for a
fellow ham that upgraded.
Took in about 6.5 hours of steady operation. 20m sounded good early in the
day, the noise levels came up later and bands got a bit more crowded.
All in all, I had fun working the RAC Canada Day event, lots of friendly folks
made contact and wished us the best for our Independence day.
I'll do it again next year.
VE5KO(VE6TN)   SOAB LP   110,6102007-07-10 15:04:05
I arrived at Candle Lake to find that the multiband dipole had broken. I
decided to put up a TH3 beam on a 30' TV tower to improve the performance.
Unfortunately, the beam seems to have a problem so after all that work I had to
go back to the multiband dipole after I fixed it.

The morning the contest was to begin there was a major storm that took out the
power. I started the contest running on battery power. Eventually the power
returned and I was able to resume normal operations. A lot of family visitors
kept stopping by for a chat and a drink, which meant I had to stop contesting
and socialize. Next year with the beam fixed and a bit more focus on
contesting I should be able to at least double my QSO score.

Thanks to everyone for the QSO's and fun!

73' de Barry VE5KO/VE6TN
VE3DC   M/M HP   565,1522007-07-11 14:46:04
SOAPBOX: Band conditions were excellent compared to recent
contests. We were able to get our 40m dipole back
up in time for the contest with some group effort.
The network worked flawless for a change
so we were able to finish the logs without the
usual merging effort so this contest all in all, went
very well for us and we all seemed to have fun
with time for ragchewing among members too.
Thanks to everyone that worked us as well as
those that spotted us. It looks as though we had
a record number of spots so this kept us busy
working everyone and making it more fun.
See you next year.

73 Rick VE3BK
VE5CPU   SOAB HP   368,9402007-07-12 13:25:11
Once again, a great summer time get together for Canada's birthday party on the
air. Thanks to all those who participated and stopped by to exchange a contact
and a quick hello.
VE3BLH   SOSB/20 LP   2,8962007-07-14 17:29:39
I really enjoyed this contest with the limited time I had available. I had 16
DX and 12 VE7 for almost half my total QSO's. The high spirit of Canada Day was
really present in this contest.

Many thanks to RAC as sponsor and to all who participated.

Betty Huider VE3BLH
VE3WIB(@VE3RM)   SOAB/Ph HP   332,4182007-07-20 15:14:21
Great contest as Always. enjoyed it again , Higher bands seemed to open but
everyone stayed in lower bands, could have worked more on 15,10 but no people
came up.

Happy Canada , Thanks to All
W4VIC   SOAB/CW HP   6,3562007-07-31 10:57:25
CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Vic Culver
ADDRESS: 1020 Lyndhurst Place
ADDRESS: Virginia Beach, VA 23464
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V7.5.10
QSO: 14025 CW 2007-07-01 0017 W4VIC 599 1 VE7RAC 599 BC

QSO: 14026 CW 2007-07-01 0019 W4VIC 599 2 VE3KZ 599 ON

QSO: 14024 CW 2007-07-01 0021 W4VIC 599 3 VE9DX 599 NB

QSO: 14029 CW 2007-07-01 0022 W4VIC 599 4 VO1TK 599 NL

QSO: 14034 CW 2007-07-01 0023 W4VIC 599 5 VE3IAE 599 ON

QSO: 14028 CW 2007-07-01 0025 W4VIC 599 6 VE5MX 599 SK

QSO: 14028 CW 2007-07-01 0026 W4VIC 599 7 W7ZR 599 15

QSO: 14027 CW 2007-07-01 0033 W4VIC 599 8 VE7NH 599 BC

QSO: 14027 CW 2007-07-01 0037 W4VIC 599 9 VE2RA 599 QC

QSO: 14019 CW 2007-07-01 0042 W4VIC 599 10 VE7NA 599 BC

QSO: 14020 CW 2007-07-01 0044 W4VIC 599 11 N2ZN 599 39

QSO: 14019 CW 2007-07-01 0045 W4VIC 599 12 MD0CCE 599 33

QSO: 14022 CW 2007-07-01 0049 W4VIC 599 13 VA7RN 599 BC

QSO: 14023 CW 2007-07-01 0052 W4VIC 599 14 K1GU 599 62

QSO: 14024 CW 2007-07-01 0054 W4VIC 599 15 VE2FWW 599 QC

QSO: 14029 CW 2007-07-01 0056 W4VIC 599 16 OX3YY 599 1

QSO: 14029 CW 2007-07-01 0058 W4VIC 599 17 NA4K 599 23

QSO: 14031 CW 2007-07-01 0100 W4VIC 599 18 VE2WU 599 QC

QSO: 14020 CW 2007-07-01 0103 W4VIC 599 19 VE3MIS 599 ON

QSO: 14025 CW 2007-07-01 0126 W4VIC 599 20 VA2RAC 599 QC

QSO: 14041 CW 2007-07-01 0128 W4VIC 599 21 VE1RAC 599 NB

QSO: 14030 CW 2007-07-01 0130 W4VIC 599 22 VY2SS 599 PEI

QSO: 14021 CW 2007-07-01 0132 W4VIC 599 0 VE5ZX 599 SK

QSO: 14026 CW 2007-07-01 0136 W4VIC 599 24 VE2FU 599 QC

QSO: 14027 CW 2007-07-01 0144 W4VIC 599 25 VF0X 599 NU

QSO: 14028 CW 2007-07-01 0148 W4VIC 599 26 VE6CNU 599 AB

QSO: 14024 CW 2007-07-01 0159 W4VIC 599 27 VE5GX 599 SK

QSO: 14023 CW 2007-07-01 0200 W4VIC 599 28 VE3DC 599 ON

QSO: 14020 CW 2007-07-01 0203 W4VIC 599 29 VA7ST 599 BC

QSO: 7024 CW 2007-07-01 0218 W4VIC 599 30 VO1TA 599 NL

QSO: 7021 CW 2007-07-01 0231 W4VIC 599 31 VE2XAA 599 QC

QSO: 7023 CW 2007-07-01 0233 W4VIC 599 32 VE3OSC 599 ON

QSO: 7025 CW 2007-07-01 0236 W4VIC 599 33 VE3FZ 599 ON

QSO: 7027 CW 2007-07-01 0237 W4VIC 599 34 VE2FU 599 QC

QSO: 7029 CW 2007-07-01 0242 W4VIC 599 35 VE7RAC 599 AB

QSO: 7030 CW 2007-07-01 0255 W4VIC 599 36 MD0CCE 599 125

QSO: 7032 CW 2007-07-01 0258 W4VIC 599 37 VE3NWA 599 ON

QSO: 7026 CW 2007-07-01 0305 W4VIC 599 38 VE3JM 599 ON

QSO: 7031 CW 2007-07-01 0310 W4VIC 599 39 W3NX 599 69

QSO: 7034 CW 2007-07-01 0313 W4VIC 599 40 WB8JUI 599 126

QSO: 7034 CW 2007-07-01 0314 W4VIC 599 41 NN3W 599 83

QSO: 7035 CW 2007-07-01 0316 W4VIC 599 42 N9FC 599 89

QSO: 7037 CW 2007-07-01 0317 W4VIC 599 43 NA4K 599 144

QSO: 7039 CW 2007-07-01 0318 W4VIC 599 44 W2YC 599 112

QSO: 7031 CW 2007-07-01 0320 W4VIC 599 45 VE3FGU 599 ON

QSO: 7031 CW 2007-07-01 0322 W4VIC 599 46 AA3B 599 237

QSO: 7030 CW 2007-07-01 0323 W4VIC 599 47 N5KA 599 47

QSO: 7028 CW 2007-07-01 0325 W4VIC 599 48 VE3XL 599 ON

QSO: 7025 CW 2007-07-01 0327 W4VIC 599 49 VE3ATT 599 ON

QSO: 7021 CW 2007-07-01 0333 W4VIC 599 50 VE5AEA 599 SK

QSO: 14027 CW 2007-07-01 0346 W4VIC 599 51 K7QQ 599 11

QSO: 14032 CW 2007-07-01 0348 W4VIC 599 52 VE2IDX 599 QC

QSO: 14034 CW 2007-07-01 0351 W4VIC 599 53 W0RAA 599 4

QSO: 14036 CW 2007-07-01 0352 W4VIC 599 54 VA3OBR 599 ON

QSO: 14039 CW 2007-07-01 0353 W4VIC 599 55 W9OA/9 599 69

QSO: 14026 CW 2007-07-01 0358 W4VIC 599 56 K4LTA 599 22

QSO: 14032 CW 2007-07-01 0402 W4VIC 599 57 W5WMU 599 471

QSO: 14034 CW 2007-07-01 0403 W4VIC 599 58 W7CT 599 60

QSO: 14036 CW 2007-07-01 0407 W4VIC 599 59 K0XP 599 157

VE2IDX   M/M HP   596,2412007-08-02 11:02:53
QTH: Quebec, Orleans Island, IOTA NA-128

At this year team VE2IDX (Igor VE3ZF, Alex VE3KF and Nick VE3FJ)
has been traveled to Orleans Island (900 km from Toronto) with 2 main goals –

to take participation in RAC 2007 Canada Day Contest and represent IOTA NA-128
in the air as better as we can.

Team was operating in Multi/Multi category and it was absolutely amazing
non-stop pile-ups from EU and NA.

Thanks to all who was calling us in RAC Canada Day Contest and hope to see
you next year.

73! Igor VE3ZF on behalf of VE2IDX Contest Team