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Croatian CW Contest   2007   Dec 15   Comment Summary

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SV6CZQ   SOAB LP   43,9562007-12-16 06:17:27
It is my first time where I participate in competition.I was thanked and very
shortly my presence. My conditions of emission were Ic-737, pwr 100W with Inv
vee Dipole.
Tnx all to help me in the air,Takis
K3WW   SOAB HP   108,1412007-12-16 06:29:05
Nice chance to say Hi to the gang, while finishing up Christmas decorating and
watching Ice form on the antennas. 15 meter QSOs at the end were made with 6:1
SWR..20 stayed below 2:1..Antennas still up, except for spare 2 meter far.

73 Chas K3WW
WJ9B   SOAB HP   233,0722007-12-16 06:51:46
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
N5AW   SOAB LP   32,7252007-12-16 07:41:48
Quite a bit of activity in this contest. Several 9A's had good signals on 15 but
only ohter Europe worked there was F. 80 and 160 were a little noisy here.
YT5T(YT1XX)   SOSB/40 HP   54,4042007-12-16 08:19:48
Nice contest. Improved my score from 2005. Contest season 2007 is over for me.
Thanks to everybody who called me. See You next Year.

TS940S, PA 2xGU74 by WX0X, 4 el. cubical quad.

73s de Vaso ..
HG8K(HA8GY)   SOSB/40 HP   100,1702007-12-16 08:46:23
Rig:IC-781 + KW
Ant:2el. beam + Vertical
W4PM   SOAB HP   38,1642007-12-16 09:10:47
Rig: Ten Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600, 400W to 176' CF at 60'

I just played a few hours during the day and evenings as time allowed here. I
found propagation to be down a bit on 20M. I never tried 15 or 10M. I listened
a couple of times but nothing was heard there.

On the lower bands, heavy QRN (a cold front with rain moved in Saturday) made
copy a bit difficult. The big stations started coming through on 40M at 1900Z,
1400 local time, or 3 hours before sunset. Only a few of them could hear me. An
hour later conditions had improved to the point that most stations I called came

Thanks for the Q's. CU next year. This is a fun event, although I wish there
were a bit more activity.

Puck, W4PM
K4BAI   SOAB HP   38,3042007-12-16 10:29:22
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Band
conditions seemed fair. 9A7R was a beacon on 15M, but the only other station
heard there was S54O. Signals seemed strong on 40 and 80, but QRN was a
problem. Thanks for all the repeats on numbers. Thanks for all the QSOs and
mults. Happy holidays and new year to all. 73, John, K4BAI. Hope to work
many of you in the Stew Perry TBDC at the end of the month as W4AN from the
W8JI station.
VE1OP   SOAB LP   71,4352007-12-16 10:32:52
Too close to ho-ho day to spend too much time in the shack at night, so I
originally intended on a SOSB LP(20) effort in this one...However, a nice,
albeit short and squirrelly, opening on 15 m Sunday morning, and a short
mid-afternoon opening to EU Sat afternoon on 40 turned it into all-band
score...Nice to see the SFI up a little, stations were coming from everywhere
late Sat morning on 20...Amazing what can be done with 75 watts with decent

44 9A's logged, nice to see good participation from the hosts...

Thanks for the Q's, Happy Holidays to all...

73, Scott VE1OP
VA3ATT   SOSB/20 LP   1,1252007-12-16 10:40:52
FT-767 and GP
YU1ZZ   SOAB LP   9382007-12-16 11:27:33
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SOAB HP   193,9602007-12-16 11:34:58
TS850, 500W, 3el tribander @ 25m, dipoles @ 25m, half sloper
YU7BH   SOSB/40 HP   17,0002007-12-16 13:36:33
Very interseting contest. Just spend a few hours for testing equipment.
Brane, yu7bh
N4PN   SOAB HP   348,7052007-12-16 13:50:25
This is becoming a popular contest here due to the 24-hour format and
being able to work anyone for points.
Surprise was having CE0ZAA call me on 20m and give me his life history
including making sure I knew he was in Robinson Crusoe land. Contact took
a good four minutes!! Didn't work a single JA station and very few other
Asian stations.
Twenty meters went dead on Saturday afternoon with no signals on the band.
Could work Europe on 40m as early as 3pm local with only a dipole here.
That kept me in the chair until 80m opened. 160m was good but noisy due
to storms moving thru taking the temp from 74 down into the 30's in just
a few hours.
Thanks to all who called and to those that I just couldn't pull out.
Congrats to the Croatian group for sponsoring this event. Emil, 9A9A
of 9A1A was strong as usual. Some really great ops in 9A...and thanks
for those extra points.
73, Paul, N4PN
VE3QAA   SOAB HP   275,6402007-12-16 14:52:28
FT-1000D, Alpha 87 amp, All-band wire antenna (rhombic - not rotateable), plus
Tx array and Beverages on 160.

This contest took place in the worst winter storm this century, with 30+ cm of
blowing snow, high winds, and even snow lightning! Bands were very noisy,
especially low frequencies.

I must learn to work a contest-style pile-up more efficiently, and get a louder
alarm clock! It was still a very enjoyable contest, and will be back next

Bert, VE3QAA
K4DJ   SOAB HP   20,7002007-12-16 15:45:34
Enjoyed the contest. Low bands were too noisy to make myself be heard.

TS-570DG, AL-8l1H, low A4S, R7, Inv. V, N1MM
9A1UN(@9A1P)   SOAB HP   1,688,9602007-12-17 02:34:19
Another nice CW contest behind us, I enjoyed this one very much even I had some
problems 1st hour but than recovered quite well. Very "prehistoric" so2r setup
with two pair of headphones on the head due to failure of audio switch and hand
cw keying on 2nd radio due to Vista as it can recognize any of my USB2COM
devices. Nice to move mults around and mult score is very good compared to past
years and condx on the bands.
Antennas verticals for 160 and 80m, 4el fullsize for 40m, 5el 20m, 6el for 15
and 10m + 2 200m beverages for RX. FT1k,TS930, alpha amp.

Tnx all for qsos, m xmas and hny

73 Dave 9A1UN
S56A   SOAB LP   285,0002007-12-17 03:31:15
Condx were better in OK RTTY but S5 and 9A managed even on 10 m.

MX & HNY & 73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
W1END   SOSB/20 LP   6,8542007-12-17 03:39:48
Conditions on 20M were quite good. The foot of recent snow seemed to enhance my
vertical antenna's performance. Poor (lazy) man's radials? This contest is
really becoming quite popular. It's nice to be able to work everyone.
Thanks to all and happy holidays. Eldon - W1END
N2WN   SOAB LP   16,7402007-12-17 04:44:09
Didn't have a lot of time, looks like the mornings were best...

Happy Holidays to All,
SM6EQO   SOAB QRP   76,7522007-12-17 07:13:10
Rig: Elecraft K2 at 5 watts
Ant: Butternut HF6V vertical (10-40 meters)
End-Fed Half-Wave Dipole for the 80 meter band
YV7QP(VIC)   SOAB LP   25,3922007-12-17 08:29:34
Again the propagation us punishment in the band of 15 and 10 meters. The
openings in 20 were limited to a few hours. At 160 work for a while Saturday
night local, but did not listen to anyone, had a big qrm.
Thanks to the sponsors and participants of the contest .... 73, YV7QP. VIC.

RIG: TS 140S
POWER: 100w
ANT: 160 L inverted. 80 sloper. 40 Dipole . 20/15/10 Yagi 3 ele Triband
Logger: N1MM
VO1HE   SOAB HP   11,5922007-12-17 08:54:16
Bands were not great. Europe opening was not very long on 20M. Hardly at all on
15. 40M was not bad even though my tower is retracted so I wasn't going to get
optimum operation from it. Now it's spun on the mast 90 degrees south of where
it should be. The joys of antennae ownership :)

Heard a few Canadian stations on. I think there was only one last year.

Anyway, hope to CU all in the RAC Winter contest in a few weeks.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
9A1CHP   M/S QRP   2972007-12-17 10:00:30
F5IN   SOAB HP   430,9722007-12-17 10:00:39
Powered by Win-Test 3.18.0
IV3SKB   SOSB/40 HP   30,9152007-12-17 10:40:54
73 Andrea IV3SKB
HA8JV   SOAB HP   788,3122007-12-17 10:53:20
Thanks for nice contest, congrats to rd3a for nice score.
HNY 2008!
73 paul
YL2PP   SOSB/160 LP   4,9402007-12-17 11:27:00
Trcvr = ICOM-751A
Ant = Delta 159m
TNX for contest 73!
VE1RGB   SOAB LP   66,2112007-12-17 16:11:34
Another fun contest. I won this one for LP NA in 2002 so it will be
interesting to see how I do this year. There seemed to be lots of
competition, but it's not always easy to tell who the 100W guys are.

For those who may be interested in the Elecraft K3/100, this was my
first test of the radio in competition. While this contest does not
really exercise the filters, it did challenge the receiver for weak
signal work and provided an opportunity to test ease of operation. I
had great expectations for this rig based on my K2s and other user
reports, and I was not disappointed.

K3/100 #095 is the first in Canada so far as I can determine and it was a kit,
so-called, but it is more of a mechanical chassis assembly job built around a
big RF board comprised of about 70% SMTs, and the attachment of a dozen or
so circuit boards and built-up pre-tested modules. Not like the
3,000 or so soldering points of my K2s. Total build only took a
couple of afternoons including test and calibration. Other than one
bad terminal lug crimp on the PA, it went together with the precision
of a Swiss watch, worked perfectly from first power-on and has kept
going like a trooper ever since.

This rig is still somewhat developmental which is what I expected,
and that makes life very interesting. Two keystrokes on my computer
results in the acquisition and installation of the latest firmware
from Elecraft, every time a new function gets added or an
existing feature becomes improved. Last week, for instance, the AM
mode was enabled for the first time and the Noise Reducer function
was considerably improved. No more whistles and noises now on 5070
KHZ when I'm listening to those wonderful religious broadcasts (Did
YOU know that Santa Claus was a pervert? That's what the preacher said. I had
never thought about those elves before.) Yet to come is the FM mode and, in the
spring of 2008, the second receiver. Elecraft has a list of other
that some of us have submitted and they are turning these around in
near-real time (and updating documentation in a similar speedy
fashion). I think I would like the radio to remember whether I want the
internal tuner ON or OFF by band, by antenna, for instance, and that would come
I think if a couple people were to request it.

I don't intend to contest RTTY, but the rig comes stand-alone ready
for RTTY and PSK RX/TX, with the product displayed on the rig's LCD
and the ability to send RTTY via the paddles connected directly to
the radio. The second station I tuned in while in the Data/RTTY mode
during a quiet moment last night was good ole Rich VA1CHP, banging away
down there on the coast. I would have given him some points but I
haven't enabled RTTY TX yet and wouldn't have known what to say in
any case. What DO these RTTY guys send to each other, anyway?

The bottom line for the K3 is that this is a contester's radio, and
its performance is outstanding. A number of top contesters had
inputs to the design of the radio, and it shows. The ergonomics are
first rate -- no searching around for little knobs at critical times
or delving into the menu to make a change in the middle of a
contest. Everything is right there for you, properly grouped and
ready to go. And the keying sidetone! Finally, oh finally, someone
built a modern radio that has a sweet sinusoidal sidetone like my old
FT-101B and that, coupled with the best QSK I've every used, makes
for delightful operating. The quasi-stereo and binaural audio
effects, and the 8-band RX graphic equalizer features are all icing
on the cake.

Elecraft pre-sold several hundred of these radios before even one
went out the door, with many of us putting down as much as 100% up
front. They have now been hit with a second wave of orders based on
early positive user reports. There are approximately 150 of them out
there now, and the current backlog is April 2008. To the best of my
knowledge, only one of them has gone back to Aptos for rework.

And no, I am not Elecraft staff. I'm just enthusiastic.

73 and best of the season to all,

Gary, VE1RGB
YT5TT(@YT2T)   M/S HP   634,0642007-12-17 17:58:55
OE3KAB   SOAB HP   70,3102007-12-18 00:57:58
Kenwood TS 480 HX 200W
Antennas: 2x 27m Doublet @ 13m, Optibeam OBW 10-5 @ 13m
DKØALC(DL1CW)   SOAB HP   440,1522007-12-18 06:37:20
Probably one of the last opportunities to use the fine Club station of my
company, before it will be dismantled. After few years of abstinence I found,
that the activity has been increased drastically. I never thought that i can
make 1000 QSOs in this event... I was wrong!

Rig: FT1000MP MkV + VL1000 (750W)
Ant: Force 12 5BD (5/4/3ele for 10/15/20m); Dipole for 40, 80 and (misused for
160) all at 35m high.

Merry x mas and nice contest season in 2008!

Arno - DL1CW
9A3MA   SOAB LP   208,2242007-12-20 08:29:21
ANTENNA:horizontal deltaloop/80m

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 9A3MA!
9A5CW   SOAB LP   358,1442007-12-27 06:48:12
Half contest on the air ... enough ;)
After long time agn so2r with s56a interface and win-test...
Ic7400 + ic706 ... kt34xa ... 160/40 m sloping dipoles(USA), 80m L/4 vertical.
Tnx to all for qso's and especially WWYC lids ;)
73 es HNY 2008, Patrik 9A5CW
9A7T   M/S HP   843,4562007-12-27 09:49:08
Conditions were very poor especially on higher bands. 10 meters has never opened
here, I think it cant get much worse. Highlight was QSO with AL7R on 160 meters.
We had lot of problem with snow and high SWR on our spiderbeam antenna.
Considering all problems we are satisfied with our final result. See you in CQ
WW 160 meters Contest in January.