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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2013   Dec 28   Comment Summary

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KO7AA   Single Op HP   7112013-12-28 20:41:03
Cushcraft MA-160V over 90 X 35' radials, Pixel loop RX, 900W

With only 5 khz < 2:1 bandwidth, I just sat and CQ'd X 3 hours.
Too lazy to use the tuner.....

73, Bill in Tucson, AZ
W3DQ   Single Op LP   2362013-12-28 22:15:00
First time on top-band since CQ160 a year ago. No equipment failures, just a
really rusty operator!

The local power company has been replacing the poles in the neighborhood for
the past couple of weeks, and the sight of lots of bucket trucks and crews on
my street this past week did not leave me with a good feeling. I was
right...the noise levels were unusually high, making this Stew more of a test
of the environment than anything even remotely competitive.

Time to call the power company and get the RX antennas working!

It was fun nonetheless!

73, Eric W3DQ

Orion 565 (low power)
inverted-L @70 feet
N2CU   Single Op QRP   1,3022013-12-28 22:23:22
Poor conditions here. Couldn't get through to Europe or CE1/K7CA like I did in
previous years.

K3 @ 5W, 46' inverted L, K9AY loops, N1MM

Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
DF1LX   Single Op LP   5982013-12-28 22:25:08
100W - TS590S - 80m Dipol (10m up) only tuned via internal tuner - thanks for
QSOs - it worked very well with this "small" not 160m antenna.

See ya next yr HNY
E7DX(@E77DX)   Multi-Op HP   3,7152013-12-28 22:25:09
New setup worked excellent, but somebody switch condx off !!!

Thanks for QSOs and Happy New Year!!!

WB6JJJ   Single Op HP   3522013-12-28 23:24:31
I used my 160 meter dipole at 50' this time... (ends at 10 to 20 feet off of the
ground - out in a pasture)
My best Dx this time was the V.I.
Thanks for all of the Qs and KBs.
K9OM   Single Op HP   1,1222013-12-29 00:03:40
Fun contest. Heard about 25 EU stns but only about 7 of them heard me! Signals
were rather weak, which I guess is to be expected this time during the SS cyle.


Dick- K9OM
VE9AA(@VE9AA/M)   Single Op LP   2362013-12-29 00:35:11
Mobile 160 anyone? Mobile is a lot like work on Top Band, (I don't recall it
being this hard) - whew !
A few days ago I thought I had this all figured out; I would dig my HS-1800/PRO
out of the snow, put it
on top of my spacious Subaru Wagon, add a coil and all would be right with the
world. I'd kick back and relax a bit, make a couple
hundred Q's and take it easy.
Uh-uh. Wouldn't work. I had water or corrosion inside the '1800 so as soon as I
would mount the thing I'd sometimes
get 1 or 2 spins of the motor and it would freeze and seize (-25*C here.)

Enter backup plan (grudingly, after messing with it for 3 days). Use the
smaller mobile antenna on the MINI and, THEN all would be right with the world;
Nope! That antenna was froze as well. I had it parked on 20m for the past few
months and it wasn't budging.
Brought it into the garage, thawed it out for a few days and then put it back
on the car, but couldn't get it on 160m, even
with my handy-dandy, plastic coffee can coil inspired by W1BB/m QST cover page
in the 70' an aside, I last used this
very same coil atop a Webster BAndspanner in the mid 90's enroute to VE1PZ for
CQ 160m. IIRC I worked 4 or 5 countries
while driving there and back with a straight key strapped to my knee, a FT-101E
and a Ford Escort Wagon. I recall getting bit by the metal
case of the 101E, so RF was sizzlin', hi.....This time at least the car was
stationary, but able to move.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, I had to redo all the capacity hat
wires on top of the coil as they had mysteriously come unhooked inside
the can over the past 20 years. Imagine ! Quality stuff I tell ya.

So,I finaly get it all working in the middle of a snowstorm and leave it.

Do the RAC Winter and have almost no gas left in the tank both literally and
figuratively. Do a brief stint after the RAC, take a break, come back the car
then closing in on midnight I worry I might fall asleep in the car and suffer
CO poisoning so I leave the windows down a bit and just do short stints.
Midnight.....have to go to bed. I am beat.

Get up (a little late) for EU sunrise and no matter how fast I rev the engine I
cannot get DL5AXX's attention. He is peaking about way to get him.
What a lovely signal. I hear SE0X calling someone and he nearly is S9, but
never hear him call CQ. W1's are no trouble. Anyone over s9 here is usually
The W1's are all 20-30-40/9 so I worked pretty much all of them. MOst all 2's
and 3's as well. W4's are very thin on the ground.
Suprisingly, N0NI is worked fairly early on with only a couple of repeats.
Toni has great ears !!
K9NW has persistance and we take probably 20 overs to complete but he has
endurance. Thanks man !!

At 3:30am when I get up and out to the car I can hear K7RAT CQing. Not sure if
Tree is piloting this stn, but at times he is loud. I mean like 589 loud, but I
can't get a QRZ.
Dang. EVery time I tune past I call though just in case. One time he hits S9
and after many (and I mean MANY!!!) calls he puts my call together and we
complete, probably for
my best mobile DX to the west to date and for sure during the STEW. Again,
thanks a lot for your patience !!

Finally @ 4:21am I need to go back inside and back to bed. These 62 contacts
in 4-5 hours were likely as hard as my 1100 in 14 hours previousl in the RAC

Thanks for all the contest contacts all year long. This was my 129th this year
and one of my favorites. I try to do something a little different in this
contest every time out.


Mike VE9AA, 2009 MINI COOPER, FT-857D, SD-330 with plastic coffee can coil and
wire cap-hat... and my ol' buddy N1MM riding along with me.
F5PHW   Single Op LP   2022013-12-29 01:49:14
Only few free time to do this contest.
Work all stations in EU.
Had run with fun.

Heard 2 stations from Russia but not able to work them.
Heard quickly K3WW (or similar) and heard well K1LZ (559) but he had a big
pilup so impossible to work him with my LP.

Congrats to all DL stations, they were very active !

Best 73 de F5PHW Phil

K3 100W
Inverted L (length 24m) up 8 meters
N8XX   Single Op QRP   5682013-12-29 02:14:37
Good Conditions. Best personal claimed score! Maybe I should put up something
other than a "cloud warmer" antenna?
AE4O   Single Op LP   1672013-12-29 03:34:41
Ten-Tec Eagle @ 50W. Random wire. N1MM. S&P. Thank you.
GM4AFF   Single Op QRP   6112013-12-29 04:06:01
In spite of what seemed like auroral flutter on many signals, I still managed to
work some good DX which susprised me. Thanks for all the QSOs, but many heard
and not worked. I just operated until I got tired - no energy after Christmas,
but great fun as usual!
Elecraft K3 5 watts, K3LC top hat vertical, 2 bevs and 2 ewes.
Score submitted here is the basic WinTest score without adjustments.
NR4M   Multi-Op HP   3,1282013-12-29 04:08:54
Well, Darn...

K7SV and I got our 'wires' crossed and wound up going over time badly. He
thought I started last and I thought he was going to take a couple of hours off
in the wee hours. Only missed it by about 50 minutes.

Of course, this means the 2 VK6's (38 pts each0 and the ZL don't count!

This will either get cut off at 14 hours or become a check log. Either way, it
was fun.
My receiving array seems to be working again after a major water issue. For as
well as they work, I still seem to be listening the wrong way when someone
calls. 'Bout wore the switch out...

Thanks to all that worked us. And, look for you in the CQWW 160.

73 from the Goat Farm
de Steve, NR4M
N4DU   Single Op HP   1,1142013-12-29 05:00:58
Inv-L up 60 ft with 500w. My best DX count with 22 countries. Thanks for the
QSO's. Jim
DL6FBL(@DR1A)   Single Op HP   3,2372013-12-29 05:32:31
Contest started slow. Rates were down from last years. I felt there were a lot
of Russian stations missing (KO and LO squares). Just worked two UA9s not very
far away. No UA0. Managed JA3YBK at 2012z and JH4UYB at 2103z. Nice surprise
was VK6DXI (OF88) calling in at 2109z for 29 points and the ODX of 14034 km.
JH2FXK called in at 2128z, and that was all about East.
First W/VE was W1WEF at 2136z. Worked KV4FZ at 0144z and NP2X at 0154z. At
0300z HD2RAE (EI98) called in for 21 points and an avg distance of 10002 km.
FM5CD at 0324z was easy, but I never managed to get CE1/K7CA's attention
although I had parked him in the memory and tried every now and then.
The only Africa QSO was EA8/IK1PMR. We don't have a Beverage down there, and
the Dipole was broken, which I just found out 10 minutes before the contest
(the coax was torn off from the feedpoint...)
After all, 177 W/VE stations went in the log with N5UL (DM82) and 8461 km (17
points) the farthest West, followed from 16 pointers N4OGW, WD5R, N4IS, W5LE
and KB5DJX. Another 25 stations were >7000km and we exchanged 15 points :-)

The QSO total is down about 30 from last year, but the raw score is about 200
points higher.

HNY to all!

73 Ben
N4OGW   Single Op HP   1,5462013-12-29 05:34:36
1500W to 100 foot shunt fed tower, 6 vertical array for receive.

I didn't stay up for EU sunrise but conditions at my sunrise seemed good.

K8FC   Single Op HP   2,4182013-12-29 05:41:04
Operated my home station from 1500 miles away. The
first time I have ever operated a major contest remote.
Eveything worked flawless. Wish I had a bit more experience with
the station remote operation as the score might
have been a bit better.

Highlight of the evening was just before the end of the contest
when VK6 answered my cq. HNY to all.
YT1HA   Single Op LP   2962013-12-29 05:43:00
Tnx FM5CD for new one on top band.
HNY to all!
73 Zik
K3WW   Single Op HP   2,9732013-12-29 05:48:07
First ever 160M VK run. VK3 called in followed by 2 VK6's within 5 minutes then
another VK6 ten minutes later. I hope they were all QRP guys.

Still take a nap after EU sunrise in 160 events.
K1HTV   Single Op LP   1,8352013-12-29 05:48:30
Prop was OK. A coastal storm didn't produce too much QRN, so was able to work
some DX. Highest point QSO was with UY0ZG (26), then CE1/K7CA (24). Got 22
points each for QSOs with E7DX, HA3OV, OK2W and KH6LC. A Q with SE0X produced
21 points.

Ran the K3 into a shunt fed, house bracketed 77 ft tower for both TX and RX.

Many Happy New Year greetings were passed from many friends I worked.

73 & HNY to all Topbanders
Rich - K1HTV
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   2,4022013-12-29 05:50:02
When the going gets tough,
our beverage antennas just not
good enough to take OLD out of the process.

It was only with a lot of help
that I was able to get a ZED ELL,
couple VEE Kays, and a few Jay AAAs
in the log.

Considering how those guys stuck with me
until I got them in the log,
might be considered Assisted???

When the chickens come off the roost
and VE1ZZ checks in,
I know this game is almost over for another year.

Doug, n5ect
cw op at wd5r
W4GV   Single Op HP   3832013-12-29 05:52:28
Nice contest - first ever op and/or entry. Thanks to all for the Q's. Nothing
impressive here but enjoyed adding to my 160 QSO totals.
Station - FTDX-9000D, ACOM 1500, PalStar HF-Auto, microHAM Digi Keyer II,
MapleLeaf Studio "QSO-KING" 160-6 meters 1.5 KW end fed 120 ft
sloper, Heil Pro Set Elite, WriteLog Ver 11.15A
AG2AA   Single Op LP   502013-12-29 06:04:48
I only operated a couple of hours, made time for breakfast, and the band was
kind of noisy. Still, I had fun!
VE3GTC   Single Op QRP   8582013-12-29 06:08:51
Good contest, lots of activity. My compromise "up and over and down
again" inverted U wet string of an antenna worked quite well. Heard many
Europeans and even managed to be heard well enough to hear them repeat my
callsign but not well enough to complete the contact. 160M QRP is a challenge
and requires patience and many repeats; many thanks to all those that stuck it
out to complete the contact. After many years of not being active of 160M I
find Top Band is addictive as ever.
NO3M   Single Op HP   3,6202013-12-29 06:15:51
Weekend full up ups and downs. Started things off by stirring a hornets nest on
the mailing lists...

A few software issue along the way, including Four Square control program. It
worked great through the ARRL160. Since then, only changed appearance, no
logic, but it would stop taking any input to switch directions after 5-10
minutes and need restarted.

QSO total way down from last year, but felt like the DX activity was way up.
Worked at least 105 EU, but most where throughout the night, only a handful at
their sunrise?!? Got some real action near local sunrise with a VK3, three
VK6, and three JA! I was aimed and listening toward JA, but wasn't expecting
to really work any.

Also worked at least three KH6/7 and two KL7s. KL7RA solid when he called in.

Few more projects, bugs to fix, etc., before the next one.

73 Eric NO3M
VE3MM   Single Op HP   1,0472013-12-29 06:25:23
Lots of fun. Best qso was getting called by VK3IO while running.
N5RZ   Single Op HP   2,3172013-12-29 06:27:42
Condx very poor to EU & JA. Only 4 EU & 2 JA worked. A lot of rapid
QSB on Stateside Sigs, but good activity. Always a fun time. Thanks to all
for the QSO's.

Elecraft K3 + SPE Expert 2K-FA + Inverted L
Hi-Z 8 Circle Receive Array
N1MM Logger

73, Gator
NW2K   Single Op HP   2,0722013-12-29 06:28:59
500W, one radio, inv L at 60' with twelve 70' radials on ground. Three
Beverages (EU, W, S).
KV4FZ   Single Op HP   3,2142013-12-29 06:29:02
After a week in the hospital for some intestinal surgery and another week on my
back at home trying to get my strength back I should have stayed in bed. The
TBDC this year was and exercise in brutality for me. part of the contest I
tried to operate standing up since nearly 50 metal staples in my gut reminded
me constantly that this was not the time to be hunched over the radio for 10
hours. The Stew Perry TBDC is my favorite contest and I normally like to
operate around 1825 with the run VFO and do some S&P for multipliers or
weaker DX. This was not possible since another local station less than a mile
from me set up shop smack dab in the middle of the DX area with a wall to wall
CQ machine. It is normally bad enough with tropical noise most of the time but
this constant pumping of the noise floor across the band pushed me down to
around 1811 Khz to try and squeeze some contacts into a few seconds between the
endless nearby CQ machine. My EU Beverage bought me a bit of relief to EU
stations since it has a good deep null toward the CQ machine station but
S&P was out of the question for the most part. The end result was
disappointing hearing sometimes many stations calling with only chopped up
partial calls. Finally I turned off all pre-amps and cranked in the
attenuators to limit the noise floor pumping and was able to maintain some
decent runs but with numerous repeats. However the fact remains that most of
the time I was essentially deaf on RX. Thanks to all who stayed with me on
finishing a contact and those that did not just abandon the efforts in
finishing the QSO's.
W1UJ   Multi-Op HP   5292013-12-29 06:30:44
160 163 0 529 3.2
KØRI   Multi-Op LP   1,1932013-12-29 06:35:38
IC-7700@100w into T-antenna 40ft vertical 140ft flattop.
ALL S&P op
N1IX   Single Op QRP   8672013-12-29 06:40:58
It's really a challenge working QRP on the topband. Many thanks to everyone who
dug my signal out of the noise. Especially KH6LC!! It was really a thrill to
work Hawaii from Fn42 on the east coast QRP!!
W7RH   Single Op LP   2,6812013-12-29 06:45:08
Wow! I made it through the contest without falling asleep!

Band conditions were only fair. No EU even though the band was open to Europe
almost all week prior to contest. This is the first contest since 2005 I did
not even hear a peep!

Thanks to the many who hung in there during some really deep fade conditions
late in the test. Thanks to the JA's, RA0, Al CE1/K7CA, HD2RAE, and ZL3IX for
QSOs. Throw in KV4FZ, several KP2 and KP4s, KH6 and KL7 for making it worth

See you all next year! 73 Bob W7RH
NM5M   Single Op LP   742013-12-29 06:45:31
If you heard me then you hear well. NO3M was probably the my most distant
contact and copied my call and info the first time it was sent. W9RE and N8BJQ
also heard me 1st call. My first SP. (I am using a wire off center fed dipole
laying on the roof with the shield of the coax disconnected so that the tuner
will tune on 160).

KR2Q   Single Op QRP   5942013-12-29 06:49:10
I started vacation from work about 2 weeks ago. On Monday of the first day of
vacation, I got a head cold. It's still hanging on, so I'm feeling pretty
lousy. I'm sick of being sick.

On Saturday around 2100z, I decided to get on for Stew. My SWR was terrible.
When I went out back, half of my antenna was missing, ripped off at the coax.
We had high winds and tree removal here lately, so I guess the antenna took a

So I pulled out my 1000 foot spool of 16 gauge soft copper wire and made a
counterpoise. Just one. At 2140z, I went back inside and the SWR looked fine.
1.9 to 1 at 1800, 1.5 to 1 at 1830, and 1.4 to one at 1860. I have the single
radial or counterpoise about 2 feet off the ground, held up by some plastic
lawn chairs and a fiberglass saw horse. Pretty funny, but works.

As expected, I didn't work much with my crappy antenna and QRP, but I did have
some fun, handed out some points (with a surprise mult for probably most of my
QSOs who didn't know I was QRP), and managed to occupy myself for about 5 and
half hours, including about 1.5 hours just before sunrise Sunday when my cold
woke me up at 1000z. I was actually able to run on 1845. Well, at least I had
15 guys answer my CQs.

W7s never heard me. Nothing at all. Nothing from KV4FZ or FM5CD either. N0NI
continues to hear me on one call. He is over 1,000 miles from me. A few others
in that distance range take time, but finally do hear me after multiple attempts
spaced out over hours. Finally worked WD5R this morning without any issue at
all. Same with N4OGW. Both pretty far from me in NNJ.

If you got my callsign, but had trouble getting my grid after multiple attempts
and you ended up not giving me a TU or R or something like an ack, you are not
in my log.

Rig: Elecraft K3/10, running at 5 watts output.

Ant: single quarter wave wire up and over a tree - headed back towards earth
with a single quarter wave, slightly elevated counterpoise wire.

Thanks to everybody who heard me.

de Doug KR2Q
K4BAI   Single Op HP   6142013-12-29 06:59:15
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Conditions seemed pretty good. Was
called by C6ANM. Heard E7DX very strong, but didn't stay up late enough for a
chance at European QSOs. Thanks for all QSOs and Happy New Year. 73, John,
K1TN   Single Op HP   182013-12-29 07:01:59
Logged on paper. No idea what score is.
K2PO   Single Op LP   2,5392013-12-29 07:02:09
Drove out to station in the dark to work the first hour of the contest. Found
antenna SWR was high. When daylight broke, I saw one of two tophat wires on my
vertical was disconnected. Made do with a non-resonant antenna for the rest of
the contest.

Score is down a bit from last year, although the QSO count is almost the same.
(Worked only 7 JAs, vs 10 last year - that's part of the difference.)

Logged CE1/K7CA for 30 points (60 for him). Didn't complete a Q with KV4FZ or
FM5CD (but was glad to work KP2/K3TEJ). HD2RAE was a new one.

Tnx to all,

/Bill, K2PO
near Portland, OR
NN4MM(K9MUG)   Single Op HP   1,4342013-12-29 07:05:59
very heavy rain and I had no rx antenna. Otherwise, condx fairly good.

Thanks to all who worked me. It was fun.
OH2PM   Single Op HP   1,1652013-12-29 07:06:48
It's been long time since my last SP contest. Just using an inverted Vee on TX
side, no more phased verticals, too bad, but nice to on top band again in any

See you all in the future contests again,

Pertti, OH2PM
NS3T   Single Op LP   2142013-12-29 07:09:42
Felt good to get back on 160 meters. Just put up an inverted L after Christmas,
and was setting out radials during the hours before the Stew started. The band
seemed down to me overall, as I didn't hear or work anything west of the
Missouri River by 0330z. Heard VE's and zone 8 stations working Europe, but I
didn't hear the EU DX.
K7ZS   Single Op HP   5632013-12-29 07:10:40
Just a tune up for the spring contests!

Band seemed to be in very nice shape, with a great participation level

Happy New Year

73 Kevin K7ZS
WS7L   Single Op HP   7432013-12-29 07:18:18
Condx were pretty good across the continent and to UA0 and JA. The stations I
worked in the Caribbean (FM5CD) and South America (CE1/K7CA + HD2RAE) were few
but fairly strong, with the utterly reliable CE1/K7CA coming in yet again as my
distance leader just shy of 10,000 km for 20 points. I had one period of
extremely high noise, which occasionally plagues me, but it was almost dinner
time so I took a break and then it was gone. Gonna have to find that sometime.

K-line plus top-loaded 15 m vertical with 1-wave loop on ground for diversity

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   5652013-12-29 07:23:01
IC746 + AH-4 tuner, inv. L ant.
HNY, Tom
K1PX   Single Op LP   1,2062013-12-29 07:23:42
Operated 2.3 hours after SS and the 4 hours before SR.
DX worked: KV4, KP2, FM5, HI8, KH6(3)and HD2.

Thanks for the Q' and HNY!

Jim, K1PX
W7FI   Single Op HP   8912013-12-29 07:23:52
1st SP, S&P.
K3/KPA500, Dipole, Pixel loop.
NE7D   Single Op LP   1,2282013-12-29 07:29:29
Opening hour was my best with 33 Q's. A few more Q's than last year, but may
have put in more time this year.

K3, N1MM, MA-160V vertical with elevated radials

73 and HNY de Rock NE7D
N7IR   Single Op QRP   1,8512013-12-29 07:30:36
The band seemed to be up and down. QSB was a problem for most of the night. My
best DX was with JH2FXK. Couldn't get the attention of any of the Caribbean or
South American stations I heard, some quite loudly. Another fun Stew Perry
contest, my 16th.
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
WD5COV   Single Op LP   1,3712013-12-29 07:34:39
This was my first Stew Perry Topband Challenge contest. Fun contest, wish I had
more time to spend operating. A challenge indeed with LP. My best DX was VK6DXI
and VK6VZ 15896km. Worked several JA stations but no EU. It was only fitting my
last Q was with Outlaw Mike KC7V!

73 and HNY
KG7H   Single Op HP   1,8282013-12-29 07:35:46
The best DX was at the beginning of the contest - as it began 30 minutes before
Sunrise on Saturday here in the north Panhandle of Idaho, with many JA, UA0 and
BY. Not a single JA was heard as the contest ended 30 mins before sunrise on
Sunday. The best DX was a 20 pointer to CE1/K7CA. Next was a BD4 at 19 points.
Conditions were good here with minimal noise - mostly S1 to S2. Score slightly
less than last year, and much less than 2009. Best 73 to all de Craig KG7H
WE9V   Single Op LP   6792013-12-29 07:38:43
Awesome conditions. Surprised at how much DX I worked, because they
have to be really loud to be heard over my S9 QRN noise. Wish I
could have heard more.

Congrats to E7DX, 9A5W, G4AMT, HD2RAE, CE1/K7CA, F6BEE, OK2W, and
DL6FBL for their big signals being loud enough to be heard and worked.

Chad WE9V
N1EU   Single Op HP   2,4622013-12-29 07:50:17
I haven't been active in quite some time on topband due to broken antennas so I
can't judge the propagation condx relative to recent norms this season on the
band. Propagation to the west coast seemed quite good. Conditions to Europe
seemed variable: never great, sometimes good, sometimes dead, and usually
marginally open. I ended up working 64 European stations. There was markedly
more noise looking northeast as compared to the other directions from here.
HD2RAE and CE1/K7CA had quite good signals from the south. Thanks to the lads
down under for taking the time to bestow a few nice gifts (34 and 37 points) on
a fairly inactive morning.

Thanks for all the q's and apologies to the many callers I couldn't quite pull
out of the noise.

Orion II/RX366, Acom 2000A
160M Beverage antennas NE,NW,SW,SE
inverted L

73 & Happy New Year,
Barry N1EU
WJ9B   Single Op LP   1,6362013-12-29 07:53:09
Happy New Year, All, and thanks for the qsos!
73, wj9b
NZ1U(KB1H)   Single Op HP   1,4412013-12-29 07:56:21
Always fun. Could not stay awake for Europe waking up Sunday morning. Still
managed about 50 Europeans, some deep into Russia
W2GN   Single Op LP   3502013-12-29 08:04:48
Lots of fun and good incentive to get my inverted - L and Beverage off the
ground and back up into the trees. W2GN
W3UL   Multi-Op HP   1512013-12-29 08:17:17
....just playing around looking for some new DX entities on 160

Band QSOs Pts
1.8 63 151
Total 63 151
Score: 151
W4MJA   Single Op LP   5742013-12-29 08:24:17
Sure had a blast, even if things didn't go exactly as planned. Several dumb
mistakes were made as normal, and I took about 25 minutes for dinner starting a
little after 01:00 UTC. Murphy hit around 03:00 - two connections on the 160
antenna that are designed to come loose in high winds (to avoid antenna damage)
came loose right in the middle of the contest - with no wind. Ran outside in the
pouring rain to fix it, got back in the shack, worked about 5 Q's and it
happened again. Worked about 10 more Q's on my 80M inverted vee (great on 80,
poor on 160) and decided to call it a night.
As usual, I think I worked every ham in FM19. Signals were strong, and the TX
antenna performed better than normal on RX. See you in the NAQP's - will be

FT-1000MP w/Inrad, 75' Heavily top loaded Vertical/ 80M Inverted Vee, Homebrew
AA3B   Single Op HP   1,4112013-12-29 08:35:47
Here's my distance point breakdown:

1 17 Point QSOs
3 16 Point QSOs
2 15 Point QSOs
22 14 Point QSOs
18 13 Point QSOs
2 12 Point QSOs
1 11 Point QSOs
1 10 Point QSOs
2 9 Point QSOs
5 8 Point QSOs
7 7 Point QSOs
10 6 Point QSOs
6 5 Point QSOs
29 4 Point QSOs
59 3 Point QSOs
63 2 Point QSOs
113 1 Point QSOs
K3YDX   Single Op LP   2872013-12-29 08:37:49
First time event for me and I think I will be returning. Good fun. I got on to
casually look for some needed states for my 160 M WAS and found and worked 1.
Time was short due to babysitting chores and head cold but still enjoyed the
time spent.
Antenna - Inv. L with 4 ground radials Rig - K3 and N1MM logger

DH8BQA   Single Op HP   1,3962013-12-29 08:45:04
QSO total including a few dupes. Expected more than our 160m full-size lazy loop
@15m height was able to deliver. Really need some RX antennas for the future.

Most fun was beeing called by VK6DXI & VK6VZ for 2 x 28 points, ufb. JH4UYB
was good for 18 points but remained the only JA. A few nearby UA9's wkd but
RA0FF with 16 points was the only real DX from Russia, thanks for the call.

Greyline at US sunset produced a few surprising QSOs. All in all condx during
the night were better into NA than at our local sunrise where most NA signals
were already gone. From my impression signals peaked between 2 and 3z overhere.
So good to spend the night at the radio rather than sleeping and getting up for
our sunrise greyline. 45 x W/VE with N0NI being the most westerly plus one FM
and KP2 each. Sure a few more callers where I couldn't make out the callsigns
due to missing RX antennas. Nothing heard from Africa nor South America.

All in all most DX was down into the noise, really learned to appreciate the
K3's APF. But still waiting for a firmware update that allows generating key
klicks to clear run frequency and give back what others are putting on us! :-(
Once again a few very bad signals from Europeans making DX +/- a few kHz simply
impossible. :-(

After all quite some fun and a good way to let this contest year end.

73, Olli - DH8BQA
K3WA   Single Op HP   5112013-12-29 08:45:04
Great conditions in the little time I was on. Some Lost my receive antenna
about half way through - Just as the EU stations were getting loud. Continued
with just my inverted L but it was much harder to hear the DX when they called
in. Found out this AM that some critter got near my connection box out in the
woods and pulled apart the coax going back to the shack. Need an extra deer
hunting season right now.
W3EF   Single Op LP   1,0052013-12-29 08:45:17
Good fun! Gotta get those Beverages fixed....
K5OAI   Single Op LP   6082013-12-29 08:45:44
K3 100w (7w ERP) 7' tall HiQ screwdriver @ 20' w/16 radials ea. 13' long
Best distance K7MI 2,499km 1532.0 mi
Started running QRP 5w (350mw ERP), after 1.5 hrs and only 1 contact W0UO,
I went up to 100w (7w ERP) and things got better.
Lots of QSB and Minor Proton Event made for tough copy on both ends.
Love the Stew Perry(s) only contest where the little guy is sought out for his
contact as opposed to only the S9+30 stations need reply, hi hi.
NØKE   Single Op HP   1,2822013-12-29 08:55:41
Good condx within USA, very poor for DX. Here in CO G4AMT was the only EU
station heard and very weak. CE1/K7CA strong as usual. Lots of old friends in
the test. Worked 5 JAs fairly quick Sunday AM and never heard another. KL7RA
plus several of the KH6s active.
VA2WA   Single Op HP   2,5782013-12-29 08:58:04
The best DX is VK6DXI ( 18197 km FN36>OF88).

Thanks for all the QSOs's!

73 es HNY!

KV8Q   Single Op LP   1,3392013-12-29 09:07:25
This event always amazes me!!! It's hard to believe that I can work
so many people with 100 watts and a 27' K6MM vertical with just two
radials. All I can say it that you folks have some real great ears
out there. Heard and missed CE1, ZL, and KH6 along with a few west
coast stations. But, overall, I am amazed. I'm already waiting for
next year to do it all over again. Thanks to all of you in my log.
Rig = TenTec Jupiter. Antenna = K6MM 27' vertical. 73 tom
N3IOD   Single Op QRP   1032013-12-29 09:19:15
This was lots of fun and I do expect to have a better score next time.
Rig FT 817 with 5 watts into a home brew trapped dipole. Copied 41 stations and
only worked 16.
201312 Topband Distance Challenge

Callsign: N3IOD
Category-Operator: SINGLE-OP
Category-Power: QRP
Name: Billnil
Postal Address: 34628 west sherwood drivenil
Frankfordnil, DEnil 19945nil
Log Deadline: 2014-01-13 23:59:59 UTC
Received at: 2013-12-29 17:08:31 UTC
Reported QSOs: 16
Confirmation #: 1464240.stew-perry
VE3CV   Single Op LP   8822013-12-29 09:22:24
Well that was fun! Lost all my antennas in the great Ice Storm of Dec 21-22.
See pics on Got all the Beverages fixed on the 22nd and put up a new
80m doublet for 160m using my gin pole on top of the 40ft tower for 48ft at
apex. Did this during a snow squall on the 25th and finished the balanced
feedline install on the 26th. This WX obviously gave me extra db as I got into
Central and Eastern EU and Chile often with one call. Disappointed the Western
EU sunrise opening did not happen. EU signals got weak and watery around 0530Z
and I packed it in at 0730Z. Glad I worked V5/DL3DXX on Friday night during the
RAC Winter because I didn't hear him Saturday. Great opening to the West had been awhile. Though no KH6 heard. Lots of great ops with good
ears. Thanks for the Qs. See you for CQ160.
Jeff VE3CV
AG4W   Single Op HP   9562013-12-29 09:23:16
FT5000D, AL1200, 58 ft top loaded vertical, 500FT+ NE and 400FT+ NW beverage.
Best contact was Japan this morning at sunrise. I enjoyed putting in a casual
effort this year. Thanks to all who answered my CQ's.

Steve AG4W
W3TS   Single Op QRP   1,4492013-12-29 09:28:28
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
K6ND(N1RR)   Single Op HP   2,3582013-12-29 09:29:01
Thanks to Will K6ND and his XYL Pamela K6NDV for their effort in preparing for
the Stew. Will and Pamela replaced the North/South JA beverage and raised two
of the 4-Square Inverted L wire elements higher. Thank you both for your
hospitality too.

Answered my CQ: V55V, HD2RAE, HI8A, NP2X, C6ANM, VK3IO, VK6VG, K9FD/KH6 and 67
I found these while tuning: CE1/K7CA, FM5CD, KV4FZ, KH6LC, XE2S.

The last Stew I entered was the 2nd annual, so it's been awhile.
- Charlie N1RR
K8MR   Single Op QRP   1,2302013-12-29 09:30:11
An opportunity for a discharge cycle for the KX3 batteries. Conditions seemed
decent, as I heard several Europeans and a KH6. And got beat out by a few EU
while calling stateside guys. But none worked. Best DX was K7RAT.

OTOH I did quite well CQing, and on occasion beat out other guys when answering

HNY to all, see you in many contests in 2014!

73 - Jim K8MR
W7WHY   Single Op HP   2532013-12-29 09:33:18
Fun contest. Think 160 is getting to be my favorite band. Just not enough
time. Get sleepy way too early and can't get up early :-)

73 and thanks for the Q's.

TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~500 watts
Inverted 'L'
KS4L   Single Op LP   3602013-12-29 09:36:28
Elecraft K3/100; 80m Inverted vee @ 45'. Thanks for the contacts!
N4PN   Single Op HP   1,2262013-12-29 09:40:42
Out of town at the in a few hours...
Caught up with 18 countries...
only one 19-pointer (UU6JJ) and one 18-pointer (LZ4TL)
Several 17-pointers including 9A5W, OK2W and E7DX.
Lots of ole friends and some new ones showed up...
Paul, N4PN
KØEU   Single Op QRP   4282013-12-29 09:43:03
Decided to try QRP. Surprised at how well most stations hear on top band. Thanks
Herb KV4FZ for taking the time to pull my weak through for my best distance QSO.
Called the HD2 and CE1/K7CA off and on but never made it.
73 Randy K0EU
NS9I   Single Op HP   6072013-12-29 09:44:15
K3 KPA500 KAT500 INV L
S57AW(@S5ØG)   Single Op LP   1,5332013-12-29 09:55:14
TS-480 remote @ S50G
2 x sloper from the tower

Conditions could be better

73 & HNY
Robert, S57AW
VA7ST   Single Op LP   7752013-12-29 09:55:21
Third-best-ever for me in this one, but no complaints. The inverted-L tied into
the elevated radial fields of three 80M verticals seemed to work just fine -- I
was getting out well enough to be heard out east and far into the Pacific, at
least. Antennas here have a tendency to change from year to year, and it has
been interesting to see what a consistent 100w signal will do with the varying

Worked JA on Saturday morning during the RAC Winter contest, so I had hoped to
pocket some good cross-Pacific DX in the Stew, but it was not to be. Did put
four Hawaiian stations in the log, which was great. I wasn't up late enough for
any JA opening that might have happened early Sunday. Intended to get back on in
the final hour but slept through the alarm I didn't set -- that cost me any
chance at pushing a new personal best.

Thanks to the lads in Boring for organizing this very fun and interesting
contest. Looking forward to RTTY Round Up.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Pts
2013 123 775
2012 92 628
2011 67 273
2010 52 238
2009 108 615
2008 93 420
2007 155 1032
2006 51 133
2005 124 858
2004 43 238
K9NR   Single Op LP   1,5032013-12-29 09:56:44
Great condx Low Noise Great propagation Strong signals from Europe Best DX
was VK6GX! Could have done better but lost about 2 hours of prime time
operating due to family friend emergency.
Thanks to all for all the Q's!
73 de Don Kerouac K9NR
K4XU   Single Op HP   6042013-12-29 09:57:33
Little DX and similar participation methinks. Only 4 points/Q average.
Conditions were quiet but not very long. Good sigs from w7/CE1 but he had a
high noise level. Must have been frustrating for him.
I operated from home. Normally operate from WS7N - out of the city where it's
reasonably quiet.
Rig: K3 + KPA500, Inverted L. 400' NE-SW and 300' NW-SE Beverages.
It's always fun.
HNY and 73,
KØTI   Single Op QRP   3,1022013-12-29 09:59:55
Conditions nice a quite here. Worked most everything I could hear.
Only DX was KH6, KP2 and FM5.
Heard JA, HD2, CE1, VK6 and XE2, but could not get there attention with QRP.
The HD2 started calling CQ on top of me. I knew that was a lost cause and
moved to a new QRG !.

Thanks everyone. The activity level seems to be picking up on this one, making
it even more fun.

The total score is a guesstimate from the average points per qso from last
years results.

Dan K0TI
K3OQ   Single Op LP   992013-12-29 10:08:01
After about 50 minutes into the contest had a high SWR develop on the long wire
that the tuner could not I packed it in rather than causing
problems with the FT2K. Will investigate and be ready for CQ 160 contests.
Rig: FT2K and a 170 foot long wire off the balcony of apartment.
W3LL(ND3D)   Single Op HP   2,2912013-12-29 10:12:28
Thanks to Bob ND3D who arrived from his family Christmas Holiday in Boston just
in time to work this contest!


Bud W3LL
VE3MGY   Multi-Op LP   2,3542013-12-29 10:18:22
With only a few days with a new radio ( K3 ), and New logging software ( WinTest
) hitting wrong keys was inevitable at times ( a lot of times! ). Thanks for
everyone's patience. After over 20 plus years of sending CW by hand the
keyboard was actually a bit intimidating at times and I was quick to reach for
the iambic when I hit the wrong key ;-) As for the K3 - words alone...

Thanks for all the QSO'S

Also thanks Elecraft!!

K7WP   Single Op HP   8062013-12-29 10:19:24
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ Sloper/ N1MM

Happy New Year...!

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   9992013-12-29 10:22:52
Q's 129; Score: I suppose 500-600 incl. LP mult of x1.5 and credits for LP/Q


Conditions were unremarkable. But here and there a gem . first time ever to
work FM5CD - a major challenge for low power from W Coast. Also W1SJ in Vt,
usually difficult on LP. And KV4FZ on first call. But no joy on CE1/K7CA who
is usually easy.

Many, many JA's heard calling W. coast stations who couldn't hear them. One JA
worked . . easy on first call Sat morning -- JA's were still good copy at 0810
local time, 50 mins after sunrise. Ten percent of Q's were in FN/FM. Not a
whisper from Eu.

Just prior to start, located bad coax connection; it had disconnected the
radial field in ARRL 160m -- but I now have a good understanding of the
importance of radials. Problem was evident because of the 1.05:1 SWR . vs.
correct 1.3-1.5:1.

73 Bill n6zfo
OH1RX   Single Op HP   1,1772013-12-29 10:25:06
It was nice to participate SP after couple of years. Condx were reasonable for a
and Madam Aurora was on holidays, too.
CUL in coming contests and in CCF/OHDXF/ERAU Winter Meeting 1st Feb.
see :
Jouko OH1RX
OK3C(OK2ZC)   Single Op QRP   4832013-12-29 10:30:01
GP 20,5m high
1,5 km burried radials
FT-1000MP at 5W

no one UA0/UA9/JA

TF4M, FM5CD (easy QSO), NO3M......thats all DXs
heard many US/VE but condx not good for QRP

hadn't propagation at my SR to US

thanks for QSO

72 Ludek
KX7L   Single Op QRP   2642013-12-29 10:49:10
Just able to spend a little time this yea, Although the noise level seemed high,
propagation seemed good. Thanks to all the FB ops for pulling my 5W through the
K6NV   Multi-Op HP   8182013-12-29 10:55:21
Pretty poor conditions, as usual I never heard any EU stations, nor JA. Very
difficult from here. But KH6 and KL7 are very easy. Was very surprised to
hear the HD2 very loud and got him on the second call, which was my best DX.
The CE1 was in the noise zone and almost impossible to copy so no luck with
him. The east coast was very weak and most were difficult to copy. The
"L" was just as effective for listening as the loop, which is unusual
for here. Fortunately the local noise was very low during the contest.

AL-80b @ 500-700w
Inverted L up 80'
K9AY Loop
W9RE   Single Op LP   4,0522013-12-29 10:58:13
Q's up by 61 from last year (all LP).

Q's Yr
548 2012
565 2011
611 2010
523 2008
615 2007
542 2005

For the first time in the SP I worked a JA for a high of 22 points. Worked 31
Q's 10 points or more.

Used my 7800 and both receivers 99% of the time listening in 2 directions since
my K3 has only 1 receiver. Main transmit antenna is a full size wire vertical
and secondary transmit is a high 80 m dipole fed with open wire line. It
amazes me how well that dipole works. Stations that either couldn't hear me on
the dipole or struggled also could not hear me and had problems hearing me on
the vertical. The downside is that there is so much RF with HP that I cannot
run it without really worrying if the K3 can stand the RF coming back down the
transmit line.

Receive antennas are 2 sets of 8 short verticals (EF/BS W8JI design) one set
for 80 and one for 160. I never used my lone last SE Beverage.

I did get on during daylight using "W9SMC" and only made a handful of
Q's and initially had W9SMC in my CQ but W9RE in the TU message sorry for any
confusion. I first thought this would cost me a few Q's but I don't think it

I gave up a nice birthday party for this event and it was worth it. Many
thanks to the Boring Boys and all who made the effort to get on.

Most stations have good ears with only a handful of exceptions.
CE1/K7CA   Single Op HP   4,4842013-12-29 11:08:59
Always a fun contest but this year was a bit of a grind. Conditions seemed
about 10dB down from last year. Not so much summer QRN but just low signal
levels. Maybe there were a lot of low power and QRP stations. It seemed like
there were always several callers that I just couldn't copy and as much as I
didn't like it (and I'm sure they felt the same way) I had to CQ on top of
their calls until one would pop out of the noise for a few seconds. Sometimes I
would get a complete call and never hear them again and didn't get the grid. A
few times I would hear that station later and get the grid. Special thanks to
all the stations that stuck with it.
In the past I could usually work stations for up to an hour past
sunrise(6:50AM local) but this time when the sun came up, the propagation
disappeared. No Ja stations were heard which is quite unusual, and the longest
DX was OH2BO at 27 points. Only 3 European stations worked.
I usually get good diversity using my 500' beverage and a BS/EF vertical
array, but this time the beverage didn't seem to help much. Have you ever had a
night that you thought the beverage was broke, but really it was just
propagation? Well that was my bev last night. At least it's nice and sunny here
on the beach with all the cold and snow left back in Utah. Hope to see you all
in the CQ160 next month. 73, Al CE1/K7CA
Ten-Tec Titan amp 1200w
44' top loaded vertical w/45 1/4 wave radials
500' beverage to west coast USA and JA
BS/EF vertical RX array to east coast and Europe
9A5W(@9A1A)   Single Op HP   3,8722013-12-29 11:17:48
Poor CONDX. I do not remember when I heard and manage to log a few JAs on Top
Band.Propagation towards USA/VE became a little better on my sunrise when
stations from NM,WY,UT and CA were logged.
Easy to call CE1/K7CA , and thanks to VK6VZ,HD2RAE, HI8A, KV4FZ to come on my

Thanks to all who called me.
Nikola, 9A5W
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   3,7752013-12-29 11:18:35
Good quiet conditions for a change. The Stew is always one of our favorite
contests. Hope to see everyone in the CQ 160 CW in a few weeks.

73 & Aloha
Curt AH6RE, Rob NH6V, Lloyd KH6LC
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   3,3642013-12-29 11:25:30
High power operation from the nerve center of the Boring Amateur Radio Club.

I almost put in the full 14 hours - but just was too tired near the end.

Did not work any Europe this time around - however, conditions seemed excellent
to the east coast and I worked a ton of stations from FN/FM with great signals.
At 8 or 9 points each - those add up nicely.

Almost worked DU7ET who called me - but faded before I could get his grid
square. Best DX was VK6GX around his sunset. Also worked VK3IO, ZL3IX and of
course CE1/K7RA and HD2RAE. Had DU7ET call me - but I did not get his grid
square. Maybe a dozen JAs.

When I first switched to the Southwest beverage, I had a very loud static
sounding noise. That direction requires +12V to be fed down the hardline to
switch some relays to reverse the beverage. I finally isolated it to a length
of about 200 feet of hardline. It did not appear to be the connectors. This
same coax seemed to be causing some kind of arcing when I was transmitting as
well (reported in the first hour of the test). I spliced in another piece of
coax for now and all seems fine - but will be interested in trying to find out
what happened. Likely some kind of contamination at one of the ends.
Reinstalling the connectors did not fix it.

Nice to hear so much activity in the USA. I worked many stations I have not
heard much on this band.

73 Tree N6TR
N9ADG   Single Op HP   1,6232013-12-29 11:30:09
Thank you Boring ARC for a great contest. Started 15 minutes late as I
mis-remembered the start time (Doh!). I put up a new (temporary) beverage at
around 240 degrees the night before the SP, even with that I missed what I
suspect was a good one when a station ending in ???IO called me just before
sunrise. Sorry, I just couldn't get the call before it just wasn't there

Identified a few new noise sources during the contest: shack heater's
thermostat is an effective band blanker, a power supply in a computer seems to
be going bad, the electric car charger in the garage beneath the shack... even
with those dealt with, had (and continue to have) intermittent noise,
sometimes up to S4 on seemingly all antennas. This noise may be a pulse, or can
persist for hours. Day or night. It sounds like something arcing -- I suspect
there's a light filament or ??? going bad somewhere. Sorry if I couldn't copy
you because of this.

Seems like the best DX conditions to Asia were at the beginning of the contest
-- only heard two stations on Sunday AM local (RA0FF, JH4UYB), both of which
were worked on Saturday AM. Enjoyed hearing more KH6 stations than before, glad
that antenna is working. Am going to walk the beverage in the JA direction, as
that antenna didn't produce much.

DX from here included XE, JA, KP2, KL, KH6, BY, UA9, HD, FM, CE; I didn't hear
EU, though worked a couple the week leading up to the contest, and heard HD2
working them in the contest.

Did you work W7QN in the contest? Did you know Joe uses a Hustler mobile whip
antenna from the balcony of his retirement living apartment in Seattle? It
makes me smile every time I put Joe in the log.

Best DX in the New Year!
W8KTQ   Single Op LP   1,0632013-12-29 11:45:07
Had limited time due to family commitments this weekend but still managed 5.5
hours. Put up a 2nd 160M INV L with radials to the NE since the other one is
land-locked in the NE corner of the property. It was fun comparing the two
antennas and the 2nd one worked more DX than the first. Antenna experimenting
is almost as much fun as running the contest! Thanks to all, 73 and Happy New
NX5M(@AB5K)   Single Op QRP   422013-12-29 11:55:33
Was visiting the AB5K qth and handed out a few qsos. Main purpose of the visit
was to check out some amp issues and due to those amp issues I operated very
little and decided to go QRP just for kicks.
WF7T   Single Op LP   1712013-12-29 11:56:58
Was too ill to put much effort into the contest but here is my log in any case
(always send in a log).

EU Sunrise had some very strong signals and one of these days I will work them
EU ops!

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN

Happy New Years to all!


IC7600@100W/10Mx30M Marconi over 760M radials.
WQ5L   Single Op HP   1,0812013-12-29 12:03:35
700W, 1/4 wave inv L, no rx ant

Personal best in SP (mainly due to using an amp this time). Noisy early with
t-storms in the Gulf but eventually got quiet. Not much DX here. Worked only a
couple from EU early, then they were gone, long before their sunrise. Also
worked 4 Caribbean, HD2RAE (loud), and KH6LC. Slept too late for any JA/VK/ZL
opening I think -- didn't wake up until right around sunrise and band was
already fading. 73 es HNY,

-- Ray WQ5L
LY5W(@LY2W)   Single Op HP   2,1492013-12-29 12:04:07
Last contest - 2013. TNX to best contest location in Lithuania owner Arturas
LY2W. In his shack - I know, what I can do much more than in other's :)
Only 60 USA QSO's in LOG. Best from N.A was N0NI (IA), where were all those
every evening dozen's of JA's? Only 8 of them went to my LOG. Few VK also had
some highlights. Nice blast when V55V came to my CQ, EA8/IK1PMR were only 2
African QSO's.
Used again N1MM as software - so NO contest audio this time. I am not sure for
2 DX QSO's.
All the best in coming 2014 year for everyone! Hope to meet You all from my
country QTH (KO15ta) and from Arturas LY2W (KO15la) QTH.
There will be more new things in LY2W Multi Station! We will be more audible,
few new antenna's, and other things.
73, Sam LY5W
p.s. I like natural products - paper QSLs
N2IC   Single Op HP   2,7392013-12-29 12:07:06
In a short period of insanity, I operated full-time in a 160 contest.

I don't like 160 contests for a number of reasons: 1) Far away from all DX 2)
Mediocre antennas 3) Boring after the first 3 hours. The only thing that kept
me going was the hope that there will be a good EU sunrise opening (there
wasn't) and/or a good JA opening (there wasn't).

As for EU, G4AMT was it. Didn't hear even a whisper of any other EU here in
southwest New Mexico. 10 JA's, spread across 5 hours and RA0FF was it from that
direction. ZL3IX had a good signal, despite having no beverage in that
direction. The big surprise were three VK6's - DXI, VZ and GX. Thanks ! Around
12Z, heard east coast stations working VK6DXI. Couldn't hear Mirek at that
time. Had to wait for the opening to shift westward, beginning around 13Z.

Looking back, it was fun. Not so much at the time. No, I won't be full time in
the CQ 160 !

Thanks for the QSO's.

Radio: TS-590S/Alpha 76PA
Antennas: Sloping dipole, shunt-fed tower, beverages NW, NE, E, SE
Software: N1MM Logger

Steve, N2IC
NG7A   Single Op HP   9372013-12-29 12:07:18
Only worked Saturday as we got back from a trip in the afternoon. Finished
walking the EU and West facing Beverages at eastern sunset and away we went.
Ironically ended up only using only the Double-L vertical as it was receiving
better than the other two. Perhaps fitting or coincidence for according to a
73 Mag article, Stu favored receiving on an inverted L and only used Beverages
in noisy areas :)

A special treat to work so many former neighbors from 7-land while working in
W1BB's backyard! I really enjoyed the contest, especially without all of the
spotting hoolie doolies.

The BK29 grid is probably outrageously wrong and just a result of my exhausted
cranial cavity, but that is what I copied even after clarification ... in the
spirit of rule number six it's staying.

Thanks for a great time. 73 es HPY to all.
SN2K(@SP2YWL)   Multi-Op HP   1,6252013-12-29 12:12:57
Radio: K3 + PA
RX Ant: bidirectional long Beverage 90°/270°, K9AY 200°
TX Ant: vertical with not enough radials

----------------- C o n t i n e n t S u m m a r y -----------------
160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
North America 51 0 0 0 0 0 51 13.8
South America 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Europe 305 0 0 0 0 0 305 82.7
Asia 12 0 0 0 0 0 12 3.3
Africa 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Oceania 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
Total 369 0 0 0 0 0 369

------------------ C o u n t r y S u m m a r y ------------------
Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
9A 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0.8
BY 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
DL 71 0 0 0 0 0 71 19.2
E7 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
EI 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
EU 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
F 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.7
FM 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
G 15 0 0 0 0 0 15 4.1
GI 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
GM 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 1.1
GW 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
HA 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.7
HB 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0.8
I 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0.8
*IT9 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
JA 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.4
K 43 0 0 0 0 0 43 11.7
KP2 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.5
LA 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 1.1
LY 13 0 0 0 0 0 13 3.5
LZ 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 1.1
OE 6 0 0 0 0 0 6 1.6
OH 13 0 0 0 0 0 13 3.5
OK 28 0 0 0 0 0 28 7.6
OM 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 1.1
ON 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0.8
OZ 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 1.1
PA 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.7
S5 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.7
SM 10 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.7
SP 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.4
SV 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
TF 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
UA 26 0 0 0 0 0 26 7.0
UA2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
UA9 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.4
UN 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
UR 16 0 0 0 0 0 16 4.3
VE 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.4
VK 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.3
YL 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.4
YO 8 0 0 0 0 0 8 2.2
YU 6 0 0 0 0 0 6 1.6
Total 369 0 0 0 0 0 369
KN4Y   Single Op LP   2842013-12-29 12:24:49
The black bears were roaming in the panhandle and there was QRM on the top band
with QRN with an approaching cold front and QSB caused by the winds blowing the
CW signal off my antenna. The shack was hot but the band was not and my score
went to pot. Nothing improved after the witching hour and I fell asleep.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   1,8012013-12-29 12:45:01
This year's raw score is down about 10% from last year - 40 Qs and 200 points.
Activity was definitely down. Too bad as the band was fairly quite most of the

Things started out with a bang, then quickly dwindled to the 20 Q per hour
drag. About 0800Z, after catching KH6 and KL7 I had enough and took a 3 hour
nap. Caught another 50 Qs between 1100Z and 1300Z before calling it quits.

DX worked: 9A, C6, CE, DL, E7, FM, G, GM, HA, HC, KH6, KL7, KP2, OK.

Nice working friends, both new and old.

Hope to work you all again in 160 CQWW in a few weeks.

Happy New Year!

73 - Rick WB8JUI
HD2RAE(HC2AO)   Single Op HP   3,0472013-12-29 12:51:54
It was my first Stew Perry ever. By some reason never I've never paid much
attention to it and now I'm regretting the missed fun. I can not comp lain
about conditions during the contest - the band was open to everywhere and
thunder crashes were not as bad as usual. No RX antennas were used and that was
my major disadvantage. I heard bunch of people calling and yet couldn't make out
their calls despite all my efforts. There is only one conclusion - make RX ants
as soon as possible? especially now knowing the fact that we are heard all over
the place.
My apologies to Greg, ZL3IX and a few others whom I tortured for minutes
fishing out their calls from the fast-fading, noisy swamp of the band. This
year the band opened 1 hour before our sunrise with KV4FZ working NA. 15
minutes later I was able to log my first station. First Eu worked was Tobi,
DH1TW popping out from the noise. First Hawaiian, NH7O called way before usual
time with reasonably strong signal at 04 something. Europe was scarce - G4AMT,
G3PQA, OH2BO, OH1RX, OH1ND, LY2BAW, DL6FBL, DL5AXX,9A5W and few others. KH6AT,
NH7O, KH6LC, K9FD/KH6 were all loud. KL7RA, AL7TC came up to s9+. JA8ISU? Kazu
and JA3YBK were the only JA's I managed to pull out. It was good to hear many
old friens. Season greetings and CU in CQ WW 160 with better RX at this end.
Alex, HC2AO

9A 9A5W
K8MFO   Single Op HP   1,0292013-12-29 12:54:31
Spent 7 totally enjoyable low key hours searching and pouncing on Top Band.
Thought of operating from my barn with a Johnson Ranger and Collins 75A-4. but
at 15 degrees Farenheit, better judgement came into play and I operated high
power from the house. In the interest of doing "something Stew",
I used a 1941 McElroy Stream Speed bug, the crown jewel of Ted McElroy's key
manufacturing days. It was made in Boston, and I have a feeling that Stew and
Ted were old friends. Not one station hesitated to respond to my
non-computerized CW, a testimony to the skillful ops that populate the
Gentleman's Band.

In my travels across the band I managed 30 QSOs of 10 plus points, and quite a
few on the West Coast. Good fun. Thanks to all of you for a relaxing round
of CW with some fine operators.

Elecraft K-3, Ameritron AL-1200. Still using the TEMMPORARY inverted vee that
I put up in 1988 when I moved to this location!

Happy New Year from Amish Ohio.

K2AV   Single Op HP   6552013-12-29 12:59:06
Late start due to company. But worse, suffering from back strain pain from
strenuous honey-do work earlier in week. Clearly was doing very well on the
band, some MM rate meter hits of 250, runs were all over 100/hr. But could not
stand the pain that was building up with B.I.C. Going to have to add clearing
week prior of strenuous work to contest strategy items.

Also the pain highlighted the heretofore unnoticed fact that my operating
position has me leaning forward, which I am going to have to do something

I had some kind of spotlight opening into Sweden early on, harbinger of good
things to come, but had to give it up before EU sunrise. West coast guys were
stronger than I remember them. Hate to have messed this opportunity up, but it
sure was a relief to get flat.

Station: 3/8 L over FCP, K3 + 3-1000Z, phased Loops on Ground to NE.

After discovery in ARRL 160 of non-distorting settings for K3 NB and noise
nulls in the band using those settings, kept to those frequencies for runs, and
the on-again off-again S8 noise was a non-factor. Hard to believe. That's DSP NB
of t1-7 and IF NB of narrow 4 for K3 owners, and probably its success is related
specifically to power line leakage noise.

73, Guy.
SEØX(SMØMDG)   Single Op HP   1,9122013-12-29 13:17:00
Missed the Stew last Xmas so I really looked forward to it this year.

The contest started with a decent rate of mainly with low-point contacts. There
was very little DX in the early evening. JH2FXK called me two and a half hours
into the test and it made me hopeful. But it would take another two hours for
the next JA to appear. The first NA station, W1WEF, was logged just before

The longest contact logged was with VK6DXI who called me around 21:00 for 27
points. I tried several times for CE1/K7RCA which would have been the second
longest, but no cigar. KV4FZ and FM5CD was a lot easier, only one call was
needed to enter their logs. And I got pleasantly surprised when V55V called me
in the middle of the night.

A more disturbing surprise was that the North West pennant failed around
midnight. Of course it was wet and windy in addition to being dark! Grabbed a
flashlight and went out to find a bad connection. 20 minutes later the antenna
was working again.

RIG: K3 + 1kW
TX ANT: 18 meter top loaded vertical with two elevated (and bent!) radials
RX ANT: Pennants + Clifton active whip for diversity RX.
KØMD   Single Op HP   4732013-12-29 13:26:10
I operated for 1.5 hours since I am working at the hospital all weekend.
Conditions were great as far as I am concerned - the best I have seen on 160
from my QTH in a couple of years. The local conditions were quiet and I enjoyed
my time.
FM5CD   Single Op HP   4,7162013-12-29 13:40:15
Not too much craches for the first time ... I fell asleep at 07h30 and missed SR
of western EU.
Thanks to everyone who called me.
73' and HNY
N3IQ(ND3F)   Single Op LP   1,8172013-12-29 13:59:14
Fun. Nice to have VK6 call in just before closing down for church. Array worked
fine, ran LP to give more points out to y'all...really like the distance
N5AW   Single Op LP   1342013-12-29 13:59:15
Spent most of my time looking for DX but there was not much of it. Only heard
two Europeans - 9A5W and DL6FBL both very weak and neither could not hear my
low power signal. DX worked: FM, KP2, HC, CE, KH6, JA. Most contacts made
remotely with my K3/0 operating from my office to the shack about 300 feet
K1LT   Single Op HP   3,5592013-12-29 13:59:32
This year's Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge was another mixed
bag of results (see last year's mixed bag).

Since I have two beam steering phased array receiving systems now
(running on a common computer) extra audio routing is required. I was
futzing with the software trying to make it fool proof. Nevertheless,
the fool using the software was not able to avoid making a goof or two
and wasted two or three spells of 15-20 minutes figuring out his
mistakes. The first time, the second audio card stopped working which
required a computer reboot just after starting the contest. The
second time, the operator / fool forgot the magic incantation to bring
the west array on line, thus losing the benefit for the first half of
the contest. More software tweaking should minimize the adverse
effect of fools.

I also worked on the "signal finding" algorithm. The idea is that
computer can listen to all directions simultaneously and alert the
operator when there is a signal arriving from a direction that is not
otherwise audible. The initial implementation is a flashing message.
Some future implementation will automatically steer the antenna and
route the appropriate audio. While working on the algorithm, I got
sidetracked by array performance issues, and spent time replacing some
of the feedlines between the verticals and the direction reversing
boxes. I need to implement better weather and animal proofing and
upgrade the first array from "proof of concept" quality to
"production" quality.

My noises seemed to have reversed themselves. I finally tracked the
intermittent severe noise that hides Europe to track lighting in the
neighbor's house. This noise didn't behave like power line noise in
that I couldn't locate it with the car following power lines. I
finally built a loop antenna to use with the KX3 and the loop pointed
to the neighbors house. Then, walking around the neighbor's property
with a handheld AM radio caused the noise to abruptly disappear. When
I queried, the neighbor said he just turned off his track lights. So
far, he has been very helpful at keeping them off most of the time,
despite his relative and visitors. I promised him that we would fix
the problem permanently some day. Hopefully clamp-on beads will help.

Since this old noise has been conquered, a new noise to the northeast
has surfaced. The new noise sounds like the old noise but is further
away. The old noise was distinctly stronger on the array elements
closer to the source which means that beam steering does not work to
hide the noise. The new noise seems to be coming from due east and
careful positioning of the beam reduces the impact although there is a
trade off between peaking the Europeans and nulling the noise.
Meanwhile, the northwest noise has been absent so far this season.
Beaming west was delightfully quiet.

It was hard to tell if conditions this year were better or worse than
last year. I think the QSB was worse: faster and deeper. Conditions
were better the night before when I worked numerous Ukrainian stations
while operating the RAC winter test to check out the station
performance. I didn't hear any JAs but three VK6s called me in
sequence a few minutes before sunrise. VK6 is about as far away as
one can be from here without requiring the services of a DXpedition.
37 points each!

Continuing the running track of performance:

raw raw points cooked cooked points cooked-raw
year QSOs score per QSO QSOs score per QSO ratio

2005 491 2033 4.14 483 2439 5.05 1.22
2006 604 2224 3.68 didn't submit log in time
2007 691 3712 5.37 669 4293 6.42 1.19
2008 633 3328 5.26 617 3895 6.31 1.20
2009 761 4006 5.26 737 4871 6.61 1.26
2010 642 2477 3.86 623 2931 4.70 1.22
2011 656 2501 3.81 642 3169 4.94 1.27
2012 679 3214 4.73 667 3986 5.97 1.24
2013 723 3559 4.92

The "points per QSO" number seems to be a potentially useful figure
merit. Also note that the "cooked" score is usually about 20%
than the raw score, because of the points awarded for working low
power stations. Since that ratio is pretty constant, then the "points
per QSO" number looks like a concise measure of "conditions".
and 2011 were crappy years, 2007 - 2009 were very good years, and the
rest must be "normal". This year was apparently a normal year.

My continuing mistake was not tuning the band often enough. I seemed
to have missed a number of usually strong stations that were on for a
while, according to several 3830 reports. I must investigate how NO3M
listens to 3 audio streams simultaneously to S7P while running.

HD2RAE was the surprise contact, since the callsign is rather long for
Ecuador and I've not received "EI" as a grid before. The 3 VK6s
also pretty surprising since I haven't worked VK on 160 for a few
years. I wonder if I've been missing them because of noise.

DX worked: 9A, C6, CE, DL (44), E7, F (2), FM, G (10), GM (2), GW, HA,
HC, HI, I (2), KH (5), KL, KP2 (3), KP4, LY (4), OH (5), OK (10), OM
(2), ON (3), PA (2), S5 (3), SM (6), SP, SV, UR (6), VK (3), XE (2),
YU, total of 129 versus 110 last year.

Equipment: K3, Alpha 8410 (with external muffin fans to suppress the
internal blower keeping the amplifier relatively quiet), 65 foot
over 70 125' radials on the ground, 6 2-wire Beverages every 30
degrees varying in length from 450 - 900 feet (didn't use them, a
couple have bad connectors), 4x2 broadside/end-fire phased array and
SDR receiver, 3x2 broadside/end-fire phased array and SDR receiver,
too many computers with too much software and a lid to work it all.
W6JTI   Single Op LP   1,6452013-12-29 14:04:38
This is my first competitive effort in SP. I like the scoring scheme.
My He balloon (+128' wire) antenna worked well. I can use it only when the wind
isn't too high.
KR4F   Single Op HP   5592013-12-29 14:05:22
Limited S&P effort. Couldn't stay awake for western Europe if any.

Johnny, KR4F
N6TQ   Single Op HP   4402013-12-29 14:33:18
Must support the Stew! Thank you all for the Qs.
VE7VV   Single Op QRP   1,2482013-12-29 14:35:19
A lot of fun working with 5 watts from a city lot QTH.
Band was quiet and signals were good from east coast, but lots of QSB.
Prop favored low angle as I worked more stns >3500 km than <1500 km.
Always amazed when stations >4000 km away come back to me - many good ops
and rx antennas out there for sure.
Best DX this year was KH6LC.
K5OT(@N5AW)   Single Op LP   2012013-12-29 14:35:28
My first contest experience via remote to N5AW - thanks Marv!
N4XD   Single Op HP   2,0672013-12-29 15:21:17
Band very up and down. Sometimes seemed beverages were broken so must have been
lots of high angle prop.
By far loudest DX was UX1UA. Louder then many stateside. With storm QRN some
difficulty copying some stations. I very much appreciate their patience and
hanging in there to get the Q done.

Other notes: N6DZ big signal from west coast
DR1D also quite loud at their sunrise

worked 221 grids, 18 EU countries, 8 NA countries, 2 SA and a couple KH6.
K9FD/KH6 had a very nice signal and was in early. Probably one of the loudest
KH6 signals I've heard on 160.

As always the Stew is an interesting contest. I thought it was slow until
around 12:30 local. Then things started to open more to EU. Overall a fun time.
Thanks Tree for putting it together!
KØPK   Single Op QRP   1,8812013-12-29 15:43:45
Limited time available but had fun anyway. My tactical error of consumng a big
turkey dinner before a contest will not be repeated! I nodded off in the middle
of a couple of QSOs and had to break for a nap. I was 100% S&P so at least I
didn't leave the wheel running!

Conditions up here were poor to fair, but got tough during the last couple of
hours. I almost made it into K0TO's log but my exchange just QSB'd away.
(Thanks for trying, Tod!)

Setup: FT2000 @ 5w, 90' TL-SF vertical TX. RX on Short Beverage E-W, or a
quater-lambda, diversity-polarized, E&M field transducer with a high
dynamic range, low noise-temperature doo-hickey.

Thanks for the Q's! 73 - Paul, K0PK
KL7RA   Single Op HP   1,2322013-12-29 15:47:07
Station ready for the Big Stew when I left for a holiday week but returned to
find my main receive antenna to the USA was now silent. I can hear a pin drop
with this Beverage to W1 land and not having it took the wind out of me for a
full blast effort. TDR indicates the failure is next to the transformer but
that is a long distance away trying to walk through 3 feet of snow. I'm about
1/3 of the way there breaking trail.

Band was quiet enough for this Stew to hear well enough on the Vertical or SAL
going east but I know I was missing some weak east coast stations this year.
The East coast sunrise burst of 11 pointers didn't really happen but that may
be on my end. Mostly I went up the band working anyone I could hear and only
missed CE1 this year who had a big snarl of callers at the time.

I did get a JA run but nothing really big this year. Using the xmit 142 foot
series fed vertical for receive which I never usually do I can report there are

a lot of topband stations that pound into Kenai, Alaska for hours at S9+.

W7EW, K7RAT, N6RO, N2IC, WS7L, K6SRZ, K2PO, W7RN, K6NV and K7MI were loud every
time I tuned by them. Many others as well of course but I just made notes of the
ones that hit 20 over as I passed through in S/P.

73 Rich KL7RA
KT8K   Single Op QRP   4712013-12-29 15:51:40
As a first timer I found I fit in pretty readily - Too little available time,
though, and no DX for me (though I _heard_ some!) ... but I'll do better next

My only 160m antenna besides the underperforming receive-only K9AY loop, the
big (>500 foot) horizontal loop, sinks lower every year ... It's more and
more a sky- and worm-warmer and I'm thinking my 5 Watts would be better heard
from a vertical. Maybe it's time I cooked up an inverted L since a big tower
is still not happening It's just
the pain and effort of trying to get wires through the thick trees and the
thicket of buckthorns that creates inertia.
Next year, though ... look out!

It was interesting to try running on 160 with my small station. At first the
rate wasn't too bad and the callers were all loud. Then the rate dropped off
and I realized that the reason they were all so loud and that it happened like
that was that they were all big stations running skimmers, who had spotted me
and popped up for the extra points as soon as I appeared. After they stopped
coming it was tougher going.

Thanks to all who listened hard for my tiny signal, and best reception to all
in the new year. 73 - Tim, KT8K
AA1K   Single Op QRP   1,2152013-12-29 16:01:01
Limited time early Saturday evening when band was good to Europe and only worked
one with my QRP. Had intermittent problems with TX arrays toward Europe. Came
back at Eu sunrise but conditions then very poor. At my sunrise heard JA3YBK
and KL7RA but no QSOs. Also heard VK6DXI, VK6VZ and a KH6 when they were
calling other stations.

73/Jon AA1K
WT9U   Single Op LP   2502013-12-29 16:28:35
Conditions seemed great just no time to operate. HNY to everyone...Jim, WT9U
W6SX   Single Op HP   4972013-12-29 16:34:00
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A, N1MM.
K7NJ   Single Op HP   2,4332013-12-29 17:07:28
Conditions were rather poor. Only one European QSO. Conditions to JA were
sporadic. Sunday sunrise conditions were strange. Normally JA is Northwest,
and VK6 is West. Both came in from the Southwest. ZL was Southwest and
N6VR   Single Op HP   2012013-12-29 17:10:55
Condx poor. Only a small time S&P effort. Looking for DX, work 3 VK6's &
2 JA's, no EU heard.

AA9A   Single Op HP   3462013-12-29 17:14:52
Wish I could have found more time to operate the contest.
VE3OSZ   Multi-Op LP   1,6082013-12-29 17:19:53
Condx here varied between quite good to poor. Lots of QSB.
Best DX was KH6LC. Activity seemed good.


Drake TR7 @ 100 watts
Inverted L
Short, broken, unterminated Beverage
TR Log
W7EW   Single Op HP   2,6312013-12-29 17:23:42
Pretty good conditions for the "top" of this solar cycle. Had fun but
had difficulty establishing any kind of a run rate...if you'd call it that, on
the band. Worked 21 JA, 5 Carrib, 2 South Americans, no EU and the Club
Thanks for the Qs!
WØDLE   Single Op LP   6532013-12-29 17:43:48
Just playing around for a little while. I worked a couple of DX stations and the
east coast came in loud. N2IC had the loudest signal on the band in the short
time I was there. Chuck , W0DLE
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   5442013-12-29 17:45:24

The contest starts Saturday morning when the sun is nearly an hour in the sky
at my location. Nothing spectacular, but I did log 37 Qs in 1 hour and 10
minutes before Ol' Sol shut the band down completely.

I started CQing at 2208z, a bit more than 2 hours before sundown. I contacted
9 stations in the 2200 hour, 32 in the 2300 hour, and 8 in the 0000 hour before
sundown and stopping of this operation. The band was not nearly as good as last
year when I logged 6 stations from FM & FN grids in this same time period.
This year, NZ1U, in FN47, was the only one. The best contact was HD2RAE who
called in at 23:54.

I then operated QRP as N5IA for 13 hours.

At 14:07z I returned to this operation for a final few minutes of fun. Being
sort of 'fresh meat' the run was good with 31 stations going in the log in 36
minutes. 48.5% of my total score was made in these few minutes due primarily
to calls from 5-JA stations, 3-VK6 stations, and KH6LC.

I highly recommend a 'Daylight Only' secondary operation to everyone; to double
your fun and provide more contacts for the deserving.

There is now a separate Plaque for this type of operation. I am the sponsor,
but I am not eligible to win it. So, who stepped up and made a secondary
operation specifically for the purpose of winning the Plaque?

73, thanks for all the Qs, and CU all in CQ 160 in one month.

Milt, N5IA, op at N7GP
KU8E   Single Op LP   9262013-12-29 18:28:59
Just part time this time. It's been a tough few weeks here for my family. My mom
passed away at the beginning of the month and had been travelling back and forth
between GA and Ohio during that time. First time I had even turned the radio on
since the 10 meter contest. Nice to get in some radio (fun) time to take my
mind off of that.

Heard several loud EU stations - DL6FBL and E7DX come to mind but they CQ'ed in
my face. I shutdown before EU sunrise so maybe I could have worked one if I had
stayed up. I did break the pileup to CE1/K7CA - which was pretty cool running
100 watts. I guess my mediocre antenna isn't so bad after all.

HNY to all my contesting friends...

Jeff KU8E
KIØI   Single Op LP   2,0032013-12-29 18:43:50
I look forward to the TBDC all year and think what I woould like to do better
on antennas, well this year was almost the same as last except my Hytower
Vertical is base loaded instead of having a wire off the top as an Inverted L
configuration. Last winter I didn't get the top wire down in time and ice
buckled the stinger. Didn't want to mess with that again so used the base
loading coil to get to topband. The hytower is 53' so it should fall into the
base loaded Vert under 60' category...wish it was 120'! The Band was pretty
decent local but the dx from EU was non-existant for me.Snagged a couple
Caribbeans and Al in Chile was doing his usual miracle work ! I got real fuzzy
early Sun. morning and I think I was awake to work ZL3IX but I guess log
checking will tell if it was true hihi.Got up from a 4hr nap ,turned the radio
on and JA3YBK was pounding in the headphones. One call did it to the
superstation from Japan. Long qso's were rare here in the middle but an
abundance of right and left coast stations ad up in the points total. Not a lot
of use to turn in a score as it will change during scoring but it's nice to have
hope! Thanks to all for scratching a small signal from the noise to make a
contact. All the best in the new Year and hope to See you in the 2014 Big Stew.
The folks at the Boring ARC have the best contest going 73 Mark KI0I
N5IA(@N7GP)   Single Op QRP   2,9612013-12-29 19:05:43
This report is for my core operation in the QRP category. The 13 hours is
sandwiched between the N7GP operation at HP during the daylight hours. Since
the contest is for only 14 hours out of the 24 hour contest period, I make use
of some daylight propagation periods immediately before and after this QRP
operation to double up on my Top Band fun. See the separate report for the

My best hour was 30 Qs during the 0400 hour. By the 0900 hour the band was
'dead'. I managed only FOUR Qs that hour, with 44 minutes the longest time
between two consecutive contacts. I don't think I was sleeping!!! However,
one of the highlights of the night was JA3YBK calling in at 0902, just before
the band took the dive.

For me the band never did recover, with the last four hours yielding just 43
more Qs. The other highlight was ZL3IX calling in at 1156 for a 72 pointer.
Thanks, Greg, for being patient getting my exchange. C6ANM, KH6LC and KL7RA
were the only other DX contacts. G4AMT was heard CQing once, and was the only
EU heard. A real surprise was only 6 VE stations in the log. XE1AY and XE2S
rounded out the count of contacts outside the lower 48.

My MO of CQing away from the 'hot' part of the band seems to be paying off.
The highlight examples above seem to indicate that some distant stations look
for the weaker CQ stations knowing that in the SPDC a contact can yield x2 or
x3 points from such a contact in the final scoring.

By the same token, I as a QRP station, have a difficult go at breaking the
piles for the distant CQing stations who are commanding a LOT of attention.
This go-around was no exception. All the little tricks to get Herbie's, Al's
and RA0FF's attention just didn't work. Their signals were outstanding;
significantly above what I normally hear from them. But they and HD2RAE never
even afforded me consolation with a '??'.

A few stats for those that care. Last year my Q to point ratio was 13.1. This
year with more Qs and points, the ratio is 12.1.

I worked stations in 148 grids. The grid providing the most contacts was DM13
with 9. DM43 provided 8, while CN85 and DM79 checked in with 7 each.

Another SPDC has come and gone with great success. Thanks to Tree, Lew, and
the BARC for an outstanding contest format and another good run.

73, thanks for the Qs, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. CU all in the CQ 160 CW a month
from now.

de Milt, N5IA
NI7R   Single Op HP   2122013-12-29 19:28:01
Tough going with my very small 160 meter antenna and less than optimal band
conditions. Still fun though.

K3, AL-811H, portable vertical with coil and 13 foot whip.
K3JT   Single Op HP   1,5352013-12-29 20:58:04
GOOD CX and lots of fun. Used my Pennant and N6RK version of magnetic loop.
Both worked great.
W1SJ   Single Op HP   1,5882013-12-30 00:17:44
Had some free time, so I decided to try this one out. Didn't expect to do very
well since I use a low dipole and feed off of many close-in contacts. It was
strange doing this for the first time - I thought I was back in the VHF QSO
Party! And the scoring - my score is what my old contest software has spit out
- I have no idea if it is close to being right. And anyway, the contest gods
will determine the score, so I'm told.

My area of Vermont was buried under of sheet of ice, so I wasn't sure if any
antennas would work. Fortunately, the dipole came right up to speed and some
quick hacking and clearing got the beverages back up. Conditions were nothing
to write home about - EU seemed anemic - got a bunch, but there should have
been more. The west coast did better, and I had a nice signal from K9FD in HI.
Things got very slow in the wee hours, but fortunately, I keep a good book
handy to pass the time.
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   Single Op QRP   5672013-12-30 03:09:05
FT897 5watts + Inverted L with 4 radials

Second year in a row tried to do QRP operation.
Second year in a row best DX was TF4M
Tried to call JA3YBK, JH4UYB, bunch of USA stations
but no luck as well as CE1, HD2, BA4, KV4, FM5 and RA0.
KL7RA was loud enough for several minutes at night
when he droped few CQ with no takers and disapeared.
Loudest USA - K3WW, NR4M and K1LZ did not hear me too.
Only 2 QSO's outside EU - UA9 and 5B.



Happy New Year !

73! Andy LY7Z
W1END   Single Op LP   2692013-12-30 04:10:03
When I first got on 160 about five years ago conditions seemed to be great.
Seems like everything has gone downhill since. Time for some antenna work!
Thanks for all of you who pulled me out of the noise. Happy New Year

Eldon - W1END
W6XI   Single Op HP   2352013-12-30 05:10:07
Not much time to op but did get time for some S&P Sunday morning.
LZ4TL   Multi-Op HP   1,5782013-12-30 06:02:02
Contest : Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge
Callsign : LZ4TL
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 160
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... :
Locator : KN22DW
Operating time : 13h07

160 320 1 1578 4.9

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators :
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 4.7.0
K3STX   Single Op HP   5802013-12-30 06:34:00
Not my best effort ever, I really don't know why. I could hear the Europeans
just fine, but many of them (including 9A5W and E7DX) were LOUD here but they
could not hear me (or many of the other guys). Very frustrating. I guess I went
QRT too early, I called it quits at 0530Z, just too tired and not much bang for
my buck. Oh well, the CQ 160 is only a month or so away.

TS-590S/400 watts; inv L TX/RX and Pennant for Eu
K1DQV(ROGER)   Single Op HP   1,6382013-12-30 07:00:22
Missed KL7RA Again.......
N3ZZ   Single Op HP   6792013-12-30 09:57:24
Condx only so-so for this one. Lot of QSB on East coast stations. DX limited to
HD,KV4,KH6,KL7,FM5. One JA heard but not worked.

K3,KPA500 with 60'top-loaded vertical.
WØSEI   Single Op LP   5182013-12-30 10:47:40
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,4682013-12-30 11:33:25
About the same result as in past years, a few more QSOs than last year. Condx
seemed decent enough. The band was quiet. The EU I worked generally had nice
signals but just didn't hear that many. Didn't notice any particular
enhancement at EU sunrise. And some fine signals from the west coast as well.
(Need more!) Not enough motivation to stick it out during the s-l-o-w middle of
the night hours.

220 Grids worked.

Best DX was 2 x VK6 and 1 JA.

Happy New Year!

73, Mike K9NW
W5MX   Single Op HP   2,6572013-12-30 12:47:45
Condx seemed pretty good here in central KY, but participation seemed down as
well. Noticed others commenting on that as well.
Had some great propogation to EU, just not many seemed to be on. Band was quiet
and could hear everything well. West coast seemed better than in the ARRL as
Had to go in to work for several hours early in the day, didn't get any
additional sleep so was not well rested going in. I managed to make it all the
way to 11:00z and was falling asleep in front of the radio while S&P.
Decided to catch a quick nap for about an hour. Yea right, we all know how that
goes. Woke up about 16:30z, epic fail on my part. Had a decent score going too,
could have used at least one of the VK's that many have commented about. Would
have been great points and long distance number for me, but not to happen this
time I guess.

Grid Square base points break down:
96 @ 1pt
210@ 2pts
138@ 3pts
32 @ 4pts
21 @ 5pts
27 @ 6pts
46 @ 7pts
1 @ 8pts
1 @ 9pts
2 @11pts
5 @13pts
11 @14pts
27 @15pts
14 @16pts
4 @17pts
2 @18pts
1 @19pts

Yes, 19 point grid my longest contact. Not the best!

73's all,
K3TN(@K4VV)   Single Op HP   2392013-12-30 12:58:09
Just got on to test out new audio software for remote operation of K4VV. W0YR
had moved from Skype to IPSound to Mumbler software, and test previous day
showed Mumbler to have rock solid performance - but Murphy was lurking.

Could only run, as no spotting feed to click on and no way to tune radio other
than by N1MM up/down arrow or random band map clicking. Was lots of room to
find run freq, but usually try to find the wimpy signals to get the big QRP

When I got on the latency of remotely controlling N1MM was pretty high and the
audio had some dropout issues - a big deal on the SP test, as there is no 5NN
to provide a predictable part of the exchange as a buffer between QSO
transition and the part you need to copy. So, had to ask for repeats from
S9+30db sigs, even though the station hears very well on 160.

I was also not used to the {operator} macro, which was used in the function key
file loaded. I thought I was sending K4VV, but was really sending K3TN - luckily
we are both in FM19, so the exchange was right. Lots to learn in the world of
remote operation.
ON7EH   Single Op LP   4352013-12-30 13:22:42
We came to learn about W1BB from a large post-WW2 collection of ham magazines,
we obtained from the QRL library so it was an easy decision to give this
challenge a try for the first time.

The wx was very cooperative since relatively wind-free in the 14h slot.

The setup:
-K3 @ 100W
-12m high inv L with the last 10m down to 3.5m agl. (with BiasT to CG-3000

We woke up very early on Sunday morning (0200h) with many EU and some UA-
stations in the log.
It seemed it was a good decision since we immediately started working across
the ocean: K6ND, K3WW, NW2K, WF2W, NR4M, W2BC, NO3M (loud)& VO1HP and

Hopes were high for the sunrise but only N4XD (on my first call) and K1LT were
added. A real signal enhancement was not noticed...

Thanks to the organizers and many participants for putting this event on the

Michel, ON7EH
W2XL   Single Op HP   3902013-12-30 13:39:28
Rig : Collins 75A-3 (this year with a CW filter !)Heath DX-100 and HB amp with a
pair of 572B's (700 W) bets DX was E7DX , worked a few Carib and W. Coast, just
playing around with my "Classic" station. Believe it or not, I can
key the DX-100 with the computer. Apologies to those I may not have been
exactly zero-beat with.
K9CT   Single Op HP   2,4922013-12-30 13:49:12
Limited time but could not miss this great cw event. I like the way this is
scored and the surprise ending. Got in late...just before EU SR and first hour
was 155! Slept after EU was gone and got up in time for the last 1.5 hours.

Good prop and quiet band...

14 JA

3 VK6

> 50 EU stations

Points Total K9CT
1 57 57
2 80 80
3 112 112
4 31 31
5 21 21
6 51 51
7 1 1
8 1 1
9 1 1
10 2 2
13 3 3
14 12 12
15 26 26
16 13 13
17 5 5
18 3 3
19 1 1
20 2 2
21 12 12
35 3 3
WO4O   Single Op LP   4502013-12-30 14:50:07
A welcome diversion from other activities in spite of the QRN and QSB resulting
in many repeats.
K2QB   Single Op LP   3512013-12-30 16:19:02
First time in the contest. Spent a couple of hours using the new 120' Zepp.
Doesn't work too bad but need to look at putting up a receiving antenna for
WI9WI   Single Op HP   3402013-12-30 16:24:59
Like many living on a city lot, I have compromised antennas for 160. I also have
fairly high noise levels, mainly from the University of Wisconsin research park
just behind my house. But, it's still fun to get on 160 and pass out some QSOs
even if I'm pretty much of an alligator. After a couple of hours of operating I
shut down for dinner and to talk to my sister in law who just had arrived from
Hong Kong (do I get QSO points for that?) I then set up my new KX3 and operated
for an hour or so with the call N9FJ at QRP levels.

Gear for WI9WI:
Tokyo HP amp at 500 watts
33 ft wire vertical top loaded with about 10 radials
small terminated loop for receiving (this really helps)

Thanks for the QSOs


N9FJ(WI9WI)   Single Op QRP   2912013-12-30 16:27:34
This was my QRP operation with my new KX3 later in the evening. I was surprised
at how many could hear me with my very short transmitting antenna and 5 watts.


N9RV   Single Op HP   1,4092013-12-30 16:45:43
Slogged this one out for only a little while. Good conditions to Asia just as
the contest started, but I couldn't get a loud BY to hear me. Rats. When I
got back on in the evening, it was pretty slow going. Never did have a decent
rate, and I only heard a very weak OO7 station out of Europe. So I crashed and
called it a year (well, almost, we'll do that tomorrow night).

I did manage to work two different VK6's -- for my first and next-to-last QSOs
of the contest. I think 1500z is a good time to do that from here!
NE9U   Single Op LP   2,2112013-12-30 17:15:00
Dxpedition style operation to my national forest cabin in northern wisconsin
near Michigan border.

Kinda frustrating to see write ups of guys 400 miles to my south saying
"awesome conditions to Europe". I heard a couple at ESP levels.
None worked. Friday night before the contest I worked a dozen in 15 minutes
all at solid s9 levels.
Oh we'll....
Best DX was VK6 who was S9. Also 3 kh6's and several SA.


Scott NE9U

30 foot inverted L
K9AY Loop
WØODS   Single Op HP   1,1942013-12-30 21:24:26
First official entry into Stew for me, and first time circumstances allowed me
to stay up all night and work the whole contest. Some unanticipated down-time
occurred due to a faulty bias keying relay in the amp - special thanks to K7HP
for pointing that out to me.

Was disappointed in the European turn-out. Or maybe it was propagation. I
worked more stations in EU the night before the contest than during. Still,
snagging JA and VK on Sunday morning ended the contest on a happy note.

Once again, good behavior prevailed. It's refreshing to hear civility on the
bands during a contest. One wonders if perhaps the No Assistance clause in
Rule Six keeps the Click-and-Call LIDS at bay.
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   3,4592013-12-30 21:30:12
K3 x 2, IC756ProII, Alpha 99 @ 1.4KW, Acom 2S1 lockout, Win-Test Software
2 el vertical wire beams NE and WSW @ 240'
Beverages NE, E/W, SW, W, NW, N/S

The weather was perfect for a December Saturday morning (sunny, 45F, low wind)
to work through a "To Do" list left over from the ARRL 160 weekend.
We spent about two hours out in the salt marsh resolving installation issues
with the NE wire yagi and then doing some fine tuning. The net result was a TX
system that is finally 100% reliable.

Then we focused on the beverages for a few hours. Our new 4 ele NE phased
beverage array which covers 19.2 acres was walked and the original 1000 foot
element (installed ~10 years ago) was replaced when we discovered significant
corrosion. Nothing lasts forever at a saltwater site.

At the start of the contest in attendance were K2TW, W2CG and W2GD. N2NC
called in that he would arrive around 7 p.m. W2RQ was originally expected at
11 p.m. but showed up unannounced about 6:30 p.m. N2OO stopped by to bring us
some cookies and provide moral support around 8 p.m. We didn't have the
"cast of thousands" like we normally do for 160 events, just enough
operators to keep things rolling along smoothly.

The Stew is our second favorite TopBand event and we use it make final
preparations for CQ160 CW. Overall the station seemed to finally be working
without issues. We weren't overly aggressive but it seems our final score is
respectable. Conditions to EU was best the first few hours so we tried to work
as many stations over the pond as we could while conditions were cooperative.
The first two hours were probably the best in this regard. Over the course of
the contest we logged 105 EUs but there was never what you would call a 'run'.
We felt overall conditions were at best 'fair' but most of the time 'poor'
across the Atlantic. Signals were weak and deep QSB was the norm. Felt we were
being heard better in EU than we could hear much of the time....although this
is probably true regardless, given our gain TX antenna/saltwater location.
Highlight of first few hours was having V55V call in at 0126Z. CE1/K7CA was a
first call QSO as usual...thanks Al. Very little Carib action but what there
was we worked without hesitation. We CQed up around 1826 most of the
time....which seemed to yield pretty good rate and visibility. No one
seriously tried to take our frequency. We seemed to work most stations first
or second call regardless of direction when in S&P mode on the 'mult'
station. Conditions toward the west seemed somewhat better than ARRL 160
weekend, but the activity level wasn't overwhelming.

EU sunrise came and went with not much enhancement. Last EU worked was SM2LIY
at 0818z. The final few hours were a grind but we managed to log four KH6s
and three VK6s for some serious points. Never heard a JA and KL7RA just never
got loud enough to be workable. Our score is about 25% higher than last year
so I suppose this was an above average Stew weekend for us. Congrats to the
N0NI team on their big claimed score....we are speculating you worked a
sizeable number of JAs.

Thanks to WYRS-FM for continuing to be a great hosts!

Look forward to working everyone during the CQ160 CW.

HNY and 73,

John, W2GD for the TEAM
LZ1AQ   Single Op HP   5732013-12-31 01:31:29
300 W, full sized dipole only 13m high, QTH in a deep valey. 2-el. RX phased
array with small active loops in a small yard was used. The distance between
elements was only 12 m. Just wanted to test this closely spaced RX array in
real contest conditions - with good results. The best QRB was FM5CD. Other DX -
TF4M, JH4UYB, KV4FZ. Only 3 stn from USA: K9CT,N0NI, W5MX , very bad conditions
to east coast stations.That is all.
Next meeting in CQ ww 160m.
73 Chavdar, LZ1AQ www.
NA2M   Single Op LP   1062013-12-31 05:32:12
RIG: Elecraft K3
Ant: Inverted "L"
N3RR   Single Op HP   1,4462013-12-31 05:46:26
Soapbox : Just a casual practice for the upcoming CQ 160 tests.
Condx started off pretty good, ie: low noise. Then about 2 hours before EU
sunrise, atmospheric (?) noise started here on all RX antennas and continued to
build from then on. I used every 160 antenna I had, including my TX antenna, to
try to copy the EUs until I finally gave up trying to work any more EUs. My
rate sheet and QSO prefix summary follows.

TNX for all of the MD, DC & VA QSOs from PVRCers!

73 es HNY!

Bill, N3RR

N3RR Rate sheets:
Date Hour Total N3RR Running
2013-12-28 22 32 32 32
2013-12-28 23 48 48 80
2013-12-29 0 73 73 153
2013-12-29 1 42 42 195
2013-12-29 2 67 67 262
2013-12-29 3 38 38 300
2013-12-29 4 45 45 345
2013-12-29 5 41 41 386
2013-12-29 6 23 23 409
2013-12-29 7 12 12 421
Total All Hours 421 421

Prefixes worked:

Prefix Total N3RR
9A 1 1
C6 1 1
CE 1 1
DL 9 9
E7 1 1
FM 1 1
G 3 3
HA 1 1
HC 1 1
K 364 364
KH6 1 1
KP2 3 3
KP4 1 1
LY 3 3
OM 1 1
OZ 1 1
SM 2 2
SP 1 1
UA 1 1
UR 4 4
VE 20 20
Total 421 421
N9IO   Single Op LP   2552013-12-31 08:12:19
My first time in the stew.
All Casual S&P at low power with an Inverted-L and a couple of great small
rx antennas. EWE (North) and a Bi-Directional Delta (E/W).
Had to knock off at midnight, was up at 4am for a 12 hour round trip drive to
NE Missouri to pick up a new puppy. XYL happy, OM exhausted.

Will be back next year, this was fun.
I even worked K7RAT.

Clay N9IO
Bonfield, IL
W5XZ   Single Op HP   2612013-12-31 08:48:27
Daylight Only entry

Thanks to Milt, N5IA, for proposing this category. I used s/r & s/s times
DXview software for start / stop. Only 1 JA worked. dx condx seemed poor; no Eu
heard. mixed S&P and cq'n.

Flex 6500, homebrew 3-1000, N1MM
short, lossy Marconi T, for tx; HiZ 4sq on opposite sides of my house, for rx;

on 1/2 acre lot in HOA / CCR restricted subdivision. 'stealth' antennas. HNY,
K4MM   Multi-Op HP   6082013-12-31 09:27:51
Conditions went into the toilet, down here. 1 Eu in log. Did hear a few more but
QSB too much. This is also the land of "Static". The Short Beverage
was not working. Murphy again.

RIG: FT-950
AMP: Dentron 160-10L
TUNER: Dentron MT-200A
ANT: 160M Inverted "L" @ 40'

73 Tom K4MM & John W4IX
ON9CC   Multi-Op HP   1,5452013-12-31 12:39:56
Aurelio, PC5A and I decided to participate in the Stew Perry to give the
beverages (5 in total, of which 4 reversible, of which 2x 300m long, all others
240m long) and a K9AY a try-out before the CQ160. I can only set this up in the
field behind our house during the winter when the farmer keeps the cows inside.

The antennas seemed to work FB, but the conditions later in the contest
deteriorated. Hence the number of North Americans worked was a little
dissapointing. ODX direction West was W5LE in EM16. We heared K5ZD q5 but he
didn't hear us. FM5CD was worked at the first call.
Several JA's were heard but only 1 JA in the log which is this contest's ODX
for us: JH4UYB in PM64. No VK or other far-east was heard.
CE1/K7CA was heared (again) for many hours but again we couldn't work him.

Overall we had a good time and enjoyed the contest logging good friends as NR4M
and other well known calls as PA1M, K3WW, NO3M, K1LZ, K8MFO, K9AY and many

See you in the 2014 CQ 160 CW & SSB contests!

K2WK   Single Op LP   9142013-12-31 14:33:54
IC-756 Pro 3, an inverted-L and a 450 ft bvg pointed NE. Almost all S&P.
Nice to meet up with old friends again. Thanks to those who were patient to
stick with me. The 20 over power line noise made copying a bit trying at
times. Hopefully Dominion Power of VA will fix the problem by CQ 160. HNY
W2LC   Single Op LP   3842013-12-31 17:21:42
Happy New Year! 73 Scott W2LC
NI6W(W4EF)   Single Op HP   2102014-01-01 04:47:50
Rig : FT1000MP MK-V; Alpha 87A

Antennas : 56' Top Loaded Vertical w/~50 100ft-125ft radials

Did some searching and pouncing via the internet remote-link between my desert
QTH and my home QTH starting around 3:30 AM local on Sunday morning. I haven't
had any time to tackle the QRN problem or fix my RX antennas, so it was pretty
tough going on receive. Normally when listening in person the 125Hz Inrad
filter in my FT1000MP MKV helps with this sort of thing, but the Skype CODEC
doesn't seem to handle the resulting audio signal from the narrow bandwidth
filter very well, so in a lot of cases intelligibility wasn't any better with
the narrow filter than when using the wide SSB filter. Nevertheless it was fun
to hand out some QSOs and hear some familiar callsigns slugging it out.

73, Mike W4EF
W5LE   Multi-Op HP   2,0712014-01-01 05:10:54
Thanks to Ken, K5KC, for allowing Ed, W5TM, and me to operate from his very fine
station west of Stillwater, OK, in grid EM16. I'm sure having the use of his
Alpha 9500 amp and his 160 meter 4-square helped tremendously on hearing and
working stations.
KEØG   Single Op QRP   1,2502014-01-01 11:14:11
K3 at 5 watts to two Tee verticals 50' tall in parallel. Thanks for your
patience and your great copy of my QRP. 73, Dan ke0g
NA8V   Single Op LP   1,9262014-01-01 13:12:51
I thought condx were pretty good but felt deaf. Have some local pulsing noise
that made copy difficult on the weaker stations in addition to the QRN.
Changed the matching on my inv L for this contest and it seemed to work a
little better but that could have been condx.

DX worked: 9A, C6, CE, DLx5, E7, FM, Gx2, HC, KH6, KP2x3, OK, XE.

KM6I   Single Op HP   3232014-01-01 19:32:14
K3, KPA-500, Inv-L, with my multiband dipole@60ft attached to the K3 subrx in
diversity mode
TF4M   Single Op HP   1,6152014-01-02 10:38:36
Poor conditions. Highlight of the event was being called by VK6DXI.

Hopefully see you all next year in better conditions.

73 Thor, TF4M
TF4X(TF4M)   Single Op HP   332014-01-02 10:40:45
WØFLS   Single Op HP   1,0292014-01-02 16:33:27
A casual Saturday evening operation. Had persistent, high QRN (unusual for this
QTH) for the first two hours making it tough to copy DX and the guys running a
6L6 to the rain gutter. To avoid getting called by DX (and not being able to
copy), I dropped the power to about 700w and ran on the quarter wave vertical,
avoiding higher power and the TX array. Some EU DX still called in but copy
was difficult. Later on the QRN abated somewhat but conditions to EU were not
so good. Still had an enjoyable time.
WB3CQM   Single Op LP   7092014-01-02 18:04:34
This was actually the first contest that I have entered with Idea that I would
work more than 20 stations, and first time I ever used the WriteLog Software
in a real contest. I did make a few entry mistakes but over all I think I did
ok. The biggest problem I had this year was my computer went bad and I got a
new one just in time. The change over was a little stressful due to my lack of
computer skills.

This was 100% search and pounce attempt and most stations I called I was able
to contact with very little trouble. So I went into the radio room Saturday
evening and make my final set up of software then tune across the band. I just
happen to stop on a frequency with my filter wide open and was sure I heard TF4M
in the exchange. Sure enough it was my good friend Thor , I could not believe
this. I made my call at 22:08 and this was my first log entry into the 2013
Stew Perry Distance Challenge. To say the lest I was very excited. The first
100 stations were log pretty fast but after 150 stations things slowed down and
a lack of sleep did not help things. Overall I worked 43 states 4 NA south of
USA 11 NA north of USA, 2 South America, 13 Europe. The most distance station
worked was CE1/K7CA.

I was running 100 watts into a 65 T Vertical with 115 radial and I used 3 of
my Beverage. I operated from 22:00 Sat to 12:27 Sunday am taking 4 30 min
break's, drinking lots of coffee. My Goals were to work TF4M , make 200 qso and
work the furthest contact in the contest with low power. So 2 goals I made the
3rd one I will try for next year.

Thank you every one for your patients when I called and it was sure nice to
meet all of you on Top Band. I do hope to be there in 2014 to do this again.

73 & HNY JIM
K6CSL   Single Op LP   2132014-01-05 02:28:53
Conditons not very good, especially considering trying to operate with the only
2 40m anettenas(Delta Loop and End-Fed Wire) that I can tune 160 with.
Hopefully I will be able to get a new antenna I am working on, up and running
this year. Thanks to all the KBers who gave me points. Bert, K6CSL
OL4N(OK1DTP)   Single Op HP   8172014-01-06 10:01:54
Interesting contest from hamradio castle Doubravka.
ANT: Inv. vee, for RX two beverages 150m long to US/East
TCVR: FT-1000MP + PA 1,5 KW

73 David
N6KI(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   6802014-01-07 00:35:25
Got a late start finally at 9 pm after a late arrival at portable site and
getting antenna and gear set up. Was very tired from previous day of really
hard work and after 3.5 hours and not much response CQing and S&Ping at
12:30 AM early Sunday morning I threw in the towel. Conditions seemed mediocre
though there wasn't much local noise. No JA, VK or ZL, but maybe they were on
after I quit. Best DX was CE1/K7CA and couple stns in Pacific ans Mexico. 73 de
Dennis N6KI
WØAO   Single Op LP   4722014-01-07 17:25:19
Worked 32 states plus QC and ON using my rain gutters against 16 radials.
Thanks for the QSO's.
AA4LR   Single Op LP   4632014-01-19 13:09:49
160/80/40m trap inverted L up 10m with 24 radials

Elecraft K3/100 w/ KAT3 running 100 watts


Christmas vacation time what a lovely opportunity to operate 160m. Got in a
little over four hours about two hours after sunset.

Not as much activity as the ARRL 160m, but plenty of fun operating. Best DX was
F6BEE, who came back to me on the second call. He must have fabulous ears. Other
EU DX CQed in my face.